Killer's Gambit: Prologue

by Seraph

Disclaimer: All character's within this piece of fiction unless otherwise specified belong to Marvel. I am making no money from this and write only for enjoyment. The story itself however is mine. Please do not archive this story without my permission.

The night is cold; Jubilee wrapped the black leather jacket she wore around her more tightly.

"What you want with Remy?"

Jubilee didn't start, she'd known the Cajun was there. She hadn't spent so many years with Logan without learning a few things.

"I heard you're the one to come to when you need information." She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Perhaps, for the right price. Perhaps Remy think you're not to be trusted though, perhaps you're with the feds."

Jubilee snorted in amusement, if only he knew the truth. Still, she didn't have the time to mess around trying to get this guy to trust her.

"You heard the name Logan before Remy?" she said with a feral grin.

Remy's eyes widened, the pupils contracting in surprise.

"Girl, everyone's heard of Logan, he be one of the best assassins in the business."

Jubilee smiled bitterly,

'Of course, no one ever saw he had another side, no one but me.' She thought.

"You heard about his protégé?" she asked.

"Yes, she be almost as blood thirty as he, least that's what I hear."

In a blur of movement, Jubilee pulled out a hidden dagger and threw it at the Cajun thief. Remy's hand snapped out and caught it mid air, his blood red eyes, flashed with anger. Jubilee merely raised an eyebrow and flashed him a grim smile.

"Now you know who I am." She said simply.

Remy threw the dagger back at her; Jubilee caught it and hid it again,

"You could have just told me, no need to be throwing daggers round' petite."

"Yeah, but would you have believed me? I don't have the time to convince you that I am who I say I am."

Remy smiled suddenly, his eyes glittering in the darkness.

"What make you think throwing daggers at me, make me believe you Logan's kid?"

Jubilee sighed in irritation,

"Look Gumbo, either ya gonna deal with me or not. Make up ya damn mind, I don't got all night."

Remy extended his arms outward from his body to either side, a gesture of appeasement.

"Hold up there petite, never said I wouldn't deal with you. What you want to know that Remy might have?"

Jubilee glared at him for a second more before speaking,

"I need the plans for the Onaka building, everything and anything you can find on it. I want to know every inch of that place, every way of getting in or out."

"Okay petite, but something like dat, might take me awhile, Onaka don't just hand their building plans out with the official tour."

Jubilee shook her head, beginning to pace as her irritation increased. She hated dealing with street scum, and this Remy, whatever else he might be was definitely street scum. Frankly, most of the people in her and Logan's chosen profession made her sword arm itch.

"I'm given ya two days Gumbo, don't get me the information by then and I take my business elsewhere. Oh, and I'll personally remove something rather important from you for wasting my time."

"Petite, be reasonable." Remy said, a hint of anger lacing his tone.

Remy didn't like this kid, she was an annoyance who thought she was good, problem being, from what Remy had heard, was that she was.

"I don't have the time to be reasonable. One more thing, I get word, and believe me I will, that you've talked to anyone about this, besides whoever you get the info from, and you'll be watchin' your guts work on the outside of your body." Jubilee threatened.

"I wouldn't be making threats petite, not if you want to live to see twenty-five."

"Just try it Gumbo, just try it."

The Asian woman and the Cajun sized each other up, noting weaknesses and other things that might give them an advantage in combat, things they could exploit. After a time Remy nodded,

"Okay petite, two days, but it'll cost you."

Jubilee relaxed her stance slightly, going from tensed readiness, to mere weariness.

"I don't care, just get me the info and we'll hash out price later."

Remy shook his head,

"I don't think so petite, we set a price now or I don't do anything. Remy been burned before and I only need to learn a lesson once."

Jubilee sighed in irritation, she felt exposed in this alley, and she hated standing out in almost direct lamplight. Since Logan's failure to return from the Onaka job she'd been getting increasingly jumpy. Anyone who might be able to waylay Logan might come for her next. Jubilee hoped desperately that her mentor was okay, there were few people in her life that she cared for, and he was one. It would be hard for her if he turned up dead.

"Okay, but not here, it's to damn public. Come on, I know a better place."

"Why should I trust you petite, hmm? Here I be safe, somewhere else it might make it easier to kill me."

Jubilee raised her hands to the sky in a gesture of frustration,

"Because Gumbo, If I killed ya, who would get me the information I needed?"

"Maybe you need no info petite, maybe this a ruse so you can kill me, non?"

Jubilee's eyes narrowed in anger,

"If I wanted to kill ya Remy, I'd just do it. I don't go around pretendin' to want info in order to kill people I don't need to. Those I kill never see me comin'."

"Touche." Remy muttered, and gestured for her to lead the way.

Jubilee bowed sarcastically and took off into the darkness.

"Try to keep up Gumbo, if ya can." She called back over her shoulder.

Remy laughed and took off after her at a dead run.