The guidelines are not meant to scare people into not sending me stories. Please send me what you've written, but for crying out loud, take the time to review what you've written--proofread, proofread, proofread. I reserve the right to refuse any story on the basis of content, length, or any other such criteria that seems important. When you've got a story that you want to submit, just email it to me at [email protected]
Happy writing!!!

1. Blink and/or Sabretooth must be the main characters of the story (or at least, the two of them should have a fairly substantial role). I do make rare exceptions to this, but not often.

2. If you don't know HTML, then please leave a space between each paragraph (it makes it easier to format). If you do know HTML, then I would appreciate it if you showed some consideration and took the time to code your story.

3. I will not accept stories which contain explicit sex or violence, i.e. NC-17 (I'm not a prude, really. It's just that young eyes might be reading these stories, and there are enough places on the web to get that sort of thing without mine being one of them).

Also--and this is not meant to dash the ideas of potential writers--but I'm not going to accept Blink/Sabretooth romances unless they are really well written, as well as tasteful.

Spell-check. My only exceptions are to those people whose first language is NOT English.

Grammar-check. Just because you have a good story idea, does not mean that your story will be readable. Check your grammar.

Another Biggie: Alara Rogers of Shifting Sands states this much better than I, but I will do my best to explain. People, paragraphs are there for a reason. USE them. Here is an example of what NOT to do:

"And how are you this morning?" "Just peachy. And you?" "Simply superb, although I'm afraid that Bobby and I have depleted the house of its supply of Pepto Bismo." "I did warn you," Cecilia said, sitting down on the edge of his desk. "I don't care how much of a tradition Harry's is for you guys. That place violates every health code in the district and those fish chips were distinctly green." "Puts hair on a man's chest, m'dear doctor," he blithely confessed over her snort of laughter. "So, what are your plans for the day?" "I'm heading into Salem Center."

Didn't you have trouble reading that? I know I did. A simple paragraph break between two different speakers, a change of scene, etc. is good and necessary. And I'm not going to do it for you. So don't try sending me a story that looks like that, and expect me to archive it.

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