Broken Wings: Part Four


by Rebecca Ann West

SUMMARY: Thought = Action a look at what happens in a friendship that's become unbalanced.
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You have to wonder sometimes, about the sixth sense that grows up between partners. It takes time I know but its worth it. The minute I stepped out of the door of the school I heard the roar of Harley engine noise. It brought a smile to my face, the first one since my fight with Frosty.

I live for mornings like this. Its quiet enough for me to hear the wind tousling my hair, and unfortunately it also lets me hear my thoughts. I'll look back on this later and be very sorry for the sad person I am at the moment, but I'm no where near that point at this moment. All my life possessions are tucked into a small back pack and wallet. Its one of those things that hurts to look at.

Packing last night was a nightmare. Have you ever wanted to sit back and cry? I don't mean small sobs but to howl at the moon in sheer tearless grief? All over one photograph? If I hadn't already figured out that I was having severe problems then I think that would have tipped me off.


Jubilee never thought the words 'jumped out of my skin' were real until that moment. she must have gone up at least a foot. All that gymnastics training hadn't gone to waste.

"Bloody hell Wolvie! Havn't I told ya not ta creep up on me?!"

Now I've never seen someone manage to combine amusement and worry in quite that way before. It told me something was up.


Uh oh, hesitant Wolvster that means either he's cancelling on me, which wouldn't be unexpected. Or theres something really wrong.


"I've been waiting fur ya fur the last five minutes, Darlen, did ya fight with Em?"

That's when my knees went, I should have heard him coming, well heard him again. And I definitely should have known he was there. She managed not to collapse. Just turning it into a stagger but she doubted she'd fooled Wolvie. Ten points to Lee.

"I'll go 'talk' ta her, shall I?"

She couldn't help grinning at that statement, walking forward a few steps and wrapping her arms around the Wolvesters waist, for a minute letting herself become his 'kid' again. It worked for a minute.

"Nah, let it slide Wolvie, I wanna get outa here"

Ducking out of the hug I turned round and grabbed the haversack, the blue eye's she turned back to Logan were dull and disinterested. Flat.


He'd never actually been worried about Jube's mental health until now, the look she'd given him just before they'd roared out of the school had actually reminded him more of himself that he'd ever wanted to see in another being. He'd never had this problem with the kitten.

That he realised was the problem

Jube's wasn't the kitten.

He thought that he didn't have that problem even after 'Ro had accused him of it. He could remember the lecture she'd given him "You cannot treat that child the way you would treat Catherine, they are not the same person" His reply had been along the lines of 'I know 'Ro' and now he did.

She'd been grown up when he met her, and yet despite bruises that soul of her's had blazed out of those eyes. The only person he knew who could meet him as an equal on almost any playing field.

It had almost been a physical pain to see that spirit gone, and if it took him all of the private time he had they'd get it back.

And back to stay, now where to¡¦¡¦.

"Umm Wolvie?"

"Yeah Darlin'?"

"Whats with the road block?"

He looked up and groaned internally, turning the sound into a growl low in his throat.

"That's no roadblock Darlin'"

What It was was a full scale ambush.