Mall (Mis)Adventure


Disclaimer: I DO NOT own these characters.

Jubilation Lee, or Jubilee, as she was called, was bored. "Nothing has happened here yet." she sighed and sat in the corner of the entrance of the Food court. If only she knew.

Rogue, or Marie, as she was called, was at the Mall. Her first time outside since her little accident with Magneto's machine.

Jubilee got up from her seat, turned, and smacked right into Rogue.

"Ahh!" then there was a blinding flash. Jubilee felt like she had been hit by a truck. Rogue felt a "Key in the Lightsocket" feeling and felt a new identity and power enter her mind and body. Jubilee fell to the ground and Rogue stood there dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry!" "What's happening!?" Suddenly, Rogue thought about stealing and zapping people for the pleasure of it. then she zapped an old lady, just for her purse.

"Goofy, Mutant kids!" yelled a cop while another one took Jubilee to the Emergency Station in the Mall.

"Whoo!" "This is great!" shouted Rogue, as she ran down the Mall hallway, zapping innocent Humans as she came.

At the other end of the Mall, Wolverine, aka Logan, was buying a new suit because Heather Hudson said that his old one was "Too Tacky" for the art exhibit she was taking him to that night. He didn't want to, but since she helped him after a certain Lab Blowup, he would please her.

Suddenly a mob of people were running away from Rogue. Blinding flashes followed shouts of: "Help!" "Runaway Mutant Freako, somebody stop her!"

Logan, fearing an evil mutant, ran out of the store and caught a surprised Rogue.

"Rogue, what's gotten into ya?" Logan looked into...BROWN EYES. Then a blinding flash happened.

"Mah name is Jubilee!" shouted Rogue before changing back into herself, borrowing Logan's healing power. Logan fell backwards, then quickly got himself up again. He hugged Rogue. The Mob relaxed, so did the cops, for an XMan was here to save the day.

"Mah name is Rogue." said a shaken Rogue in Logan's arms.

Meanwhile, Jubilee recovered from her Coma.

Rogue then told Logan about how she ran into a strange girl, named Jubilee, took an old lady's purse, stole from and terrorized people with energy bolts from her hands, and Jubilee could be found in the Emergency Station.

At the Emergency Station, Jubilee couldn't believe her eyes. Wolverine, Logan, was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen; so what if he was old enough to be her dad, she thought.

"Who are you people, and what happened to me?" asked Jubilee.

"Ahm Rogue, called Marie. "I absorbed your personality." said Rogue.

"I'm Wolverine, called Logan.""I'm a Mutant too." said Logan, extending his claws, then retracting them.

"I'm Jubilation Lee, called Jubilee." said Jubilee.

Later Jubilee became an XMan. Her first assignment? Going with Rogue to the Lost and Found Station to return the purse that Rogue stole from the little old lady while Logan got his suit. Later the old lady returned for her purse.

That night Rogue introduced Jubilee to her new family.

Meanwhile, Wolverine learned that Art was not for Sissies.

The End