When You Really Love a Woman: Part 1

by Witheld

Sequel to [The Things We Do For Love]. If you haven't read it, do so before reading this; this story makes no sense without it. Starring Sabretooth, Wolverine, and Jubilee, and Gambit-with a guest appearance by Bobby Drake...don't laugh, I think it's more or less inevitable that Drake and Lee go out together....even if it doesn't turn serious. They've got the 'goofy big brother' relationship thing going on here, and a lot in common. He's a safe first date...just the sort her extended family would encourage her to go out with.

The last one was all Sabretooth POV. This one is all Third Person. I lose a little artistic integrity. But it's easier. Italics are thoughts. Minimal telepathy.

If I was making money off this stuff, you'd be paying money to read it. If I owned the characters, I'd be doing a better job with them. Thank you.

Rated R for blood, sexual content, swearing, violence against women, generally sadistic thoughts, and, oh yes, a water balloon. (with Bobby Drake making a guest appearance, what did you expect?)

Jubilee was convinced something screwy was up. Jubilee was right, but was headed all the wrong way in thinking about it.

Creed had tied me up, hurt me, and was mad at me. He makes dangerous noises...and runs like the wind. It took Wolvie about an hour to find me.

Jubilee had been confused when he had run off. She and Jean Grey had tried to figure it out. They thought that perhaps she had developed new powers. They had run experiment after experiment on her, but it appeared that her powers were weaker than ever-not stronger. Weaker with the physical shock.

What really confused Jubilee was the attempt by the mercenary Lightning Blade to kill her. Victor Creed had dragged him off her and killed him, just when she thought her life wasn't worth two cents.

Further, thought Jubilee, he hadn't killed Jean and Logan...apparently because of me!

He worried her.

But if she thought she was worried, it was nothing to the thoughts racing through Wolverine's head.


It's scary enough when I know what he's doing. Now I think he's playing head games. Twice now he's had somebody I love in a deathgrip-had ME in a deathgrip...and he let them go. Let me go.

Usually I just hate him. Now I'm scared of him too. That bastard is going to hurt me...hurt Jubes...hurt everyone.

I need to kill him.

Wolverine's own search for Sabretooth began then, pressuring any telepath who would into donning Cerebrus and searching the globe for him. His search would have been easier had he checked the woods outside the mansion, where Creed was hiding.

Creed loved Jubilee so intensely he couldn't even bring himself to kill the other X-Men. He loved her so intensely he couldn't bear to leave...what if she got hurt, when he could have helped her? But mostly he loved her too intensely to reveal himself. He knew what she thought...what she would say. He couldn't take that.

She broke me, without even acknowledging that she broke me. She didn't even know she broke the great and almighty Sabretooth. Hell, she probably didn't even care. But now, I'm so whipped it's pathetic. I can't let anything hurt her. I didn't even know I had these instincts; but I've always lived by these instincts. I can't stop now just because my instinct is telling me to do the opposite of what I would normally do!

She probably hates me. Worse than the runt hates me. That hurts. And it hurts to admit it hurts.

I couldn't stay away. What if that bastard isn't protecting her properly? What if she gets hurt? I could never forgive myself if she got hurt. I mean, I saved her life. That felt good. Just knowing that I stopped that merc from hurting her felt good.

As he mentally cursed himself and Logan, and kept a surreptitious eye on Jubilee, certain events were happening in the mansion.

It was inevitable, Wolverine assured himself. Jubilee was a grown woman. Well, almost. But she was going to start dating sooner or later.

But why Drake? demanded Logan of himself. He was firmly convinced that Drake didn't deserve Jubilee. Well, if he was honest, he was firmly convinced nobody deserved Jubilee.

Suddenly Jubilee came down the stairs, to where Logan and Bobby stood waiting. She was so gorgeous she immediately broke both men's hearts. They both smiled, slightly paternally. She was beautiful.

Of course, Logan saw more than Bobby. He saw the slight, small scar on her cheek.

I could kill Creed for that scar alone, he thought bitterly. He managed half a smiled at Bobby, who smiled back, put both hands behind his back and bowed, Japanese style. Logan was, for half a moment, touched. Then he saw the water balloon in Bobbys hands, that spiraled over Bobby's back and into Logans face. As Logan stood there, watching Bobby open the door for Jubilee, one thought rolled through his mind.

I'm wet. I'm cold. I'm watching Bobby damn Iceman Water Balloon Drake walk away with my little girl.

Boy, Drake, when you get home, I'm going to tan your hide.


As Jubilee got in the car, a thousand thoughts fluttered through her mind...and stomach. Like little butterflies, they fluttered, and wouldn't be still. Foremost on her mind was Bobby, and the fact that he was taking her out. It was very slightly weird, to her, to be going out with somebody like Bobby. He was almost family, to her.

She called back Jeans words to her.

'We felt you needed a non-threatening first date-and not Logan. That would be a little...weird.' Thanks, Jean. Bitch. 'Bobby's also your friend-we didn't even ask him to ask you out. He did that on his own. He's fond of you, and noticed you haven't been going out....and feels that perhaps you're still hung up on Logan.' Who, big brother? Thanks Jean. I can't believe she gave me that load of crap.

Still, reflected Jubilee, it was pretty easy going out with him. He was like a big brother-doing his duty by her, and making sure she had a date to the big party.

And, of course, she reflected, Bobby had hit the dart board with his eyes closed, as usual. She was pretty hung up on Logan. Of course, Logan knew it...but would never, she was convinced, really think of her that way. He was far too noble.

Jubilee glanced at the drivers seat, where Bobby sat grinning. He was still grinning. Jubilee supposed he was still thinking of the look on Logans face when he brought out that water balloon and just oh-so-casually tossed it to Logan.

He's never thought of the future, has he? Not once? There's never any consequences for Bobby Drake.

That was really why Jubilee had agreed to go out with him. He wasn't interested in their future, or her body, he just wanted her to have a good time. And, of course, have a good time himself. That was what Jubilee admired so much about Bobby Drake; he was a fool, but he was a nice fool.

And he can be charming, too, when he works at it. She thought, grinning.

Minutes before, when Bobby had opened the door for her, Sabretooth had been watching. From the woods, he saw Bobby drive her away.

A million thoughts flashed through his mind. Pain, that she wasn't with him. Anger, that she was with Drake. Bloodlust, for Drake. Regret, that he couldn't hurt Drake...especially not if she was dating with him. Unless Drake hurt her...but he didn't want Drake to hurt her.

So he did the next best thing.

The next morning, when Bobby got up and decided to drive into town, he got into the Sedan-actually the collective grocery car-and drove off. After he left the drive, a clawed hand curled around his throat from the back seat.

"Pull over." Sabretooth growled from the back seat.

"AAAAAAAAA!!" God, he screams loud, thought Sabretooth. Bobby tried to ice up, but Sabretooth simply pressed the points of his claws into Bobbys neck.

"Yer damn skin ain't gonna help you, Drake. Now pull over."

Bobby was obedient. He pulled over, and sat patiently, waiting for a chance to blast Creed out of this universe.

"Now, I've got a message for you. If you repeat this message to anyone, I will kill you. Understood?" Nod. "Now, the way I said that, you do understand that you're walking away from this message, right?" Nod. "Good. Don't do anything dumb and endanger that. Now, listen carefully; if you so much as touch Jubilee, you're as good as dead. If you so much as THINK about hurting her, you are dead. And if you even THINK about what I said to you here too loud, you are a dead man!! Got it?"

"Got it."

"Good." And Sabretooth took off, through the trees, leaping right out the open window of the Sedan. Bobby tried to remember how to breath, rubbing his neck.

He decided against the trip into town. He had to think about this.

That night, he asked Jubilee if she had any shopping to do. She gave him a look that quite clearly said 'Like, duh." He nodded thoughtfully.

"I'm headed out now. Wanna come?" Jubilee nodded, surprised. What did he want? There was an expectant air about him.

They got in the sedan, and drove. Bobby continued to check the backseat, the mirrors, and both sides of the road every five seconds. He was scared.

"Drake, relax." Jubilee told him easily. "Logan was only kidding about gut`n you like a fish."

"It's not Logan that's worrying me." He said dryly. "In fact...I barely even considered him. Now, listen carefully. I got a message this morning....not a nice one. Concerning you."

"Concerning me." Dammit, another concerned uncle. Who was it? Remy? Hank? Storm? Jean? The Professor?

"I'm not supposed to tell anyone I got the message...so keep it quiet."

Jubilee suddenly thought of another message. Maybe one of the X-Men was interested in her...and thought Bobby was in the way. And had told him to get out. And he was bowing out gracefully. That would be like Bobby, she reasoned. She wondered who it was. She was willing to take news like that graciously.

"Sabretooth gave me the message." He said it in a meaningful voice, but Jubilee hardly heard him. Her pulse was hammering in her ears. I can feel my throat constricting with fear. Damn, damn DAMN!! "He said...if I touch you, I'm dead. If I hurt you...I'm dead."

Jubilee reflected bleakly that this was almost exactly the message that Logan had given Bobby. What's Sabretooths game now? she wondered futilely.

"Want to go back?"

"Yeah, I better." Muttered Jubilee. She had to think.

As they passed Sabretooth's lookout point, he snarled. He knew that what he had done was stupid. He knew how stupid it had been. He just wondered if Drake had tipped her off. Probably, he admitted to himself.

Dumb. It was dumb. Approaching Drake like that was mondo-dumb. In fact, it was possibly the stupidest thing I'd ever done.

Let me tell you, we sometimes do dumb things for the people we love.

I can't believe I said that. I can't believe I thought that. I really can't believe it's true....

What am I going to do? I can't get near her....she hates me. I know she hates me. Normally, if I was attracted to a woman, I'd hunt her down and HURT her...but I can't hurt her. Can't bear to see her hurt. I can't even kidnap her, because....she would be hurt by that.

As Bobby and Jubilee stormed inside, Logan glared at them. He was on edge. He was mad.

He could smell Creed's scent on Drake. All over him. Like Creed had grabbed the kid. And now the kid was approaching him. Wolverine was bristling with animosity.

"Logan, there's something you should know. This morning, Creed attacked me."

"Hell. Why are you still alive?" Asked Logan, suddenly suspicious.

"He gave me a warning." Bobby wiggled his eyebrows meaningfully. "Told me if I hurt Jubilee...I'd pay with my life."

"He...warned you...off Jubilee." Logans mind howled with rage. Two blocks away, Jean doubled over with the psychic reverbrations. Logan stared at Bobby. "Where's Jubes?"

"I told her first. She's up in her room." Logan stalked off, headed towards her room. As he slammed the door open, Jubilee sighed.

"Bobby couldn't keep it to himself, huh?" She asked sarcastically. "Whatcha plannin`, Wolvie?"

"I don't know yet." He replied, growling. "Maybe I'll just stay close to you for a while."

"I was thinking the opposite." She growled at him, a near imitation of his growl. "I was thinking maybe a little distance would be a good thing."

"But Creed's out there!" Roared Wolverine.

"I know!" She spat back at him, then sat down, and sighed. "Wolvie, he scares me half to death. But...I've got an idea. And it involves Remy."

"Remy." Logan was cooling to the idea already. Jubilee yanked out a suitcase, and began tearing through her drawers, packing.

"Yeah, Remy. I'm gonna take him, and we're gonna head south. And Logan, you're gonna head north. Apparently alone."

"Apparently." Logan didn't like this.

"Jean and Scott are going to be going North a faster route than you. You'll meet up, and the three of you will finish off Sabretooth. You like it?"

"I don't." He said, in a low voice. "He might go after you."

"Duh, that's why I'm taking Remy along. Maybe Rogue, too. We'll be ready for a fight when he shows up. Eh?"

"You mean...split up." Logans eyes grew hard. "Make him pick a target. Pick which one he hates more. Me, alone...or you, with Gumbo. Why Gumbo?"

Jubilee looked at, a clear plea in her eyes. "Logan...I'll explain it later. I just...he's the one who, next to you, I'll feel safest with." Logan grunted.

"What about Jean?"

"I think he'll go after you." Jubilee said softly. "That's why you're leaving alone. Bait." Logan nodded, not liking it, but accepting it. Besides, he knew Rogue. She had what it took. She'd keep Jubes safe from Creed.

"I don't like it, darlin`. But if that's how it's gotta be..." He trailed off, uncomftorable. He glanced at her, not wanting to do this. All his instincts screamed against it. Carefully he tried to reach out to Professor Xaviers mind, quite a feat for a non-psi.


Yes, Logan? The profound rumblings of the worlds most powerful telepath echoed in his head. He gritted his teeth.

Call a meeting. I got some stuff to do. Just get Gumbo, Rogue, Scott and Jean.

The professor didn't even acknowledge him, which actually made Logan feel better about it. He was already feeling sour about the whole deal. Of course, with Creed involved, he expected to feel sour.

If he had to take Creed, he wanted to do it alone, not with Scott and Jean. Scott and Jean wouldn't kill him. They were X-Men. They lived by the rules, like Jubilee.

He would have been afraid, if it had been anybody except Gumbo going with her. Gumbo was scary. Gumbo knew the rules, and wasn't afraid to break them. Gumbo was a lot like Wolverine. He had been on the other side of the fence long enough to know what it was like. He could protect Jubes.

That or Logan would kill him.

Sabretooth woke up with a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach. He always did, these days, and so he expected it. He looked about, wondering which direction she was. He could usually tell if she had moved, and today...he couldn't. That meant she was farther away, her scent fainter than the usually faint wisp of scent. He growled, low in his throat. She was gone.

Suddenly the smell returned, and he felt relief flood him. She had been in Xavier's Danger Room, a room so barricaded against air, psi's, and anything else the X-Men could think of.

Suddenly he smelled Logan, a strong smell. High above the mansion, in the tall tree he used, Sabretooth watched Logan leave the mansion, on foot. Heading north.

He smiled as he saw it. This was a good thing, he knew. He was happy that Logan was leaving. With Logan gone, he could be less circumspect...get closer.

Suddenly Jubilee drove out of the garage in a red convertible. Sabretooth growled as he recognized her companion. LeBeau. He'd know LeBeau anywhere.

He'd known LeBeau, back before the Cajun was an X-Man.

Now he just wanted to know why she was taking the Cajun with her. He had worked with the man...just on one job...he hadn't like him then, or when he heard LeBeau was an X-Man now. But he knew the mans reputation. It wasn't pretty. In fact, Victor wasn't sure he liked the idea of Jubilee being so close to the man.

Ignoring pointedly that his own reputation made the Cajun look like a boy scout.

So he had to follow. On foot, of course, but he could run for days. Especially when he had a good reason to.

Overhead, Rogue followed Remy and Jubilee. She kept her distance, watching for Creed. She wondered why Jubilee had insisted Remy come with her. Remy might be good in a fight, but he had nothing on some of the more powerful X-Men. Rogue was pretty sure that Bishop would be better against Creed.

But Jubilee wanted Remy. And Storm, for some reason, had agreed entirely.

Storm. She hadn't wanted to let Remy go with Jubilee, at first. Then, for some reason, she had changed her mind. Rogue knew it wasn't telepathy, or anything else overt; Jean would have noticed. Storm had seen something. Something she related to. And she had...approved.

Rogue didn't trust Storm like she trusted some of the other members of the team...especially Logan. Logan and she were old friends. And Logan was going along with the 'plan' too. The way everybody had fallen to Jubilee's feet at the sight of her puffy eyes disturbed Rogue. But she couldn't fault the girl for it.

Below her, Jubilee sat next to the cajun, watching the road go by, thinking.

The entire team was afraid of Creed. More than afraid; terrified. There were only three members of the team who weren't afraid. Wolvie. But his mad hatred for Creed would make him almost useless in a fight, and he had already proven that. Rogue wasn't afraid either. She was more than capable of taking Creed. But she wasn't hard enough to kill him. She was too much an X-Man now to do the deed that Jubilee needed done. Remy was, and he wasn't scared.

That was why Remy was there. Jubilee knew he would help her kill Creed. She wasn't going to 'do the right thing, the X-Men thing' and just capture him. She would kill him, once and for all, and end the fear.

She was never going to let him hurt the people she loved again. He had almost killed Logan. Had almost killed Jean. It tore her apart, thinking of Wolvie, his head only held onto his shoulders by the adamantium skeleton.

It had hurt, seeing Creed standing there, ready to finish him. Creeds hands dripping with blood. Jubilee shivered.

She was going to kill him. That would be the easy part.

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