Elvis, Anyone? - Issue #5
by Ice Princess Deluxe

Well, this month I don・t have any people that look like any X-Men. Nope. Instead, I decided to take you all on a day in the life tour of ice princess deluxe. One of my best friends said that the powers of observation are great when you got ・em. I・m glad that for once I paid attention to what・s going on around me.

We start out waking up at some ungodly hour of the morning -okay, eight isn・t that ungodly, but when you・ve stayed up almost till five it feels like it -and hop out of bed. I dress for the day and straighten out my Jubilee name brand sheets before going to the kitchen for a gourmet breakfast of a bowl of Sugar Flakes (change Flakes for Bombs and it・s almost the same: sugary and the flake part is only to throw off suspicious parents into thinking the thing is healthy for their kids) and a glass of orange juice. I then putter around the house till the afternoon.

One or so in the afternoon rolls around and I decide it・s time to actually go somewhere and do errands. Let・s see, there・s the mail I have to drop off, the skillet set and kitchen utensils I have to get at Jean・s Restaurant Supply store, must go to the bank to cash this week・s check and get money for the next week, gotta drop by Hank・s Automotive to see how my baby is doing. Blue・s radiator busted and I had to shell out some cash to get a new one. When Hank looked at it he said I needed new spark plugs, hoses, belts and a distributor cap. What? Okay, I have a clunker that・s almost as old as I am. That・s why my truck・s name is Old Blue.

By this time my tummy is grumbly so I head on over to the Rajun Cajun restaurant where Jean-Luc the waiter always flirts with me. Yep, he・s an honest to goodness Louisiana boy. How someone as good looking as him got stuck in a little town like mine I still don・t have any clue. When he・s on duty he always turns the radio or the CD player up loud. He really likes Remy Zero.

Finished with my lunch, I head on over another block or so to my local comic store that・s right next to Charlie・s, the gas station that just opened up. Stay and chat with the comic book guy and whatever other regular that happens to be in at the moment and then leave.

I go get groceries next, the Scott towels and Angel Soft bath tissues hitting the cart first. Then of course is the Twinkies that suddenly disappear every time I muse with Hank or Bobby, the Robert brand eggs and other various items on my list.

Going home to store the perishables and to get ready for work, I rustle through my pantry for a jar of Peanuts, then some stuff that has Xanathian gum in it・wait, wrong comic and book series・sorry.

As I drive to work every day, there・s a big billboard on the side of the highway that has an ad for Wolverine Boots. Then there・s a couple more down the way that advertise for Frost Insurance Company and Magnus Real Estate. It・s just too much of a coincidence for me that the new Victoria・s Secret billboard with the model in a white merrywidow is right next to the billboard for Frost・s Insurance.

Going home after a couple hours at the bookstore I again pass the Wolverine billboard as the lights from it catch on my rearview mirror. I unlock the house and kick off my shoes, making my way to the computer room where Darcy, my faithful computer awaits along with Shane, my new scanner. I look at the daily calendar and see that for today・s little hockey trivia/info blurb in the 1971-72 season Vic Hadfield was the first New York Ranger to score 50 goals in a single season with exactly 50 goals. Go Vic.

After checking my mail, surfing around for a bit and doing a little research, I turn off Darcy and head to bed. Before I do flop on the mattress, I remember to feed my little orange and black spotted goldfish named Nick. I named him that because of the big black splotch that covers his left eye. No kiddin.

Finally drifting off with the sounds of some obscure blues band named the Warren Trio sounding in my ears, I roll to my side and close my eyes, thinking how I・m probably going to have to do the same thing I did today all over again tomorrow.

Till next time!

ice princess deluxe