Road Trip! : Part 2

by WhildChilds

(Disclaimer Wolvie and Jubes aren 't ours (sigh) They belong to Marvel. The song "Who let the dogs out?" isn't ours either. It belongs to the Baha Men.Neither does All-star it blongs to smashmouth.Basicly folks it's the same story but just part 2.So relax,put your feet up,grab a beer & enjoy)

That night at the hotel Jubilee was in the bathroom as Logan was waiting inpatiently.The blowdryer was on and had been on for a half hour. He looked at the clock on the drawer.

"Come on Jubes! You've been there for a hour. Other people need to use the bathroom!" he growled.

She stormed out of the bathroom and Logan cannot help but chuckle.She had on a mud mask,her hair still wet,wrapped in a towel.Her eyes fixed on him.


"Well there's always a first time." he smiled a wolfish smile on his face.

"Gad ya think I was storming out of the bathroom nude the way you look!" she said.

*Your'e lucky kid ya ain't. Otherwise I'd be tearing into ya* he thought..Then he smiled at her "Lucky for us.You might make me blind." he joked.

"Oh,for that I outta paff you! For your information there is not once of fat on this bod." she glared at him.

"No fat huh? Then I guess that it's all your butt." he joked.

'Ya know Wolvie your'e really a pain!" she smiled.

"Welcome to me without any beer." he teased.

"Well then let's fix that!"

"There's my little firecracker! But uh...Jubes your'e underage.Why don't we hit the sack?"

"Ok I call dibs on the left!" she teased.

"Better yet. Why don't you take the bed. I'll take the floor." as he grabbed the remaining pillows off the bed.

"I don't bite! Geeze we're only going to be sleeping." she huffed.

*It's not the sleepin darlin. I don't trust myself around ya.* he thought. "Ya snore darlin!"

"I don't snore! And you'd hear it from across the room with those *adorable* ears of yours." she sniped.

"You take the bed! I'll take the floor." he growled.

"Sheesh! Men!" she said and added gently "Nite Wolvie."

"Nite darlin." he said turning out the light.

The next morning Logan woke up at 5 am and Jubilee was sound asleep.He turned to the bed and watched her sleep.*Why did she have to grow up and make me think like a dirty old man?* Her one arm put under the pillow and the other limped over the bed and Logan wished he could get in there with her and cuddle up close beside her.The thin blanket could not hide her curves and Logan ached.*DIRTY OLD MAN!* he fumed at himself. *STOP IT! STOP IT! Ya can't think like that!* The beast growled back.*Look at her.Ya always admired the kid! Now let's admire the women!* he turned and walked outside to get some air as Jubilee opened up her eyes.

"Wolvie,what time is it?" she yawned.

"Early darlin. Go back to sleep." he whispered.

"Why? What's wrong?" she said as she came towards him and put her head on his shoulder."Sun's coming up. I haven't seen a sunrise with ya lately.It's really nice.Ya hungry?"

"Yeah.But sience when are you a early bird?"


"Oh yeah college." he growled.

"So let's go see if there's any morning specials?

*I'd like to be your morning special darlin.* "Sure kid let's go."

"Ok Wolvie rule number one no kid!"

"Rule number snoring and we'll share the bed!"

"Ok,we got a deal!"

There it's been said.They would never be the same.

"So breakfast then Logan."

"Yeah that'd be nice Jubes."He replied as the beast replied *You like it when she calls you Logan.See the way she looks at you.* "STOP!" he roared.

"What? Are you ok?"

"Fine darlin.Let's eat." he sighed.

The waitress looked over at them as they sat down.They ate happily and went back to the hotel room to pack up.Jubes had on a belly shirt and tight jeans as Logan looked at her as she smiled.

"Hey do you mind if I brush my teeth Logan?"

"Nope.I'm gonna brush my teeth after you." he smiled.

She walked into the bathroom ,and brushed her teeth,fixed her hair,into a high pontail.came out and waited on the bed.

"Well,how do I look?''

"Ya look good girl!" and then added "Ya look beautifull"

She blushed "thanks,you never called me beautifull before."

"Maybe I should more often.I'm sorry...I better go brush my teeth...but I did mean it!"

They packed their stuff up in the back of the jeep.As they were driving as they noticed a bunch of motorcyclists in front of them.*Maybe I should have brought the Harley.* as a rough smile crossed his face.Jubilee had seen that smile before and it made him absolutely sexy to her.

"Whaddya thinking Logan?" she teased trying her best M imitation.

"Just thinking about how we should brought the hog." Hell the thought of her hanging around his waist made his smile even wider.

"If I didn't know better your smile says so.......much"

"What does it say Darlin?" putting the emphesis on the word darlin.

She begins laughing hysterical as Logan shakes his head and starts to chuckle himself.

The laughter fades."Hey,mind if I play some tunes?"

"Nope." his smile doesn't fade."Getting a little too hot for ya Jubes?"

Nope,I can handle the heat fine you?"

"Yep.Can handle it just fine.Belive me darlin." he said wickedly.

"Ok" she replied as she turned on the radio.The song (''Who Let the Dogs Out? came on she sqeueled with delight "Oh my god this song is my fav it reminds me of you!"

"Uh thanks Jubes I think."

"Get back scruffy,Go Scruffy,Get back, la la.........sing!"

"Oh it's one of your favorites huh? Don't even know the words! Besides I like your version better especially the la la la part!" as he threw his head back laughing.

It's the first time that Jubilee heard him laugh in months*.Hadn't had much to laugh about i guess* he thought to himself

The next song was Allstar by Smash Mouth as Jubes started wiggling in the seat.

He snarled "Oh great...let me guess one of your favs too.Who are they? Smashing Pumpkins Mouth...I'm guessing.

"It's Smash Mouth god Wolvie,hey we've been driving for hours now I'm starving! You?"

"No actually I'm not.But I guess we can stop.Hey where are we anyway?"

"God Wolvie,wait a sec I'll check the map ahh.....Wolvie the map's not helping we're sortta lost!"

"Ok.We've been on several missions where we had no maps darlin and we got out alright.This time...."


"Darlin,Wait a minute! Did ya hear that? It sounded like that song Dueling Banjos! Oh God they're coming to get us!"

"Oh my god ,Oh my god!"

Logan pulled over and got out pulling the map behind him as Jubilee hypervantilated.He shook his head looking at her.She wasn't the same Jubes.She had gotten scared of everything...of course her and him went through some life altering events her with Zero Tolerance and him through Weapon X.They shared something that Kitty and him never could.

"Calm down darlin." he said soothing her hair."I ain't gonna let anything happen to ya.I promise."

"Pretty stupid ,I know I'm sorry!"She said as she put her head on his shoulders.

He tilted her head up to his and saw those beautifull pools of blue fill up as he leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.

"It's ok pun'kin.I ain't gonna let anybody hurt ya again." he straightened his shoulders pushed out his barrel chest and looked at the map."So do we want to get out of this place,or are we gonna let the things that torture us get the better of us?"

She thought to herself *That kiss,Oh god it was incredible.Did he realize what he just did? Did he mean to or was he just caught up in the moment? I can't even think straight!*

"Jubes? Earth to Jubilee? Ya there kid?" Logan said but he knew the minute he kissed her,her eyes became even more beautifull and he realized he was falling for her.....HARD!

"I'm here just thinking,um.......

"You ok? I didn't scare ya did I? It's not like......nothin."

"What were you gonna say?"

"Well it definitly wasn't a pity kiss...What I'm trying to say to ya Jubes It's been a year sience you came back from college I've noticed how much I missed ya...almost too much! Kitty was getting on my nerves with her husband trouble with Petey and I was so absorbed with Jean that I forgot's just that I've noticed you weren't that little girl anymore!" He couldn't believe he was babbaling on like Beast does with Trish.Him the mighty Wolverine falling for a 18 year old girl.Christ he was old enough to be a great great grandfather.He remembered something he always felt so young with her."I missed us Jubes."

She took a deep breath."Me too!" teasing him "So you noticed I'm not so little anymore?"

Logan heaved a deep sigh and didn't answere.His heart was in his throat he just looked at Jubilee and said to her ever so gently."Let's take it one step at a time Jubes.Ok?"

"Ok,let's get outta here." she said holding back her emotions.

"Let's do this.First of all you stay here.I'm gonna scout around..."

"Your'e gonna leave me in the middle of nowhere!" she cried.

"Well your'e big girl now.Ya don't need the old canucklehead protecting ya." he said as he lit up a cigar.

"I guess little old me can manage but,please don't be long ok?" P "I won't be." he promised.

He walked into the woods to find out any kind of road signs,anything to show them where they were.Jubilee in a nervous habit of hers stuck a piece of gum and popped it insesively.He came back and got into the jeep.

"Well ya gettin in darlin?" he smiled at her.

"Where are we Wolvie?"

"Georgia.not exactly where I wanted to be but wer'e here."

Jubilee jumped in as Logan started the engine as he looked at her.He wondered what had happened to her and her fiance.Logan never met the guy she said his name was Daniel Reed.If he ever met this guy Logan would kill him.After all he did take care of her sience she was 12.Jubes said he was good looking,smart,and very much in love with her that was until she found him in bed with another women.Poor Jubilee,when she came home that night she sat on his bed and cried all night.It made Logan madder then hell in fact he wanted to get that kid into the danger room with him just for one moment! His face was stone cold as all his face muscles tensed.Jubilee touched his shoulder as he relaxed.

"Wolvie? Are you alright? Your'e not thinking of Jean are ya?" she whispered.

"Yeah darlin," he lied."I can't keep my mind off of her!" he smiled a tired smile "Actually I was thinking about your fiance."

"Daniel? Why would you be thinking of him?" she wondered.

"I'm just mad at him Jubes! I just wish I met the guy...." he sighed.


"So I could get him in the danger room and show him..."

Jubilee finished his sentance "A world of hurt." and sighed.

"yeah." his breath came in short bursts.

"That's how I feel about Jean,I don't think she knows how much she hurt you." she whispered.

"I feel the same way about Daniel.Listen Jubes I know we've been through a lot.You were there for me when Mariko and Silverfox died darlin,you were also cared for me when my adamantium was ripped out,you rescued me so often."

"It's the same way you did for me Wolvie." she held his hand tightly.

"But not enough darlin.I wasn't there for ya when Bastion got hold of ya! The bastard! You needed me and I wasn't there for ya because I was too freakin stubborn!" he hit the wheel in anger.

"Logan,calm down!," she whispered "Wer'e for each other that's all that matters."

"I guess your'e right darlin." he sighed then he smiled then turned on the radio.

*Guess the conversation is closed.* Jubilee thought and looked at the road silently.The radio blared as Logan looked over at it with irritation and shut it off.They both sat there in silence as the miles rolled by.*I wonder if she would like to go up to my cabin with me.Better not think about it.* he frowned at the thought.Both of them were silent for hours which was very odd for Jubilee to do.They passed several hotels and Jubilee noticed it.*Where are we going?* she wondered.

"Jubilee?" he whispered.

"Hmm." she said.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go somewhere just off the beaten path with me?" he said quietly.

"Sure where?" she grinned.

"I'm getting tired of sleeping in hotels so I was thinking if you wouldn't be totally "freaked" if you'd like to drive a few more hours and go to a campground with me? I have a tent in the back.I even brought two sleeping bags!"

"Sure I'd love to!" she said.

"Why don't you sleep I'll take care of the rest." he said as she shook her head and started to doze off.

The next few hours went by slowly as Jubilee was asleep and Logan had no one to talk to.It was the first time in the two days that he had peace and quiet and he didn't like it.He liked hearing her chatter endlessly he hated the silence.He hated to think about what he was getting away from.*Oh Jean darlin why did he have to come back? I was so blasted happy! So were you I think.At least I was.I was only gone for two days I had to do something up north and when I came back there was nothing I wanted to do then to climb back into your arms until I saw him in my place.I'll never forget it 'Hi Logan.You thought I was dead well I'm back and I'm taking back my wife!' You didn't even tell him Red did ya? Now I'm on this road trip with Jubes and falling hard for her! Oh Jean I miss you! I will always love ya darlin but there's someone else taking your place and I don't know how long I can keep her at bay...not that I want to.* With that he turned on the radio real low so as not to wake her and turned it quickly off it was playing 'I would do anything for love (but I won't do that) by Meatloaf (AGAIN NOT OURS SO YOU CAN'T SUE US !Sorry ahem) the song that she chose for the bride and groom song.There was a little campground off the side of the road as he pulled off,set up the tent,rolled out the sleeping bags and woke up Jubilee.

"Hey Jubes wer'e here." as he brushed the hair from her eyes.

"Wolvie? What time is it?" as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"8 in the evening." he chuckled."I set up the tent so you can just snuggle into into your sleeping bag.You'll be as snug as a bug in a rug."

''Great,"she yawned"I'm so tired,you coming to bed?"

"How forward of you J! I'm impressed you actually know how to get a man to come into bed." he teased."However there are two sleeping bags darlin."

''Yeah but it wouldn't be so bad if we did share them?'' Jubilee teased him.

"Yeah but if I didn't know better I'd think you have a little more then a crush on me. I set up a fire and I got smores that have your name on it." he applogized.

*Crush? You have no idea Wolvie!* "Let's eat thoose smores k!''

"Your'e avoiding me darlin.Why? Are you so scared of me? Afraid that I may be too rough for ya darlin?" he whispered in her ear seductively.

''No,I just i.......'' she stammered.

"Ya got feelings for me? That's alright so do I...Like I said darlin,let's just take it one step at a time....I lo..Let's eat."

''Ok,sounds good."

"Yeah.." he sighed.

After the steaks and smores Logan looked at her in the firelight as she shivered.He walked over to her and put his leather jacket around her shoulders.She looked so beautifull in the light.He wanted to go over to her and kiss her again,to take her into his arms,to hold her close to him,sleep with her,make love to her,and just let the animal devour her from head to foot.She had seen that animal and took him in her arms and held him close.

Jubilee looks at him."So,what are you thinking about?"

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