Jubilee's Missing!

by Alexandria, Jerica, Lady Saturn, Sascha, Salamander

Standard disclaimers apply.

Jubilee walked down the mall sipping her drink thoughtfully. Bad music was piped throughout the large building but it could hardly be heard over the chattering of the people. She glanced at her watch off-handedly. She had about fifteen minutes to meet the rest of the students at the coffee shop in the middle of the mall. What to do for only fifteen minutes? She asked herself.

Jubilee stopped and threw away her empty cup. She paused as she saw someone looking at her. He was about middle aged and was being casual, leaning against the wall. Maybe its just some weirdo. She turned and started walking again on her guard all the same. The man started walking also. Jubilee on a whim turned the corner, the man did also. Uh-oh, looks like I'm being followed.

Jubilee stopped suddenly and looked at her watch. She furiously thought of something. Then she cursed rather loudly and turned around. Then she walked the way she had come, she passed the man. She saw him glance across the hall. She cautiously followed his gaze. She saw two more men. She strode down the hallway with a purpose, every so often glancing at her watch. She wove around the crowds of people never breaking her stride.

The man was still following her, all three men were she noticed. Without thought she ducked into a store. She anxiously looked around, it was a book store. She walked through the selves of books. She focused on her breathing as she gazed at the titles of the books. The letters were meaningless to her in her fear. A sales girl walked past her. Jubilee wanted to ask for help but she knew she couldn't. Undoubtedly this was more serious than the mall security could handle.

"See anything you like?" Asked a female voice from behind her. Jubilee turned around expecting to see another sales girl. It wasn't. Jubilee had never seen this woman before. Jubilee found herself shaking her head. The woman reached out a hand and picked up a book from the shelf behind Jubilee. The woman handed it to her. "How about this one? Logan might find it interesting." She told Jubilee smiling.

Jubilee froze. This was not some helpful book reader. She knew about Logan and odds are she knew about those men outside. Jubilee tried to take a step away when she stopped. The man that had been following her stepped into the isle. On the other side the other two appeared, blocking both her exits.

The hell with this, she thought, and raised her hands. She went to blast the woman and nothing happened. The woman smiled at Jubilee. Jubilee's vision was blurring and things were getting harder to hear. She opened her mouth to shout something and found she couldn't make a sound. Pain was flooding her body, crashing into her. It was too much to bare. She involuntarily slumped forward.

The woman caught her and held her up slightly. One of the men took her from her and put his arms around Jubilee. He pulled her out of the store and Jubilee numbly followed, her legs moving on their own volition. Inside the store the woman marked the page of the book she held and wrote something in it before placing it back on the shelf. She smiled again and followed them outside.



Paige looked down at her watch again. Jubilee was 20 minutes late.

"Jubilation needs to learn responsibility. I say we leave her. When she wishes to come home, she may call." Monet wasn't the only one in the group who probably was for leaving Jubilee.

"Come on, M. She wouldn't be THIS late." Everett was very nervous.

"Amigo, the chica has come to class 30 minutes late, and ya don't think she would be 20 minutes late? At a mall? With shops? And guys? C'mon yourself, man."

*Really! The gel'll show up with some punk guy named Spike. Yer just bein' paranoid.*

"Spike? Come on, Jono!" Paige responded. "Give Jubilee some credit. Besides, I'm worried about her, too. I don't think Ev's being paranoid. I don't think Jubilee's just being late."

Monet looked at her. "What do you propose that we do, then?" Monet snapped at Paige.

"Why don't you try to telepathically reach her? If she answers, then you can yell at her as much as you want. If she doesn't something's up. Besides, it'll really help ease me and Everett."

"Fine. Let me concentrate." Monet's face changed as she concentrated. Her face stayed that way for about half a minute. When she was done, she looked somewhat shocked. "I could not reach her. I tried to do a mind scan. My mind scans can only reach people who are about 5 miles from me. I could not reach her. It appears she IS gone."


The past 30 minutes of Jubilee's life were very fuzzy to her. Things were still very fuzzy. She knew she was in a car, or maybe it was a van. She knew that they were driving the opposite way than the way to the academy. At least, she was pretty sure they were. Well, okay, kind of sure. She knew they were after Wolverine. She had heard something about it in one of their conversations, or had that been something on the radio about wild animals?

Jubilee's thoughts were messed up. She felt like the time she had gotten herself completely plastered with beers at a party. Well, almost. She still felt pain. Her whole body was still in quite a lot of it. It was better than it had been before, but it still hurt.



Jubilee pushed herself up against the wall of the van. Her head was pounding and she felt the inhibitor's clapped tightly on her wrists. "Jerks", she muttered. She could vaguely here two voices up in the front. She looked around for an escape, but the van door was shut tightly, and there was no windows. Besides she didn't think she could manage to jump out in this condition.

She tried to pick the locks, but it shocked her. "Well are they efficient", she struck out mad. 'Sheesh when Wolvie gets his hands on them...', she mumbled. 'He'll kill'em...hmm maybe I'll tell them that, nahhh might as well let 'em think I don't have any idea what's going on...what am I saying I don't know what's going on...I don't even know for sure if they are after Wolvie!', Jubilee finally let loose before getting her frantic mind under wraps.

Suddenly the van slowed, and Jubilee heard the van door's open. She faked being asleep. "Best shock her 'gain just in case she wakes up during the flight", one goon replied. "Yeah...hey do you know that guy they're hiring, the one I had to watch while they questioned him", the other replied. "What about him", the first replied. "Say's he knew who this girl was, had a bone to pick with someone she knew. Hey why do they want her anyway", the second asked.

"Kinda funny you mention that guy then that. She's the one thing he asked for. She's his pay. Say's he's gotta personal Vendetta with her, what's his name anyway ?", The first answered. 'Vendetta...bet you don't even know the meaning of the word', Jubilee snorted to herself, but the next thing she heard made her heart stop.

"Names Creed...Victor Creed...and that girl ain't a'sleep...breathin's wrong", a blond man wearing strange attire stood leaning against another van. He gave something between a snarl and a grin, "Ya can call me Sabertooth, and that frail's gonna bring back my pay...even though she ain't gonna be much of a picture when the pay arrives", Sabertooth showed his claws, and the men gulped. They didn't have to worry about Jubilee being awake anymore because she promptly fainted.


Logan looked up as Cyclops entered the room, he instantly smelled the fear on him. "What's the matter Slim...something wrong with Jean ?", Logan asked immediately.

"No...A few of the Gen X kids were at the mall, when they met she was late...didn't think anything of it at first you know how she can be...but then Monet did a Mind Scan, and she was gone...completely gone." Cyclop's looked real upset, one of the X-Men getting kidnapped was one thing, but Jubilee, she was just a kid.

"Jubilee ?", Ororo said from the doorway from where she was listening. Logan barely heard the yes as he ran out of the room and headed for his jeep. If anyone so much as touched a hair on her head they'd find themselves in a world 'o' hurt real soon...



Victor grinned and retracted the claw. "That always does the trick. She'll be awake in an hour or so." He looked over his helpers and snorted of disgust. He shook his head and muttered something about 'rented help' and what he really wanted to them, but couldn't right now, then he walked straight past them and into a waiting airplane. Wanda and the guys looked at each other then Bruce picked up Jubilee and they followed their boss into the plane.


"Nothing?" Everett looked over at Jono with worry written all over his face.

*Not a thing. It's like something's blocking her.* 'An' it ain't Spike,' he thought to himself.

"Jono's right," Monet said. "I can't reach her either."

Before any of them could say anything more, they heard a jeep stopping outside, and someone coming out of the car and running up the steps. Two seconds later, they knew who it was.




No one had a chance to answer, Wolverine was already sniffing around. Eventually, he found her scent. GenX followed.

After a while, Logan said, "She was being followed, and she knew it." He continued to follow the scent. "She was being followed by more than one person, probably more than I can smell."

Logan walked into a bookstore. "Four. Four people. Three men and a woman." He walked to an isle in the bookstore. "They got her here." He started to sniff around for more clues and stopped on a book. He took it off the shelf and opened it. After he flipped though several pages, he found something. GenX watched as he read something. His whole body began to slouch and a somewhat defeated look crossed his face.

"What is it, Mr. Logan?" Monet asked.

His answer was barely audible. "He's got her. I should've been here ta protect her. It's all my fault. He's got her."



Jubilee's head hurt again. She pulled herself up against the side panel of the plane. She felt her insides jump around as she grew accustomed to the feeling of the air. Nobody was in the room with her, she grimly reached up and rubbed the inhibitor collar around her neck. No way to open she realised sadly. 'Of all people it had to be Sabertooth...why him...Wolvie's gonna kill'em, I hope he rips apart and eats his insides...okay maybe not', Jubilee thought wrinkling her nose at the thought.

She looked down, her once half-way ironed blue jeans were now a mess, and so was her blue knit midriff shirt, and purple anorak. Her shoulder length hair was falling in her face and she angrily pushed it back, "I knew I should have kept it short", she muttered. "So your awake", a cold voice suddenly said from the doorway of the room she was in.

Jubilee cursed, how could she been so stupid to get herself into this mess !!! "What do you want with me Furball", she said, not being able to stop the sarcasm and insults.

He growled, "What'd'ya think frail".

"Just trying to strike up a conversation", Jubilee shot back. He suddenly grabbed her and slammed her against the side of the plane.

"I meant what I said about hurtin' ya frail, don't make me do it before I wanted to", he snarled.

"Gee guess it would be *Mean* to ruin your whole schedule", Jubilee said, and practically bit her tongue at her stupidity, why couldn't she just shut up. Sabertooth hit her, extracting his claws he slowly drug it down her chest, right in between her chest. She shivered at the pain it caused.

The he reached back and came swooping down, and slashed her from her shoulder to her stomach. She bit back a scream. This continued, Sabertooth switching shoulders every other time. The human was still there though, Jubilee realized, otherwise she would be dead. "It'll be worse next time frail, I guarantee that." he whispered when he finally left. She curled up in the corner, and finally let the blackness overcome her. She couldn't help but wish he would just kill her, it'd be so much easier than fell that pain again.



"Great, wonderful, can things get any better?" Everett muttered to himself. Paige, who overheard him, shook her head.

"I seriously doubt it. Mr Logan seems a bit.. Uh..Upset." That was an understatement delux. Logan was raging. Monet was trying to calm him down. Every single one of the Gen X admired her courage. THEY had no intention to even TRY and talk to an very, very angry Wolverine.

"Mr Logan, going on a rampage is no going to-"


"Uh..Solve anything. What we need to do is-"

Riiiip! Tare! Slash!

"Well, uh, where was I? Oh yes, what we need to do is go and find Jubi-"

Kaboom! Bang! Slash! Rip!

"..Lee...Uh, mr Logan, sir, are you-"


"..Okay? I'm asking because that looked like it might would hurt just a little.."

Growl. "I'm fine!" Growl.

"Uh..Okay.. Anyway, I think we should-"

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm gonna, I'm gonna..! Grrrrrrr!"

"Yes, sir. But first we must find him."



Jubilee awoke once more. This time in a small room tied to a chair. She tried to untie the ropes but the were done expertly. She vaguely felt the wrist inhibitor. She groaned, now she was completely powerless. She also noticed that her wounds had been dressed. She was a bit surprised by this but shook it off.

Suddenly the door started to open, Jubilee began to prepare herself, she was not going to let herself cry...no matter what Sabretooth did to her. But instead of Sabretooth a pretty girl with light purple hair, and purple on silver eyes entered. "How are you", she said quietly. Jubilee looked at her carefully.

"Fine", she said.

"I know you probably don't believe this but I want to be your friend...maybe the last one you'll have...that was not meant to upset you", She said just as quietly as she had begun.

"I'll get out of here", Jubilee snapped, but the butterflies in her stomach told her different. The girl smiled gently, something told Jubilee the girl usually was not this shy. There was something in her eyes that reminded her of Wolvie.

"My name is Dysis...but most people call me Panther", she finally told Jubilee.

"Jubi..", Jubilee started.

"Lee, I know everyone around here knows who you are. Many mutant's are brought to M-Zone...none have ever left alive I'm afraid...", Dysis sighed.

"If none leave alive what 'bout...", Jubilee began. Dysis decided now would be a good time to sit down.

"Sabretooth...he's in a containment cell, he was put in right after you were brought here...he was only led to believe he had a deal with M-Zone, when he was only brought to be tested on and to lure this Wolverine in. We'll probably also get all of Gen X...even though they weren't on the new line-up", Dysis voice carried off.

"Line-up, what line-up ?", Jubilee asked, a bit frightened all of a sudden.

"The mutant line-up. They wanna take a bunch of certain mutant's and meld them into their own team...only certain ones were chosen...they'll boost, add, and change powers with this new UNtested technology, and then erase their memories and put in new ones so they will think they have always worked for M-Zone." Dysis explained, she looked so sad.

"Who's on the line-up Dysis?" Jubilee asked, her voice a bit hoarse, this was serious stuff.

"Wolverine From the X-Men...Jubilee from Generation X...Sabretooth...Jean Grey from the X-Men...Rogue...Everett aka Synch from Generation X...and finally me", Dysis finished.

Jubilee's face was suddenly flushed in anger. "Why are you out there then, are you just going to let yourself be taken!" she practically hollered. Dysis shook her head.

"No!...not at first, my best friend disappeared and I got word that she was brought here, I made myself get captured knowing they wouldn't turn down the chance for an Alpha Class mutant. Look Jubilee, my best friend made me promise as she watched her boyfriend burn in the rumble of the last headquarter's this place had that I would never try to take this place down again...it would only end in disaster...I know it doesn't sound logical, but it was on her dying breath. I was recaptured soon after and have worked for them ever since", Dysis hollered for a few more seconds before settling down.

"Dysis, I understand about your friend, but tell me this. I have friend's coming into this place, and an enemy that's already here, I cannot let them be taken. You don't understand I care about two people very much on your list, and I've lost my family to many times to count I won't add them to the Death list. I will do whatever I have to make sure this place goes down...Now are you with me or not..." Jubilee's voice was pleading.

Dysis looked around then back at Jubilee. Her eyes fell on the wrist inhibitor. Jubilee heard a Snikt! Dysis's hand came flying down with perfect aim, her nails which were now long adamantium claws cut straight through the inhibitor, then threw the ropes. Jubilee untied her feet and stood getting used to the feeling of her feet. She felt funny though and collapsed against the wall. "Dysis what's the matter with me ?!?!?", she asked suddenly.

Dysis hung her head, "I guess I kind of forgot to tell you...they've already gone on with two of the experiments, except for the brain washing...mine, and yours", Dysis turned her head.

Jubilee moaned, "Just great...oh well, ya say they boosted my powers...what else did they do?", she asked. "I don't know...but they were planning on giving you the codename Sparkler, so I suppose there pretty much just stronger", Dysis explained with a shrug.

"O..", Jubilee fell forward suddenly with a wave of nausea. But suddenly she was floating...no not floating...flying! Jubilee slowly lifted herself in the air looking at Dysis for a few moments, glee in her eyes, but it soon disappeared as she brought herself down.

"Let's go", she said serious again.

"Right!", Dysis finished.



Dysis and Jubilee snuck through the halls. As they passed a certain stairway Jubilee heard growling, and the sound of someone fighting. It was Sabretooth. Jubilee looked down at what he had done to her, her eyes hardened, and she kept going. He would have to get out on his own. Dysis noticed this and kept moving also. She had no need for Mr. Creed.

Suddenly she froze. Jubilee followed her example. Dysis sniffed the air, and her eyes narrowed. "Your friend's are here, and they've all been captured...come on this way", she instructed. Jubilee moved quietly with her, each safely hidden by the shadows. Two guards suddenly spotted them. Jubilee found herself not even thinking, just out of instinct she held her hands out and pyrokinetics singed from them, leaving the guards for the dead.

"This is it", Dysis nodded towards a door. "Come one, there's a secret way in...we'll sneak in that way, and get down to the containment cells...that where they'll hold Wolverine", Dysis told her, knowing that was the first person Jubilee wanted to save.

Lady Saturn


Jubilee quietly made her way through the place. When she saw Wolvy her eyes hardened. He looked a bit beaten up. She looked at Dysis. Dysis nodded her head, "I'll take care of the guards", she grinned. When Jubilee heard them clatter to the floor she rushed forward. "Wolvie!", she exclaimed throwing her arms around the man.

"Jubes", he answered back holding her fiercely.

"Come on", She whispered. He nodded standing up. Dysis came in, introduced herself, and did away with the bonds.

"Let's go", she whispered. Jubilee didn't let go of Wolverine at all as Dysis led them through another series of halls. It was easy enough to free Wolverine, Synch and the others chosen...but by the time they were all free it was noticed that people were being broken out. Luckily everyone else was in the same place. Everyone prepared to bust into the room.

Jubilee immediately let forth pyrokintetics. Dysis and Wolverine set to work cutting people to shreds. Finally they had finished fighting. Everyone was free. "Come on let's get out of here", Jubilee said happily. Unknown Dysis had slipped away during the confusion.


While the X-Men had happily boarded their jet and headed home Dysis had gone down to where Sabretooth was. "You know 'daddy' I really should just leave you for the rats...but it seems as though I'm in a good mood, and if I don't let you out of here, then Time is going to be majorly overturned, well at least that's what Kora said (A girl who can see the future)", with a sigh Dysis hit the release button, the rest was up to Sabretooth. She quietly slipped way.


The End