Everything is Not All Right

by WolvieGal

-the characters aren't mine so neither are the lawsuits

Sequel to Everything Will Be Fine Now

Wolvie comes to talk to Psylocke about what she did in the last story PG-13

I hardly had time to realize what was happening before Logan burst into my room, knocking the door off of two of its three hinges, leaving it horribly twisted, hanging (barely) askew by the last. "What the hell were you thinkin'?" His voice was low and there was a growl behind it sending chills down my arms and up my spine, raising the hair in the back of my neck. He was angry, but not hateful. Still, the heat of his eyes burned my back.

I turned to face him. My heart was racing, but I refused to let my countenance slip before him, him of all people. *I am not a child. He will not treat me like one. I won't let him. I know what I've done, and I'll handle the repercussions thereof, not receive a lecture. A lecture? On second thought, there's no concern for that from Logan.* "Logan, my door." I stepped toward it slowly waiting for him to join me, keeping my voice calm. "A hand with the door?" I reached for one side of the door as Logan exhaled loudly, grabbed the other side of the door, and placed it roughly back into the frame.

"I'm still waitin' fer and answer." He said while holding me steadily in his stare.

I was thinking, Logan, that one of my friends was taking advantage of another of my friends without realizing the pain she was causing him." I took a step closer to him, watching him as he processed my words. I could hear him breathing. "And you would never admit it, let alone tell her so. You would rather let her tear your heart apart than see her frown when you corrected her."

"You had no call to get involved, Psylocke. I told you that yesterday. I hafta deal with her bein' married to Cyke on my own."

*This is going to turn into a horrible fight. I don't want to fight with you Logan, can't you see that. I'm just tired of standing by while people hurt you mercilessly.* But what I said was, "Destroying the Danger Room is not dealing, Logan."

"Maybe not for you, but my dealing is my concern." He pointed a finger at me. His very stance was tense.

"It became Hank's concern when he had to repair the damage to the Danger Room." I took a breath, determined to take control of the situation before it got out of hand, and barely above a whisper I continued. "And it became my concern when I saw a friend hurting and unable or unwilling to fix it because of the person from whom it came. "

"What you did to Jean-" he began.

My control, over myself and over the situation, was slipping. "What I did was help her to realize how better to treat-" I waved my hand at him in gesture. "-a dear friend. She's had time to think about it, and she agrees with me. She's not angry with anyone but herself, and that for not seeing it sooner."