Jubilee's Sinister Gift


This Is What Happens When You Geet Dragged Out To Go Grocery Shopping

 by Jason Barnett, Calypso, Jassa, Jefflvr, Jerica, JT, Salamander


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She opened her eyes. 'Where am I?'

She tried to sit up, but had to lay back down. Her head hurt too much. 'What happened? Why can't I remember?'

She looked around. Her eyesight was blurry. She could make out that she was outside, maybe in an alley. She was lying on the ground. There was a figure lying to the right of her.

Who was it? She couldn't tell. Her eyesight was too blurry. She reached over and touched the figure. Using all of her strength, she pulled it to her. 'Miss Frost? Oh my God! I can't see good, but I can tell she isn't doing good.'

"Miss Frost. Wake up, please. Please, wake up. Please, be able to wake up. Please..." She started shaking the still figure of Emma Frost. Emma wasn't dead, or anywhere near it, but she still wasn't doing good.

"Paige?" Someone called out her name, but who?

"Who is it?" Paige asked, she was still shaking Emma.

"It's me, chica. Are you okay? How's Frost?"

"I'm fine." She lied. She still couldn't sit up. "And Miss Frost isn't going to die, but she's still hurting."

"I'm glad someone's doing good. I'm really dizzy and can't move that much. I think I was drugged. I think I see someone a few feet from me but because I can't move much, I can't help them."

"Does he look okay?"

"Actually, I think it's a she. I can make out the yellow coat. Jubilee isn't moving, that I can tell. Jubilee? Jubilee? Chica? Jubilita? Wake up!"

For a while, there was silence. "I don't feel so good, guys."

"Jubilee? What's wrong?" Paige was worried. Jubilee wouldn't let on to being hurt, unless it was bad.

"I'm bleeding. Bad. And I think I'm going to puke. Besides that, I'm fine."

"Bleeding, chica? You sure?"

"Well, there is this dark, sticky liquid thing coming out of me, and it hurts where it's comin' out. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm bleeding."

"Jubilee, are ye puttin' pressure on it?" Asked the voice of Sean Cassidy. "I just woke up. I must have been hit on the head hard, it hurts ta even think. I don't think I can make it over to ye."

"Got pressure. OH GOD!!!! I really don't feel good! Ya guys mind if I puke my guts out 'fore I bleed them out?"

"'Course not, lass. Do whatever ye hav ta."

When she was done, everyone found out exactly how bad off she was; she couldn't seem to catch her breath. She even started to wheeze a bit and then came a coughing fit. "Shit!" It was said under her breath, but everyone heard it.

"What is it, Jubilee?" Paige asked.

"I think I'm coughing up blood."

Angelo managed to make his arm grow and he careful pulled Jubilee over to him. "Don't worry, chica. I got ya now."

"Where are the others?" Sean asked.

"You don't remember?" Jubilee asked.

"I don't remember." Paige said.

"Nor do I." Came from Sean.

"Me neither, chica. Where are they?"

"At the school, or they should be. We got dragged out to go grocery shopping...*cough, cough*... the other three got to stay... *cough* ... this is the last time I'm comin' with you guys to the store."

"That sounds right, even though I don't remember it." Emma said.

"Are you all right, Miss Frost?" Paige asked.

"I'm fine, Paige. What's wrong with Jubilee?"



"Omigod! She's been slashed, bad," Paige replied as she examined the wounds on Jubilee.

"Yes, my Marauders, do tend to overdo things," their attacker revealed himself, but what the Gen Xers saw was quite, sinister.



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"Angelo, you grab Jubilee's legs, ah'll get 'er feet, lad," Sean Cassidy rose to his feet he had a large bump on his head and his arm was bleeding. "Where's me jeep?"

"It's still in the parking lot, y'all," Paige announced she had husked her injuries away but still had a pounding headache.

"What about him?" Emma referred to the motionless carcass that was Sinister.

"Leave him," Sean replied. "We need to get out of here before he regenerates." They rushed to the jeep and Sean drove off to the nearest hospital.



Sinister woke up and sat. His Marauders were standing behind him. He stood up and faced them. "We have to get to the girl. I wasn't completely truthful with them about what I have done to her. I wasn't completely truthful with you, either."

The Marauders didn't like what he was saying. "What haven't you told us?" Scalphunter asked.

"Well, after her hands are eaten away, she will begin to regenerate. The vaccine I gave to her has, in theory, given her a healing factor. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. With enhanced powers and an added healing factor, she would make a great Marauder. So, along with the vaccine, I used some 'techniques'. Those techniques, along with some of the chemicals in the vaccine, should turn her against the X-Men and GenX. I don't know how far she'll go, though. She may just hate them, or she make become a cold-blooded, blood thirsty killer. When I say blood thirsty, I mean it, literally. Now, we must go get her."


Emma was driving. Paige was in the passenger seat. Sean and Angelo were in the back seat, Jubilee lying on their laps.

Jubilee opened her eyes. She had a weird feeling in her hands, kind of like how it feels after your hands just fell asleep.

"Tis okay, lass. We're gettin' ye to the hospital."

The feeling started to get more and more painful. Tears began pouring out her of eyes. "I'd rather die! Just let me die!" She started to yell. The pain only got worse. Soon, she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Then, she felt it. She felt her hand burning, from the inside. Jubilee got scared. She couldn't feel some parts of her hands. She didn't want to think that the reason why was because she no longer had those parts of her hands.

While this was happening, Sean had been putting pressure on her gashes. With his other hand, he had lifted her head up and was trying to calm her down.

Emma began to drive faster. She didn't think she could stand it if another one of her students died.

Paige couldn't stand doing nothing while one of her best friends was suffering so badly. She had gotten out of her seat. Paige was stroking Jubilee's forehead with one and was holding one of Jubilee's cheeks with the other. She was saying comforting words to her.

Angelo had seen a lot of things when he had run with a gang. He had never seen ANYTHING that could compare to what he was seeing, though. He watched Jubilee's hands being eaten away. It was the most sickening sight he had ever seen. It took all he had from puking.

Jubilee could feel something happening. It was a different feeling than her hands being eaten away. It wasn't painful. In fact, it was taking her pain away.

She started to calm down. Her screams stopped. "Wha-what's ... happenin'?" She asked between her sobs.

"I don't know, lass..."

"Senor Cassidy!!! Her hands ... they're ... growing back ... their gettin' normal!!"

"I ... I can feel ... my hands." Jubilee said. "What about my ... gashes?"

Sean pulled up his hand and looked down. "They're almost completely better, lass. I think yuir goin' to be just fine."

After a few minutes of silence, Jubilee felt completely better. She didn't like the fact that she was in a jeep, being looked after by some of the members of GenX, though. In fact, she had the urge to practically kill them.

"Hey, Cassidy. Remember when ya said I was gonna be fine a few minutes ago? Well, I think yar right. I wouldn't be too sure 'bout ya guys bein' fine, though."

"What do ye mean by that?"



Jubilee blasted the members of Generation X that were present sending them flying from Sean's jeep. Skin was knocked unconscious by Jubilee's new boosted pafs. The White Queen had time to send a telepathic cry for help to the school before she hit the road headfirst. Husk husked to steel so her landing didn't hurt and Banshee prevented himself from hitting by using his sonic powers to fly. He landed but Jubilee was on him before he could defend himself. She drove her knee into his groin then as he bent from that blow she brought it up into his face repeatedly knocking him out. She turned to face Paige and blasted her with her pyrotechnics driving her into Sean's jeep.

Paige rose quickly however still being in steel form. "Jubilee, what are you doing?" she yelled. "I'm taking you losers out." was the reply. "But why?" Paige rolled out of the way of another fireworks blast. "'Cause I feel like it that's why." Jubilee had a really nasty grin on her face as she continued firing on her.

Truthfully Jubilee couldn't think of the reason why she hated her teammates so much right now. She just knew she hated the thought of them watching over her like she needed those losers to protect her. Thinking about it though she realized she hated the idea of having anyone around her period. Anyone up to and including Leonardo DiCaprio.

To the left of them a teleportation portal opened to reveal Gateway, Chamber, M and Synch. Jubilee immediately spun and fired full force at them. Gateway opened himself another portal, Synch dove out of the way but M was hit and thrown into Chamber. It had little effect Monet but Jono was knocked out. Everett called out to Paige " What's she doing? Why is Jubilee attacking us?". He attempted to dodge another shot but was caught on his arm. "Look Jubes, I don't want to hurt you but I will defend myself." He synched to her and gasped in shock as the pain in his arm disappeared. He looked down to see the burnt and bleeding skin healing. 'A healing factor from Jubilee, how did she get that power, where did it come from?'. He was so distracted that he didn't see Jubilee raise her hands to hit him with another round super-powered pafs and would have been hit if Monet hadn't hit here with all her strength. Jubilee went flying and when she landed she felt several ribs crack and then begin to heal. Everett was focusing on her again and sent out a stream of fireworks at her. Jubilee rolled out of their way but when she got back to her feet Paige and Monet shattered her jaw . It began to heal instantly but Jubilee started running to the outskirts of town.

Monet started to follow but Paige grabbed her shoulder. "We've got to check on the others and make sure they're all right we can track her down later." Everett spoke as they began to check on their teachers and fellow students, "You know her running from us could be a good thing like when I was trying to fight off Emplate's control." "Maybe but this is most likely a very different situation, I don't think my brother had anything to do with Jubilee turning on us. Besides she didn't seem to be trying to stop herself she ran when we began to gain an advantage over her," Monet replies. "Unless Emplate has started working with Mr. Sinister, no he didn't have anything to do with this," Paige said. "What's Sinister got to do with this?" a new voice asked. The three teens looked over to see another of Gateway's portals. Wolverine stepped out of it follow by Cyclops, Phoenix, Cannonball and Beast. Paige proceeded to tell them what happened with Mr. Sinister and how Jubilee had gone psycho after Gateway took them all to the school's Medlab.

"All right, Jubilee's got almost a twenty minute lead on us " Cyclops stated while Beast tended to the injured, "so going back and trying to track her is really impractical. Even with your sense of smell, Logan." He glanced at Wolverine who hadn't said a word the entire time. He had an expression on his face that showed his extreme concern for the girl who was like a daughter to him and kept popping his claws in and out. "Jean can use the Cerebro hook-up here to search for her." "It may take some time," Jean admitted, 'Jubilee has always had excellent psi-shields."

Jubilee had been running to the last place they expected her to be headed to. The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. She may have hated everyone there but all her stuff was there and she couldn't exactly travel accross the country with just the clothes on her back. Jubilee was going to head to find Bastion and then those to thugs who had killed her parents and she would probably think of a few more people to take along the way. She figured that she could get to the school and get out before they arrived and if she couldn't. Well she'd deal with them however she needed to. Suddenly she felt nauseous and the entire world seemed to flip upside down. Jubilee collapsed to the ground.

"Hello Miss Lee, I do apologize for having Vertigo do this to you but I wanted to make sure you would hear me out." Mr. Sinister spoke. " I am aware of your altercation with Generation X and thought you might be able to help you somewhat."

Jubilee almost laughed at that what did this monster think he could do for her. She forced open her eyes and saw him with all of the Marauders. In this condition there wasn't much she could do she couldn't even tell if she was pointing at them or just thought she was the world was spinning so badly. Although it almost seemed like Vertigo was letting up slightly.

"I understand why you would have problems with them after all have they ever shown you the respect you as a former X-men deserved." And as for the X-men themselves what did you do to deserve to be sent to live with these children."

Jubilee realized as the effects of the Vertigo's powers lessened that the Marauder wasn't doing it herself. She had shown no sign of relaxing at all which considering how tense she looked directing her powers so they were decreasing for some other reason. Then it hit her. 'My new healing factor it's trying to undo the effects of her power 'cause they're exactly like what you get when you actually got vertigo.'

Mr. Sinister continued, "Getting to the point, I would like to offer you a membership in my Marauders. They would be available to help you deal with the X-men and GenX and anyone else you might feel the need to eliminate for wrong doings to you."

Jubilee laughed. "Look Sinny, I don't need the Marauders to deal with anyone I want to takeout. 'Sides, I may not like GenX or the X-men much right now but I got big ol' hitlist and considerin' not an hour and a half ago you almost cost me my hands you're a lot higher up on it than they are." She forced herself to stand and let loose with every thing she had. Which now was quite a bit of power. Sinister was badly injured (but regenerating), most of the Marauders were dead and the few that survived weren't going to last an hour before they kicked off. Jubilee smileed at her handiwork and resumed her trip.

Back at Xaviers...

"I think I've got her," Jean told the group around her, "I can at least get within a mile." " Good," Logan growled, "Gateway get us to where Jean say she is and we can catch up pretty quick. I want to find out what the hell is she doin' this for.

Gateway teleported the two teams except for Beast and the injured members of GenX to where Jean told him telepathically. They arrived at the area where Jubilee faced the Marauders and were shocked at the devastated bodies. "Are any of them alive?" Cyclops asked. "Yes," Jean answered him, "Probably not for much longer but I should be able to scan their minds to find out what we need to know." Jean found the encounter with Jubilee and Sinister explaining to the Marauders what he was planning in the grocery store and relayed it to the others.

No one noticed Logan sniff at the air to catch Jubilee's scent and then take off they were so busy staring at the damage Jubilee had done

"Isn't that a bit presumptuous by him?" Monet asked. "I know it is possible to use chemicals to trigger certain emotions but to just assume that he could control who the emotions were directed at."

"Yes, but Sinister always thinks his experiments will work out like he wants them to." Jean informed her. "Now that we know what's wrong with her maybe we can help her," Cyclops stated," Logan if you can get her.... Where'd Logan go?"

Wolverine was running to catch up with Jubilee. He'd never been this worried about her before but something was seriously wrong with her. Way worse than he expected. The normally happy young girl's scent stank of anger and hatred.

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Jubilee had started her run a few minutes before Sinister had. He needed time to regenerate. He was catching up on her, though. 'I need to get her. If I don't, this whole experiment will have been a waste.'


Logan could smell Sinister on the same trail that he smelled Jubilee. He could tell that Sinister was following Jubilee because his scent was stronger than hers. 'If he lays another finger on her, he's dead!'


"Jubilation! Don't be this foolish! I can get you to whoever you're after in a matter of hours. If you keep running, it could take you days. Then, of course, there's the X-Men. They won't stop coming after you until they have you." Sinister had caught up with Jubilee. He was still a good ten feet behind her, though. He didn't want her to feel pressured.

Sinister's words made her stop. She turned around. "I'm not completely stupid! If I went with ya, I'd havta do somethin' for ya. I'm not gonna be one of yar slaves!"

"I'm not asking you to be. I just want to help you. See, I'm more than positive we have at least some of the same enemies. I help you get to them, you kill them. That simple. And, what about the X-Men and GenX? You wouldn't have to worry about them ever trying to get you back. If you want revenge on them, well, far be it from me to tell you that I couldn't help you. What do you say?"

"I'll answer for the girl, bub!" *SNIKT* " The answer is no!" Wolverine ran headlong for Sinister.

Before Wolverine could get five feet from him, Sinister gave off a psi-blast. Wolverine went down, eyes closed. Sinister turned to Jubilee. "He'll be out for a good thirty minutes. What do you say, Jubilation?"

"Why didn't you kill him?"

"I wasn't sure if that was what you wanted. Is that what you want?"

"I'm not sure yet. I'll go with you. I'm not sure about being a Marauder, though..."

"Either you come with me and join my Marauders or you go on your own."




Jubilee was currently faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life. Whether or not to Join Mr. Sinister's Marauders.

'I could use him to help me deal with Bastion and then the X-men. After that I could just ditch...WHAT AM I THINKING!!???? Sinister doesn't get used by people, he uses them. If I join him and he suspects I might do something against him he'll just kill me and clone a new me that'll be loyal to him.'

"Yo Sinister, This is, like, a major decision here. Can I have a few minutes to think it over?"

"Certainly Miss Lee, you may have five minutes." 'and if you don't come with me willingly, then I will have just have to take you with me.'

"Thanks." 'Okay got to try to think this through. God, I'm so angry, I hate them being around me, I can't concentrate on anything, wonder if this is what Wolverine's rages feel like. Obviously Sinny's got something to do with why I feel this way. Two hours ago the X-men and GenX were some of my best friends now I want to kill them and just about everyone else I've ever known. Even if I did just cut loose and do it should I join him. I mean once he has you he's got you for good. If you try to leave you can end up like Gambit or if you die he just makes a new you. I can't go with Sinister no matter what. Whether I take on the X-types or not I'm going to do it alone.'

"Look Sinny I appreciate the offer but I'm gonna head out on my own now." Jubilee then made one of the biggest mistakes of her life. She turned her back on Mr. Sinister. She hadn't taken two steps before an energy blast hit her in the middle of the back. To her surprise her new healing factor didn't immediately begin to heal the wound. She heard Sinister's footsteps as he approached her. He spoke as he picked her up. "I'm sorry you feel that way but I believe I can change your mind."

'I had hoped it wouldn't come to this,' Sinister thought to himself, 'Marauders are so much more effective when they are willing.' He prepared to teleport back to his lab but dropped Jubilee as a pair of red energy blasts slammed into his back. They didn't begin to regenerate as normal. He stood and turned to see Cyclops and Synch firing optic blasts at him. He didn't have time to dodge them before they slammed into him and injured his body again. Surprisingly the copied optic beams from Synch were proving just as effective as Cyclops' own. Sinister had been hit with powers virtually identical to Cyclops' energy beams but they had never had the same effect before. Realizing he couldn't beat both teams attacking him when both Cyclops and Synch were able to hurt him he teleported out disappointed with the loss of Jubilee but resolving to pay closer attention to Everett Thomas from now on.

Jean went to check on Logan as the other members of the two teams slowly approached Jubilee. Her healing factor was just beginning to fix the injury Sinister had inflicted however it had already healed the bump on her head where she had been dropped. 'His energy blasts must be tough to heal. After all Wolverine always took forever to heal after being hit with 'em,' she thought. Seeing Scott Summers and Everett Thomas injure him she had caused her to realize something. She wouldn't be able to take him on alone if he continued to try and "recruit" her. Want to or not she was going to have to stick with them.

She pushed herself up to her knees and looked at them as they approached her. "Back off," she growled at them. They stopped where they stood. Paige spoke to her' "Jubilee, we just want to make sure you're all right. We are your friends." "I don't care, but unfortunately right now I seem to need your help so I won't try to kill you. But keep your distance."

"All right, that's fair enough," Cyclops agreed. "But we want to talk to you about this at the school. Will you come with us?". Jubilee nodded. "Good, Jean how is Logan doing?" "He seems to be all right, he's healing quickly." "That's good. Gateway would you please teleport us back to the medlab?"

Gateway didn't answer of course but he did open another portal. The teams then stepped through it with Jean telekinetically carrying Wolverine. Jubilee went last walking slowly because of her injuries and because she wanted to keep as large a distance as possible from the others.

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Jubilee looked around as she got out of the portal. She was in the med-lab, surrounded by the members of GenX and the X-Men. Beast started to approach her, but was stopped by Scott's hand.

"I'm fine." Jubilee hissed at Beast. She walked to a chair, picked it up, and carried it over to the window. She put it down and sat on it. "Ya wanted ta talk, so talk."

Scott stepped forward a bit. "Jubilation..."

"It's Jubilee."

"Jubilee, you aren't acting like yourself. Sinister did this to you..."

"You think I'm that stupid?!? That I wasn't able to figure that out myself?!? Oh, wait a minute!!! I'm sorry! I forgot! I AM the stupid one!!! I mean, that's how everyone sees me! Go on, Cyke. What were ya goin' ta say?"

"Nobody thinks ya're stupid..."

"Oh, really? First of all, you are one of the people who can't really talk 'bout that. Second of all, that wasn't what ya were first goin' ta say. My patience is runnin' low. Get to it!"

"Jubilee, let us help you. Let us fix what Sinister has done to you."

Jean gave her husband a look. Telepathically she sent, 'Honey, you shouldn't have said that. It was too fast of a move.'

"Fix? FIX?!?! HA!!! That's a laugh! Ya aren't gonna come anywhere near me!!! Ya guys wanna know why I'm here? Do ya? Ya wanna know why I decided ta come with ya guys?"

No one answered. Jubilee grinned like a maniac. Finally, Paige said, "I want to know. Why?"

"Simple!" Jubilee knew that no matter what she said, they'd allow her to stay. In fact, if she tried to leave, they'd try to keep her from going. "I. Am. Using. You." She watched their faces. Most of them didn't know what she meant.

Paige asked, "How? Why?"

"How? Well, let's see. If I'm here, Sinister will have a harder time gettin' ta me. I also have information that I'll need later at my fingertips. Why? Well, I'm pretty sure you can figure out some of the reasons. Though, part of the reason is coz I can't kill ya guys yet." Jubilee laughed as she saw the horror-stricken looked faces around her.

Paige couldn't believe what she had just heard. "K-kill us?" She managed to stammer out.

"That's what I said. I need ya guys ta keep Sinny from me. When he's out of the way, I'll get ta go after everyone who has EVER pissed me off. Ya guys are definitely on that list."

Scott picked up from here. "What have we ever done to you?"



Well, let's see," Jubilee began, " first off, you X-men sent me to live with these CHILDREN!," She pointed to Generation X, "After everything I did as an X-man. To Logan I was nothin' but a Kitty Pryde substitute. And as for GenX, they never gave me a bit of respect as the only one with any experience. When I tried to give a few pointers on how to be a better team all I got was "Aw Lee' not more of yer when I was with the X-men stories. And Miss Perfect Priss Monet is always insulting me. I'm sure I'll think of some more things later so I'll tell 'em to ya when I do.

"You agreed to go to Generation X Jubilee so you can't blame that one on us," Scott said. Jubilee didn't respond to that. GenX seemed to be to busy being insulted at being called children to respond to Jubilee's claims against them. Logan had a scowl on his face at Jubilee's accusation against him but didn't speak.

Cyclops and Phoenix spoke telepathically for a few moments and decided to take a risk. Scott walked up to Jubilee and didn't stop until he was toe to toe with her despite her upraised hands and growled "Get Back." "Look Jubilee, you said you needed us so that makes us in charge," he stated matter-of-factly. "So here is the way it is. You are going to do whatever we tell you whenever we tell you however we tell you or else you're out of here and Sinister can have you. If you attempt to harm anybody here then you are gone. Understand?"

Jubilee's eyes were open wide in shock and she barely restrained herself from blasting him. 'Man, I've never heard Cyclops talk like that before. He can't mean it, he wouldn't just throw someone to one of the teams worst enemies like that. But what if he does mean it? What if he's finally got a clue after the other times they've been stabbed in the back? I wouldn't stand a chance against Mr. Sinister alone and I don't want to work for him!' "All right, fine you win for now, I'll do what you say. But one of these days I ain't gonna need you anymore. Then you are gonna pay for that big time."

Scott ignored the threat. "First thing you're going to do is let Beast give you a full check up to make sure Sinister didn't do anything else to you. Let's go everyone." All of the X-men and GenX filed out leaving Hank McCoy and Jubilee alone. As they walked down the hall Everett asked "Would you really do that to Jubilee?" "Of course not, but right now she thinks so poorly of us she will believe anything bad about us," Jean answered. "Normally she would know that that was a bluff," Scott continued, "but she obviously isn't thinking clearly. I mean who in their right mind would admit to being determined to kill the people who are taking you in."

Several hours later Hank was finishing Jubilee's check-up. She was giving him a look that could kill. Hank spoke "Well since you didn't shoot me in the furry blue face as it was obvious you wanted to do, you deserve a reward." He reached into his lab coat and pulled out a sucker. "I'm not a kid Beast don't talk down to me" As she walked out she did grab the sucker from his hand.

The next morning Hank gathered the entire group together for a meeting. Jubilee was seated well away from everyone else. "All right everyone lets begin with the good news. Jubilee is in near perfect health. She needs to start eating a little more and taking some vitamins to make up for the calories and nutrients the healing factor burns up. Now the bad news. I cannot totally stop the chemicals Sinister has caused her body to produce. It would cause brain and bodily damage that not even the new healing factor could undo. Now the in-between news, I can however slow down their production. It will not cause her any harm with the slight exception of it causing her to lose consciousness for a few minutes each time I administer the shot. I have one prepared right now if she is willing to take it."

Everyone looked at her and Cyclops asked if she would take the shot or leave now. Jubilee rolled up her shirtsleeve and took the shot. "You're gonna pay for making me do this." she snarled as she lost consciousness. This continued on for several weeks and eventually changes were noticed in Jubilee. She seemed less inclined to try to threaten or attack people without provocation. One time however as the teams were trying to get her used to associating with them they had to pry her off Husk after an argument over the TV remote. But she still always seemed to have an angry scowl on her face and wouldn't associate with them unless forced to.

A month after the first shot...

Wolverine followed Jubilee's scent to the biosphere. It wasn't surprising that she was there, after all while in there the only person who was nearby was Penance and she seemed to know not to bother her. The last few days though Penance had been creeping closer and closer each day. Logan wondered if it was because she could smell Jubilee too. Jubilee's scent no longer reeked of hatred and anger like before although it was still there very strongly. He realized that she would never go totally back to being the sweet, caring girl who she was before and that thought hurt. 'I should've been there to protect her to get her away from Sinister before he could do this to her.' He had decided that now was the perfect time to confront her about her ridiculous claim that he saw her as just a replacement for Kitty. He wanted her to be as mad as she could be at him so nothing would be hidden but not to mad to listen to him.

She looked up as he approached. "What do you want?" she snapped at him. "You and me, we gotta talk, now.

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"No we don't. I don't havta talk with ya. I don't wanna talk ta ya."

"Then don't talk. Listen."

"Fine. Whatever. Talk."

"Kitty is really special to me. She always has been and she always will be. But, darlin', she aint ya. She sees me as some invincible man who can always take care of himself. Ya saw me as a human bein'. Ya were the ONLY person to ever really see me that way. In some ways, I think that made us closer than I ever was, and ever could be, with Kitty. Darlin', ya were NEVER a Kitty substitute. NEVER. Ya understand me?"

"Yeah. Whatever. Is that all ya wanted ta say?"

"Darlin', didn't ya listen to me?"

"My name is Jubilee. Now, if ya'll excuse me, I've got a shot ta get." Jubilee stood up and left.


"Ready for your shot?" Hank asked as he saw Jubilee enter the medlab.


Hank stopped preparing the shot and put all of his attention towards Jubilee. "Why not? Is there something wrong? Do you feel all right?"

"Nothin's wrong. I'm fine. I don't want anymore shots."

"Jubilee... these shots are very important. Are you sure you want to just stop taking them?"


"I strongly recommend you give yourself time to think about this..."

"You don't think I've thought this through?!? I've been thinking about this for almost two weeks now!!! I don't want any more!"

Hank didn't like the way this was going. He knew she needed to get the shot. Who knew what she'd do if she went a few days without one! "Jubilee, please. Let me give this one to you, and we can discuss this afterward."




"What's going on?" Scott had made it a habit of being around the med-lab when Jubilee got her shot. He had heard her yelling and decided to intervene.



"She is refusing to take her sho-OOOFFF!" Hank grunted as Jubilee kicked him in the stomach. She ran at Cyclops and sent a powerful burst of pyrotechnics at him. Scott twisted out of the way to avoid them but still received a burn on the side of his face as Jubilee ran by. He informed Jean of what was happening via their psi-bond as he stood up. "What was that about? I thought you said she was making progress." "She was," Beast responded, "At least she seemed to be. According to Jean and Emma her surface thoughts were less and less hostile, she wasn't blowing up things in the biosphere anymore. Also according to the surveillance when had on her when she was alone she occasionally argued with herself over whether or not she actually still wanted to kill us. However, whenever she was actually around us she seemed to be totally hostile again."

Jubilee had reached gotten outside and was heading for the front gates of the school to get away. 'I'll get out of here then come back and take them out when they least suspect it. Or...maybe not. I mean they were trying to help me. But they did threaten to turn me over to Sinister.... OH MY GOD SINISTER !!! What am I gonna do about him? Maybe he's forgotten about me. I mean it has been a month and he has tons of experiments that have gotta be more important than me.' That hope was cut off when Sinister and the Marauders teleported in directly in front of her.

"Well, it is a pleasure to see you again Miss Lee. I'm afraid that I am going to have to insist that you come with us this time," Sinister said.

Jubilee realized that she didn't stand a chance. She couldn't hurt Sinister and she wouldn't be able to catch this new batch of Marauders by surprise like she did before, but that didn't mean she would go down without a fight. She heard the X-men coming up behind her and just hoped they would stay out of this and not just give her over to Sinister. To her surprise the X-men began to attack the Marauders and tried to keep them away from her. She turned to run away from Sinister hoping that the battle would keep him from shooting her in the back again. Suddenly Cyclops pushed her to the ground yelling "get down Jubilee." He took a energy blast meant for Jubilee square in the chest. "Scott," Jean yelled and proceeded to brain-fry the Marauders as she ran over to him. Jubilee merely stared at his unconscious body unable to believe he took a hit for her. Neither she nor Jean were paying attention as Mr. Sinister advanced on Jubilee. Fortunately Everett was and he synched himself to Cyclops' powers and blasted Sinister. "You stay away from her. For good this time. She's not going to go with you and were not going to let you take her. Ever!! He continued firing at Sinister until he teleported away. Beast quickly grabbed Scott and took him to the medlab. The rest of the team filed in after him. Jubilee stared disbelievingly at their departing forms. Slowly she followed them in.

A few hours later she entered the medlab to find Beast working on the still form of Scott Summers. Jean was standing nearby watching nervously while Logan offered words of support. Jubilee spoke up, "How come he isn't awake yet?." Hank answered her. "That was a very powerful blast, obviously meant to knock you unconscious for several hours. Despite the fact that his energy blasts are very difficult to heal that requires a great deal of power for someone with a healing factor. Understandably it caused a great deal more harm in someone without one." "Oh. Now can someone tell me something? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT? HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO JUST LET SINISTER HAVE ME IF I TRIED ANYTHING AND THEN HE TAKES A SHOT FOR ME!!!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "I honestly can't believe you believed that Jubilee. We wouldn't hand over our worst enemy to that monster let alone someone we all care for as much as you. I'll even show you how much," Jean said. She showed Jubilee the conversation between Scott, herself, and GenX after the threat. She then psi-linked all the members of GenX and the X-men present to Jubilee. Nothing major just basic emotions. Jubilee's eyes widened in shock. Everybody in the school was extremely concerned about her even Monet and Emma. Wolverine and Synch's concern, worry, and love was especially strong. She shook her head to clear it after the link ended. "That doesn't change the fact you lied to me and manipulated me." "It was for your own good, kid. We wanted to help you but we needed you to let us," Logan said. "The fact you didn't see right through that proved you needed it. You should have seen through it right away 'cause you know that if anybody ever threatened you like that I would gut them without a second thought. Usually you know that."

Wolverine paused for a moment then looked at a needle sitting on a table. "You know I figure this means you owe Cyke. I think we all know what he would want from you as payback if he were awake right now. Unless you don't think saving your but makes you owe him or want to welch on a debt." Jubilee narrowed her eyes and stared at him. I payback people I owe but takin' one hit ain't gonna be enough to get me to take these shots for the rest of my life."

"The rest of your life? Jubilee after today you only have two more months left on these. After that they won't have anymore effect on you," Beast told her. "I don't think two months would be to much to ask considering if Mr. Sinister had you he would have you for life."

"You've probably got some new stuff for me to take then." "No, not at all, we do want for you to see a psychiatrist for anger management, but we want you to start that in another two weeks." "When where you going to tell me this, Beast. Besides what kind of a shrink could help me with my so-called problem? " "In a few days and Dr. Leonard Samson to answer your questions, now answer mine. After all that has happened today will you take the shot or not?"

"All right, I will but don't think this means I'm definitely gonna take two months worth."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Jubilee. You know if you are willing we could move up the sessions to start just a few days from now," Hank said as he injected her.

She didn't know Doc Samson so she didn't have anything to hate him for and if he tried to get things out of her she didn't want to talk about she could just blast him she decided. "All right, I guess it's okay," She said just before she passed out as she did after each injection.

Jason Barnett


The days passed quickly and soon Doc Samson approached the school's door. Hank let him in and sent him around to the Biosphere where Jubilee was off brooding again.

"Jubilee?" Samson called as he stepped into the Biosphere.

"Take that," Jubilee jumped out from where she had been hiding and blasted Samson with a barrage of high-intensity plasmoids. "That'll teach Sinny not to send his goons after me...!?"

"Your blasts will have little effect on me, Jubilee, I presume," Samson replied as he smoothed out his green mane of hair. "I'm Dr. Samson, your psychologist, and Dr. McCoy called me because you've been having some anger management difficulties. Would you like to talk about it?"


"This place is like a friggin tomb!?" Cain Marko stood outside of his brother's estate with a dumb look on his face. "Where the hell is Charlie, and those friggin X-Dweebs?"

"Beware my wrath X-Men for I am...!?" Magneto made a dramatic entrance in one of his energy spheres. "Juggernaut, where are the X-Men?"

"Don't know, don't care, wanna grab a beer?" Juggernaut responded.

"Whatever," Magneto replied as he came in for a landing.

"Nice entrance by the way," Juggernaut complimented as the two walked down the road.

*Interlude close*

"Enough psycho-babble Doc, now take your gamma-irradiated butt an get loss!" Jubilee had an outburst after an hour was therapy giving new meaning to the term "stress management."


"Isn't it strange how Emplate hasn't shown up in a while, Jono?" Paige suggested over a cup of herbal tea.

{Yeah, luv,} Jono replied. {Now that I think bout it we are missing are daily dose of Maurius.}

"Not that that's a bad thing, but...oh let's just worry about Jubes right now," Paige concluded. "I'm sure Emplate isn't anywhere near us."

{Yeah luv, far from here,} Jono affirms.



Three weeks after Doc Samson arrived....

Doc Samson was conferring with the X-men on Jubilee's progress. "She seems to be doing quite well though she still gets very upset at certain subjects. Jubilee seems to be more able to talk about her problems rather than resort to violence. At first if I mentioned a subject that upset her she would refuse to talk about it and if I persisted she would shoot me with her fireworks. I got her to talk about her problem with you all first off. Jubilee admitted that at first she didn't have a specific reason to hate you she was just angry with and hated everyone and everything. Later her problem with you was the fact that you threatened to give her over to Mr. Sinister if she did not cooperate. She was angry about that which meant her feelings about you stayed negative. I believe without that she have may have been behaving normally around you by now."

"So she will start acting like her old self then," Wolverine interrupted him. "Fairly like that at least," Doc Samson replied, "but not completely. I've been conferring with Dr. McCoy on this and we believe that in normal public situations and around her friends in private she could be relatively normal. However her temper seems to be far worse than what it was according to the files you gave me on her. This is why I spoke with Beast. It seems this is due to the chemicals her body is producing. They cause the emotions she is feeling in normal circumstances but are being produced way more than usual and they can't be brought down to the normal levels just lowered somewhat. Because of this she will be fairly quick to anger around most and if she dislikes or hates someone she could get violent quickly. I asked her about some of your enemies and her responses were relatively violent. Her facial expression was murderous, sparks appeared around her she began rather creatively cursing them and gesturing violently. I'm glad we were in the Biosphere and not in an office because when I mentioned Mr. Sinister and later Bastion she lashed out with her powers did an rather large amount of damage to the foliage and knocked me down. She could conceivably lose control in battle if she got angry enough."

"I would recommend you begin to interact with her more and possibly take her out, protected by all of you of course, and see how she handle public situations. To make sure she doesn't try to kill someone for bumping into her and not apologizing or buying the last of an item she wanted," he finished.

Wolverine laughed at that. "Her reaction to that would have been pretty violent even before, Doc."

Jason Barnett


Jubilee and the rest of GenX, plus some members of the X-Men, were at the mall. Jubilee hadn't really felt like going. Everyone had to practically drag her out of the mansion.

'This is SO unfair! I DON'T wanna be here!' That was pretty much all she could think. She didn't want to shop for clothes, cd's, shoes, or anything else. She wanted to be home, in bed, watching the 'Sailor Moon' episode she taped that morning while she had been asleep.

"You want to check out a movie, Jubilee?" Paige asked.

"No." The answer came out so smoothly that no one could tell that she was really mad. That caused the others to relax more. "Ya guys wanna know what I wanna do?"

"Of course, Jubilee. What do you want to do?" Jean asked.

Jubilee looked as though she was thinking. "Well, I was thinking it would be fun to find out how much skin I could pull off of Paige. Finding out how far Skin's skin can stretch could be a fun li'l game of tug of war. I wouldn't mind seein' if Jean..."

"That is enough, young lady!" Emma cut Jubilee off before she could threaten anyone else. "Why won't you just let us take you out?"

Jubilee's face changed. She sat down at a bench. She now looked sad. She started to shake her head and look down. "I don't know... I just don't know. I can't help it. Sometimes... I... things... you guys... awe shit!!! I don't know. Things get so hard sometimes. For no reason at all. Like right now. Do ya guys know how much I wanna hurt ya guys? Thing is, I REALLY don't wanna. Not coz I love ya guys; it's coz I know ya'll keep Sinny away. I don't wanna think this way. I don't. It just happens. I can't control it. What if I can't control something I do one of these times? Then what?"



As they were leaving the Mall a bit alter, Jubilee had a profound sense of Deja Vu and noticed that they were coming near the same alleyway where Sinister had first hit them, she got edgier and edgier as they approached, it the others were oblivious to her discomfort, as they passed the alleyway something moved and Jubilee was hit by a wave of fear like she had never felt, she blasted the entire alleyway with fireworks, only stopping when the movement had stopped it was only then that she realized that she had taken down and innocent stray. She took a step back and screamed as she used her powers to heat the air around her and shoot up into the sky .



"Jubilee stop!!!" She heard Jean call out and she turned in midair to see Sean, Jean, Monet, and Everett, who was synched to Monet and carrying Logan, coming after.

"This is exactly what I was talking about," she said as they approached, "I lost control and an innocent animal suffered."

"Jubilee, this is nothing like what you were afraid of," Monet told her.

"She's right Jubilee," Jean agreed. "You were afraid you would hurt someone out of anger because of what Sinister did to you. But what you did back there was because of fear for your safety. Anger and fear are two very different emotions.

"But I killed a helpless animal that never did anything to anyone," Jubilee argued.

"You were just tryin' to protect yourself darlin', Logan disagreed, you didn't mean it any harm. This just means you gotta learn to control your power upgrade and not be so quick on the draw."

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"You ain't exactly someone to be talking about self-control, Wolverine," Jubilee responded.

"Yeah darlin', I know but do ya think I like losing control like that? Ya seen me go berserk, you know that when it happens I'm a danger to everyone I care about. You're to stubborn to let that happen to you. I understand that your scared about what ya can do now but you never let fear control before. If ya did I'd be dead 'cause of the Reavers. I can name a bunch of other time but this ain't the place for it. Let's land and head back to the school. We can all talk 'bout it there."

"That's an excellent idea Logan," Banshee said(once they had caught up with Jubilee Jean had held him up telekinetically since he couldn't talk and use his sonic scream at the same time), we're probably going to attract a lot of attention just floating on air like this. You are willin' to talk this out aren't you lass?"

Jubilee didn't answer that question as she was to busy staring at the ground below. "Land?" she gulped, "Uh, I don't know how ta land. I don't even know how I'm doin' this."

"You are most likely flying in the same manner as Sunfire and Firestar do by heating the air around you," Monet replied in her usual I know everything tone of voice.

"We'll work out how you're doing this later" Jean stated. "If you can't land then just cut of your powers totally and I'll lower you to the ground telekinetically."

"Okay just don't drop me."

Jason Barnett


Jubilee had been quiet during the ride back to the academy. She was thinking. 'What's the point? I'm NEVER gonna be me again. Never! Sinister took away everythin' that I was. And, for what? An experiment!

'I can't keep doin' this. One of these days, I'm gonna do somethin' I'm gonna regret or maybe even somethin' that I don't regret but I should. What then? I can't live this way. I shouldn't make everyone live the way they are, either.

'What're ya sayin'? Ya wanna kill yarself? I couldn't do that! If I did, I'd be lettin' Sinny win. I will NEVER let that happen. But... what can I do?'

Jubilee sighed. Things were so difficult! 'I wish I were a normal kid. That's all. That'd solve everythin'. No more powers. The chemicals Sinny made couldn't work if I wasn't a mutant. Why can't things be that easy?'

She felt a hand on her shoulder. Jubilee didn't make any threatening moves, but her body did tense.

"Jubilee?" It was Paige, who she was sitting next to.

Jubilee turned to her. "Yeah?"

"We know this isn't your fault. You're really trying, we can all see that. That's all that matters."

Jubilee looked at her. 'They think I'm so dense that all I'm thinkin' 'bout is what happened earlier?!? I HATE when they treat me like some stupid sh...

'STOP!!!!! She's just tryin' ta help. Calm down. She's yar friend. She loves ya. That's why she's doin' that.'

"Jubilee?" Paige looked worried.

"Paige, next time ya want ta comfort, don't touch me or say anythin' that sounds like ya know what's goin' on. It's obvious ya don't." The words were said much harsher than she had meant them to be.

Paige took her hand from Jubilee's shoulder. 'Way ta go, Lee! Make her feel bad! I hope ya're happy! I gotta get outa here 'fore I do or say anythin' else.'

She turned to Emma, who was driving. "Frost, stop the car."

Emma drove the car to the side of the street. "Is anything wrong, Jubilation?"

"Yes." Jubilee said as she got out of the jeep. She started walking down the sidewalk, the opposite way the jeep was headed.



The other vehicles had also stopped when Emma pulled over(they had taken several vehicles since there was no way all of GenX and the X-men could fit into just one). Most of the teams were just staring out the windows as Jubilee walked away. Wolverine shoved his way out and began to follow her. "Everybody just head back to the school for now. Jean keep alert if I need ya I'll mind shout to ya but I'll need you listenin'." "Wait a minute," Scott said, "we have to keep her with all of us to protect her and make sure that she doesn't hurt anyone." "That's why I'm followin' her. Now get outta here." Logan turned and began to go after Jubilee as the others left. He got to about one hundred yards away from her and just kept pace. She needed some time to herself right. Besides she knew he was there.

Jubilee was getting upset. Wolverine had been following her for quite sometime but hadn't said a word. He couldn't honestly think she didn't know. 'Does he think I'm an idiot, he isn't even tryin' to be sneaky. He's taught me how to tell if someone's trackin' ya. This has gone on long enough.' She spun around and glared at him. "Wondered when you'd get sick a me playin' yer shadow, Jubes." "Why didn't you say anything if you knew I knew you were there," Jubilee asked. "'Cause I figured ya needed sometime to yerself." "I do, which is why I don't need you following me around. I don't WANT you or anyone else following me. I could snap at some little thing and hurt one of you all." "Well I'm followin' ya whether ya like it or not 'cause ya need someone to watch yer back. "Sides I'm doin' this for me to. I've had to many people close to me get hurt, including one other partner going psycho on me. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let somethin' happen to you."

"Well at least ya didn't try to tell me ya know what I going through. Fine follow me all you want." "I plan to. And I don't know what yer goin't through. I've never had my powers souped up bigtime and my emotions thrown all outta whack. My identity crisis was 'cause of memory implants and abunch a people I care about dyin'. And ya were there for me the entire time so in a way this is payback. Ya got anyplace ya want to go. I could suggest some places if ya don't"

Jason Barnett


Jubilee looked around. She didn't really know where she was or where she was going. She turned back to Wolverine. "Suggest some places? Like where?"

Logan smiled at her and started to walk towards her. "Whatcha lookin' fer, kid. Someplace outta the way? In the middle of nowhere? In town? Quiet? Whatcha want?"

Jubilee thought. "Some place where I won't havta deal with people. I'm not social, in case ya haven't noticed."

Logan had made it up to her. "Well, kid, there's always..."



"My cabin up in Canada," Wolverine said. "Ya mean the one ya shared with Silver Fox? I didn't think ya went up there anymore." "That's the one, I go up there once in a while to visit Silver Fox's grave. The only bad memory of it I know is fake and it's isolated so I can be alone when I need to be." " It sounds perfect. Will you really take me up there?" "O' 'course darlin'." "I hope it's isolated enough that we don't have any trouble," Jubilee stated. "Why's that darlin'," Wolverine asked. "'Cause if we do get into any trouble you'll have to be the calm rational one." Wolverine burst out laughing at that.

A day later after informing the team of where they were going and packing for a potentially long stay they arrived at Logan's cabin in Canada.

A week later at a top secret research facility....

"Sir, the subject you wanted us to track has been located. He is at a cabin in the wilderness with one other. A young mutant girl identified as Jubilation Lee. "Excellent," the scientist replied, "I want them both captured." "Both sir?" the subordinate asked. "But only Wolverine could survive the bonding process." "That is correct, however according to our most recent reports on him he shares a very close relationship with that girl. Holing her will give us sway with him."

A second subordinate looked up from his work and asked a question. "What are we doing this for? I know we have to test the new procedure but why are we going after this guy?" "Because he was the only subject that the old adamantium bonding procedure worked on," the scientist responded. "That's just it," the subordinate stated, "If it already worked how can we do it again. He must already have adamantium bones if it worked." The scientist glared at him, "His adamantium was ripped out by the mutant terrorist Magneto several years ago. Which you would know if you read the reports on him." He turned to the first subordinate. "I want a team to retrieve them at once. At least twenty people on it."

Wolverine's cabin....

Jubilee had been enjoying herself so far. It was occasionally a little dull but she had had a chance to catch up with Wolvie. She was trying to work out her feelings about the other members of the x-teams. She and Wolverine were talking about them when a gas grenade came crashing through the window. "What the hell!!" Logan yelled. Both of them inhaled a few lungfuls before they were out the door. Twenty heavily armed men in gas masks awaited them. "Oh, I so don't need this. This is supposed to be a relaxing vacation." Jubilee began firing at their attackers while Wolverine attacked with his bone claws. The troops hit each of them with several tranquilizer darts and subdued them but not before the two of them killed or injured more than half the team.

The research facility....

"Wolverine is ready for the process to begin sir. What should we do with the girl?" the assistant asked the head scientist. "Prepare her as well. After discovering how long She lasted after the gas and darts I had her tested for a healing factor. She does possess one and using her as a second test subject will be far easier than having to locate the only other mutant we know of who has a healing factor, Sabretooth.

Jason Barnett


"LET'ME OUTTA HERE YA IDIOT'S!", Jubilation Lee was kicking and screaming. The inhibitors however did not allow her to use her powers, so her threats...meaningless. "Miss Lee please quite the fighting, you will not be harmed during this at all, it may cause a bit of pain but in the end it will be much better", a man wearing a white doctors coat said coming into the room.

"Yeah...and Monet has an I.Q. of below 3, let'me outta here buddy or your gonna regret it," Jubilee snarled.

"Miss Lee may I point out, your helpless," the man told her.

"I won't be forever, as ya said I'm not gonna be harmed...look I just got over bein an experiment with a guy a whole bunch scarier than you, I don't need ta add you to the quickly rising list of enemies!" Jubilee screamed.

"Miss Lee...", the man began. "AND QUIT WITH THE FORMALITY!", Jubilee hollered.

"Jubilation", the man began again.

"JUBILEE!", she said furious.

"Jubilee, due to the fact that we also have your 'partner' Wolverine, I doubt you will be trying anything to harmful to anyone of my men, or myself", the man told her acting as if they were at a tea party. Jubilee gazed right him, coldly.

"This isn't over", she whispered hoarsely.

"I have no doubt about that Jubilee", the man told her before she was strapped to some table. Then knock out gas filled the room just as they brought Wolverine in, he was causing a very familiar ruckus.



Wolverine came awake slowly. Glancing around he saw that there was one other person in the room with him, a guy wearing a lab coat and looking at a chart. He had his back turned to Wolverine. 'This guy's an idiot,' Logan thought. He was hooked to an IV but the only restraints holding him down could easily be cut by his claws. 'They must o' underestimated the ol' healin' factor. Thought they could keep me out.' Popping his claws he only faintly registered the fact they came out with the "snikt" of his adamantium claws not the "schukk" of his bone ones. The doctor or scientist or whatever he was had started to turn at the sound. Wolverine had him by his neck as he completed the turn. "Where's Jubilee?" he growled.


"The girl I was with." "D-down at the end of this hall, turn right, third door on the left."

"And how do we get out of here?"

The scientist told him. "Thanks bub." Wolverine then slammed him into the wall. Leaving the unconscious scientist behind he quickly found Jubilee. She was semi-conscious and mumbling under her breath about what she planned to do the people who had captured them. He grinned, she had obviously been taking notes during some of his tirades. He helped her loose and began to head to escape. A few minutes later the alarms sounded finally waking her up fully as the guards poured down on them. Logan didn't notice that whenever there was a lull in the fighting Jubilee would examine her hands as if they were bothering her, scratching at them. Fighting there way out they reached the outside and attempted to loose their pursuers in the forest surrounding the facility they were at. When they finely had a chance to rest Wolverine stopped to get a good look at his claws. "Huh, looks like I finely got the ol' adamantium back. Not necessarily a bad thing. I'm just glad we got ya outta there 'fore they could do anything ta ya."

He was looking at his claws facing away from her and didn't see the discomfort on her face. She was scratching at her hands, flexing them, balling them into fists. Suddenly he heard a skikt behind him. "I'm not so sure about that, Wolvie," Jubilee said in a shaky voice. Turning to look at her she held up her hands, three claws identical to his own on the back of each hand.

Jason Barnett


Jubilee stared at the claws protruding from the backs of her hands with wide eyes. She glanced up at Wolvie, who was staring at her, her hands, and then his own.

"Holeee...," she began, and then: "Um...Wolvie?"

"Yeah darlin'?"

"How...how do I get 'em t'go away?"

"Just flex your hands. It just...happens."

She frowned at her hands, flexed her hands. "It's not working," she said in a kind of worried, sing-song voice.

"Calm down, darlin', an' they'll go in all by themselves."

She nodded, bit her lip, and concentrated. The claws went back in to her hands, and they both breathed sighs of relief. Jubilee glanced up at Logan, eyes still wide as ever. "So...what now?"

For once, he was at a loss. "I...," he shook his head, "I dunno."



Jubilee was trying to get the hang of her new power. Logan was looking about to see where to go next. "Ya know what, Wolvie?"

"What Darlin'?"

"These aren't that bad. In fact," she made her new claws appear, "I like them. Alot!"

Wolverine didn't know what to say. He just turned around and looked over to where they just where.

"We need to get a hol' o' the others." He said.

"Why?" Jubilee asked with a hint of loathing.

"Because we need there help. We can't get out of here with out them."

Before Jubilee could argue more, a shot went right past her head. She and Wolverine looked and saw that there had been discovered.......



"Let's move!!" Wolverine yelled grabbing Jubilee by the arm and pulling her deeper into forest. "Why are we running? Between our claws, my pafs, and yer fighting skills we should be able to take 'em easy," Jubilee told him as she ran along side him. "They're too many of them and we don't know what they're capable of. We're better of hidin' fer a while, lettin' 'em come to us and takin' 'em out a few at a time. We can't just be out in the open lettin' em shoot at us. We just had adamantium bonded to ours bones and I'll guarantee ya that our healin' factors are screwed up."

The two of them took to hit and run tactics and began to eliminate the soldiers attempting to capture them. Watching Jubilee Logan couldn't help but be impressed. She was relying on her new claws rather than her pafs which could attract attention with the noise they made. Her technique was pretty good, not just charging in and gutting people, she'd been paying attention to his technique when he wasn't in his beserker rages, surprisingly. Bending down he grabbed one of the soldiers wrists and looked at his watch. Jubilee was staring at him like he was out of his mind. "What are you doing, Wolvie?" "Checking to see the date." "Why?" "'Cause I made a deal that I would check in with the team every couple o' days just so they'd know that Sinister wouldn't try anything else. Emma and Sean insisted even though everybody else agreed he would do anything after losing two sets of Marauders. We've been here three days so they should be looking for us."

At Wolverine's cabin....

The X-men and Generation X were looking for them in fact. They had just arrived and were sorting through the evidence of the fight. Jean was using a portable Cerebro unit to try to locate them. Emma was trying to see if they're was any psychic residue to try and find any evidence on where they were taken. As he was looking around Everett realized something and spoke to the others. "You know, Gateway was a big help to us when all this first started. I wonder what happened to him? You were fairly close to him weren't you Monet? You always called him your mentor. Do you know what happened to him?"

Jason Barnett


"I don't know," Monet answered," but I can try." She used her telepathy to try and contact her mentor and found to her surprise that he was already zeroing in on her. "Mentor." she breathed as the portal appeared, everyone jumped threw it without a moments doubt. What they found on the other side was astonishing. two heavy breathing mutants with ripped clothes amidst a pile of bodies. they looked up as the X-Men approached.

"Hey guy's what kept you." Jubilee asked with a smile on her face

"Traffic" Monet answered she was about to say something else when she felt something, a presence. she tried to localize it but before she could she screamed as a bolt of something green hit her, and all the other telepaths. As the others reacted they saw Sinister, this time without his Marauders but with Someone else He was standing with Apocalypse.

"Apocalypse and Sinister." Wolverine said then shrugged." Fine we get to take both of ye down. X-men, take em," Nobody questioned his orders as most of the X-Men jumped into action, a few didn't like Cyclops who was trying to get Jean to wake up. He looked up to see the X-0Men being cut down by the two superbeings. And then he saw the teleport beam disgorging Marauders and the Dark riders. Between the lot of them they were mowing down X-Men right and left.

Logan stood back to back with Jubilee both no longer caring if they killed anyone. but both were still sane enough to realize they were fighting a losing fight. The marauders and Dark riders weren't taking any prisoners. Storm Bobby, Paige Husk, and lot's more weren't going to walk away from this fight. And Jubilee realized that if they didn't get out of there soon they wouldn't either. So when Jubilee saw Gatweay's portal appeared she called to Wolverine.

"We've lost Wolvie, better run now and get revenge. "

"The X-Men, most of em are dead. "

"Gateway's portal let's go." she yelled as they went through. Jubilee recognized the scene, as they landed, it was the alley where she had been attacked. she said as much to Logan who grabbed a passerby for the date, and found that it was the day Jubilee had been attacked.

"I'll be coming down here in a few minutes. Wolvie we can stop any of this from happening, my hurting you, getting caught in Canada, the X-Men dying all of it."

"Kid we can't change the past."



"Maybe we can change it but not here and now," Jubilee suggested. Gateway had appeared with his portal this time. "Gateway, " Jubilee asked, "can you take us to the other X-teams are right now?" Gateway nodded.

・What・re you thinkin・ darlin・?・ Logan asked suspiciously.

・Simple, we・ll recruit the other X-teams from here and take them back to help us face ・Poccy and Sinny.・ Jubilee answered.

・Good plan but why not just grab ・em from our own time Jubes?・

・・Cause teams have disbanded and people have died since when we are now. And don・t sound so surprised that I came up with a good plan. I was the one who came up with the idea of how to get ya away from the Harriers.・

・Sorry ・bout that. But it is a good idea. Let・s do it.

Wolverine and Jubilee jumped through the portal Gateway had opened. In moments they were in X-Factor(consisting of Havok, Polaris, Forge, Mystique, Shard, Wildchild and Multipleman)'s base and recruited the team's aid. Next was all the member's of Excalibur except Captain Britain and Meggan (but including Pete Wisdom) since there powers didn't work away from Europe for very long. Then the current five members of X-Force. Cable quickly agreed to join them when he heard Apocalypse was involved. Nate Grey was recruited with some effort.

"Well I have had some problems with Sinister in the past and I certainly don't want Apocalypse to have a chance to turn this world into the one I was from," Nate had said.

They took Gateway's portal back to the scene of the battle just before it began. Seeing Sinister and Apocalypse prepare to fire on GenX and the X-men the X-teams from the past took action. Havok fired a powerful cosmic energy blast into Mr. Sinister's back while Cable and X-man fired telekinetic blasts at Apocalypse.

The two teams from the present turned to the commotion and saw a their backup with another version of Jubilee and Wolverine. ・Alex!?! You・re alive?・ Scott shouted. Other members of the teams expressed equal shock at seeing the recently disbanded teams of X-Factor and Excalibur. Especially Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Shadowcat when they saw their doubles.

The Marauders and Dark Riders teleported down but they were quickly overwhelmed by the numbers they had to face and the fact that they no longer had the element of surprise. Plus two Wolverines and two Jubilee's going berserk through their numbers didn't help their chances any. Apocalypse and Sinister were forced to retreat by the Summers.

The X-men of the present gathered around the teams of the past. Cyclops demanded answers as to why they were there. "How did you all know that we would need help? How did you even know where we were?"

"We knew cause me and Jubes were here when we lost this fight then we went back in time and grabbed these guys," Logan told him.

"Did you all really come forward to help us?" Jean asked. She was answered with a round of yeses from the teams.

"Knowing a lot of details about timestreams isn't good," Cable informed them, "when I came here I didn't really know anything about this time except I had to kill Apocalypse. And you know about all the trouble knowing about those two possible futures has caused."

The telepaths all agreed to erase their memories. Cable and Nate were even able to erase their own memories with Jean, Emma and Betsy's help and Gateway returned them to their own time and place.

The Wolverines and Jubilees were speaking to each other.

"Ya've gotta go back to when we did and recruit the other X-teams and take'em to when we did so ya can make sure this is what happens," the Jubilee that had gone back told them.

"And make sure ya do what we're doin' and tell the other ya's to go back and do it again," Wolverine said. Gateway had just returned and immediately departed again with a version of Jubilee and Wolverine.

Jubilee grinned and hugged Logan. "How 'bout that Wolvie? We just saved the X-men."

 Jason Barnett

The End