Nightmares and Monsters: Part 1

by Misty

Disclaimer: Everything that's not Marvel's is mine. And if you can't tell who belongs to who you have no right to even be reading this.

Author's Note: This is a sequel to my first fan fiction "Waking Nightmares". You don't need to read that one to understand what's happening however. I suggest you do it anyway, just to make me feel better! ;) Please e-mail me at [email protected] . My mailbox craves sustenance!

"How can you watch this stuff? It makes no sense," Wolverine asked his companion.

"Yes, it does," retorted Jubilee. The two were watching a movie in the New York mansion's massive living room. She was sprawled out upon the overstuffed couch with a bowl of popcorn snug in the crook of her arm. Logan was being his usual self and skulked in a recliner. "The blonde bimbette runs screaming through the house until the guy in the mask shish-kabobs her. Then that brunette kills *him*. Well, *them*."

"And that makes sense to you?"

"Duh Wolvie! Of course it does."

". . . Sure hope this is a phase you're gonna grow out of."

"Just shut up an' watch the movie," she said with a smile.

As Jubilee stretched in front of the TV, She lazily thought about the events of the day. The remarkably *uneventful* events of the day. It was one of those rare occasions where no spandex-clad weirdo or mutant-hating jerk was causing trouble. All of the X-Men had decided to relax. Storm was in her room playing with her plants, Rogue had somehow convinced Gambit to go shopping with her, Cyke and Jean had disappeared sometime after breakfast, and both the Beast and the Professor had been inclined to bury themselves in work. Jubilee herself had begged Wolvie to rent some movies.

Jubilee was startled out of her reverie by Wolverine's gruff voice.

"I'm goin' fer another brew. Want anything?"

"Huh? Oh, some more popcorn please."

"That's Your third bowl!"

"Yeah, I know," she said.

Logan only grunted and headed for the kitchen.

The screen caught Jubilee's attention. The killer had chased the blonde into her backyard. The doomed teen screamed for her life. "Aaaaa-"


Jubilee was on her feet and running towards the kitchen as she realized that the last scream had been real. She skidded to a halt, however, at the sight that met her in the doorway.

Beer and popcorn scattered along the linoleum where they had been dropped. Deep furrows scarred the door of the open refrigerator. Chairs were overturned and the dining table had been pushed back. Logan cringed in the midst of the chaos. Bone claws extended, he clung to his head as if it were threatening to explode. The pain in his cry was etched into every pore of his being. From the extreme pain on his face and in his scream, Jubilee thought it just might have been.

And then the mutant's face relaxed, his screams subsided, his claws *"slacht"* back into his forearms with a spray of blood, and Wolverine collapsed.

Jubilee sprang out of her shocked stupor and ran to her friend.

"Wolvie are you okay?!" she cried. "Hey, I need some help in here!"

The teen crouched over Logan's prone form and prayed for him to be all right. Her prayers appeared to go unanswered when she saw the blood running from his ears and nose. He didn't respond to her touch. She became frantic with fear.

"Help?! Professor?! Jean?! Beast?! Somebody?!" Only the emptiness of the house answered her. ". . . anybody?" she whimpered.

As she listened to the shrieking silence Jubilee realized that she had never been so frightened.