One Last Breath

by Riana

I wrote this to go along with my best bud's Maureen's stories that were inspired by Dyce's much beloved series, Maturity in B Minor.

My walls are crumbling
falling on me,
crushing me
but no one attempts a rescue.
I can't see anything
through all the rubble and decay
but there,
there is a trickle of light.
I lie under the wreckage of my walls
gasping for each breath,
pleading for you to help me,
but I can't see anything
then I see you
and I rasp out your name.
And you are out there walking away from me
into the arms of another
a better daughter,
I see standing againist the setting sun,
blocking out my light,
and plunging me into utter darkness.
Now they burn the ruins of my walls
with me still lying underneath,
no one hears my screams
but I lie there beneath the rubble
desperate for one last breath
from the burning smoke
even as the fire nears.
Outside I see
looking down at me
through the pieces of my wall
not hearing all my pleas
holding her closer than you ever held me,
the favored daughter.
My sight blurrs,
I begin to pass out;
I can feel the fire the coming closer,
burning away my tears
and I call out your name
with my one last breath.