As Natural As Growing Up

by Mica

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Ok, not more talking Enjoy!

As usual Jubilee woke up and opened her eyes slowly, enjoying every second of darkness she could still have. Soon enough she'd have to change and start her training for the day. Lazily, she stirred in the bed, trying to touch the end of the mattress with her toes... it was then when she realized this wouldn't be a usual morning. She peered under the covers and confirmed her suspicion.

She swallowed and sighed.

Carefully, she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She was young ¡¦she had celebrated her thirteenth birthday 3 weeks ago- but she knew what to do. She had known for quite a while actually. She cleaned herself and changed quickly; then she ran downstairs.

She *was* looking for someone, but *not* the person she found at the bottom of the stairs. She stopped the bumping of her feet on the wooden floor and looked intently at him. Why couldn't her best friend be a female? At this *particular time* it would make things much easier.

He arched an eyebrow, her attitude surprising him. He expected anything from her except silence.

Jubilee looked at Wolverine again, this time blushing a bit. She knew it was a matter of seconds before he understood. She was glad he had enhanced senses. She was already too embarrassed meeting him ¡¦ a MAN - there to start explaining *why* she was embarrassed.

Wolverine looked into Jubilee's eyes, trying to figure out what was wrong... why she looked like she wanted to push him out of her way. He didn't need to guess as her scent invaded his nostrils. He could tell what was going on immediately; after all, it was not the first time he had smelled this "change" on a woman.

He grinned at Jubilee moving away so she could continue. She smiled at him, bowing her head while blushing a bit redder. A moment later she sped to the hall, but, before reaching the end of it, she turned around for an instant and saw that Wolvie was smiling. He winked playfully at her. She waved and continued down the hall, disappearing. Now where could Jean be? She needed to ask her for something.