Little Rays of Sunshine

by Melissa Garcia (a.k.a. Melfi)

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"Logan!" Jubilee called as she stood in front of the door with her hands on her his. "Hurry up or we・ll be late!"

"Yes, Wolvie・ we can・t keep the children waiting!" Kitty added while grabbing her coat. "Okay, okay," Logan said joining them as they walked out to the car. "But I still don・t see what・s so important about a petting zoo."

They got in the car and started for the orphanage. Logan was obviously disgruntled about being interrupted during his "relaxation time", but he wasn・t about to let Jubilee, Kat, and a truck load of kids run around town all by themselves.

"It・s not just a few kids, Logan. It・s practically the whole orphanage!" Kitty exclaimed.

"Not only is it for the community, but it・s fun as well." Jubilee added.

"Visiting is one thing, but a petting zoo?" Logan said turning a corner.

"Wolvie, the kids have been looking forward to this for so long, and today is the petting zoo・s last opening day. You saw their faces when we told them・little rays of sunshine!" Kitty said happily.

"Little demons is what I say・one kid bit me last time・took it an hour to heal. An Hour! That・s pretty long considering my healing speed!" Logan grunted.

"Oh! But you had so much fun that day!" Jubilee commented.

"Jubilee・s right. I saw you pretend to lose at tug-of-war!" Kat said.

"Pretend! I wasn・t pretending! One of those little brats pushed me in the mud pile. I should・ve won." Logan replied.

Jubilee laughed. "Well, I am pretty sure I saw you smile at least five times that day, and that・s not counting your King of the Hill victory."

"We・re here!" Kat said as she and Jubilee hopped out of the car and ran into the orphanage only to be bombarded by shouting children.

Logan followed them into the yard but stopped short only to see about forty five year olds running to cling to his legs. He gave out a yelp as they tackled him to the ground.

Jubilee and Kitty turned around in time to see four kids sitting on his chest, two pulling at his arms, and one tying his shoelaces together.

"What do you think I am, a life sized Mr. Potato-Head?!?" Logan yelled as he removed the mob of clinging children from his limbs.

"Aren・t you a little big for a potato?" One boy asked as he looked up at Logan.

"Look kid-"

"Logan・kids・ we better get going if we are going to have time to see all of the animals." Kitty said aloud.

"Davy, why don・t you just go join the rest of your friends?" Jubilee said to the little boy.

"No! I want to stay with the Mr. Potato-Head!" Davy said seizing Logan・s hand.

"Ok, Davy. You just make sure that you are always with him." Jubilee said as she patted his head.

"Oh God." Logan said as he intentionally ignored the boy who vigorously tugged his arm.

As they made their way to the buses, Logan caught a glimpse of Jubilee and Kitty staring at him and his pet leech. Jubilee was laughing so hard that she was probably about to cry, and Kat was grinning with the sliest grin he had ever seen.

"You・re gonna pay for this!" he shouted, but they were already inside the bus.


On the way back to the Mansion, Kitty was put to drive since Logan was laying in the back seat with a severe headache.

"I thought it was positively adorable!" Kitty commented.

"And he was certainly obedient." Jubilee added with a giggle.

"Oh Shutup!" Logan yelled. "Do you know how annoying that was? ・Mr. Potato, will you lift me so I can see the rabbits?・, ・Mr. Potato, can you carry me・my legs hurt!・, ・Mr. Potato, can you walk me to the bathroom?・, Mr. Potato this, Mr. Potato that. If someone calls me Mr. Potato one more time I swear I・ll-"

"Excuse me? What was that, Mr. Potato?" Kitty dared say with a smirk.

"If you weren・t driving the car, your head would give new meaning to the word gone!" Logan warned.

"Well, that mean・s I better run・We・re here!" Kat said as she parked the car.

"Logan we are going for a walk outside・care to join us?" Jubilee said as she walked outside.

"Oooouu・Aspirin・!" Logan moaned as he headed for the kitchen.

"All Right・C・ya・!"


Jubilee and Kitty sat down on a log in front of a large pond. Until then, they had chatted about the latest fashions and hairstyles, but Jubilee brought up an interesting subject.

"Kitty, do you think that Logan was a little to rough with Davy today?"

"If he was・I don・t think Davy cared much. He was persistent in his talking rounds and he never let go of Logan・s hand once." Kitty said with a smile.

"I am so sure he could get to love Davy・he・s such a nice little boy. It would take a lot of work."

"Nah・he may be a hard shell on the outside, but I just know there has to be only chocolate once you get passed it. He needs to be broken in・sort of like a new baseball mitt." Kitty said scratching her head.

"Or a new pair of shoes for that matter・but how?"

"We need to give him something to practice on・before we send Davy into the ring."

"How about a stuffed animal." Kitty laughed at the thought of Logan curled up tight with a teddy bear..

"Nope・already tried it・thrown away in a day."

"Well, you got him up to a day!"

"It has to be something that he can・t throw away or purposely damage."

"How about a pet?" Kitty practically jumped with her idea.

"Excellent・but what kind?"

"Dog・s are not a wolverine・s best friend."

"Yeah・and he would probably let it loose." Jubilee strained her thoughts.

"He would let the bird fly away, and a cat is too girlie."

"A fish!" Jubilee cried. "It needs constant care, but not that much attention."

"But what if he flushes it down the toilet?" Kitty cringed at the memory of her childhood accident. It wasn・t her fault she though the toilet was a giant fishbowl.

"We can only pray." Jubilee said seriously. "Let・s go before the pet shop closes!"

They took off anxiously, preparing for mission impossible.


The Aspirin was well into its works when Logan heard a knock on his door.

"Who・s there!" he growled.

"It・s us!" Jubilee and Kitty yelled to the door.

"Not now guys I・m resting!"

"Oh! All Right Mr. Potato-Head!" Kitty had the courage to yell.

Suddenly the door opened. There stood an angry Logan teeth bared and all. Kitty remained in her cool composure as Jubilee thrust the plastic bag with the fish into Logan・s face.

"Nice fish you・ve got there." Logan said sarcastically.

"You mean nice fish *you・ve* got there!" Jubilee smiled.

"Whoa! Back up-" Logan began. The girls rushed into his room. Kitty immediately began setting up a home for the fish as Jubilee handled Logan.

"It・s a Goldfish. He has no name yet so you can call him anything you want."

Kitty joined her and explained the acre instructions. "Here・s the food. Three flakes a day. We even took the liberty of buying you a filtered aquarium so you only have to clean it once a month. A "Goldfish Care Book" is on your dresser if you need any help. Enjoy!"

The girls were out of the room before Logan could open his mouth.

"A fish?" he said bluntly as he stared at the swimming creature which just stared at him opening and closing its mouth for air. "At least it・s not as bad as when Jubilee gave me the dumb stuffed bear. Well, until I can get rid of you, I might as well give you a decent dead-fish-walking meal." He placed a couple flakes on top of the water. The fish immediately came up and ate them.

Logan swirled his finger in the water. Amazingly, the fish started spinning in circles under his finger. "Hey, that・s pretty cool!" He ran his finger along the water, and the fish followed it.

"Well・Fish・at least you can do tricks." He stared at the fish. The fish stared at him. "I can・t just call you ・Fish・. What can I name you?"

The fish swam over to the end of the tank as if staring at a book which lay beside the aquarium.

"・Fighting Methods of the Romans" by Herbert Wood. Hmmm・How about Herbert?" The fish stared back at Logan. "Well, Herbert it is."


[later that night]

Jubilee opened Logan・s door. He wasn・t at dinner that night and she though maybe he had eaten the fish instead. When she looked into the room, she saw Logan leaning towards the tank making fish faces. She burst out laughing.

"Jubilee! Herbie and I were just-" Logan said startled.

"So, Herbie is it? Well, I am glad to see you are making friends with him." Jubilee smiled .

"It・s only until I find a way to get rid of him." Logan said with a pretend scowl.

**Please don・t let him think of the toilet!** Jubilee thought. "Sure・have fun!" she said. "Good nigh, Herbie!" She said tapping the glass of the aquarium.

Jubilee walked out into the hallway to meet Kitty. "Mission Accomplished!" "We can only keep praying."


The next few weeks, it became apparent that Jubilee and Kitty had succeeded. Logan spent more time with Herbie than he did in the Danger Room, and he always made sure to feed him on time. Things were going wonderful and the girls stopped praying. Logan had softened. Not much, but a little.

A month had passed, and Logan, Jubilee, Kitty, and a few others were requested at a week long convention downtown.

"What am I going to do, Jubilee? I・ve never left him alone before!" Logan began to panic.

"Calm down! I am sure Scott wouldn・t mind watching over him while we・re gone."

"I・ll watch him, Logan. How hard could taking care of a fish be?" Scott agreed.

"Ok. Are you sure you・re up for it?" Logan said.

"Positive!" Scott assured him.

It was the day when they were leaving for the convention, and Kitty and Jubilee were packing the luggage into the car. "Where・s Logan?" Kitty asked.

"He・s just lecturing Scott about Herbie again." Jubilee laughed.

"Remember・if he swims a lot, give him another flake, exercise makes him hungry." Logan said walking to the car. "Okay! I got it ・sheesh!" Scott said.

Logan felt uneasy as they made their way downtown.


[A week later]

Logan entered his room, happy to be back from the convention, he was eager to see Herbie. Logan dropped his bags and approached the tiny aquarium. Herbie floated lifelessly on the top of the water.

"Herbie!?!?!" Logan yelled. "HERBIE!!!!!" He yanked the aquarium out of the wall and ran down towards the medlab where Hank was sitting peacefully. "HANK!!! HELP!!!" Logan screamed.

"Logan! What is the matter?" Hank said nearly falling out of his chair.

"It・s Herbie! He・s - He・s・" Logan said placing the aquarium in from of him. By then, almost everyone had gathered hearing the commotion. As Hank tried to revive the limp fish, Logan approached Scott and grabbed him by his neck, lifting him from the ground.

"If he dies I swear you will follow him!" Logan yelled.

"Logan! Calm Down!" Scott said gasping for air.

"Logan!" Jubilee cried as she ripped his hand from Scott・s throat.

Logan shifted his thoughts and ran to the examining table to look at Herbie. Hank put his hand on Logan・s shoulder.

"I am sorry, my dear friend, he・s gone." Hank said sorrowfully.

"No!!!!" Logan said as he broke down not caring if it was in front of everybody.

"Come on everyone, I think he needs some time alone." Hank said ushering everyone out.

"Logan, I am so-" Scott began but was cut off harshly by Logan. "Leave!"

When everyone had left, Logan stroked the side of Herbie・s dry body.

"Good-bye friend." He said tearfully.


Weeks after a proper funeral had been held for Herbie, Logan stayed in his room all by himself. The empty aquarium standing out among everything in the room.

"Oh God! Kitty, why did we ever get him that fish! It・s been weeks since he・s trained or even left the Mansion!" Jubilee was crying now.

"He・s destroying himself. We・ve got to do something." Kitty said comforting Jubilee.

"I know!" Jubilee cried breaking from her sobs. "Come on!"


The nest day, Logan was sitting in his room, still sulking, when the door bell to the Mansion started ringing. When it rang for about ten minuites without being answered, Logan emerged from his room and went to go see why it hadn・t been opened. It turned out that the Mansion was empty. Logan was curious.

When he opened the door, his eyes came across little Davy. Logan kept his sulk look, but widened his eyes.

Davy spoke carefully but full of happiness. "Mister・um・Logan・ This is for you. His name is Erwin, he・s been mine, but I heard that・well・I was hoping maybe you could take care of him while I・m at the orphanage." Davy smiled hi missing tooth smile and held out a plastic bag which contained a fish. It was a Goldfish.

A tear surfaced on Logan・s eyes and he picked up Davy . He took him to his room where he filled the empty aquarium. He pulled the can of fish flakes from it・s drawer and gave the care book to Davy. Davy placed Erwin in the aquarium and gave Logan his brightest smile. Kitty was right・little rays of sunshine. Logan sat down on his bed and put Davy on his lap. "He can live here and you can visit him every week・or even every day if you want." Logan said rubbing his head.

Outside the door, Kitty and Jubilee were weeping heavily and smiling for Logan・s renewed happiness.

"You・re my best friend, Mr. Logan!" Davy said hugging him.

"That・s Mr. Potato-Head to you!" Logan said returning the hug.

********** END **********

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