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We all have read most of the issues of Uncanny X-men and X-men series, shared below is the issue list, if you have missed any, you can connect to find out where you can get your copy or if we have missed any please help us update.

Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men

#244 - #248

#251: (first issue where Jubilee meets Wolverine) #251: "Fever Dreams"

#252: "Where's Wolverine?"

#253: "Storm Warnings"

#257: "Lady Mandarin"

#258: "Broken Chains"



#272- #280



#244 - #248

#302 -#304


#311 - #318







Annual #13

Annual #14

Annual #18


#4 - #14

#17 - #21





#35 -#37

Annual #1


#251- Fever Dreams

This is the first issue when Wolverine meets Jubilee. To revive old memories, the synopsis is shared.

Wolverine is being brutally tortured by the anti-mutant extremists known as The Reavers. In his semi-conscious state, Wolverine starts hallucinating about the past and future for mutant kind.

Wolverine is hanging from a wooden X outside the X-Men's base camp while Donald Pierce continues to torture the chained Wolverine. In his delusions, in fact, one of Gateway's Dreamtimes, Wolverine witnesses the past. He sees the X-Men coming back from their trip to the Savage Land. Next, he is visited by apparitions of various acquaintances, both friends, and foes. He views himself returning to town, and his following capture. Again, his vision return to the appearance of the four X-Men from the Savage Land. As the Reavers approach the X-Men's position to strike, Psylocke opens the Siege Perilous and telepathically tempts the X-Men to enter. Arriving too late, Pierce is furious at the loss of his prey. Back to reality and the present, the town is facing a terrible storm and it seems to be encircling the whole world. While the Reavers wait out the tempest inside, Jubilee gathers the nerve to face Wolverine. She is surprised to see that Wolverine has freed himself from the crucifix, but he lacks the strength to even stand, he requests Jubilee to help.

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