Daddy Please Come Home: Chapter 1

by Psyco Wolf

Disclaimer: I don't own Sabretooth or the X-Men, but I do own the fictional character Alonna. Warning. This story may contain some strong langue.

Tonight was a night, no different than all the others.

A young girl waits patiently by the front door, for her fathers return. For as long as she could remember, her father would always come and leave as he pleased, not caring about others opinions.

He would leave to either get drunk or to go out and kill someone, just for fun. But he's been doing it more frequently now and rarely comes home to see his eager daughter waiting for him at the front door, with open arms and a great big smile across her face to greet him.

To her it seemed like her father didn't want to be around his semi deformed daughter anymore. To her it seemed like he would rather hang around other mutants that were more normal looking than her... And the more she thought about it that way, the more she began to mentally slip away.

It was midnight now and her father still has not come home.

She sighed and left her usual waiting spot and headed to the bathroom. She closed her eyes tight, so that when she flicked the light on it wouldn't hurt. Opening them, she stared straight into the eyes of another replica of herself in the mirror. She didn't know what pretty was, but she knew that she was a freak of nature.

The image staring back at her had the features off a deformed cat. She had gray fur, but with brown shoulder length hair and stripes, on each hand, there were three fingers and on each foot three toes. Her tail was bent and crooked, from all the times her father swung her across the room, when he was angry for no apparent reason.

She sighed and began to talk to herself, like she normally did, when no one was around, "Well, Alonna... Here you are, starin' at yerself in the mirror again, wanderin' when Daddy's gonna get home." she leans for the sink and looks closer into the mirror, "Why do I even bother waiting for him to come home? I should know by now that he doesn't love me. He stopped caring for me when I was old enough to get myself dressed in the morning, and yet I still wait for him... Why? Why do I still persist on waiting for a man who probably never show me the same loving affection that I have shown to him in the past?" she shakes her head sadly, "Maybe it's because a part of me still needs him or somethin'... I dunno."

Just then she hears the front open and her father calling her name.

Like a happy little girl she races towards the man, known as Victor Creed, and jumps into his arms and hugs him.

But he does not return the hug. Instead he pushes her away, grabs his hunting rifle, and begins to walk out the door again.

Alonna couldn't stand watching her father leave, without telling her where he's going, so she finally got up the courage to confront him, "Where're you going? You just got here, Daddy!"

He stops midway and slightly turns to answer her, "To finish some unfinished business, kitten. That's all you need to know."

She shakes her head furiously, "No! I want you to stay home with me! I can't stand not knowing where you are or when you're leaving, not knowing whether you're ever going to come home! It just drives me completely nuts!!!" she takes a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears that wishes to come out, "Please, Daddy... Don't do this to me. I love you! I need you to come home..."

Victor just stood in the door way, not saying a word. He looked at his semi deformed daughters face, then looked away, and continued to head on out the door.

Alonna fell to her knees crying. She couldn't believe her father would just choose some petty little revenge over his own daughter...

Looking up, she watched him disappear into the night. She closed her tear filled eyes and whispered out to him, "Please come home, Daddy. Please, come home."

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