Damn Aborigine: Chapter One

by 2280

Disclaimer: X-men not mine, although I wish they were. I'm just putting them through my diabolical paces. Claire is mine, ask before you use her, she gets testy about that kind of thing.

Teamwork is important he said, you will learn to work with others and further develop your powers. Yeah, I could smell that crap from all the across the room, but heh, I'm supposed to be trying to get along here. I supposed to be "reforming", whatever the hell that means. Now I'm sitting in the rain looking for Sparky, cause no one else here knows it yet, but this game is about to get a whole lot less fun.

Claire moves quickly and silently through the forest. She knew Jubilee was near by, she had seen her go this way in an attempt to sneak by Logan. Unfortunately for Jubilee she was the only one close enough to help her, because someone else had seen her come that way, and that person was a lot less friendly than Claire was.

She climbed up a tree to get a better vantage point and she saw Jubilee standing in the circle of trees. She knew someone was watching her, unfortunately for that person, they didn't know that Claire was watching them.

Claire knelt forward on the tree branch, being careful not to shake it and she reached towards the blond head beneath her. She hadn't seen this man in over twenty years, and she had hoped that she never would have had to again. As usual fate was not on her side. Her fingers were almost touching the top of his head when he started to move forward with a growl.

"Ya know frail, every time I come here, yur the one who greets me. I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted that no one else takes the time."

"In case you haven't noticed hairball, we haven't been sending out engraved invitations." Jubilee turned toward the voice of one of the few people she feared on this earth. The one man who instilled fear in her heart for her own safety and the safety of those she loved. "So why don't you run on home before you get hurt." She drew herself up, hoping to make herself look braver than she felt.

"Ya don't fool me kid, yer ready ta pee yur pants. I can smell it form here." Creed leered at Jubilee as he walked closer to her. "Not quite ready to leave yet, not with a tasty tidbit like you around." He picked Jubilee up by the shoulders.

Unfortunately for Creed he didn't have the foresight to realize he should pin her arms, she saw her opportunity and paffed him in the face, rolling as he dropped her. His hands flew to his face as he howled with rage.

"You just don't get any smarter do you Creed? You fall for that one each and every time." She rolled to her feet, preparing for another attack.

"Wouldn't talk if I was you frail." He shakes his head and climbs to his feet. " You know that just pisses me off but you do it every time."

Claire watches from the tree as Creed moves closer to Jubilee, making sure his focus is on the kid she slides to the ground and picks up a solid looking log and creeps to the edge of the brush and watches to see if the kid can get out of this herself.

"So here we are again frail, you and me," He grabs her by the throat and picks her off of the ground. "And once again there is only one person here that can save ya, and surprise. He's no where to be found." He leans forward and places his forehead against Jubilee's.

She couldn't breath, she finally stopped kicking her legs, knowing she needed to conserve her energy. She tried to turn her head as he pressed his forehead against hers, but knew she couldn't, she knew he was doing this on purpose. Trying to break her, degrade her, make her beg before he killed her. Well she'd be damn if she was gonna let that happen. He could take her life today, but that was all he was gonna get out of her. His lips trailed along her face and down her neck, giving her a view of what was behind him.

It was Claire.

No, correction, it was a very pissed Claire carrying a very large heavy log.

"You're wrong shit for brains." Jubilee rasped.

Creed snorted, "'bout what frail."

"There being no one around to save me."

"Ya don't fool me kid," he sneered, "Logans on the other side of the grounds, I checked."

Jubilee raised an eyebrow and looked behind him. He turned with a snarl, and was greeted with a blow straight to the face. It bounced off of his skull with a resounding crack, the force of the blow sending him reeling backwards.

Claire had snuck up behind him and when he turned swung the stick with all her might. The stick splintered upon contact and she grabbed Jubilee as he dropped her and placed herself between the girl and Creed.

Creed snarled as he climbed to his feet and looked at the two before him.

"Um, I feel like I must point out that your course of actions has left him decidedly more pissed than he was a second ago."

"I can see that Sparky, guess his head is a lot harder than we all thought."

"Bad move frail, I was just gonna kill the girl and then get what I came for, but it looks like I'm gonna have to teach ya X-shits a lesson."

"There's nothing frail about me psycho."

"We'll see frail, we'll see. Yur not one of the regulars here, but ya seem familiar."

"Just call me Miss Manners, and you're grounded for playing with your food."

"You wanna play in the big leads frail, let's go." He unsheathed his claws and crouched closer to the ground. Claire could tell that the situation was quickly getting out of hand. She needed to get the kid out of here, she could take care of Creed, but not if Jubilee was here to be used against her.

Claire studied the man in front of her. The wounds on his face had already healed, so his healing factor was still up to par. He was taller than she was, considerably more muscular, and right now he was a whole lot angrier. The situation didn't look good. Claire stood up and moved towards him, watching his eyes follow her. Suddenly the wind changed directions and she paused.

"Sparky, get outta here. Go get help."

"Wha. .?"

"He didn't come alone, go. Now"

Jubilee looked around her as she turned to run toward the mansion, but she didn't get far before a blast came from her right and threw her into a tree. She hit the ground hard, her ears were ringing and her vision was blotchy.

"Yur pretty quick kid, almost hate ta hafta kill ya." Creed sprung out of his crouch at Claire, who pivoted on her feet and elbowed him in the back of the head.

"You can try, Creed, but ya won't win." She gritted her teeth as his claws sliced through her right thigh.

They turned to face each other again and Creed licked his fingers. "Not as sweet as the kid, but you'll make a good appetizer."

"You don't wanna eat me Creed, I'm all bitter and tough." She charged at him, but was stopped as something wrapped around her wounded leg. She shouted in rage as her legs were tore out from under her and she was lifted off of the ground. She grabbed hold of the appendage wrapped around her leg and tugged.

"Ain't gonna do ya any good frail. Even if ya manage ta get Toads tongue off of ya, his poisons will take care of ya soon enough." Creed bent over Jubilee, who was laying half unconscious under the tree. He ran his claws over her cheek drawing blood.

"Don't you know the rules of war Creed? Never underestimate your opponent."

Jubilee's eyes widened as she saw Toad scream as the spines exploded out of Claire's arms and legs, ripping through his tongue. She twisted her body as she fell grabbing hold of the retreating appendage and swung Toad into Creed.

Claire raced toward the clearing, grabbing Jubilee and throwing her over her shoulder. The trees wiped past her as she flew sure footed through the brush. Creed would be up soon, and they had to reach help before he reached them.

Suddenly she saw a blue light to her left and ran towards it. Whatever it was, it had to be better than what was behind them.

Jubilee woke up when something slapped her in the face. She winced and opened her eyes, only to wish she hadn't when she saw the forest whizzing past her at a nauseating speed. She looked behind her to see who was carrying her. It was Claire. Great, now she owed the girl her life too. Could the day get any worse? Suddenly they changed directions and Jubilee could see that she was running towards an oddly familiar blue light. Yup, it could get worse. A lot worse.

"Claire, are you all right?" Jubilee rasped.

"I'm fine," Claire said coming to a stop in front of a short stocky man who was spinning a string.

"The poison. . ."

"I said I was fine." She studied the small man in front of her. He had a shock of white hair and a short grizzly beard. "Who in the hell are you?" She snarled at him. He simply raised an eyebrow at her and beckoned for her to follow him. She hesitated for a moment, but when she heard Creed roar in the distance, she followed the man through the portal.

"I get the feeling I'm gonna regret this."