PuNk RoCk Jubilee

by Raven

Disclaimer: Don・t own nothin・! Authors Notes: I・m sick of everyone writing Jubilee as a teenybopper. She is SO NOT! She blades for cryin・ out loud! I know of no preppies that blade like that! If you don・t like the way I made her・ Tough!

Jubilee raised her hand for the third time that period and Emma Frost thought she was seeing things. Not only that, but it was the third time she・d gotten the answer right. Jono had sent a distress call in the middle of class for her to come down and monitor the situation. She was starting to wish all the distress calls were like this.

Jubilee looked like she always did. Well her uniform looked better, and she seemed more organized. Emma decided she needed to look into this more right away. Quickly telling Jono not to worry, she turned on her white leather stiletto clad heal and headed back to her office.

On the computer screen were all of the schools files on Jubilation Lee. Emma・s mouth was slightly agape with awe. Comparing the first trimester・s grades with the second trimester・s grades, well there was no comparison. She went from being a D close to F student, to an A student. It didn・t make any sense.

Emma backtracked through the system to see if there had been any hackers as of late, but that wouldn・t explain why she was applying herself in class. Leaning back in her chair, the White Queen went over in her head anything and everything that had changed about Jubilee.

Her grades were up, she was acting more responsibly, and she was neater・ WAIT! There was the ticket. Emma launched herself out of her chair and strode as quickly as she could up the stairs and to the girls・ dorm rooms.

Upon entering Jubilee・s new room, again she was shocked. Everything was put away neatly, dusted, folded, etc. Emma was more confused than ever. Debating weather or not to scan the girl for mental health, she decided not to. She wasn・t one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Especially one that had her worst student living up to her full potential.

******* Jubilee straightened her skirt, waved to Megan and Rachel, the two preppiest girls in all of the school, and calmly exited the room. Monet, Jono, and Paige stood in the classroom with looks of shock on all their faces.

"Don・t she hate them?" Paige was first to find her voice. Monet usually the most vocal in opinion could only nod.

<*Wot in the worl・ could make the gel like them? *> No one had an answer. There was something wrong with Jubilee. Everyone knew it, but no one could figure out what it was. Except for maybe one person・

****** Jubilee flopped down, exhausted, on to her bed. The bright white down comforter was very much un-like her, but she was thankful for it right now. It was both physically and mentally trying to put on a show like this. She was about to drift off into dreamland when a knock was heard at her door.

"Coming!" Jubilee once again made sure her uniform was flawless and opened the door. Only to see all of Generation X standing there. Pushing their way in, Ange closed the door behind him and locked it.

"Okay chica, spill!" Jubilee only looked up innocently. A look she could pull of very well, if they didn・t know her better.

"What do you mean?"

"We mean," Monet asked with a lot less patience then she usually had. "What to you think you・re trying to pull, and on who?" The rest of the team just looked on for an answer.

"I・m not trying to pull over anything on anyone." And she really wasn・t, she just needed to hide a little something. But they didn・t know that, and hopefully they wouldn・t know for a while.

<*Gel, this is totally unlike ya, now REALLY, wot・s goin・ on ?*> Jubilee now realized it was time for her to use those acting skills that worked so well on her parents.

A single tear slid down her check and she bit her lip as if to hold it back. She wrapped her arms around herself, and sat down on the bed.

"No one ever takes me seriously, I just wanted some respect. Now・ Now all I get is being accused of being fake." Jubilee pulled her knees up to her chest, placed her head on them and began to sob. Paige shooed Angelo and Jono out of the room while she and Monet took a seat on either side of her. Both girls embraced the younger in a hug and tried their best to calm her down.

Feeling both Paige・s and Monet・s head on each of her shoulders, Jubilee sneaked a quick glance, which neither of the girls saw, smiled and put her head back on her knees.

"You guys are the best friends a girl could have!" She hugged them back and smiled. Which made the other girls smile.

"Are ya bettah now Jubilee?" Paige said completely forgetting about the whole accent thing. Jubilee nodded and again flashed one of her lighthouse smiles.

"Are you sure?" Monet was concerned. Jubilee tried not to laugh.

"Yes, yes, I・m fine. But I really need to study. You know we have that quiz in English tomorrow." Both girls tried not to look to oddly at Jubilee, but just smiled and nodded. This was going to take some getting used to. Jubilee closed the door behind them and sighed. Slumping against the door she looked at the clock. It was nearly six. She could study till seven, eat dinner, then say she was bushed and go ・to bed・.

So she did, but instead of going straight ・to bed・, she went and took a shower first. Once back in her room she went to her closet to pick out what to wear that night.

You see all of this was exactly what she・d done before, an act. Jubilee did earn her grades, but the amount of concern she pretended to have for everything else was fake. She was still the same old firecracker who just wanted a little fun. Now everyone else would think that part of her died. She never went to bed when she said she would, in fact it was something completely different.

Behind the row of clothes she wore around school, were the ones she wore outside of school. Her party clothes the ones she actually liked. Pulling out a red plaid skirt with more safety pins then should be deemed safe, a black tank top with a picture of an evil red fairy, and a pair of 3 inch black Mary Jane platforms. Laying them all on her bed she went to her dresser and pulled out purple underwear, the same color bra, and blue fishnets.

Dressing quickly, she took the towel off of her head and brushed out her long black and blue hair. Her hair had appeared only black to her teammates, and she silently thanks who ever made that spray can hair dye. Jubilee applied black eyeliner to her eyes followed by blue eyeliner, and purple lipstick.

Rummaging through her jewelry box, she found six other sets of earrings. She removed the small silver studs that were in her first holes and put in small silver hoops in all six sets of holes in her ears. Pulling out a different drawer in the jewelry box, she took out one small multi-colored hoop with a ball in the middle, and a stud with a semi-clear neon green ball on each end. Jubilee found the hole in her eyebrow and put the hoop in, then did the same for the stud, only this one went into her lip.

Looking herself over in her full-length mirror she smiled brightly, went to the window, threw her shoes out, and climbed down the terrace.

****** Once over the large brick wall that surrounded the school, she whipped out her yellow cell phone and called a cab. She put on her platforms, and dug around in her small Nightmare Before Christmas tin lunch box till she found what she was looking for. A glittery orange spike collar, and a multitude of rubber bracelets in many different colors.

Just as she finished buckling the collar behind her neck, the cab pulled up and she got in.

"Where to little missy?" Smiling wickedly she replied.

"Club Inferno." The driver shuddered a bit but nodded and drove off into the night. The driver knew the neighborhood that the particular club she requested was in, one he did NOT like to venture into, especially not late at night. But he had picked up this girl before, and he knew that she always came back at about one thirty with not a scratch on her.

This night was different from the others though, it was a Wednesday and she usually only went out on Friday nights. Remembering his last drop off, he heard the two kids say something about Deftones. Sounded like some teenybopper thing to him, but these kids didn・t look like teenyboppers. So he just reminded himself that this was not his business and that he shouldn・t worry about it. But he liked this girl, she was always so happy, that and she tipped pretty well. He couldn・t help but be worried for her.

****** The drive to the club was short, the cabby wished her luck after she・d paid, and Jubilee walked down the alley to get to the entrance. At the entrance was a very large bald man with tattoos up and down his arms.

The minute he saw Jubilee he smiled and opened the door for her. She smiled back and winked. She could feel the pulsating rhythms of the trance techno as she walked into the dimly lit club. It became a little brighter as she walked further into the more Rave less Goth scene. Lights and glow sticks were brightly flashing everywhere.

Jubilee scanned the room quickly and found who she was looking for. She approached a girl with bright red, yellow, and orange hair, which was glew under the black light, also a glow under the black light was the girls eyes which were cat like and the same color scheme as her hair. The girl was wearing black pants with flames that ran up the sides and a tight black shirt with the word happy written in flames. This girl also had a collar like Jubilee・s only red, an similar spiked bracelets lined her wrists.

The girl must have seen Jubilee the same time Jubilee had seen her, because she rushed through the crowd to get her.

"Sweets! I didn・t think you・d make it." They shared a quick hug and started walk to the back room where they could talk just as the DJ took the stage. Sitting on a fuzzy yellow couch with a one way mirror, they watched the crowd gave the true meaning to the word rave. It wasn・t the Deftones yet, this was a local DJ who・d they seen a thousand times, which was pretty good because the two girls had to catch up.

"How could ya think I wouldn・t make it?" "You・re the one who goes to school out in Snow Valley, but still I・m happy you made it." "I still can・t believe ya have connections like this Pyra, crap I mean you get the sonic room for cryin・ out loud." "I know, I know, I・m just to spiffy." Pyra bowed slightly in her chair. "So Sparkler, how is school anyway, have you been doing like I told you?" Jubilee leaned back with a large smile. "Of course all yer advice was mega helpful. Everyone just thinks I・m tryin・ ta grow up." Pyra waved a waitress over and ordered two atomic cherries (which in case you didn・t know are the bomb, no pun intended. But it・s 7 Up or Sprite with clear cherry flavor, don・t ask me how, and blue food coloring.)

"So how is everything else ・round the school?" Jubilee went on about seeing Frosty shocked, and how the rest of her friends reacted to her change. How easy the tests were once she paid attention, even though it was starting to get boring because she knew what she was doing now. Then the all of the drama between students, and how she had gotten Penny to be a little less shy around others. Jubilee never really went into details, but she didn・t need to because it sounds pretty normal the way she explained it to Pyra.

Pyra of course already knew all the details, even the fact that Jubilee herself was a mutant, but Pyra didn・t really mind. It was just a safety precaution incase anyone else decided to eves drop.

"So, has Patch come up to visit you lately." Jubilee slapped her self on the forehead when she remembered. "Crap, he・s suppose ta come tomorrow!" Pyra arched her brow. "I don・t see a problem." Jubilee was slightly distracted by the headlining band taking the stage. "Sparkler!" The fiery girl snapped her silver armored fingers in front of Jubilee・s face. "What?! Oh yeah, he usually comes early and I completely forgot." Pyra・s eyes went wide with shock. "Then shouldn・t you not be here?" "I couldn・t miss the Deftones! Ya know they・re my favorite and they ain・t planning a tour after this one fer another couple months, and when they do tour again they miss Boston!" Jubilee downed the rest of her Atomic Cherry. "Okay, we・ve been doing this for about what four months?" Jubilee nodded. "Do you think they・re ready for the real you, or do you think they・d snap?" Jubilee thought for a moment.

They would know that for the past four months she had snuck out every Friday at eight, and then stayed out until one. They would also know that she went to a club in the worst part of Boston. Not only that but that she・d got several piercings when you needed parental consent. Then the fact that she knew how to sneak out of the school undetected.

"Oh crap・" Jubilee whispered. Pyra just shook her head and laughed. "Sweets, you were slick for a while but why must you forget to oil the gears?" Jubilee just rested her hands in her head and tried to think of a REALLY good lie. It wasn・t working.

"Come on sweets, I・ll be your fairy god mother and get you back home on time before they gut you like a pumpkin."

Taking the back way out of the club and into the parking lot. They climbed into the black jeep with fire detailed on the sides and a license plate that read, ・Bad Grrl・. And they were off toward the Snow Valley school, at midnight, going an average speed of at least eighty.

****** Logan couldn・t have been happier, he was on his way to see his Jubilee. Making sure she always surprised when he came to visit. Couldn・t let her think that he・d gotten predictable.

A black jeep with flames on the side ripped past him as three times the speed he was going on his hog. He just arched his eyebrow and growled. ・So, the little punks wanna challenge? Well I・ll give ・em one.・ Logan revved the engine and took off like a bat out of hell.

****** "Umm, Jubilee, why are you on the floor?" Pyra was trying to pay attention to the road, but she was starting to think someone might have slipped something in Jubilee・s drink.

"We passed a scoot, is he gone?" Pyra looked in all of her rear view mirrors. "Actually he・s gaining on us." Now she was just confused. "WHAT!?" Jubilee very carefully peaked out the back widow to see Wolverine on his Harley only about ten yards behind them. Which scared her for two reasons. One: she thought he had seen her, but if he hadn・t. Two: they were currently going ninety miles per hour. So if he hadn・t seen her, and he was still following them, it could only mean something bad.

"Are you going to tell me why you・re up set?" Pyra remembered something that Jubilee had told her Patch had a hog. ・Dear goddess that can・t be him!・ Looking in her mirror once more she saw a seemingly short man, who made up for his lack in height for excess in muscles. The hair on his head came to two points, and currently he was snarling. That was the man Jubilee had described to her.

"Bad, bad, bad!" Letting her four-inch red leopard platforms push the petal to the floor Pyra sped up. Wolverine just caught up with her. He wouldn・t go faster than she would, so she slowed down, and he slowed down. Growling because she・d now grown impatient with this little game, she rolled down her window to yell at him.

"Hey mister, mind telling me why you・re following me?"

"Yer the one looked like ya wanted ta drag race, I only accepted the challenge." Logan kept both eyes on the road knowing that to do otherwise might mean server injury. Pyra was happy he kept both eyes on the road because she was sure that if he were to glance over even once he・d see Jubilee. So she kept the same speed.

"Well I didn・t mean it like that, I have to be somewhere fast and you・re pissing me off." She growled again and pushed harder on the gas pedal.

"Sorry darlin・, seems ta me we・re going the same way. Ya don・t happen ta go ta the Academy up a ways do ya?" Pyra got a light bulb.

"Yeah I do, and I・m going to get kicked out if I miss curfew one more night." Logan laughed at that. It sounded like something Jubilee might do. Well actually they hadn・t gotten a bad call about her in four months.

"Alright kid, well I・m goin・ there too, slow it down an・ I・ll say I helped ya with a flat." Pyra smiled sweetly at Wolverine, rolled up her window and slowed down. They were only about a mile from the school anyway.

"What・are・you・doing." Came from the floor of the passengers side of the jeep.

"Getting us in. Now, get down in the back and cover up with that tiger blanket back there. Don・t move till I tell you to, and when I do get to your room ASAP." Jubilee started removing the jewelry and wiping off the makeup. She・d just taken off her shoes when they had entered the school grounds.

Logan motioned for her to park in the garage. Which she did and right before she got out she told Jubilee to leave as soon as she got the door shut. Pyra jogged over to where Logan was standing.

"Thank you sooo much, I don・t know what I would have done." She smiled her brightest.

"Didn・t know they let ya dress like that here." He motioned to her outfit.

"Oh this, yeah, well I was off school grounds. I・ll change when I get back up to my room." Logan was starting to get suspicious, he・d never smelt this girl before, and she didn・t sound like she would be new. They he thought about the curfew, he knew for everyone it was the same time, nine on school nights, and midnight on weekends. Today was definitely a school night.

"I don・t think I・ve ever seen ya here before, ya new or somethin・?" Pyra didn・t get nervous, she knew better. She didn・t know why she knew better but she did.

"Crap, I forgot my room key in the car, I・ll be right back." She ran back the garage, jumped in the jeep and ripped off down the road. She had only got about half way down the driveway before the car wouldn・t go any further. She nearly got whiplash when it stopped. She kept pressing the gas and the engine kept revving until something caught her eye in the rear view mirror.

There was a black girl at the back of her jeep lifting if off the ground so the tires just span. That just pissed Pyra off. Her jeep was her baby, you didn・t mess with her car. Slamming on the breaks, she hopped out of the car to face six people, and not a very happy bunch at that. These were the people Jubilee had told her about. ・Shit!・

Just then Sean came out of the school walking with Jubilee.

"What on earth is going on here? Who are you and how did you get in?" Emma Frost asked the odd looking girl "I got in because of him." She pointed to Wolverine. "Hey, she said she was a student." Wolverine glanced over at Jubilee quickly and did a double take. "Hey Irish, where・d ya fine Jubes?" He was beginning to piece this together. "Hallway by the kitchen, now that I think of it lass, ain・t it a bit late for Halloween?" Jubilee just scowled. "Yer dressed like Jubes is・" Walking over to Pyra・s car, he took a deep breath in and smiled. "Why is Jubes scent in yer car?" It was time for Pyra to leave, something rang in her head about over staying her welcome. Turning around quickly she made a mad dash for the car door which was left open. Unfortunately for her, Wolverine was a lot quicker than he looked. Now she was being held in midair by her neck.

"LEMME GO! I・LL SUE! PUT ME DOWN!" Again Logan just laughed. "Ya tell me what I want ta know an・ I・ll think ・bout lettin・ ya go." He smiled, if this girl fought much more he was going to have fun.

"Wolvie・PUT・HER・DOWN!" Jubilee・s teeth were gritted and she was angry. She hadn・t meant for Pyra to get involved in this and now it had gone to far. Wolverine arched his brow but did as Jubilee said. Seeing as how that was the only reason he cared about hurting this girl at all.

Pyra was promptly dropped on her butt, but got up and dusted herself off, swearing under her breath.

"Everyone, this is Pyra, Pyra, this is everyone." Jubilee knew she would have a lot of explaining to do. This was just the start.

"Yeah, nice to meet you." Sarcasm was dripping from every word.

"What is the meaning of this?" Emma looked very cross. It was one o・clock in the morning, Jubilee and some strange girl were sneaking onto the grounds, only from who knows where. Not a happy telepath.

"This, and I・m assuming you・re Ms. Frost, is life, and no one knows the meaning of life." Everyone but the White Queen had to hold back laughter. Sure it wasn・t that funny, but this girl had just met a pissy Ms. Frost, and was TRYING to make her worse.

"Jubilation you have three minutes to explain or you will be in detention for the rest of your after school career." Jubilee knew it was now or never to spill it.

"Well ya see Frosty, it・s like this. There・s this club in Boston and・" She was cut off in mid-sentence by Pyra who took over far more calmly than Jubilee was doing.

"The Deftones were playing and I needed someone to go with. So she said she・d come with." Emma looked at the girl and scanned her surface thoughts, she was telling the truth. Which she was, but she wasn・t telling all of the truth.

"And how exactly do you two know each other?" Emma had a feeling that if there was a lie it would crumble.

"Well actually, it・s kinda funny. You see, I was in the Sam Goody, crappy store that it is, but I was hoping they had the original White Pony CD, which they didn・t. Ruddy bastards. But anyway, she was there too and looking for the same one. So I did the small talk thing and asked her if her was going to the concert. She said no, then I asked her if she wanted to go with me. She said that she would never be able to because of curfew and stuff, so I volunteered to sneak her out." Pyra smiled brightly and batted her eyelashes.

"Jubilee, is that what happened?" Jubilee just nodded. Emma sighed. "Very well, it was peer pressure then. Jubilee go to bed, and you." She pointed to Pyra. "Do not corrupt my students any more, I have trouble trying to keep them in line as it is." Pyra smiled once more, got in her jeep and drove away. The rest of the students went back inside and back to bed, while Jubilee and Logan just stayed out a little longer.

"Why・d she lie fer ya kid?" Jubilee whipped her head around and looked at him with a shocked expression. "She didn・t lie." Jubilee wasn・t lying to Wolvie now either. That was how they met, and Pyra had asked her to sneak out. "Alright kid, I believe ya. Now, why do ya gotta ring in yer eyebrow?" Jubilee touched her the one ring she・d forgotten to take out and laughed nervously. "Umm, yeah, about that・" Wolverine let out a chuckle from somewhere deep in his chest. "S・okay darlin・ I won・t tell ・um. Actually I・m kinda happy yer not in ta that poppy music. Stuffs just a bunch o・ pansies singing about their girl friends. Never took ya fer nothin・ less then a rock kinda girl. I knew better." Jumping into Wolverine・s arms, Jubilee locked her arms around his neck in a bear hug. "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" "Now, ya got bigger things ta worry ・bout." She looked up at him her eyes a light with worry. "What would that be?" In a way she was afraid to find out. "Ya have ta keep it from the rest o・ ・em." Jubilee relaxed a little and sighed. Quickly a smile lit up her face. One Wolverine knew very well, it was the one she got when ever she had and evil light bulb, or an idea that was going to cause someone else much duress.

"Who said I have ta keep it from ・em, in fact I think I・ll keep up the good grades thing but go back to my old tricks. That way, Frosty will have less ta yell at me ・bout and I・ll still be able to twist her bondage gear the wrong way." Logan laughed once more at his wicked little angel. Yep, she was his girl.

The two of them walked in the house, once in their rooms, snuggly in bed, dreams of an irate Emma Frost danced in their heads.

In the morning Emma Frost awoke to find green Jell-O in her slippers, purple hair after her shower and plastic fingers in her breakfast. She now knew Jubilee had saved the worst two parts from this whole ordeal. The fact she could get up early and have coherent thought, not to mention enough pranks to make Bobby Drake lower his head in shame. Then she was blessed with one last shock for the morning.

Jubilee came down happy as ever and even wearing clothes she liked. Her old combat boots were back, along with a couple of new additions. Her blue plaid skirt was fringed with spikes, her legs clad in black stockings that had been slashed in several places revealing red stockings underneath. Her white shirt had the words Psychiatric Ward on the back and a patient number above the pocket in the front. Jubilee・s hair was done in spikes that clearly shown the blue, all of her piercings accounted for, and finally a black leather dog collar around her neck.

Smiling sweetly Jubilee asked Jono to pass the Sugar bombs. This was just the beginning for Punk Rock Jubilee.

The End. =)