Descendent Darkness Falling

by Seraph

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They blinded you, and now you tell me to leave you alone, to desert you to the darkness. I can't do that, you know I can't. It's always been me and you, hasn't it? Even when we were apart, we weren't. Now I have to be your eyes. I know your other senses are enough but if I left you alone who'd be there to tell you what the sky looked like, or how the little ones are doing.

You know they'd never allow it anyway. We're there two best breeders. Did it hurt you to take me that first time? Like it hurt me? Did you do it because you knew they'd find one of the others for me if it weren't you? I never thanked you for that, for not letting one of the others have me.

The little ones, we both know what they'll do to them. Haven't we seen it all before? I feel so old. I wonder sometimes why it was that I'm alive and your alive and the rest of them are dead. I'm lonely, I miss the many years has it been now since they- - - they left? It's easier thinking of them as dead. When will it end old friend? How long are they going to keep us alive? I don't want them to take our children, not again. How many is it now? How many times have we watched them grow up only to be taken.

Little Bobby, remember how we said that he was so much like his namesake. I remember Bobby...he was the only adult I could really relate to you know, besides you. I miss the pranks we used to pull together. When are they going to let us grow old? How long have I been twenty-five for, I've lost count. I never was all that good at math. I remember how frustrated Emma would get with me. I can feel the new one growing in me. I can feel him kick now, there's only a little time left before they come for me again. I don't want to go to that room again. I don't want you to fight them this time Logan, please.

Young Jean, she's so precious, she reminds me of Paige though Logan, before...before. Why can't I remember what happened to them Logan? I remember us all together, I remember the school and before that. Why can't I remember exactly what happened to them? I remember you all talking and then...nothing. Did they take that, just like they took everything else?

Hold me, please...I'm afraid to sleep. Can you feel him kick? They told me he was a boy, I wish...I wish just once they'd let me be surprised. How many children have we had now Logan? Why are they doing this? I have so many questions. You know the answers, I know you do but you never tell me. Before they took your eyes you always looked so far away when I asked you, as though you weren't seeing this place.

I want my babies back Logan...I want our children, please...

Time passes...

You've got to stop doing this. You knew they were going to take Tommy today. Please Logan...for me. They'll kill you next time, they said they would, please. I can't be alone here Logan, I can't be and so you've got to be better. You've got to stop fighting them. You look so horrified when I say that. So angry and your voice is harsh as you ask if I've given up. Why shouldn't I? What right to you have to tell me to keep hoping when there is no hope? You don't have to feel them growing inside you, you don't have to give birth over and over again and then raise them only to have them taken.

I know what you expected of me, I've always known. The fires gone Logan, the spirit I had, how many beatings did it take? I can't remember. I only remember the pain, and the smell of their sweat. I wanted it to end so long ago. I wish my watch still worked, I wish I still had my watch. Why is it that they don't want us to know time here Logan?

If only...

I know it hurts you when I hold you. I have to hold you though, you have nightmares when I don't and you need your sleep. The pain will go soon, I know the healing factor doesn't work here but wounds heal anyway, even if they heal slower. It's so dark here at night with no moon and the stars I can see through the dome are strange. I wish I could see our own world's stars Logan. I miss our home.

I'm glad Charles isn't here Logan. I don't think he could've handled this. He was always so sure... When did humans change? They used to be okay; they used to be like us. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a mutant and it seems like a betrayal. As if wishing I were something else is giving in, giving up. If I was human, I wouldn't be here, and neither would you. If I was human...

I'm so tired...Can we sleep now? Just for a little, just to dream. Do you know what I dream Logan? You seem to know everything else, but then you always did know me. If I close my eyes will you keep watch? I just want to sleep...only a little, only to dream, just one little dream...