Be it the Wolverine series, the Uncanny X-men, X-men or Jubilee series marvel comics have won our hearts with every new issue. There has never been "that scene" written which gives closure on what they mean for each other, but there are moments which give away so much.

We as a fansite of Wolverine and Jubilee share the issues where they come together. The galleries illustrate a few of the best moments of Wolverine and Jubilee. As a fan, you can share your favorite moment and reasons why you have read it over and over again. Your take on Wolvie and Jubes relationship. Will, there be a scene where they will express that feeling.

Hosting Wolvering and Jubilee Webpetals Online

Thanks to technical guidance and support from Instructify, we're able to host our webpetal gallery online where it's easily accessible to people. To make things even more user-friendly, we've decided to host it on WordPress. If you're looking to get started hosting any of your own Wolverine and Jubliee content on WordPress, we highly encourage you to visit to check out their tutorials, and also their WPengine coupon if you're looking for an exclusive deal to get your WordPress website up and running


Here you can connect with other fans and leave your thoughts and viewpoints about the favorite scenes shared by the fans. You can also let us know how and when you started reading the series and which issue made you keep building your collection of the comic books.