Fave Moments


Despite the news of the 2021 in-person Comic-Con being postponed until 2022, we’re still headed out to California for some comic events this summer!

We’re joining a meetup of Tesla fans in Palo Alto, CA where we’ll be driving the 101 for the day and then headed back to a member’s oceanside house for a Marvel themed party! We’ll be watching the Comic-Con@Home online event on July 23 together after the Tesla drive, and then scheduling additional events for the 24th and 25th of the Comic-Co@Home show as well. Stay tune for updates!

Who knows—maybe I’ll sell my Tesla Model 3 on after the meetup and upgrade to a Tesla Cybertruck in time for the in-person 2022 Comic-Con. How sick would that be to get an X-Men themed wrap and have my wife and I roll up as Wolverine and Jubilee to the show!

Fave Moments


Somewhere in your enormous collections of comic books, there are moments between Wolverine and Jubilee that are close to your heart. The scenes you read again and again because they manage to flawlessly capture the spirit of the Canuck and Firecracker's relationship. We would love to hear them, so email us your favorite moment between Wolverine and Jubilee, and we will post them here.

We have shared below a few moments sent by the Wolverine-Jubilee fans.

Who died?"
"YOU did, ya little pain in my ass! Scared the life half outta me"
"Really? Cool."
"Dude, ever heard of the words, 'mouth-wash?'"
Just goes to show that the compatibility between Wolvie and Jubes never dims, even in the face of heart skipped a beat when Wolvie heard that she was on the cross.
-Kleah Destua
One of my favorite moments are in Wolverine 146 when Jubilee finally managed to stop Wolvie from killing them all
"Time for the hard choices "bub". You want to go after them you'll have to go through me first! Are you ready to do that Wolvie? You have always been there for me Logan--You've talked me out of some pretty dark spots in my life.
I think the scene really shows that Jubilee is, in fact, the only one who can stop Wolvie even when he has been into one of the four horsemen of Apocalypse
- Magdalena
One of my favorite moments is in Wolverine #90. Jubilee is actually not in the issue but as Boomer skips down to walk Sabes back to his room she takes his hand. Wolverine looks at that and says "In all these years has Jubilee ever taken my hand like that? No." That was awesome!
- Glenn Lee, Comic Fan and Graphic Designer at LoadView
It is one of the best instances which shows how deep his feelings may run for her.
One of my favorite moments occurs in Wolverine when Jubilee finally confronts the two men who killed her parents and Wolverine is there to back her up. I like how he was there for her and how he showed her another way to handle her anger and grief.