Birthday Wish


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*Note: I come from South-Africa, so English is not my native tongue.*

A beautiful Asian women look at the photo that stood on top of the fireplace. It was a photo of a thirteen year old girl with short black hair and two blue eye's that almost seemed to hypnotise you. Elizabeth Worthington smiled, Jubilee was not a child anymore. She was a grown women.

Today it was her eightieth birthday.

Beth remembered the day when the professor's dream was finely reached. Today it was only a memory, but back then it was the dawn of a new age. An age where two humanity's that had fought for so long could finally live as one nation. When this remarkable age had begun super-powered heroes whore no longer needed.

The X-men were no longer needed, so everyone decide to go there separate ways. Warren and Beth got the honour to take care of Jubilee which surprised everyone they all presumed Jean and Scott or even Logan would get custody of her, but they didn't. She and Warren got custody, for who would think an Asian girl living with her so-called Asian aunt and uncle strange. A pare Americans living with an Asian girl would need to much of an explanation or a Canadian loner that travelled all a round the world seeking a good fight, with a young girl, would indeed seem strange. The story that Beth could tell would seem more acceptable to people and with such a interesting past as there's. Drawing attention to yourself was not an option.

Beth walk out of the house into the garden. They had decided that Jubilee's party would by held at the place where she grow up. The mansion. She made her way along to the boat- house. When she got there the party had all ready started.

Everyone was there, everyone excepted the one person the birthday girl had asked for. Logan had not yet showed up.

"Are you sure he said he would come." Jean ask the question to Beth with a worried tone in her voice. "He said he would come, Jubilee possibly begged him to come in the last letter she wrote to him. As far as I know Logan replied that he would." You didn't need to be a telepath to know why Jean looked so worried. Logan had a rap for not keeping his word when it came to Jubilee. Thousands and thousands of times Logan had promise to do something for this child, but never did it. Jubilee always found an excuse for Logan not be ing there for Christmas or missing someone's birthday. Beth prayed that Logan would not miss Jubilee's party. She had a bad feeling that if he did, Jubilee might have forgiving him for the last time.

Jubilee kept looking over her shoulder to see if there was any sign of the man know as Logan.Wolvie had promised to come.

Jubilee looked around her at the people that were there. As she looked up her eyes met a pare of icy blue one's. Those you belonged to the ice-prince, Robert Drake, the Ice-man as he was ones called. She and Bobby had more in common than one of them would like to attempt. They both grow up as the youngest X-men, the only live they knew was the one that Xavier made for them.

"So I don't see your dear Logan anywhere, Sparkler. His possibly going to send you a postcard telling you how sorry he is, but he just could not make it he had some old dime to rescue." Jubilee could hear the sarcasm in Bobby's voice. "O...SHUTUP Drake no one asked for your opining. This is my eighteenth birthday and not you or even Wolvie is going to spoil it."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Later that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jubilee sat in a clearing in the forest. Wolvie had not shown up for the party. She did not lie to Bobby today when she said : " Not even Wolvie was going to spoil her birthday." She had prepared herself for Wolvie not being at her birthday. She wasn't disappoint at all.

"Jubes...Jubilee..! O here you are child I've been looking for you. I came to hear if you want anymore cake, before Mondo eats what's leved of it."

"Ororo, I'm have a feeling you didn't came here to talk about that bottomless-well eating habits." "No I didn't. I came because I think you need someone to talk to about Logan not showing up for the party."

"Ororo, I don't need to talk, I'm fine. I know he who'd have come if he could. I decide a long time ago not to judge Wolvie by the things he did. I did miss him at the party, but I know he would have come if he could." Jubilee said the words with out a single trace of hurt.

"Ororo, do you know what my birthday wish was?"

"What was it?"

"That you people would stop calling me child or kid." Ororo look at Jubilee a eighteen year old .....women .

"Yes, Jubilee, you are certainly not a child anymore." Ororo said with a smile on her face.

And together they walked back to the boathouse."