From the Wolverine and Jubilee Storyboard:

Jealousy's Jest: A Soap Opera

Jubilation Lee looked over at Brett Macleod. He was on the phone, and he kept looking over at her. He smiled each time and gestured with his hand for her to wait.

Jubilee grumbled to herself. Brett might be her fiancee, but they never talked! All he cared about lately was his booming business. Which was in it's prime according to him.

The limosine he owned was now zipping through the roads on it's way to Salem Center. She wasn't sure how, but she was about to break the news to ALL of the X-Men that she was marrying.

She hadn't even told Wolverine. The name sent a mixture of feelings from her. The one closest to her heart she just pushed away...


Logan lit his cigar. His might elsewhere than on the woman the slyly ran her fingers over his bare back.

He moved away from her, locked in thought. "Your thinking about that little tart of yours again aren't you", the woman taunted suddenly. Anger flushing her delicate features.

Logan turned around and opened his arms. She slid into them. "Just worried about her. Cyke said she called and had some news for us", he informed the woman.

"I'm sure she can take care of herself", the woman replied darkly. No, she didn't like the idea of her fiancee's ex-partner returning at all...

They both arrived at the Salem Center. The chauffer getting out of the driver seat and opening the door. Jubilee came out, now twenty one, she really...matured. jubilee looked again at her fiance, Brett. He was built for a man his size, and cute also. Jubilee walked to him.

"Ready to meet my...friends," Jubilee asked while hooking his arms.

"Anything for you dear," He smiled then kissed her softly.

The entered the Salem Center.


The woman looked out the window, then looked down to her engagement ring.

"Logan honey, Jubilee is here," she smiled a grin, "with a man."

Wolverine stopped what he was doing and got off the couch and ran towards the window. His eyes huge and surprised. Sure enough there they were, walking together. The man kissed Jubilee as they rang the doorbell. Wolverine ran down the stairs, leaving the woman more angry.



Jubilee was surprised as the door swung open to Wolverine standing there looking at them. " Logan! " she said throwing her arms around him like when she was a kid.

" Hey darlen. " he whispered. Brett looked at the two.

" Hello, my name is Brett I'm Jubilee's... " he started but Jubilee cut him off.

" Boyfriend, Brett this is my best friend and partner Logan. " she smiled.

" How do you do? "

Logan raised an eyebrow at Brett's proper greeting. " Fine, now darlen tell me how are you? How's being out of collage and you better not have quit. " he said trying to sound stern.

" Wolvie! Of course I didn't quit! You were at my graduation! "

" Hello Jubilation. " a female voice said walking down the stairs.

" Kitty! What are you doing here? " she asked. " I live here now. Jubilee I have a very important question to ask you. " Katherine " Kitty " Pryde said.

" Later darlen. " Logan prayed.

" No! Now, or I'll forget. Jubilation, will you be my maid of honor at my wedding. " Kitty asked.

" You and Wisdom are getting married! " she said shocked. "

"No, Logan and I are. " Kitty smiled at the shocked look on Jubilee's face. Jubilee Angel

Jubilee pushed the jealousy she felt away, and forced a smile on. "I'm really happy for you", she whispered, although her heart was breaking. *Who are you to talk Lee, your marrying Brett cause you thought you were over this stupid childhood infatuation*, she reprimended herself.

It was one thing for him to get married...but to marry a girl she had been half a rival and half a sister with was...well she didn't know what it was but she'd think of it...

"Really! How nice, when is the wedding?", Brett broke in. His voice shook his young fiancee out of her funk."In about 3 months. The 28th of June",Logan muttered. He was trying to figure out what Jubilee really felt about him marrying Kitty.

The date rang a familiar bell in Jubilee's mind. Wasn't that...

"That's in the middle of my European tour. Well be in France trying to buy out a business. Sorry we're not going to be here", Brett sighed. Jubilee cursed to herself, though slightly relieved.

"I think Jubes can think on her own. Does she tag-a-long wherever you go",Logan remarked sarcastically.

"Of course she does. She is my secretary...and my fiancee. Let's see, we should be about a month married at that time"...



" Married? Got somethen to tell us darlen? " Logan asked. He ignored the pain he felt at the thought of his bestfriend and partner getting married.

" Wolvie, Kitty, meet my Brett, the man I'm gonna marry. " she had a half grin on her face. Logan could tell there were reserves on what she was saying.

" Oh Jubilee! I'm so happy for you. " she threw her arms around the girl she thought of as a little sister. When? Where? Who's your maid of honor? Who else knows? " Kitty asked.

" Well Miss Twenty Questions I got to ask, May 29, I was hoping here, I was gonna ask you to be, and Frost and Banshee, Paige, Ev, Jono, Angelo, just the whole Generation X. " Jubilee said.

Jubilee Angel


"And i was just about to tell the rest of the X-team." Jubilee anounced to her ne 'maid-of-honor.' Kitty seemed shocked by the way she said the X-men.

"Jubilee does he know that your a--" she was cut of by the person that was speking to her.

"Yeah, Brett knows I'm a mutant." Brett nodded his head to show that he knew and didn't care.

"All that matters that she loves me," he bent down to kiss her. Wolverine had this strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I'll get the rest of the team," Wolverine said quickly as he left to the door, silent and 6 eyes wondering whats wrong with him.



" What eaten him? " Jubilee asked.

" He's just shocked that you toke our engagment so well. " Kitty said coolly and followed.

" Did it just drop about 10 degrees in here or is it me? " Jubilee asked.

" It's just you my heart. " Brett said. She glared at him. She hated when he called her his heart. Her heart would belong to no one. She walked down the hall to the kitchen with Brett following her.

" Hungry? " she asked.

" Thirsty more. " he smiled. She opened the door to the kitchen to find Wolverine and Kitty kissing in a sort of make-up way. Jubilee's stomach turned at the sight. She politly coughed.

" Oh, hey darlen. " he said. She could feel Brett stiffen at Logan's nickname for most girls.

" Don't worry. It's what he calls all of us. " she whispered.

" Oh. " Brett mumbled. Kitty then kissed Logan deeply while still watching Jubilee out of the corner of her eye as Jubilee face just went blank. Almost as if she was annoyed.

Jubilee Angel


Yet she shouldn't be annoyed, right? SHE LOVES BRETT and HE LOVES HER. Jubilee finaly realized that when she saw Kitty and Wolvie. It was time to move on. She grabbed Brett by the crook of her arm. Giggled a little bit, she was happy, right? She led him to where the X-men were sitting.

Wolverine, on the other hand kept his eyes open while kissing Kitty. Jubilee and BRETT.

Jubilee showed Brett to them. She was sort of nervous and cleared her throught. "This is Brett, and were getting married." Mixed emotons were in the room, some happy, some REALLy happy, and some just didn't care (Marrow:P). Jean Grey just sat quietly.

"There is more you want to tell us," Jean Grey asked inquisitvely.

"Uhhh...yeah...well...Brett wants to join the X-men," she blurted out quickly. There was a collective shock, from in the room, and in the kitchen.



Whoa! Jubie's getting hitched and just springs it on us an now the chica says the guy's a mutent too!" blurted out Angelo.

"Jubilee never actually SAID that Brett's mutent. He IS one though, raht?" asked Sam.

"He is. C'mon Love, show your stuff" she said, laughing nervously.

Brett raised his hand which held a ball of fire. "I can withstand any amount of heat too."

"Remind me not to pick a fight with this guy," joked Bobby.



" And ya better not pick a fight with me Bobo or I'll have him melt you! " Jubilee joked. She had missed Logan the most but next to Logan was her bestfriend Bobby. He held open his arms and she ran into them.

" I missed you Jubes. " he whispered in her ear.

" I missed you too. " he then took her hand and led her outside. " I guess you know about Logan and Kitty? " he asked.

" Yeah. I know I say them earlier. Is he happy? " she asked. She knew Bobby couldn't lie to her.

" As much as he allows himself to be. When he's not thinking about you. It hurt him bad when you left. " Bobby whispered.

" I had to Bobby. I felt like I was suffacting. You know how it is. I know you Bobby and I know you're not always this hapy-go-lucky guy that you make people think you are. I know because that's how I am. I had to leave Bobby. Just like you did. " Jubilee said.

" I know Jubes. And yes, I do understand. Now here's the real reason I brought you out here. Are YOU happy? " he asked.

" I don't know. I mean I love Brett. At least I think I do. But sometimes I'm not sure. He's not the kind of guy I thought I'd marry. He reminds me of Everett. I don't know Bobby. I truely don't know. " Jubes said as the sunset.

Jubilee Angel


She gazed at the sunset as she sighed. Then someone grabbed her from behind. She knew this embrace. She looked back at Brett with confusion. "Are you alright," Brett asked, as Jubilee tiredly responded ," Yeah, i guess."

She looked at the worried Bobby. She looked back at Brett, "Yeah, I'm tired I'll take you to my room and we'll talk to the prof. in the morning." One of Bobby's eyebrows mischeviously raised.



Jubilee led Brett back to her room. As soon as they entered, however, she turned to glare at him.

"You had to go on and give the good news", she said venomiously.

Brett glared back. "Did you want me to wait? Let the Kitty girl walk all over you? You know she was enjoying the suprise in your eyes and the obvious jealous feelings you were showing when she announced she was marrying Logan", he snapped.

Jubilee's eyes blazed, "YOU LIED TO THEM BRETT! The only reason we're getting married is because if I don't then you'll explote the X-Men", she ranted.

Brett grinned maliciously, "Your the one who left the letter sitting by my chair". *Note to those who don't understand* Jubes left a letter in her apartment mentioning the X-Men, Brett read it*

"Do not blame this on me Brett! Don't!", Jubilee hollered suddenly. "I'll do whatever I want. Remember, I am going to be an X-Man, and your going to be my wife", Brett growled suddenly and swung at Jubilee.

Jubilee, under normal cirmumstance, would have reacted immediatly. This time she just let herself stand and take the blow. Her eyes stung for a few seconds, that was going to leave a nasty mark.

She held her own for a few seconds before Brett waved her off and headed for the bathroom to shower. Before entering he turned and smiled sleazily at her, "Care to join me *My heart*".

Jubilee bristled, "I may have to be your wife, but I'll never ever let you have my body", she snapped then turned for bed.

Brett laughed as the water was turned on...

Jubilee shut her eyes tightly. Her left eyes stinging tremendously. She blocked out the pain, and tried to think of something else.

The only thing that came to mind was Kitty and Logan...and how much she was in love with her former mentor (Uh-oh;)



A quiet rap on the window surprised Jubilee, and she moved to open it before she realized that it was probably not the wisest of ideas to do so if she wanted to avoid showing any of the X-Men -- several of whom who flew -- what Brett had done to her.

But then, she wouldn't have taken the punch if she hadn't, somewhere inside, wanted the truth to come out.

And Brett had gone ahead and hit her anyway.

She opened the window and looked out. No one there.

A glove-clad hand descended over her mouth, and swiftly, she was lifted up and out of the window, and placed on the roof.

Remy straightened up to look her full in the face. He removed his hand, replacing it with a finger on her lips. He held it there until she nodded.

Cautiously, he removed the finger, and when she stayed quiet, he swung down again to shut the window, and was back up with Jubilee almost before he'd left.

He stood, held out his hand to her, and she took it. Gambit led her across the roof, up over a peak, and then they were just above the bay window of Gambit's room.

"Mind telling Remy what's going on?" he asked in the cheerful voice of someone who knows very well what's going on because they also had their hand in the cookie jar.

Jubilee sighed. "How much did you see?"

"De whole t'ing. Saw de two of you walk into de room, and den..." his voice trailed off meaningfully.

She thought momentarily about lying. About feeding Remy a story about why Brett had hit her, one that would save the X-Men from his exploitation.

But even if Remy hadn't possessed the rudiments of an empathic gift, making it near-impossible to lie successfully to him, there was the sure fact that, no matter what she said, Remy would either take care of the matter himself, or tell Wolverine, who would take care of it. Despite Logan's engagement, Jubilee was pretty sure *that* reflex was still in effect. He'd looked about ready to kill Brett when he'd first seen them together.

"Would you believe me if I said Brett has a violent temper?"

"Sure. Tell me why you'd put up with it, petite."

There was that. "Um... I'm masochistic? I secretly want to be in the submissive little wifey role and I think it's manly for a guy to be violent?"

"Try anot'er one, petite."

She bowed her knees, and rested her face on them. "Yeah, well, I kinda figured that if you saw him hit me, you'd want to know why. I don't suppose I could get you to forget about this, could I?"

"Only if you agree to come t'Nawlins with Remy."

She looked up, intrigued despite herself. "Why would you want me to do that?"

"Dat where we going t'hold de funeral after Wolverine gets done wit' your 'fiancee'. Dey have great funerals in Nawlins."

If only it were that simple. She sighed. "You aren't going to do that, and you know it. X-Men don't kill. Haven't you heard that before? And if I want to keep seeing him, there's nothing you can really do about it."

"Is dat de way it is, petite?" Remy looked saddened.

She couldn't say yes, and didn't want to say no. She wondered why she was trying so hard to keep Brett in the clear. It would be so easy to betray him to Gambit right here and now. Brett wasn't a telepath, and he was in the shower. He had no idea where she was or what she was talking about. And if she told Gambit, he could have the information to the professor before she could get off the roof.

Sure, Brett could handle fire, but compared to Magneto, his powers were weak. She couldn't take him down, but they could.

But they wouldn't kill him. X-Men didn't kill. And so he'd would be free then to continue with his plans of exploitation.

A gentle hand tipped her chin up, interrupting her gloomy chain of thoughts. "What you so afraid of, chere?"

She knew now how to get around Gambit. All it would take would be a single misleading question. A hypothetical question about what she should do if she found herself in a situation where she had a secret that her adopted family

should know. If she stilted the question so that it seemed like a bad secret, like something she'd done wrong, it would remind Gambit of his secret about the Marauders, and he would tell her to keep her secret, that it wasn't worth what he'd lost. She would have told the truth, while simultaneously completely misdirecting him.

"Remy, I need help," she said softly, making her decision.

"Anything you want, petite."

"Brett, my so-called fiancee, is trying to blackmail me." A hand went up to her swelling face, and she smiled wryly. "Pretty effectively, too. The deal is, if I don't do what he says -- get him into the X-Men, marry him, all that -- he's going to carry through with this plan he's got to exploit the team."

Gambit's usually mobile face was still. "Dat's not good."

"No. It isn't. And I don't know what to do." Her voice started to quaver, and she curled her fingers into her palms, nails biting into the skin. "I thought maybe that I could tell Wolvie, but he's..." her voice trailed off painfully.

"Engaged to Kitty. Remy understand."

"Yeah. I just... I don't want anything to happen to the X-Men. I'm scared, Remy. Really scared." Her voice shook audibly.

He opened his arms to her. "C'mere, petite. Everyt'ing going t'be all right. Dis ain't any big deal."

She didn't move. "Because you can threaten him, and you think that'll make him stop."

Remy shook a finger at her. "Non, non. Dere are better ways t'handle a blackmailer dan dat. Much more profitable. Trust dis t'ief t'know all 'bout dealing wit' his kind."

"And if that doesn't work?" she asked doubtfully.

"Den we got t'ree telepaths, de rest of de team *and* Scott Summers on our side."

A smile started to form around her eyes. "And if that doesn't work?"

"Den we call in de White Queen, and see what de Hellfire Club can do."

"And if that doesn't work?"

He shrugged. "Remy know a few members of de Assassins' Guild."

She put her hand over her mouth as she giggled. "Remy, the assassins you know want to kill you."

"Dat doesn't mean that they doan want work," he said reasonably. He held out his hand to her. "C'mon. Remy won't bite."

This time she let Remy pull her to him. She leaned her head against his chest as he ran his fingers idly through her hair.

She suddenly felt like everything would be all right. Like Juggernaut's weight had been lifted off of her, and she could stand up and breathe freely again.

No questions remained. She felt secure about the issue of Brett, and that was enough for now, enough even to make her momentarily not care about Kitty and what she was doing with Logan.

All questions but one.

"Why won't you bite?" she asked, and surprised a laugh out of Remy.



Brett stood at the window watching Remy as he hugged Jubilee and they laughed at a private joke. His hand rested on the bed table it suddenly caught fire. _ I'll kill him. _ Brett thought. _ How dare she let him touch her so inamently when she won't even let me hold her. Logan's the first to die, then Remy. _ he thought turning away from the window.



Remy and Jubilee sat on the roof above his window, watching for shooting stars to come out of the sky. They were quiet for a long time before Remy realized that it had been a long time since he'd taken her from her bedroom window.

Looking down, he smiled at her sleeping form, still curled in a hug from Remy. He brushed the hair out of her face and looked at the red mark across her left cheek, already bruising a shade of purple in the warm air. Remy scowled at the invisible thought of Brett, thinking of ways to kill him easily.

Or he could tell Wolverine and let it go from there. Remy smiled at that thought, wondering about what would happen if he DID tell Wolverine. He hated Brett. Jubilee, someone he regarded as his own sister, didn't deserve to be treated like this.

Nova Zion


" You're thinking about her aren't you? " Kitty asked Logan.

" Yeah darlen I am. What's it to ya? " Logan asked. He was growing weary of Kitty's childlike games. She knew that Jubilee was Logan's bestfriend and she knew he constantly worried about her and she knew how much ahold Jubilee had on his heart.

" You have to choose. " Kitty said.

" What? " Logan asked.

" You have to choose. Either Jubilee goes, or I go! It's up to you! " Kitty said.

" Don't make me choose darlen. " Logan said. Kitty just stood her ground. Logan had known Kitty longer then Jubilee she was sure he would pick her over Jubilee.

" It still remains. You have two days to choose. " Kitty said leaving the room.


Remy picked Jubilee up and quickly swung her into his room. He laid her out on his bed and watched as she snuggled into the black satin covers. " I love you Jubilee. " Gambit kissed the check of his " lil' sister " and then went in search of Logan.


He found him outside nursing a beer. " Logan we need to talk. " Gambit said sitting down.

" What's up? " Logan asked.

" It be Jubes and Brett... " Gambit started.

" I don't want to talk about it. " Logan mummbled and was about to leave when Remy grabbed his arm and said. " It's fake. Jubes she don't love Brett. He blackmailen her. He say she's got to marry him or he expose de X-man. And ya know Jubes. She tink she can take care of it. Now it out of hand. De man hit her. "

Remy never finished his explaintion as it hit Logan what Remy had said. Brett had hit Jubilee. That was his last mistake. He ran to Jubilee's room to find Brett and Jubilee gone.

" De pettie be in my room. " Remy explained coming up behind Logan. Running down the hall Logan swung open the door to find Brett holding a gun pointing it at a naked Jubilee.

" She was good you know. She didn't even know that she lost it. But she was good. Don't worry Logan she was so drugged she didn't even know what was going on. Chlorphyl does that to you. Now it's time to die little Jubilee. " Brett said taking off the safety.



Brett turned slightly to get a good shot at Jubilee as she slept in her drug induced state. Logan took the chance to charge at the man, slipping his claws out as he neared. Brett heard the raw 'schlukt' as his bone claws pierced skin and he turned quickly, firing a round off into his chest, but Logan kept coming, his healing factor spitting the bullets out as it worked overtime in healing the skin, organs and bones.

"Shit. This freak can heal..." Brett thought as he dropped the empty gun and prepared to fight against Wolverine. Remy stepped up behind him, charging a lamp from the bedside table.

Throwing a blanket over Jubilee, he lifted her in one arm and let the energy flow from the other as Logan raced at the other man. Running to gain some distance in the room, Remy threw in the lamp as he exited, hearing it explode and knowing Logan would be okay.

Remy cradled Jubilee in both arms, running her to Hank's room to wake him and see if she was okay, listening as the others came to see why gunfire and explosions could be heard so late at night from his room.

Nova Zion


Jubilee laid atop the medlab table. Trembling from the cold. She barely felt a blanket wrapped tigher around her.

"She'll be okay", Hank surmised. A collective release of happy sighs was let out. Logan stood over her still body. Watching over her. Kitty's challenge came to his mind. She was right...he did have to choose...which one he was in love with...



" I know who I want. " Logan looked at Kitty.

" Perfect! Now we can get on with planning our marriage and wedding. " Kitty said with a smile.

" I want Jubilee. How dare you make me choose between you. Jubilee would have never made me choose. She would have excepted things as they were. I don't ever want to see you again. " Logan said.

" Oh ofcourse Jubilee would never make you choose! She's perfect! I knew I would never live up to her! Unfortunently Brett a bad shot! " Kitty yelled.

" What? He was working for you? " Logan asked turning around looking at the girl with cold eyes of hatred.

" Of course he was! " Kitty said challengling.

"He raped her! He took what she wouldn't give! " Logan yelled.

" What? He was just... he wasn't suppose to... " Kitty said in shock.

" Never did I think you would look so much like Viper as you do at this moment. Good-bye Katherine. " Logan said leaving.



" Do you Logan take this woman Jubilation Lee to be your wife? " the pastor asked.

" I do. " he answered.

" And do you Jubilee take Logan to be your husband? " the pastor asked.

" I do. " she said.

" I now pronouce you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride. " the pastor said.

" I've been waiting to do this for eight years. " Logan whispered as they kissed.