Happily Ever After

by sparklagal

Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men so don't sue please- with sugar on top?

A single tear fell from Logans cheek. She was gone and there was no way for him to bring her back. No way for him to save her. He looked at her small body on the metal table. Cold and stiff.

Hank had left them alone for her last moments. In that last minute as her heart slowed and her breathing became raspy she had told him how she really felt about him. He never would have guessed that his firecracker felt that way about him. Never would have guessed that she loved him the way he loved her.

He now regretted that he kept everything inside. He wished now that he didn't bottle up his feelings. They would have had more time together if he hadn't.

Logans thoughts returned to her killer. He had promised that he would someday kill everyone Logan had ever cared about. Creed was now putting that promise in to use.

Logan had sworn as soon as they brought Jubilee in, mortally wounded that Sabertooth's days were numbered. He would hunt the cold-blooded bastard down and rip his heart out. Creed had done relatively the same thing to Logan.

They had fought for her as best they could. But even with the Shi'ar equipment they didn't have a chance. Her wounds were just to numerous and terrible. When he heard that they couldn't do anything he would do anything to give her his healing factor. H*ll, He'd give her life itself if it would save her.

He remembered the first time he saw her. She was just a thirteen year old and neither of them had any idea about the relationship they would develop over the years. He had looked down at her from the crucifix, dying even with his healing factor and asked if she was going to stand there or help a dying man. She had chose to help.

He couldn't help but think how their lives would be different if she hadn't. Jubilee could have just left him hanging there and gone on with her life. She probably wouldn't be where she was now if she had.

He always wondered why she hung around him. He was also scared out of his wits that she would come to her senses and drop him like an old boot. He also wondered what brought on the small bout of insanity in the first place.

She knew she was going to die. She had excepted it. Jubilee even apologized for not being able to fight Creed and said that she was sorry for not being good enough. He had told her that nobody could have done better. Not even him.

She then told him how she felt about him. How long she had been sure it wasn't an adolescent crush and told him that it wasn't one now. He believed her and told her his feelings on the subject. She had been so happy her last few seconds. It pained him to think that he had been too.

Jean came in and saw him sitting there, bleary eyed and heartbroken. You didn't need to be a telepath to figure out what had happened. Tears fell from her eyes as she heard the long continuous beep that signaled Jubes dead.

They had gotten one kiss. One embrace. He would give anything to feel that way again. For one moment he had felt everything would be all right. They would have a long life together and live happily ever after.

Yeah, right. Logan should have learned by now that in his life, There was no 'Happily Ever After'. Just 'Once Upon a Time'.


I would really like to know what you think of this story. I am planning to do a sequel (I just can't keep Logan hanging like that!) I won't tell you what I'm going to do in it but if any of you story board writers know me well then you can guess that I can't stand sad endings (hint-hint) E-mail addy: [email protected]