Chesty Man

by Dyce

Disclaimer: Logan is not mine. <*g*> Nor can his habit of removing his shirt at least twice every comic/movie/book/fanfic appearance. Really, I'm not to blame. But.... well, here's his very own Unofficial Theme Song (which can be sung, more or less, to the tune of 'I am Woman', just to add to the bizarreness of it all....). Warning - mild insanity ahead.

Dedication: For Mel, because Vigil was too sad. :)

I am burly, I am buff,
Oh, so supurbly tough,
And I can whup whatever butt I choose.
I just rip off my shirt,
And their pride begins to hurt,
'Cause with my chest bared, oh, I just can't
For I am Chesty Man.
Chesty, Chesty Man.

I have muscle, I have hair,
I ripple here, I ripple there,
And my manliness is all that man can be.
Women swoon at the sight,
Mighty men lose all their might,
And one and all, they have the right to seeeee....
This oh-so Chesty Man
Chesty, Chesty Man.

It's not just foolish pride,
It's a #1 Chest from side to side,
And I'll keep it just this way until I die.
Sure, the rest of me is nice,
And it's worth the viewing price,
But the best part is the chest, I won't
For I am Chesty Man!