Once Upon a Time (Sequel to Happily Ever After)

by sparklagal

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the X-men. So don't sue, please- with sugar (bombs) on top.

Note: This'll probably get you really confused. Good! That's exactly how I want it.

Jubilee tried desperately to hold back her tears. She was afraid of what sight would greet her when she entered the infirmary. But, Jubes thought, She would be brave. She had to be.

She silently walked in to the med.-lab. The sight that stood before her made her want to cry. Logan. The invincible Wolverine. The indomitable Patch. The man she loved. He was breathing through an oxygen mask. Angry red lines were spread out over his chest showing blood poisoning.

Jubilee choked back a sob. He bastard who had done this to him had promised that he would eventually take away everyone Logan cared about. In a sense, he was taking a short cut to it, the only difference, It would be Wolverine gone, not Jubilee.

Slowly she walked up to her Wolvie. His chest rose up and down, signaling that he was still breathing, weakly. She tried desperately not to cry, but they fell anyway. Very slowly a large hand reached up to brush away the tear. She cupped it as the callused hands absorbed her tears.

Hank had said the chances were low, very low. He had given Logan medications, helped him with the Shi'ar equipment, but as Beast had said, it would only prolong the inevitable.

"Hey darlin'." The large feral man said in a weak voice.

"Hi Wolvie." Jubes said softly. The floodgates broke and sobs racked her body. So much for being strong. Logan comforted her delicately.

"Shhh, s'okay darlin. Don worry." That just made her tears come harder. She could have saved him. She could have helped! He had come after her. The only reason he was dying was because she couldn't hold off a big blond homicidal maniac. Logan had taught her better then that.

Hank motioned her over. She hesitantly let go of Wolverine and walked over to Hank.

"I'm afraid he doesn't have much longer Jubilation. His breathing is slowing, as is his heart rate. Our dear Logan will not be with us much longer. I suggest you say anything you want to right now." Jubilee nodded slowly not trusting her voice. She walked over to Logan determined to tell him how she felt. Jubes vaguely noticed Hank had left the room.

She would kill him. She would kill Sabertooth. Ripping his heart out was too good for him. She'd find something worse. At that Moment Jubilee made a vow. She would travel to the ends of the earth to get her revenge, X-men or not. He would die.

"Wolvie?" She asked quietly. Not sure whether he was asleep or awake. His eyes were closed and his breathing was steady.

"Yeah darlin?" His voice broke slightly.

"You heard, didn't you?" She knew him to well. Jubes couldn't be fooled.

"One of let-downs with enhanced hearing," He said smiling. He broke in to a coughing fit. Once ha had stopped Jubes took a deep breath.

"Wolvie, I gotta tell you something." She hoped her voice wasn't shaking too much.

"Go ahead darlin." His voice was getting weaker by the minute.

"Wolvie, I-I love you." She said finally. It had been easier then she had expected.

"I love you to darlin." She could see tears flickering in his eyes. He hadn't understood.

"No- I mean, I mean the way Marioko Loved you, And Silver Fox." She had hoped he would get it right away. She couldn't bear explaining it to him.

"I know darlin, me to." Joy swelled inside her. He felt the same. Then the terrible thought flickered in her mind. He was dying.

More tears fell, this time on to his face but Jubes could swear some were his own. Very slowly she leaned down toward him, and slowly they kissed. Electricity swam in to Jubilee. It was the best thing she'd ever done. She slowly pulled away from him. A small smile was on his face. He was limp. Jubilee whimpered slightly and said is name.

"Logan?" No answer. "Wolvie?" She could feel a lump forming in her throat.

Down the hall Hank heard a scream come from the med-lab. He and Jean sprinted to the open door.

Jubilee kneeled in front of the lifeless Wolverine sobbing. Jean stopped in her tracks. Jubilee looked up at her and Jean understood.

When kissing him. She had the strangest feeling, no, delusion that everything would be alright. And that they'd live happily ever after. There was always once upon a time. There was always a beginning. And an end. Just never Happily Ever After. She always had once upon a time. Yeah, Once Upon a Time...