One is a homicidal maniac--the other, pathologically shy. But in the Age of the Apocalypse, Sabretooth and Blink were much, much more. Heroes, friends, and family rolled into one. Welcome to their Archive, where you can explore fiction that celebrates the unique relationship between these two complex characters (along with the occassional 'solo' story).

If you would like to submit a story, please read the submission guidelines to the Wolverine and Jubilee Archive, which lay down the general principles of what will be accepted here. Blink and Sabretooth must be the main characters in a story focusing on their relationship. No underage romances, excessive violence, or swearing will be accepted. Please send your submissions to [email protected].


In the Blink of an Eye by Nate Grey
[Just Blink] Clarice struggles to have a releationship with Angelo.

Daddy's Little Girl by Nate Grey
Blink & Sabretooth finally say the words each has wanted to hear for so long.

Yer In The Army Now! by Dannell Lites
Victor (Sabretooth) Creed is *almost* drafted!! *snicker*

A Heartfelt Painful Return by DemonHuntress
Clarice returns back to the Academy after a long struggle to get there. One shot. And pretend Gen-X hasn't ended yet.

Sweet Dreams by Deb Matthews (author's address unavailable)
When Blink and Company escape the Age of Apocalypse by falling into the current Marvel Universe, trouble ensues!

Silk and Steel by Beck
Sabretooth discovers a purple-skinned girl in the snow, changing both their lives.

Not Even A Memory by SL Watson
We all know what Rogue and Mags were thinking in the final moments of the AoA. I thought I might try my hand at what Sabretooth was thinking instead.

A True and Honest Peace by SL Watson
A brief AOA Sabretooth fic.