Road Trip! Part 1

by WhildChilds

(Disclaimer,Wolverine and Jubilee are not ours! (sigh) They belong to Marvel.The song I DO (CHERISH YOU) also does not belong to us.It belongs to Mark Willis.This is just a story about them going on a much needed road take back their broken hearts.Sit back,relax,pull up a beer and relax)

It was 12:45 in the morning as Jubilation Lee knocked on Logan's door.The 18 year old wore a faded pink t-shirt and there was nobody that she wanted to be with then the man behind this door,her best friend,partner,her "Wolvie".They have been through a lot togather and with the X-men.She hoped he was there and awake otherwise he would be cranky.

"Wolvie are you there? It's me!" she whined.

No reply.She tried again this time a little louder.

"All right guess your'e not there! I need to talk to you!" she whined even louder.

She had grown up.She had changed from this malll rat into this sopisticated young women.Her long black hair flowed freely over her shoulders,her eyes glittered with the same sparks which earned her the nickname "his little firecracker".She had just graduated from college and was planning to get married.


She knocked a third time.hoping he was in there.She heard the bedsheets rumple as she smiled.HE WAS IN THERE! she tought excitedly.Probably more depressed then she was.Jean and him were also planning to get married until Scott her presumed dead husband came back.Worse then any soap opera.

Logan rubbed his tired eyes and opened up the door to find his "not so little" Jubilee.


"Gosh Wolvie what a grump.I thought I might come in and cheer you up! Actually I thought both of us could use some cheering up after all both of us did just got dump..."

She never finished her sentence as he stepped away from the door and ushered her in.

"All right darlin you got me! Come on on in!"

Jubilee came in and sat on his bed and recalled all those times when she came in into his room, after a nightmare, those long talks into the night until dawn, the tears on his shoulder. This was also the room that she fall in love with him although she would die before she admitted to it.She could still smell his cologn,his leather jacket,and the smell of those rancid cigars.those smells always comforted her.

"What do ya want?" as he yawned.

"Well actually I was gonna ask you if you would like to do something crazy with me?" she teased him as she tousled his hair.

"What?" he replied.

"Well when I was in college if I had something to think about I would go on a road trip" she giggled "And I was wondering if you'd like to go with me tomorrow?"

"Look kid I appreciate it.But I just want to be alone." he quietly said.

"Well I was just asking you Wolvie! Jeeze you don't have to bite my face off! I'd really like to be with you." she fumed.

"Thanks darlin but no thanks! I just want to be alone." as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Well Wolvie if you change your mind just tell me.I'd really like to go with you.It's been forever since we've done something togather.Just think about it k?" As she walked out the door.

Jubilee smiled her smile his direction as he was shutting the door.

"I'll think about it kid." he quietly added.

"I ain't leaving without ya!" she called to him as she closed her own door."Nite Wolvie!"

"Nite Jubilee." he said with deep affection

After his door shut she smiled broadly she knew when he said "I'll think about it," meant yes.

It was the morning rush, the whole team was at breakfast.Chairs pulled up,everyone digging in,Hank yapping on about air speed falocity,Bobby pulling pranks,Rouge and Remy playing footsies under the table,and Scott and Jean making eyes at each other.It made Jubes sick just looking at those two as she sat down at her regular seat waiting for Logan.She had hoped that he was coming down to eat.Logan had always loved Jean and it wasn't until Scott supposebly died that her and Logan became much more warmer.He was so happy! He even asked her to get married and she said yes.Jubes was more then thriled that was until Scotty boy showed up.Jean completely forgot her engagement to Logan then had the adducity to tell him it was over! He had taken it hard and had not talked to either one of them.Logan came down stairs,his hair still wet after taking a shower,chest exposed and Jubilee couldn't keep her eyes off of him.

"Morning Jubes.Sleep well?" he replied."Pass the sausages will ya darlin?"

"Here ya go Wolvie!"

He ate without acognogling Jean or Scott.After breakfast Logan stopped at Jube's door.

"Jubes ya in there darlin?"

"Yeah Wolvie come on in!" she excitedly said while packing a duffel bag in a hurry.

He smiled at her."When do you wanna leave kid?"

"How about now?" she said still packing.

"Now sounds like a great time!" he smiled at her.

"I thought as much with the 2 of them all over each other." she giggled.

Logan chuckled again as he headed down to his room. Within a half an hour the two of them were packed and ready to go. They left a letter to Chuck explaining where they were going and headed down to the jeep.Jubes and him threw their stuff into the back and got in.

"Oh wait a sec! I forgot something!" she yelled

She scrambled from the back and pulled out the cowboy hat that Logan gave her.He started laughing as she put on her head.

"All right ya old Canucklehead I'm ready!" she squealed.

He gunned the engine as they drove out of the garage. A few hours on the road Logan looked over at Jubilee. She looked so beautiful in his old hat, her long hair in a braid, picking up highlights that he never noticed before, her blue eyes looked like a clear blue sky.*How did she get so bautifull?* he thought.She caught him staring as the wind whipped her hair.

"What?" she giggled.

"Nothin.Ya hungry?"


They saw an old diner at the side of the road at a rest stop. Jubilee looked at it and bulked,and looked at him.He chuckled.

"What's your problem darlin?"

"Nothin it's just..nothin.I guess college really did me in."

Logan groaned and said "Don't tell me you're a vegetarian?"

Jubes laughed "No! Nothing like that,it's just that I've never been to a diner with a man before. I mean with boys..."

Logan's eyebrows shot up "Been with boys?"

Jubilee sighed "Not that way jeeze.I just meant."

"Been with boys?" Logan repeated.


"Jubes!" he replied laughing."Come on darlin let's eat."

The waitress walked up to them,holding a menu for both of them. She was a blonde bombshell that Logan would turn his head.

"Hi there! What can I get for you?" she smiled.

"Yeah your phone number darlin." he smiled.

The waitress and Logan laughed as Jubilee turned away. She was getting jealous and she had to control it. He ordered a burger,fries,and a beer.The waitress now looked at Jubes as she ordered the same minus the beer.Later when the meal was eaten Jubes decided to go over to the jukebox as Logan looked at her.

"There's nothing good on this thing except country Wolvie." Jubilee whined.

"See if they have any Brooks and Dunn darlin." he chuckled.

"Are they any good?"

He smiled as he went over to her as she caught her breathe at the sight of him.He looked so good.He caught sight of a slow song as he punched the number. It was a slow song called "I DO [CHERISH YOU!) by Mark Willis as he caught her in his arms as he danced with her. After the song he didn't let go of her and smelled her as she blushed in his arms. They paid the bill and got up to the door as a huge guy blocked the way.

"Listen little girl what are you doing with this little runt?"

"Listen bub.This little lady is with me," he snarled

Jubilee grabbed his sleeve and tried to pull him away. The dude was about 7 feet tall, 250 pounds and looked a little worse for wear. The guy reeked of whiskey as he grabbed Jubilee.

"I suggest ya let the kid go. Looks like you need a lesson in how to treat women." Logan snarled.

"And how are ya planning to do that ya little midget?" the dude said.

*SNICK* The claws were extended as Jubes smiled.

"Maybe you like to rephrase the question bub! I'm sure my 6 little friends would love to meet ya!" Logan smiled.

The big guy stepped away. No way did he want to deal with a guy with 10 inch claws coming out of his knuckles. He smirked at the guy and escorted Jubilee out.

"Ya know Wolvie you didn't have to pop them."

"I know darlin.But I would miss the precious look on his before he wet himself." He said.

Jubilee laughed and smacked him as he gave a fake moan.

"Looks like we're gonna have to find a hotel for tonight."Jubes said.

"Yeah I'm a little tired darlin.Over on the other side there's a hotel.Ya wanna stay there?"

They went over to the hotel and got a reservation.

"Um we're gonna need 2 rooms." Logan said.

"Sorry pal. We have one room tonight with a king size bed," the clerk said

Jubes and Logan sighed.

"Guess we'll take it bub!" he sighed.

(Well that's the end of part one. Stick around for part two. Wonder where it will lead. All comments or complaints are needed)