Lonely Hearts

A Tale From The Story Board

She was the leader of the Uncanny X-People. She was now thirty three, and still single. She looked over the view from her room. It was now where Storm's garden used to be. The sun rose making light appear from the darkness.

She gazed at the sunrise; she was happy, right? Well, maybe not. Having her butt kicked by Wolverine's daughter, Wild Thing, is not always a happy occasion.

Jubilee sighed at the thought of her "mutual friendship" with Wolvie. About his happy life and his happy marriage to Elektra. Those were the days that she would never forget.

(Written by Magus10)

Was she doomed to forever be alone? She had always believed that there was someone out there for her but now ... now she thought she had missed him and that she would forever be alone. She thought of the men she had dated; Everett Thomas, Jonothan Starsmore, Bobby Drake, Kevin MacTaggert. None of them had what she was looking for. The only person that had what she was looking for was gone. Not dead, but had left the team. To much distrust of him and now she missed him terribly. She missed the late night tequila shots. The cognacs he would make for her. The way she could talk to him. He was like the cognacs he made, he was her Remy. (1)

(Written by Dazzler)

Jubilee's eyes welled up with tears and she slipped out of bed slowly, aware that another depressing dream had ruined her day before it had even started. Wiping her eyes with a kleenex, she wrapped herself into a warm housecoat, saddened as usual.

Most of the others still slept and all she really wanted at the moment was to be able to slip downstairs and enjoy a nice hot coffee without being interrupted. Passing through the empty hallway, she made her way down the stairs quietly and headed towards the kitchen, pressing the button to heat the old coffee in the pot.

Jubilee stared out the window morosely, watching the trees sway with the wind blowing in. Memories corrected the thoughts she chose to think at times. She'd had a breakdown, leaving her position of the team leader in body, but in spirit she was still there. They'd come to the X-Men for a base when their home was ravaged since most of the X-Men had left, only a few remained. It didn't matter to her that much; the only two people she had thought of as her family were gone, had left her alone in the mansion for all of these years.

Wolverine had left one day on a private mission, as he always had, but this time he hadn't come back, just left her there for three years without so much as a postcard. One day he wrote to say he'd been married, then again when he'd had a son and one last time when he had a daughter. After eighteen years, the only way he'd shown his love for her was writing three letters and talking a few times on the phone. And getting her sorry butt kicked by his daughter for no apparent reason had put strains on their relationship even more.

But then she'd found a very depressed man in Remy LeBeau; a fellow mutant, her teammate, her best friend and her new lover. She'd cared for him as much as Wolvie, loved him even more. But he'd left, abandoned for the final time by the X-Men and not even cared enough to take her with him. He wrote occasionally, but Jubilee could never find the courage to write him back; not that it mattered, he moved so many times.

Finished with her coffee, Jubilee sat down at the table in the corner, the shadows eating her alive as she waited at the table for nothing in particular. The sun rose behind the trees outside, the wind stirring the leaves again, and she hunched over, her head resting on her arms, and wept out what she sincerely hoped was all the anguish in her soul.

(Written by Nova Zion)

Her weeping did not go unnoticed though, for an old X-Man was still there. He knew how it felt to be alone. As he heard her weeping, he looked at his watch. It read 7:00 AM. The rest of the team would be getting up soon with no exception for him.

He faked a yawn, loud enough for Jubilee to hear, and went inside the kitchen. No longer was Jubilee the miserable train wreck he'd heard in the hallway, but a smiling sparkler he had known a long time ago.

Jubilee half smiled to him, "Hey Cyke, I knew that you were there."

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee wiped quickly at her eyes and then stood, smiling at Scott fully now. Heading towards the refrigerator, he smiled and patted her shoulder.

"Do you want something to eat? I'm making some eggs for Jean and myself. I can make some more for you..." he asked, eyeing her through his red ruby quartz glasses. In twenty years, he hadn't changed at all in Jubilee's eyes.

"No." she shook her head sadly in return and pushed open the kitchen door, pausing as the tall man turned to speak to her.

"I know you still miss Logan. And Remy. Storm and Jean feel the same way."

"Terribly, Cyke. Just terribly." she nodded and continued through the door into the dark hallway again. Tears built up in her eyes as she went back upstairs, passing the now muffled noises through the doors as people woke up and started their day. Opening her bedroom door, she went in and shut it again, turning the bolt in the lock. As Remy had taught her, she climbed carefully out of her bedroom window and perched on the roof, in their spot, watching the sun rise slowly.

(Written by Nova Zion)

She enjoyed the warmth of the sun. It gave her a few comforting moments that her life didn't have. She remembered the times she spent on this roof, all the times that Remy held her, and telling her he loved her.

She had no more tears to flow and no time to shed them; training was about to begin. She slowly got of the roof and went out the door, walking slowly to the danger room. Her feet seemed to drag as she went past the living room as the door rang in the front hall. She felt bad enough already, why couldn't she take it out on the salesman outside?

Jubilee went to the door and slowly turned the knob. "What do you want?" Jubilee asked blatantly as she saw a familiar face.

"Hey Jubes," the figure opened his arms and hugged her fiercely. Jubilee rolled her eyes and frowned.

When the figure finally let go of her, he picked up his duffle bag. "I want to join the X-men." he said with a smile.

Jubilee just looked at him all weird, but gave him a disbelieving grin. "The pacifist, scientific son of Wolverine wants to join the X-men?"

(Written by Magus10)

A lean, well-built man sat against the open gates at the end of the driveway, watching the people at the front doorway hug and talk for a moment. Lighting up a cigarette, he moved his Harley back a little further into the bush and brushed his long brown hair out of his eyes, taking a deep drag.

Remy smiled sadly as the two entered the front foyer and Jubilee moved to close the door, turning just enough to look back out for anymore bags. From this far, she looked like she always had, small, thin and beautiful. Her hair was cut into a short spiky job again and she wore a blue housecoat, but she appeared as she first had to Remy, a young woman who was very alone.

He hadn't wanted to leave her, ever. After the trial that had taken place so long ago in Antarctica, he'd come back, but the trust was gone. He'd stayed on for a few years, alone on the team and then began to spend more and more time with Jubilee after Logan had left. But close to fifteen years with people who can't trust you was enough, and they finally let him know it. He'd really wanted to take her with him to where ever he went, but gathering his stuff was the only chance he'd had and she'd been out with Storm and Sarah.

He wrote her, she never wrote back, and he assumed they were just friends again, never to be lovers as they once were.

Remy revved the idling engine on his bike and moved forward, dropping his burning butt to the ground and crushing it beneath his heel. Looking up, his demon eyes met Jubilee's as her hands flew to her mouth and she stepped forward, forgetting about the guest just inside.

(Written by Nova Zion)

While meetings were going on inside the mansion, she closed the door behind her silently and sat just in front of the door. She let him choose what to do next; waiting for him to make a move.

Remy revved up his Harley, he didn't know what to do. On one hand he could go back to the untrusting life he had with the X-men, or he could have a good friend he could really trust. He revved his Harley again, and, letting go of the stand, he drove.

(Written by Magus10)

He didn't make it far. At the end of the block, he spun, gravel and dirt flying everywhere as he squealed to a brake. Turning, he drove back, this time to just inside the gates, and parked, getting off the bike.

Jubilee still sat on the steps, but now she wept, hunched over with her head on her knees and rocking slowly. At thirty three, she was still more like a child than she cared to believe. One letter from his Stormy had told him of her breakdown and Hank's care of her in the Med Labs, where she couldn't hurt herself. He'd probably hurt her deeply with the action of leaving just a moment ago.

As he moved towards her, quietly, not wanting to frighten her, he appeared cool and calm. Five years didn't change much between them, maybe she was angry enough to not want to be with him again. "Chere?" he whispered as he got closer. He stopped five feet in front of her and waited as she looked up, wiping her eyes in disbelief.

"Remy? Are you really here?" she stood up shakily, holding onto the banister with on hand.

"I was passin' t'rough. I was t'inkin' 'bout how I left an' t'ought you deserved an' explanation..."

"That's the only reason you came?" she looked up at him, dredging up memories of their time together on the X-Men and as lovers and best friends.

"I couldn' stay here anymore. I celebrated my fortiet' birt'day this year already an' dis wasn't de life I t'ought I'd ever lead. I t'ought I'd be married by now."

"You were." she smiled and moved in as he held out his arms for a hug. Tears wet her face and she leaned off the step she stood on, letting his weight hold her up.

"Fine, I t'ought I'd have kids by now." he kissed her forehead gently, not sure if it was the right thing to do.

"I miss you Remy. I loved you so much."

"I miss you too chere, an' I do love you. Dat's why I want y' t' come wit' me. I seen Logan along de way a couple o' times an' he wants to see you too."

(Written by Nova Zion)

*Leave the X-men? Now, after so many years, can I really just pick up and leave?* Jubilee thought. Looking into Remy's devil's eyes she knew the answer. *To hell with the X-men. Logan and Remy were the only ones there when Bastion grabbed me and they are the reason I came back. Now it's time for me to go with them ... again.*

"Yes. I'll go with you." Jubilee whispered into his chest.

(Written by Dazzler)

"I have to go and pack a bag ... and get dressed." she smiled and looked down at the housecoat she wore over her pink nightgown underneath. Raking a hand through her hair, she hugged Remy again and then took his hand, pulling him along to the front door. "Come and say hi."

"Petite..." he started, pulling back. "Are y' comin' wit me forever, or f' a visit?"

"Forever. Or until we hate each other." she chuckled and pulled him along, opening the door slowly to find everyone still greeting Sabre behind it. "Peoples?"

Close to everyone turned to look at the man she dragged in with her. Remy LeBeau looked the same as he had when he'd first joined the team, probably because he was as close to an immortal as you could get. Having turned forty did almost nothing to him; he still looked young, early thirties at the most. Jubilee smiled, genuinely more happy than anyone had seen her in a long time.

"I'm leaving the team." she announced. Remy wrapped an arm around her waist, hugging her back to his front warmly. "We're both going to leave for good now. I want to say that you've been the best family I could ask for, but Remy and Wolverine were my best friends and they left the team and me alone. Remy's asked that I go with him now."

Scott stepped forward in what she thought to be a protest, but instead he shook his ex-teammate's hand in a formal greeting and patted Jubilee's shoulder. "You're a grown woman Jubilee, capable of making your own decisions. I hope you're happy now."

She nodded and took Remy's hand, leading him upstairs to help her pack some items. She returned with him dressed and with a black backpack on her back, loose but well fitting. Looking in the living room, they found everyone assembled and waiting for her.

Most of her friend's and family from the last twenty years of her life took a turn in giving her one last hug and best wishes before she left, the older teammates wishing Remy love and wishes too. Storm had arrived from the boathouse she'd moved into, speaking on behalf of all of the past and present X-Men when she said that they'd pass on the word to the others who had left upon reaching their 30's and 40's.

Jubilee opened the door and ushered Remy outside before turning around. She blew a kiss to the portrait of the Professor when he'd first established the X-Men all those years ago. He'd since died, well into his 70's but ridden with complications of his powers. Tears streamed down her face as she took Remy's hand and they walked to his parked bike at the entrance to the drive.

"I tol' Stormy to pack up your stuff an' dat we'd send f' it once we were settled right, chere." he helped her onto the bike and she nodded, hooking her arms around his waist comfortably. As he revved the engine and turned the Harley around, Jubilee rested her head on his shoulder, mentally saying goodbye to the friends she'd called her family for the past twenty years, tears running down her face as all the memories came flowing back.

(Written by Nova Zion)

Cyclops looked out the window as Jubilee and Gambit left, smirking. "We get one, we lose one," he thought to himself as he turned around to go to the Danger Room session. Something hit him hard and he fell. An evil grin washed over the perpetrators face, as he knew it was time to "visit" his fathers place again.

Only a few minutes after they been on the road, Jubilee began to sleep soundly, the first time in days. Remy looked back slightly and smiled at his love. The angel he remembered her as and always would.

Revving up the Harley one last time to get onto the freeway, and they were off to a new life together.

(Written by Magus10)

The young couple's new life together started off with an hour of driving up to Massachusetts, Jubilee insisting that she had to say goodbye to the retired headmaster, Sean Cassidy, of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster's and some of her other friends. Emma had left a long time ago, marrying off to a rich governor of some sort and leaving her student's behind, while she still payed for the expenses.

That had been while Jubilee was still at the school, when she was seventeen. Sean had cared for the grounds and taught well into his 60's, now he was just the name behind the school, the dean if you would.

Paige carried on with her husband, Everett Thomas, and Monet had married off to a rich social man just as Emma had, a while back. But to make a new life with the man she loved, Jubilee had to say goodbye to her friends at this school too.

Remy pulled into the driveway of the school, braking the Harley hard with a final spit of gravel and dust. Slipping off the shiny black bike, he helped Jubilee off after, holding her hand as they headed up the door. Pressing the bell, Jubilee waited for someone to answer and turned to Remy.

"I definitely gotta get me a leather jacket. I'm chilled just from the ride." she smiled as he whipped off his jacket with a flourish.

"Y' should 'have tol' me somet'in' chere, I wouldn' want y' to freeze t' death on de back o' my bike."

"It's okay. I think I actually have one stored in the attic here from when I went for my final years of school. It should still fit, I haven't changed that much." she turned back around as the door opened, revealing Paige standing behind the door, very happy and very pregnant.

(Written by Nova Zion)

Jubilee's mouth opened as she saw Paige. "Why didn't you tell me," Jubilee yelled out loud and ran over to Paige. The last time they'd spoken, they'd been trying to rip each other's throats out.

"Why, we were so busy tryin' to teach these new students, Ah forget to call you," Paige said, obviously stressed out. "Why're you here," she asked blatantly, covering it up with a warm smile.

With all the time Jubilee had been roomies with Paige, she knew that tone of voice. The 'I am not forgiving you' tone of voice. Jubilee sat back and smirked, "Are ya still mad at me for dating Jono?" she asked as Paige tried to look genuinely shocked.

"No," Paige just said hurriedly. "Ah see Remy is back for good." Paige eyed the already uncomfortable man.

"Yeah," Jubilee interrupted Paige's thoughts. "Get everyone into the main room, I have an announcement," she told Paige. The woman nodded and sauntered off upstairs.

* * * *

It was like old times, but with less people. The old team was back ... well, sorta. After a few minutes of interrupting the teachers fun activities - grading papers - they all clumped together into one room. Paige and Everett sat and held hands. Sean was in his chair, half sleeping , half awake. Angelo was also there, he stood near the fireplace, still smoking. Artie and Leech, full grown adults, were sitting, busy playing the newest video games.

"So chica what did you want to tell us," Angelo asked as Remy entered the room. Suddenly the whole room tensed up.

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee felt for Remy's hand as it snaked around her side again, suddenly nervous.

"I've left the Uncanny X-People for good. Remy asked that I leave with him and I agreed, so I've come to say goodbye." Small murmurs went through the crowd and she smiled shakily up at Remy. "You've been the best friends I could ask for, but my home is with Remy really."

"Chica, are you sure?" Angelo walked closer to her and took her free hand. "The X-Men and this team have been your family for so long..."

"No. Wolvie and Remy were my real family. The X-Men and the X-People and you guys are like the best friends I've ever had. I need to go with him Ange, I love him." she pulled her hand away from Angelo and moved with Remy towards the now alert teacher.

"Sean, I want to say goodbye to you especially. You were like my father after Wolvie left." she stooped down and hugged the old Irishman lovingly. Remy shook his hand as only an old teammate could, smiling at him as Jubilee pulled back.

"Ye were a good student, Jubilee. We'll all be missin' ye soon enough."

(Written by Nova Zion)

They left without another word; even though they were out of the room the tension was still there. This wasn't the last they would hear about wanting her back, not for a long shot. After the whole staff - mutants and non-mutants - walked Jubilee and Remy to the door and said their goodbyes, they were off again, this time straight to Canada.

The freeway was loud and thunderous, but even Remy could hear Jubilee's soft tears. "Someting da matter petite," Remy asked while he slowed down his pace through the cars.

"I'm just happy, that's all," she replied. Remy knew she was lying, but he also knew she needed some time before she could get on living without her best friends.

* * * *

Never in her lifetime had she seen Logan so giddy. The always serious assassin guy was now reduced to a giggling school girl. He really did need to settle down. Elektra sighed as she was the one to give the news to her daughter. Jubilee and Remy were on their way up for a visit.

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee pressed her cheek against Remy's shoulder lovingly, still depressed about having to leave her friends. She'd given up everything to be with him. She didn't have a real family like the others and staying in the same mansions, fighting the same fights for twenty years, was gone.

They'd passed the border a while back. The only thing between them and Logan's cabin house in Northern Ontario was the road and it was nearly nighttime as it was. Searching with her eyes for a motel, she knew Remy would be able to see better with his red night-vision than she and gave up after a moment.

"You want to get a room chere?" Remy turned his head slightly, slowing the bike to 50 mph. He smiled charmingly at her and she nodded against his back, glad again that she'd left with him rather than let him ride out of her life. Remy spotted a lighted sign for a Best Western standing above the treetops off the highway and took the next exit to reach it, pulling into the parking lot fifteen minutes later.

Jubilee shakily got off the bike, unzipping her old black leather jacket. She had been right, it still fit, as it had when she was sixteen. Remy brushed her hair out of her eyes and they headed towards the front desk to ask for a room for the night. Taking the keys the man behind the desk gave them, she smiled and slung her bag over her shoulder, grabbing Remy's bag from the back of the bike as he paid. They headed up the stairs slowly, cramped from sitting on the bike so long. Jubilee opened the door and dropped the bags, heading for the bed right away.

"I'm beat." she muttered from the queen-sized. "Wake me in the morning."

"I'll have de wake up service ring us. You know dat I sleep in 'til noon..." he smiled and dropped a kiss on the back of her head as he sat down. "But right now, I gotta call Logan an' tell him we won't be dere tonight, but tomorrow."

Jubilee began to fade out into the folds of slumber as Remy picked up the phone, dialing the number on the peice of paper from his pocket. He waited as it rang, rubbing her back softly as she slept.

(Written by Nova Zion)

She was in a deep slumber, content and happy. Dreaming of times she had with her team. Some situations funny, like how Torque (the woman who had Angelo's powers) accidently fell, and with her powers took everyone with her. Some sad situations, like how Spanner (the guy that makes whirlwinds) told Jubilee his problems and his horrid childhood. Even through their ups and downs she was the leader, and could trust her teammates at any time, but she'd left. Jubilee woke up groggily, not opening her eyes, and listened in on the conversation on the phone.

"Yes, Logan I'm takin' care of de petite ... I won't leave ... I love her," that was all she had to hear. Even though her team was important, she couldn't risk losing Remy again.

(Written by Magus10)

Sunlight streamed into Jubilee's eyes from the small bathroom window directly across from her face. Groggily, she tried to sit up to stop the ringing sound and realized that Remy's arm and leg curled around her's were pinning her down, but he too began to stir at the continuous noise.

"Wha...?" he rolled over, releasing Jubilee as he sat up and grabbed the phone.

"'Allo? T'anks." he tried to place the receiver on the handle again, cursing as he was forced to sit up to see. "Merde! Jubes, can you please shut de bat'room door?"

"One minute." she hopped off the bed and yanked the door shut, the room dimming almost to black. She sat back down behind him, resting happily. She could see Remy rubbing at his demon eyes gently, trying to work the spots out from the sudden light. There were side effects to having light sensitive eyes.

"When are we leaving?" she asked.

"Did you wanna do anyt'in'?" Remy lay back again and curled an arm around her stomach, kissing from her forehead to her shoulder softly. Jubilee curled against him warmly and realized that they were both still dressed from the night before in their travel gear.

"Have a shower. Eat, get some candy and go." she replied, sitting up to get some fresh clothes out of her bag.

* * * *

Logan sat back on his couch in his house, flipping through a small photo album he'd kept from when he was on the X-Men. Most every picture had Jubilee in it, almost all of those of just him and her. Father and daughter. How had she changed in the last eighteen years? He hadn't taken very good care of her, that was for sure. He'd promised to be there for her and he left on a mission, never to return. He was glad when Remy had stopped in a few weeks ago, saying he had been with her for a while and then left, but was going back to get her soon. And here they were, coming to see him today, in a few hours.

"Dad?" Logan shut the album and put it back on the 'family shelf' as his real daughter walked in, looking for him. "Is it true?"

"Is what true darlin'?" he stood up and headed for the kitchen, the teenager following him.

"Are Jubilee and Remy coming here?"

"Yeah, later on, probably this afternoon."

"I don't want to see her!" Rina scowled and leaned against the counter nearby, her straight black hair sticking up like her fathers.

"You will. And, you'll apologize fer beatin' on her." Logan faced his daughter, looking up an inch to look her in the eyes.

(Written by Nova Zion)

"Apologize?!?" She yelled at her father, just like him and twice as stubborn. "I beat her fair and square."

"But you didn't have to gloat like that," Wolverine rebutted as the argument kept rising. In the distance Elektra sighed. She hoped that Rina wouldn't run away like her brother, Sabre, did.

* * * *

You could tell Jubilee was hungry if she ate like a duck, swallowing everything. Good thing they were at a buffet. All Remy could do was watch her eat hastily.

"Had enough chere?" he asked as Jubilee looked up at him, cheeks as big as a squirrel's.

"Are...you...kidding...?" Jubilee swallowed so she could talk better. "We need to make use of that $14.95," she said as she went back up to get thirds. Remy looked at his watch, he might as well call Logan and say that they would be late. He got up to use the phone and saw in the distance that Jubilee was carrying two plates. Remy thought it would be more than a hour.

(Written by Magus10)

Elektra sighed and walked in, taking her daughter by the arm. Logan sighed angrily and stormed out of the house, stopping to sit with his coffee at the little pond they'd made for the ducks to land on in the spring and summer.

"You will apologize to Jubilee. She was just doing her job and you had no reason to fight her. It's that temper from your father that made you do it. They will be guests in this house, they know where your brother is and you will be NICE." Elektra frowned as Rina rolled her eyes and turned to go back upstairs. Pouring herself a coffee, Elektra went out to where her husband sat and patted his shoulder, telling him what she'd told Rina. Standing together, they began to head back inside. "Oh the phone!"

Logan walked quickly into the kitchen and picked up, listening as the mechanical voice on the other end told him he had a call waiting.

"I'll accept...hey Remy. Where are you guys? An hour away? Sure ... I'll have fresh coffee and some doughnuts here ... does Jubilee want anything ... just ate huh?" he nodded to nothing and no one in particular, aware of how much he'd missed Jubilee over the years. "Okay, see ya then."

Hanging up, he turned to Elektra and smiled. "They'll be here in an hour and a bit. I gotta go and get some doughnuts for them. Can ya make a new pot of coffee?"

"Sure." Elektra turned and began to empty out the pot while Wolverine grabbed the keys to his Harley and left for the store.

* * * *

Jubilee leaned into the curves, happy to be holding onto Remy tightly as they drove to the house. "Chere, I gotta stop an' fill up on de gas again. I t'ought we'd make it to de house, but we won't."

"'Kay." she called out. Remy turned his head and smiled at his love, happy to be with someone who really needed him for the first time in his life. Bella Donna hadn't wanted to truly be with him way back when. Rogue had been a game of 'catch me if you can' and all the other women had been simple time fillers. Jubilee was the one women who he'd always loved and wanted, and who felt the same for him.

Remy turned off an exit to fill up at a Shell station, turning the bike off as they parked and he opened the gas tank.

(Written by Nova Zion)

While Remy was filling up his gas tank, Jubilee went inside to see what she could get. She looked around, filing through every aisle. Smiling a wicked smile, she found what she was looking for and headed to the aisle that had candy on it. Her eyes widened with amazement. It had been a while since she could find her favorite candy, especially since it was banned in all fifty states. Super Bazooka Bubble Gum, the gum she used to always buy.

Remy was about finished filling up his gas, he was just waiting for Jubilee. She came out with a paper bag, chewing something thoroughly.

"Don't waste your appetite chere, Logan gonna buy some doughnuts for us," he said, while Jubilee was blowing a bubble. It got so big, it covered her whole face. Remy thought of something deliciously evil and put up his index finger, popping the bubble and covering her whole face. Jubilee was not pleased. Remy couldn't help it and started laughing at her while she took off all of it. Good thing for him it was the 'easy to take off' kind.

She pulled what was left of the gum into a small ball and stuck it on Remy's forehead. Now it was Jubilee's turn to laugh. They both started laughing; even though they were pretty old, they were young at heart.

(Written by Magus10)

"What're you laughing at?" she asked as he pulled the gum off his face and dropped it in the garbage. "I just stuck a wad of gum on YOUR face." Jubilee tucked the bag into the small hatch-box behind her seat and re-did the pop clasp.

"I was t'inkin' dat we are so old, but we still like little kids!" he smiled at her and then kissed her forehead before sliding onto the bike gracefully.

"Speak for yourself. I'M only 33, which is NOT that old, and I don't look it. YOU'RE not really forty, because yer sorta like an immortal and you don't even know your own birthday." Jubilee slid on behind him, popping another piece of bubblegum.

Wrapping one hand securely around his abdomen, she used the other one to move his long chestnut hair to the side so she could rest her cheek on his shoulder. His hair had grown to just past his shoulders, his bangs still spiky-ly set to fall into his eyes and Jubilee loved it.

"Let's go. I want to see Wolvie before dinner and get a few thing's off my chest with him." Jubilee patted his stomach and Remy revved the Harley, letting it go onto the road like a rocket before slowing down.

(Written by Nova Zion)

Wolverine got home, a box of doughnuts in his hand. He put it down on top of the counter, and saw Elektra right in front of him. "Hi darlin," he said as he went over to kiss her. It seemed though she had something else on her mind.

Elektra stopped Wolverine in his tracks. "Do you think they know where Sabre is?" she asked with eyes full of hope. Wolverine had a different reaction. His facial expression changed from a cool toned one, to an angry one. He looked away from her.

"I don't care. HE was the one to leave." he began grumbling about everything and started for their room.

"But I ..." Elektra began to say, but was interrupted by the slamming of a door. "Just want to know," she ended looking down on the floor.

* * * *

Meanwhile, still on the road, they came upon the woods. Only following a dirt path that was going to lead them to Wolverine's house. Jubilee took a deep breath, and begin pondering if she was ready.

(Written by Magus10)

Remy pulled down another little dirt road, then another and finally pulled into a gravel driveway guarded by a high fence with pointed wire across the top, stopping his own Harley beside another shiny black one and a jeep. Definitely Logan's place. It was bush here, mostly. The trees surrounded this cut-out little parking spot and Jubilee could make out a shallow staircase carved in the rock to go up to the front of the house. She chewed on her lip nervously; anxiety, anger, pain and fear boiling in her stomach. In front of her, Remy slid off the bike and turned.

"We be here, petite." his brow furrowed as tears filled her eyes and he hugged her softly, rocking her as she trembled. "What's de matter?"

"I'm sorry. I thought I'd be ready to see him."

"It's okay. Remy's here an' we'll leave whenever you feel like goin'." he whispered close to her ear, helping her off the bike. He held her hand and pushed aside some bushes in front of the staircase, leading the way up. "I'll go into de house first. You can follow if you want to play it low."

"Wait." she said as he went to ring the bell. After taking a few deep breaths, she nodded and Remy pressed the doorbell, hearing the familiar chiming. As the door opened, Jubilee squeezed Remy's hand quickly, feeling it returned at the same moment.

Elektra looked out at them sadly before recognizing Remy on the stoop. "You're here! Logan, Rina! They're here!"

Remy moved into the small front hall first, blocking Jubilee as she'd wanted. Elektra stood back and ushered them into the empty living room. Jubilee sat next to Gambit on the couch as a door down a hallway off the kitchen opened. Elektra happily sat across from them in a chair and they heard another door open above them and someone coming down the stairs attached to the front hall.

"Jubes?" Logan whispered, stepping into the living room. He saw the small young woman before him and the tall man with the demon eyes next to her, an arm around her waist and his other hand clutching hers. Both were dressed in navy blue jeans and soft black leather jackets, his hair long and brown, hers still short and black. They looked the same, even younger in a way; like a weight was lifted from them and they now had a chance to be young and childish, like the never had before.

Jubilee sat up as Logan sat in a chair next to her, taking her free hand in his. His 'daughter' had grown up in the time he'd been gone, and he hadn't been there to watch. She was thirty three now; 18 years of her life he'd missed.

"Why'd you leave?"

(Written by Nova Zion)

She wondered why she blatantly said that out loud, but she had a right to know. Wolverine knew this day would come, during the 18 years of family life, he had time to ponder what to say, what to do when he met Jubilee again. In a second, it just disappeared from his mind.

Jubilee sat there, impatient of waiting for more than half her life for an explanation, an eerie quiet still filling the room.

"I...I...hadmarriagefamilystaywiththem," Wolverine said hurriedly, and confused faces started to look at him. Jubilee's angry demeanor vanished, she was now laughing at him and the confused faces were on her.

"Eighteen years and all I get is get a blurred answer." she laughed about it, then stopped slowly. "I am not the child that I was eighteen years ago, Logan. I had time to live and think. I know you had a family and everything, but I would just like an adult to an adult answer of why you couldn't visit," she sighed a little bit. "All I want is a reason for why you couldn't contact me more often or even visit once. A clear, concise answer." she ended, waiting again patiently for the answer.

Logan was in shock. He had expected yelling, screaming and leaving in the 15 seconds after his answer. He'd missed her growing up from a child to an adult, to see her mature into a woman. He missed all of that. "Would you come with me for a second?" he asked her, as she readily stood up and walked with Wolverine out into the kitchen to the back door.

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee walked with Logan out to the pond in the backyard, finding it different from the front. The trees were cut back like the driveway, but they'd laid fresh sod and grass-seed to make a regular yard. Two gardens, probably Logan's for meditation, were across the sides of the yard, the fence continuing to border the property for safety reasons. The pond took up the entire back, a small patio immediately after the sliding doors. A gravel path lead along to the front again and Jubilee couldn't help but think that this was the perfect bush home you always saw in magazines like Architectural Digest.

"Jubilee, I didn't think my life would turn out like this; I didn't need my life to turn out like this." Logan sat down on a small bench in the right garden. Jubilee sat at the opposite end and watched him carefully as he spoke.

"But it did. You left when I wanted you there the most." Jubilee sighed. "I thought that you'd come back. I waited and waited for you to come back and you never did. And it hurt."

Logan scratched his head, not knowing what to say. "You've changed so much. I keep expecting you to storm out of here crying or yelling, and you aren't."

"I changed since you last saw me. I'm not the kid you left behind any more." Jubilee wiped at the building tears, trying in vain to stop herself from crying.

"J, I left to go to Madripoor for a while. I was thinkin' of bringin' ya along, but I didn't have time t' pick ya up. I was injured real bad. Even my healing factor couldn't do it quick enough to save me. Kinda like when I was up on the cross and ya saved me." he smiled and Jubilee nodded, watching the birds on the pond.

"Elektra is the one who kept me safe that time. I stayed with her until I was healed, and I was set to come back, but we stayed together, came here and built the house."

"And then we found out she was pregnant and we got married. Sabre was born..." Jubilee noted a flash of painful anger across his features. "And then Rina, and I had to stay here. I couldn't leave them, they were my family."

"I was your family for two years and you left me. I didn't even have someone to count as my family after you left!" the tears started and Jubilee turned her head, not wanting her one-time-mentor to see her cry. "It took me ten years to trust Remy! I was alone for ten years."

Logan sighed miserably. "I thought ya could take care of yerself, darlin'. I couldn't leave here."

"I had a mental breakdown when I realized you weren't coming back Wolvie! I had to be put in one of the Med Labs for close to a year. Why didn't you tell me sooner you weren't coming back?" Jubilee realized she was yelling at him, pacing at the end of the bench, and calmed herself, sitting down again. "Why didn't you write more often? Or call? Or spend your vacations with me? Or bring your whole ... family to the X-Men? I formed my own team and then I had to leave my position as leader because I wasn't sane enough to run the operation anymore!"

* * * *

Remy watched from the kitchen window as Jubilee paced across the lawn, gesturing wildly and yelling. He could faintly hear the accusations and anger in her voice, wincing at what it should sound like with super-sensitive ears. He watched her sit down and lean over, wiping her eyes. If thing's didn't cool down in a few minutes, Remy would go out and get her before she said something too stupid to take back. If there was one sure thing about Jubilee, it was her flare-ups with her temper.

Pouring himself another cup of coffee and grabbing a doughnut, he sat at the table as Elektra talked in the living room one final time with her daughter. Following her daughter into the kitchen, Elektra sat with Remy at the table as the teenager picked out a chocolate glazed doughnut.

"Hey Remy." she smiled and hugged her all-time favorite visitor to the house. "How're ya doing?"

"Okay, chere. I be doing okay. I'm jus' worried about Jubilee and Logan out dere."

"They can handle each other." Elektra said, motioning for her daughter to sit down. "Was the ride up okay?" With a mouthful of doughnut, Remy nodded, turning as Rina opened her mouth to speak.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Rina's eyes sparkled with mischievousness as she asked the simple question. Remy smiled at her languidly and looked out the sliding doors at Jubilee.

"Oui." was all he answered, still watching his love yell at Logan angrily.

(Written by Nova Zion)

Jubilee gave a huge sigh, actually sucking in a breath of air because she was yelling at Wolverine too much. In the few seconds where she sighed, she was thinking about something. In the back of her head, it kept telling her that if she kept yelling like this she would lose the only family she had since her parents died. She realized this and stopped talking.

With this moment of silence, Wolverine was able to explain his ... situation. "I was planning to visit, but three years ago..." he sighed, as if it was a lost memory he dredged up from the gutters. "Remember the last time I called, how I told you Sabre wanted to be a scientist?"

Jubilee nodded, hoping the news wasn't too bad. Wolverine continued. "At the age of 15, he got accepted to a prestigious high school for science, on the envelope it said he was accepted to the N.E Institution for technology." he sighed again as he looked at the floor, "Sabre was happy, his dreams would come true, I was happy for him too but N.E. seemed like familiar initials, so Elektra an I looked it up on the Internet. N.E. stood for Nathaniel Essex."

Jubilee was in complete shock, she was the one who let Sabre into the mansion. She wanted to call Cyke and warn him but Wolverine had more to let out, "We tried to tell him it was bad for him, but he wouldn't listen," Wolverine smirked about it, "he wanted to be a scientist that bad, one thing led to another and all of a sudden we argued about everything. Finally, he just walked out, slamming the door behind him."

Wolverine's eyes were tearing up, "We spend most of our time searching for him, actually Elektra does, we got a tip he was in New York, and that's why we were trying to register Rina, but we didn't find him."

Jubilee was in fear for her X-people teammates. This is a bad situation.

(Written by Magus10)

"Oh no...no, no, no, no, no! Please be joking!" Jubilee jumped up and grabbed his hand, pulling him back to the house as he stared incredulously. Just inside the front doors, Remy stood from where he'd been looking at her and Rina and Elektra turned around.

"Sabre's bad news right?" she stared at Logan, ready to spring into action. As he nodded sadly and rubbed his forehead, Jubilee pulled open the sliding glass doors and lead him in. "Sabre's at the mansion!"

Logan looked at her and then dropped her hand. "What do ya mean he's at the mansion?"

"I opened the door and he was there, giving me a hug and he said he wanted to join the team! But then Remy came and I went with him as they were greeting Sabre!" Elektra looked at Logan, who watched her and Rina covered her mouth a bit as doughnut dropped out in shock.

Logan quickly went to the phone and dialed the number he still remembered from the past. How many times had he stood there and let it ring and ring trying to talk to Jubilee, but hanging up before it went through?

"Dammit!" Logan slammed the phone down after two minutes of it not going through. "It just keeps ringing. How long did it take you to get here?"

"About a day an' a bit." Remy said, grabbing his keys from the table in front of him.

"Let's go. Elektra, take Rina in the jeep. I'm taking my Harley and J can ride with Remy on his."

Leaving, they turned off the lights and Elektra rushed to lock the doors and grab their battle suits.

(Written by Nova Zion)

They had been driving nonstop all day, and most of the night. Tired, hungry and worried, they stopped over at a Motel 6, even though Wolverine and Elektra were against the idea. It was Jubilee who told them it would be better if they went into battle all rested up and not tired. This they had to agree apon.

Yet Jubilee didn't follow her own advice. When everybody was asleep, she went outside and got some fresh air on the balcony. Her best friends under control of Sabre...just the thought made her angry.

"Why're you up?" Jubilee heard a familiar voice ask.

"Rina, I should ask the same thing," Jubilee rebutted as the younger woman walked up and stood beside Jubilee.

"I was thinking about Sabre," was all Rina said, but Jubilee understood what she meant and stood silently, watching the night sky.

"Sorry I beat you up and bragged," Rina mumbled through the wind. "Didn't mean to gloat like that." she said, but it sounded like she was being forced. Jubilee smiled. She was stubborn like Wolverine.

"Don't be," Jubilee interjected, as Rina looked at her. This was weird for Jubilee; she thought she would be mad at her, but she had more important things to worry about. "You did your best and were taught by the best. What could I do?" Jubilee ended, making Rina smile. "But I hope it's good enough to fight Sinister."

Rina became serious again, "And my brother," she added. Jubilee knew his would be a tough battle. Not physically, but mentally.

"Rina?" Jubilee distracted her from gazing at the stars. "Just get my team and your brother out of there and don't let your mom and dad after Sinister."

Rina looked confused, "Why," she asked.

Jubilee sighed. "When I was younger, the X-men fought Sinister a lot and the only way to hurt him was with Cyclops optic blasts. Not even your father could hurt him," Jubilee paused for a second. "And if Cyke is out of the picture, that only leaves me and Remy to take him on."

Rina was about to protest, but Jubilee stopped her. "It would be too dangerous. Sinister is strong, and if Elektra and Wolvie tried to fight him," Jubilee shook her head and sighed again. "It would all be in vain," she ended shutting up the teenager.

"No matter what, just get everyone out of there, including your mom and dad, you understand?" Jubilee ordered. Rina knew why Jubilee was chosen to be the leader of the Uncanny X-People. Rina nodded, and they looked at the stars.

(Written by Magus10)

"I'm going back to bed. I came to say I'm sorry, and I did, so ... 'night." Rina nodded politely at the older woman and opened her door after slipping her key-card in. Slipping inside, Jubilee heard the bolt slip into place and she turned back over the balcony, looking down at the grass below. A slight breeze went by, swirling Remy's black t-shirt around her thighs and Jubilee shivered, rubbing the back of her neck. A yawn escaped her lips and she stood to go back into her room, where she knew Remy was waiting for her watching TV. Knocking lightly on the automatically locking door behind her, Remy opened it and took her hand to pull her into their room.

"What's on TV?" she asked, yawning again.

"I t'ink we should retire for de night, chere. You yawnin' an awful lot." Remy leaned against the headboard, curling his arms around Jubilee's waist as she curled up and began to flip through the stations with the remote.

"I can't sleep." Jubilee flicked it off at finding nothing interesting and curled against his washboard stomach, sighing. "It's my fault. I didn't say that he couldn't join the team and they took it as a yes. I should have known something was wrong."

"You couldn' of. You only met de boy once. You didn' even really talk to him ider."

Remy stroked her hair softly, tracing her jaw line as the tips ended before starting again. Turning off the light switch by the bed, he curled into a more comfortable sitting position, content to just smooth her hair down as she lay across his stomach tenderly. He knew she had to fall asleep if she become calm enough; it was her nature.

(Written by Nova Zion)

After a few hours of cuddling, Jubilee became comfortable, and finally began to sleep.

* * * *

She saw tubes, filled with bubbling water. Green tinted and all in a row. She stepped cautiously, hearing her footsteps echo along the cold floor. She glanced over to one of the tubes, it's features looking familiar. She walked closer to it, half intrigued, half terrified. Looking closer, it was Torque, suspended in the water. Jubilee screamed, as diabolical laughter came from the darkness. The first thing she saw was his white flashing teeth, feral and unhuman. Jubilee pulled back a little. "Sabre?" was all she could say.

The maniacal laughter didn't go away. "You see my master's CREATIONS?" he went to one of them, showing her who was in it.

"Remy?" she gasped as the laughter became louder, and she stepped forward ready to attack.

"No, No." Sabre waved his finger to her. "My master won't be pleased," he laughed as another shadow come into form. Larger, scarier. It was Sinister. He came forward and Jubilee shot him with her paff's. Sinister screamed in pain while Jubilee became happy. But the mark she made healed quickly. Essex laughed at her, catching Jubilee off guard. "You thought THAT would stop me?" he asked omnipotently as he came forward. Jubilee backed away, but she couldn't run, she couldn't hide.

* * * *

Jubilee woke up with a sweat. It was morning and the sun was a welcome surprise to comfort her from the chill of the darkness. Remy slowly woke up, awakened by Jubilee's rampant movement beside him.

"Something wrong chere?" he asked his love, watching her grab her head.

"Nothing," she said in a low mumble as she got up and went to the bathroom, leaving Remy to wonder what was going on.

A knock on the door annoyed Remy and he slowly raised himself off of the bed to see who it was. He saw Wolverine in his old blue and yellow battle suit behind the door. "Ready?" he asked hurriedly, ready for battle.

"No, de chere and I woke--," he didn't finish the sentence as Jubilee came out of the bathroom, her uniform on.

"Get dressed Remy, we have to go now," she said with the utmost seriousness as she put down her shades for battle.

(Written by Magus10)

Remy waved a hand at Logan and closed the door, grabbing his battle suit from the blue bag on the floor. Within a matter of minutes, as Jubilee brushed her hair and waited for him, he was ready to go. They grabbed their bags and keys and went down to the front office, dropping them on the counter while Logan waited by the bikes and jeep with his family.

Each of the men and Jubilee donned leather jackets and climbed onto the bike while Elektra and Rina climbed into the comfortable jeep.

"You sure you don' want to ride in de jeep f' a bit?" Remy asked as he revved up the Harley and turned to look at her. "It be a lot more comfortable den a three hour ride on de back of my bike."

"No, you're comfortable enough." Jubilee smiled and patted his back lovingly. "Let's ride."

(Written by Nova Zion)

The pitcher looks over the players scanning the field. The windup and the pitch. It's a curve ball.

The biker walked from his room as two Hogs and a mean looking Jeep screeched out of the parking lot. He considered himself a tough customer but the group made even him step back as he watched them leave clad in various bright costumes. He hesitated to move as the engines roared away accompanied by a battle cry from the short one that seemed to be wearing some sort of blue-yellow body suit that out sounded them all.

* * * *

She rested her head against Remy watching the road pass by. "Hang on guys, I'm coming. I just hope it's not as bad with Sabre as Wolvie thinks. For his sake at least or this could get ugly fast. Especially if that bloodless serpent Sinister is involved."

She looked behind her as she heard the sound of sirens take up and begin to follow them. "Great, just what we absolutely don't need right now. Some Johnny Goodlaw wanting to pull us over for speeding." She saw the others looking in their respective mirrors an then pass a look between the three of them. Remy turned back far enough to catch Jubilee's eye and shot her a cocky grin. She caught on as he lay down against the bike, watching Wolverine do the same next to them reducing their wind resistance. A small light laugh escape her as she considered how out gunned the cop really was. She knew Remy tweaked his bike to be faster than most anyone on the road, and knowing Wolvie, his bike would be even faster. Even the Jeep could out-race the cop since Wolvie wouldn't settle for anything less than the best. As she realized it, she laugh out loud and heard Remy do the same and Logan grinning like a jackle. 'We may just get there in time, even if we got cops from every county between here and H.Q. waiting to bust our collective butts when we stop.' She let out another laugh, this at the wild abandon as her closest family raced to the latest place she had called home.

(Written by Saurion)

It'd been around three hours and they were close by; Jubilee knew it well. She held Remy tighter as the oncoming arrival was imminent. Finally they came upon the mansion; everything seemed to be alright. They forcefully got past the gates and came to the front door.

"How do we do this," Rina asked pulling out one of her claws, and without warning a laser shot was fired at her. With her quick reflexes she dodged them. Everyone took cover.

"Damn," Jubilee yelled, "He knows how to use the automated weapons," Jubilee was angry. No matter what, the firing kept on coming, so Wolverine, Elektra and Rina couldn't get close.

Jubilee knew that if she had to face Sinister, she had to use her paff's to the max, and now was the best time to practice.

(Written by Magus10)

"Duck an' cover!" Wolverine howled as he jumped out into the line of the lasers. Elektra pushed her daughter into the brush and then followed her, praying to whoever had been watching out for them so far that they'd be safe and get out okay with her son.

Jubilee raised her hands and blew away a chunk of one of the lasers with her paffs. Suddenly, an arm grabbed her around her waist and pulled her down into the bushes and a laser just narrowly escaped taking her down. She turned and saw Wolverine behind her, holding his own stomach and guts as he spit up blood.

"Thanks." she helped him squat against at tree trunk, patting his back as his healing factor repaired the burnt flesh and organs and broken bones in his abdomen.

"The heat signatures ain't on darlin'." he motioned everyone over to him and Remy helped him lean forward as his ribs molded to the right shape and began to harden, the new flesh beginning to knit over them.

"You watch out f' your family, homme. Remy watch out for Jubilee real good." Remy grabbed Jubilee's hand and began to pull her through the bush at crawling level. He could hear Elektra go off on her own to be a look out for any searching hunters in the brush. Rina and her father crouched low, preparing to go through the dining room windows.

Jubilee suddenly jumped out of the way as an absent-minded laser swept the area where she was standing. Waiting a moment to see if it knew where she was, she continued on to the main circuit breaker in the house and fired a series of low sounding paffs into it just in case they had the noise trackers on, which she didn't think they did.

Remy swung a handful of glowing aces and kings into the surrounding wires and lasers that were re-positioning themselves at them. Swinging around, Jubilee grabbed his hand and opened the back door, firing a series of paffs inside and around the corners before dragging Remy into the now dark house.

(Written by Nova Zion)

It was quiet, a little too quiet, as they tried to creep along the side of the wall. A muffled voice was echoing through the house. Jubilee gasped; she knew that voice by heart.

"Paige," she yelled for her old teammate, not caring that if she was going to get caught or not. The muffled noise still kept going and Jubilee's heart was pumping a hundred miles a minute. "Tell me where you are," she asked worriedly, wondering if something bad had happened to her, or her baby. Jubilee perked her ears. "I hear her upstairs," she said, letting go of Remy's arm.

"Jubilee," He called for her as the went racing upstairs. Blood splattered along the walls, making Jubilee worry even more. When they got to the highest point, her old room, it was cold and Paige wasn't there, the muffled voice becoming louder around her.

"Paige? Paige?" she called out in a whisper, thinking of the worst while she was tearing up. The muffled voice came again. Jubilee's eyes lit up. "I hear her downstairs," she yelled to no one in particular as Remy's voice became frantic and scared sounding.

Jubilee couldn't hear him though and she focused on Paige's voice. She ran towards the basement, seeing her teammates, old and new, facing the wall, not moving, staring straight ahead. Tied up from head to toe, Paige wasn't there. She heard Remy's voice call for her, then abruptly stop. Jubilee gasped. She was alone now to face whatever was next.

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee whirled Cyke around, desperate to help him out. As the bloodied and beaten body spun to face her, it vanished, as did the other hanging bodies around her. Jubilee groaned at the sick joke and turned to race back up the stairs, stumbling to get away from it all. Remy caught her at the top of the stairs, holding her still as she shook, stomach heaving painfully.

"It's okay, let's go, dey still got t' be here." Remy lifted her and wrapped an arm around her waist, supporting her weight as she walked and listened to the quiet and still house. Jubilee walked around to the dining room and saw Logan fighting the last laser, howls of pain coming from him as he ran full force into it before rolling back into the bush.

"Let him fight, he be making it look like we all still hiding outside." Remy whispered, crouching below the window where Logan fought and then pulled her down. "We gonna wait here 'til de homme come t'rough dat window above us."

(Written by Nova Zion)

They waited for something to happen, some laser fights still roaring outside. They waited for them to come through the window above. Maniacal laughter rang throughout the darkened room.

Jubilee knew it was familiar, the same one she had dreamt about; Sabre knew that they were here.

(Written by Magus10)

Remy pulled her close and then under him as the window shattered above. Her air was drawn out of her lungs in a sharp release, pushing her ribs into them as Remy landed on top of her and flattened to avoid the sharp stabs.

Remy straddled Jubilee and sat up as Logan and Rina came through the large bay-window, Jubilee sucking in air under him. "Come on chere."

With some help for a moment, Jubilee made it into a fighting stance and took his hand again while Logan slipped forward, sniffing for the teams and Sabre, especially Sinister. Rina followed suit, searching the closets and rooms as they kicked in doors. Remy's hand lit up card after card as they encountered shadows that seemed to jump and then disappear.

The house they'd once all known was now unfamiliar territory, part of Sinister's illusions and holograms. Sighing uncomfortably, Jubilee squeezed Remy's hand, her other fist raised for the danger she felt coming. "I gotta get Sinister now." she heard Remy say as they continued on. "It been too long since I last had de chance an' missed."

"We will." she whispered back as the laughter rang out again. Suddenly, a light above blinded them and they all stopped, shading their eyes.

(Written by Nova Zion)

It was the perfect opportunity for Sabre to attack. He jumped down from the ceiling and slashed Remy away from Jubilee. Jubilee ran for him as soon as she was up.

Wolverine and Rina were in complete shock; they didn't know what to do as they saw a new evil glint in Sabre's eyes.

"Why the hell are you doing this," Rina asked him, taking a chance that he might be hurt by the comment. Sabre grinned at her, as he started to laugh maniacally.

"You still with the old fart," Saber pointed to his father, who popped out his claws. "He was the one who pulled me back from what I wanted."

"No," a voice came out of the shadows, "We were just trying to save you." Elektra came out of the shadows and took out her sais.

Sabre was trapped between his family and all he could do was smile. "I don't have to do this dirty work," he snapped his fingers and The S-people and older Gen-Xer's came out next to him. "Ain't mind control great," he laughed as things began to get worse.

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee felt a warm sensation run across her back and then a wet substance pooling from her nose. The crimson liquid dripped steadily and she realized she'd been hit and hard. Remy slid over and lifted her head as she brought her hands to her nose, checking to damage.

"Don't move, don't touch anyt'in'. Tell Remy where it hurts."

"Nowhere. I don't feel anything except the blood." Jubilee struggled to move her head down again, lids heavy, and Remy tangled a hand in her hair, pulling her head back sharply as she keeled forward.

"I said don' move. You were hit hard, chere." her neck stretched out and the blood dribbled down her cheek slower now as it leveled off. Blue eyes searched the ceiling for any flying intruders, the concussion telling her the flying monkeys were after them.

"What'cha t'inkin' 'bout chere? Tell Remy so he know what's goin' on in y' head..." her lover's warm fingers felt along her neck for her pulse and then cradled the back of her head as lifted them out of the fighting to the wall again, where they could see their attackers.

"The monkeys are coming after us, flying monkeys." Remy stared at her and then pulled her head level again as the blood started from her nose once more. Her eyes fluttered once and she smiled as the blood dripped to a stop again. "I'll be fine, love, just fine."

"Remy has no doubts, but if y' fight right now you coul' die, so y' sittin' here wit' me." Remy leaned in as her eyelids fluttered again and kissed her deeply, trying anything to keep her awake. Jubilee responded by sitting up and grabbing her head as it moved before kissing Remy in return. "An' you gonna stay awake too."

Jubilee nodded and Remy cradled her, feeling along her ribs and spine for sprains and breaks since she had said she couldn't feel anything.

"Watch out!" she suddenly cried.

(Written by Nova Zion)

A blast from nowhere caught Remy off guard. He flew from his position of holding Jubilee and groaned when he hit the floor hard across the room.

Jubilee couldn't get up; she wasn't in any pain, she wasn't feeling anything at all. She stared off into the void, as no one had noticed who had shot the laser.

Through the crimson liquid leaving her mouth, her attempts to yell came as a whisper, "Sinister."

(Written by Magus10)

A deep, rumbling laugh came from somewhere above, the floating void around him spinning as reality pushed his brain, slamming him into a waking nightmare like a train hitting a brick wall. Crying out as the blurry images spun around through his demonic, light sensitive eyes, Remy tried to sit up and look for Jubilee, crying out for her in the bloody mess the teams were creating.

He saw her, across the room, laying in blood. Her arms flailed and she lifted her head once before going limp in the crimson pool beneath her. Screaming as a washing, stabbing, wet and warm pain went through his side, he tried to pick himself up off the floor and go to her as she moaned and coughed up more blood.

"Jubilee!" he tried his arm; definitely broken. He began to lift himself with the other arm, half sliding, half limping before he fell down beside his love. Her eyes were unusually focused and she raised one finger in obvious pain to point it behind him. Standing a bit better now, he whirled around and looked into the darkness, seeing the man who he'd come to hate so much. Jubilee rolled over onto her side and more blood pooled out of her mouth as she stood, ready to fight, a new burst of strength and adrenaline pumping through her.

"No chere, you can' do it..."

"Shut up Remy, I have too."

(Written by Nova Zion)

This was just like a workout for them; a punch here, a kick there and it was finished. Wolverine back-kicked one of the brainwashed Uncanny X-people as he went flying. Everyone standing in their way was unconscious, even their son, which they'd decided to take out first. He breathed deeply, wondering what to do next and looked over to the situation between Remy, Jubilee and ... Sinister.

Seeing Jubilee with blood dripping from her mouth made him angry. He stomped over to greet his old enemy with his fist, and suddenly felt a pressure on the back of his neck. He looked behind him and saw Rina there before his eyelids grew heavy and he collapsed on the floor.

"Thanks, dad, for teaching me that technique." Wild Thing said, rubbing her own neck. Elektra ran up to her, horrified of what she'd done to her husband. She was going to say something but was interrupted by her daughter, "We need to get these people out of here, and dad wouldn't have helped things anyway," she said as she started picking up her brother and Paige, Elektra standing still, glaring at the other's fight with Sinister.

"You go, I'll stay to finish things off," Elektra demanded, and was stopped by her daughter. Her eyes pleaded for help.

Rina broke off her stare and looked on the floor, "I ... I ... trust Jubilee could do it." she said, her mom in complete shock. Never in her life had Rina trusted anyone except for her parents. Elektra stopped in her tracks, and turned around, picking up her husband and then nodded to her daughter as they started to get everyone out one by one.

* * * *

Jubilee noticed Rina drop her father easily as he moved to intervene, a small smile glazing her face. Sinister noticed the drop of screaming and torment and turned around to see most of his people gone.

"No, " He yelled out, as he started to walk over to the Uncanny X-people's lying bodies. Paff's fired at him, making him reel back a little.

Jubilee was tired, breathing hard, as a mixture of sweat and blood covered her body. She wouldn't be beaten though, not now, not ever. Remy saw a change in Jubilee's eyes in a few short seconds, now determined to do things right.

(Written by Magus10)

Jubilee wiped a trickle of blood from her mouth and she saw Wolverine being dragged out with his family, glad that Rina had followed her guidance, though she still didn't like the girl. They dragged another group out and then the remaining few. Remy was coming up to stand behind her and she began to back away to the front door, drawing Sinister after her and Gambit away. Spinning suddenly, she pushed Remy out of the open door and slammed it shut with a shout of 'keep him away from here' to an angry Logan.

Turning to face Sinister, Jubilee snickered and advanced, fireworks shooting from her hands with whistles and screams, the bright light almost blinding and obviously causing pain for the cyber-metal man.

* * * *

Remy cried out in pain as he slid down the front steps, his head bleeding from the fall while the other cuts and scratches across his body slowed then sped up with the ungraceful fall, his broken arm screaming in pain

Standing, he fell to the ground almost immediately, black spots clouding his vision. Wolverine, by now totally healed by his remarkable factor, tackled the man as he started for the front door again and held him pinned to the ground as Rina prepared to pull him back to where the others lay. As the family dragged the arguing man to the bushes, a low rumble was heard from inside the house.

"Let me go! De whole second floor gonna come down at any minute!" he screamed as the rumble came again and one side of the mansion lit on fire, exploding with a high pitch whistling noise that caused the more animalistic people to cover their ears with groans.

Remy tried to run for the house, but only made it halfway before the little man jumped him, holding his face against the ground as he pinned him roughly. Tears filled Remy LeBeau's red eyes and he struggled valiantly. "Logan, if she dies, I swear I will do whatever it takes to kill you."

"You go ahead and try Gumbo, but I'll probably kill myself first fer the same reason." Wolverine snarled into his old teammates hair, behind his ear as the man blinked away tears. A loud explosion rocked the ground they lay on and a screaming whistle that rivaled a close range jet takeoff filled the air as they lay there.

(Written by Nova Zion)

A cyber-metal form flew from the middle of the room and slammed on the wall, groaning in pain as someone approached. Anger glinted in her eyes; she had enough pain in her life without him. Sinister put up his hands in forgiveness, pleading for his own life, but it was too late. Jubilee put up her hands as sparks started to flare from them, crying out in pain and frustration.

"This is for Gen-X!" she cried through gritted teeth, throwing her paffs at him. Sinister screamed in pain as another hole was put in him. "This is for the X-People!" she threw more paffs at him with more intensity as Sinister's legs exploded apart, grey goo covering the floor. Rage filled Jubilee's mind; she wasn't done yet. "And this is for my family, Wolvie and Remy!" she yelled as she paffed him out of existence. Grey liquid covered the trembling walls.

Jubilee looked up and gasped; the walls were closing in on her. She ran for the door, and, seeing a blast, turned around and saw him aiming towards her. It was too late to dodge it and Jubilee flew to the other side, hitting the wall and making the collapsing of the house imminent. She tried to get up, but the pain overwhelmed her senses and she lay there, ready to die.

She could only hear the laughter, the laughter of something sinister. She felt his presence coming closer, with strength and looked up to see him in full form again.

"You thought you could beat me." he laughed at her as he started pacing next to her. He punched Jubilee, hard, across her face, sending her reeling to the other side of the wall. Blood marked where ever she moved around the room. "You are still as weak as you were when you became an X-men," he mocked as he kicked her to the bottom of the staircase. Sinister started to go for the door, leaving her to die in the crumbling house. Anger and unknown rage filled the very escence in her soul. She wouldn't be beaten; her pride and all her family and friend's pride were at stake. Sinister turned to leave as he heard an mumble, not even above a whisper.

"You...will...not...leave...here...alive," Jubilee said, as with each passing word her voice got stronger, eyes closed as she concentrated on her power. Sinister turned around and saw Jubilee stand up.

"How is this possible?" he asked himself as he blasted her. It contacted with her stomach, but Jubilee didn't flinch or move, the only words coming out of her mouth were the ones she used to warn Sinister.

He tried to run to the door, but things started to close on him as he was trapped inside a shaky building with Jubilee. Her power was overwhelming her body and Sinister tried to keep blasting her, but she wouldn't budge. Sparks covered her as Sinister backed up. She suddenly opened her eyes and sparks filled them also. As Sinister gasped; sparks came from her entire body. They traveled with such intensity and such brightness that they flew out of the mansion as the light engulfed Sinister, and he was no more.

The light was never ending. It blasted it's way out of the mansion, blinding the people who were trying to get inside. The light died down after a moment as fast as it came, as an eerie wind passed by the land. Remy opened his eyes first to see what used to be the mansion, now reduced to a pile of rubble.

"JUBILEE!!!" Remy yelled, tears streaming from his face as he ran to the pile and started lifting with all his might. Wolverine, Elektra and Rina joined in seconds later and they worked until they were tired but still filled with hope, digging until their fingers bled; even then, Wolverine and Remy kept rummaging through. They hoisted a huge piece of wall and both gasped and began to cry out to the world.

* * * *

The grey sky filled everyone's soul as the color black came rampant around the people, from Gen-X to some of the original X-men. All were crying as the pastor opened his mouth to speak.

(Written by Magus10)

Remy's eyes misted over and he watched the altar, more specifically, his wonderful Jubilee at the side of it, with mixed feelings. He was sad and happy, and every emotion in between. Sighing, he wiped a stray tear away as the pastor began to ramble on about good wishes and prayers for the day. He saw Storm out of the corner of his eye disperse the angry black clouds with the ease of lifting a hand and then sit back again. Beside him, Logan's eyes were wet also and he squeezed Elektra's hand lovingly, no doubt thinking the same thoughts as Remy at the moment. Jubilee looked radiant in her deep, blood crimson silk gown. It was long and loose, the waist pulling in to an empire setting at her ribs and it had one long, black stripe down the center to spilt the color, also announcing that she was a bridesmaid in the wedding.

"And, by the power invested in me, by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife." the pastor raised his hands and the crowd cheered joyously, the couple smiling at each other.

As Torque and Spanner kissed passionately at the front and a few cheers went up, the crowd and Remy standing. The procession began back down the red carpet as bubbles bew around them, rice was thrown, and confetti bombs were let off over their heads. Jubilee moved to step down the stairs and she searched Remy out before finding him in the third row, Wolvie and his family all watching her and Remy. She winked at her love, beaming with happiness as the longing expression on his face turned to one of joy and he winked back, a cocky grin plastered on his charming mug.

Remy stepped out of the aisle as the the crowd began to head to the other side of the grounds, where the reception was set up. He felt a rough hand grab his shoulder and Jubilee vanished from his sight as she mixed with the guests and wished the bride and groom well.

"Mind tellin' me what that was about?" his face had an unhappy look on it, but his eyes were filled with love for his little girl and his heart filled with good intentions for the her and the man before him.

"Nope, it be a secret between me and de petite." Remy brushed Logan's hand away, heading off to see Jubilee as she came towards him. Holding hands, they spun onto the dance floor as the bride and groom's slow song stopped and a fast paced swing started up, Remy twirling a very ecstatic Jubilee around the floor as people watched. It had to happen. A social gathering, a classy beat, a man who loved to have fun dancing with a woman who loved to show off.

"Let's sit down." Elektra urged him, propelling him and their son to a table. Logan was once again happy that his wife hated to dance, unless it happened to be one of their favorite slow songs. His son sat beside him at his mother's silent command, dropping like a heavy weight into his seat. Logan glanced at his boy, all of seventeen years old and already dealt a hard blow at life.

The whole thing had been a mind scam by Sinister. His son had been a pawn. Essex hadn't been interested in his scientific abilities, which were great and made pride shine in Logan's eyes, only his connection to the X-People and one old X-Man. Elektra was speaking with Sabre, smiling and trying to regain that motherly connection, even though Sabre was depressed and not very willing to talk or have any fun. Jubilee twirled off of the dance floor with Remy and sat down on her lover's lap, smiling breathlessly. They began to chatter and Logan listened intently, proud of his girl and wondering what each of them was hiding.

He could see the way they looked at each other. Deep love, the kind that either blindside's you on a lonely afternoon or leaves you alone for good, shone in their eyes and they listened to each other, finished each other's sentences, knew what buttons to push and which to leave alone. Jubilee was nodding at Elektra and Rina came up and stood behind them, one hand on Remy's shoulder to rest and calm herself from a dance with the groom.

* * * *

Jubilee's arms tightened on Remy's waist, her palms flattening against his stomach as he settled onto the shiny black hog. Smiling joyfully, she kissed Logan's cheek as the bike growled, the engine gunning. Rina nodded to her and gave her a thumbs up; she was beginning to like the girl. Turning to Logan, Remy shook his hand, a temporary goodbye to an old friend. "We shall meet again, homme. I promise to bring her f' a visit sometime."

"Ya better take good care of her Cajun. She's my girl and you hurt her, I'll hurt ya real bad in return." Logan backed away from the bike as Jubilee nodded and patted Remy's stomach, a plain silver ring glintng off her hand. The swamp rat squeezed her hand and then kicked the stand of the bike up, gunning the engine.

"I will Logan. I tol' y' before dat I love her. I'd kill myself if anyt'in' ever happened to her. She be very safe." he smiled cockily and gave a comic salute, gunning the engine one more time before they took off for good, the gravel spitting from the tires in farewell as a matching ring sparkled from the chain around Remy's neck. He heard Jubilee's laughter fly back on the wind at him and a tear streaked down his cheek; no doubts were in his mind of her safety.

(Written by Nova Zion)

(1) Remy is a name, but it is also a cognac, which is a type of alcohol.