Sparks and Ice

Written by the following Authors:

Acacia, Alex Logan, Anonymous Poster(s), Chaos, Ephiney, Evil Cordy, Jag, Jason Barnett, Kawaii, Mac, Rain Goddess, Spark, Sparrow

Notes: Jubilee is twenty in this fic. She's taking a sabbatical from college to figure out if that's what she really wants to do, so she goes to the only real home she has. The X-mansion. But the only one there is one Robert Drake, the poor man having been left behind with a broken leg.

Jubilee slowly opened the front door wondering where everyone was, or at least where all the psionics had wandered off. It just wasn't natural in this place for someone to *not* be waiting at the door, no matter how unexpectedly company arrived. "Hellooooo? Anybody home? Don't tell me, Lillandra had a problem that only her X-honey's team could fix so she had them all mutant napped again."

"Close, but no cigar, Jubes," Bobby sighed as he wobbled into the front hall, on crutches of all things. "And shouldn't you be at Berkley?"

"Taking a mental health break," Jubilee said cheerfully. "Speaking of breaks, Icecube, what's with the cast?"

"Storm's lovely little boy, and no, she still hasn't told anyone who the father is, left a puddle at the top of the steps," Bobby sighed dramatically. "And instead of using all that nifty Shi'ar medical equipment down in the MedLab, Hank and Storm thought it would be a wonderful idea to show Daniel that his actions have consequences."

"By putting you in a cast?" Jubilee giggled.

Bobby mock glared at her. "I was in a hurry and fell down the stairs."

Jubilee arched an eyebrow. "A hurry, huh? Anyone I know?"

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"IT WAS NOT A GIRL!" Bobby roared.

"Oh, That's good; you never really worked with the opposite sex anyway. This'll probably be a good change." Bobby went red in the face. He returned to his normal color just about when Jubes felt her under wear (bra included) freeze.

spark *** *** ***

Bobby watched as Jubilee, did the trick where women would undo their bra and slide it out the sleeve, then noticed a patch on Jubilee's pants that rapidly seemed to dry.

"That wasn't funny an' since when can you freeze things like that?"

"I've been practicing. How'd you, you know? I mean aren't they uncomfortable?"

"I've learned to turn up the heat without turning on my paffs."

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

Bobby raised his eyebrows. "Cool trick. Beast'll want to run tests when he gets back... If you're still here anyway."

"I might," Jubes said with a shrug. "Anybody move their crap into my room?"

"Nah," Bobby chuckled. "Remy and Logan teamed up to threaten the lives of anybody who cared to disturb their shrine to she who is Lee."

"Oh, funny," Jubilee drawled. "Probably true, but still funny. And it looks like you won't be helping me with my bags."

Bobby rolled his eyes. "Don't bet on it. You just get them in the house and Iceman Express can get them up stairs. Especially if you can melt the ice after."

"You got a deal, Snowflake."

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

So Jubilee set to work unloading her bags and Bobby set to work. Bobby still couldn't get the thought of Jubilee taking her bra off, "Dude, she's like your partner in crime, stop it."

Jubilee meanwhile had just broken a very expensive nail and was thinking of Bobby's statement of 'it's not a girl'. "At least I'm sure of that."

Alex Logan *** *** ***

Jubilee kept wondering why the thought that there was a girl in Bobby's life made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

/Well I'm just lookin out for the Popsicle that's all./

The vapor had cleared as Jubes set to work thawing her clothes. It didn't take much time either.

"So like what's been up with you Sparks? Did ya blow up the science building or somethin?"

"No, ice for brains I didn't blow up the science building. I don't wanna get into it right now, okay!"

"Okay Jubes. Ya hungry? I was just about to send for pizza and kick back and watch a movie. Ya interested?"

"Sure thing just let me finish this and take a shower okay." ------------

~Kitchen~ /It's great havin' Jubes here. It's been a bit dull without her...well not counting rampaging FOH members and intergalactic mercenaries but it's still been dull./

The microwave's timer went off. Reaching in Bobby turned his hand to ice and pulled the hot bag of popcorn from it before dashing it into a large bowl with the nachos and dips. Looking around the kitchen for unwanted eyes he opens a drawer and pops out the bin inside to reveal a stash of all manner of junk food from twinkies to raisinettes.

/I wonder what's taking Jubes so long. I better go check on her./

Using his powers Bobby slowly rises up the steps on an iceslide. Bobby continues up the stairs and down the hall. It seems dead quiet without the others around. You could usually catch Bishop roaming around skulking in the underbrush.

Bobby steps into Jubilee's room to find it empty. As he goes to leave he notices the picture of them at the carnival. They both have on these crazy wigs they'd snagged from some clown and had cotton candy in both hands to match the hair. He begins to laugh turning towards the door. Just as he moves to go he sees jubilee standing in the open bathroom brushing her hair. Her long raven hair falling down her side across a tattoo of a large jade dragon. The dragon's head starting at her shoulder and ending on her right buttocks. She doesn't see to notice him as she brushes away the chord from a headset imbedded in her ears. He quickly slips outta the room and heads for the stairs. ----------

Once back in the kitchen he gathers up the rest of the food and heads for the rec room.

/Man Jubes is hott...stop it...quit thinking like that. One she's your bud and two Wolverine would kill you twice./ She steps into the rec room smiling at Bobby. She flops down on the couch beside him just wearing a tank top and a pair of Looney Toons boxers. Bobby looks at her legs and quickly composes himself as he feels that he's giving off an un best friend like stare.

"What's wrong with you?" Jubilee asks.

"Uh nothing, here have some nachos." She takes them from him and begins to munch.

/Why was he looking at me like that? I coulda sworn he was lookin at my legs. I wonder what he thinks.... Jubes quit it he's like your bud plus Wolvy would kill you then him./

Chaos *** *** ***

Jubilee stared at the TV as she leaned across Bobby to get at the twinkies. "Okay so what's with the leader guy being, like, harsh to the new dude?"

"Optic is just trying to make sure Bear knows where they all stand," Bobby said with a shrug.

"Huh. I still think that Judy chick would be way cooler if she could like fly," Jubilee mumbled around her twinkie.

Bobby chuckled. "Doesn't the Doctor remind you of somebody?"

"Give me a second.... It's that one dude from Star Trek! The captain guy!" Jubilee shouted, bouncing on the couch.

Bobby forced himself to avert his eyes from certain parts of his friend's anatomy that bounced just a bit more that the rest of her. "Yeah, Picard. Cool huh?"

"Way!" Jubilee giggled as she collapsed against his arm.

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"Oops, sorry. Hey, hand me that blanket over there it's getting cold in here."

Bobby reached over and grabbed the fleece blanket off of the ottoman and handed it to Jubilee. 'Good maybe if she's covered up I can concentrate on the movie and not on how positively great she looks right now' he thought to himself.

"Thanks Ice-boy. You know it's probably you making me cold I should kick you off this couch." she said smirking at him.

"Oh yeah right. You've been home for less than a day and you're going to kick me off MY couch? I highly doubt that."

"I could if I wanted to but right now I'll settle for using you as my foot pillow." she plops her feet on top of Bobby's lap and makes her self comfortable wrapped up in the blanket and taking up most of the couch in the process.

Bobby playfully throws a piece of popcorn at her to which she sticks her tongue out at him for but then both just go back to watching the movie.

Several hours and quite a few movies later both have fallen asleep on the couch. Jubilee still laying taking up most of the couch and Bobby slumped over using her knees as a pillow. Neither of them heard the Blackbird landing and the X-men arriving back home.

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

Jubilee snuggled back down into the couch, kind of enjoying the gentle weight on her legs. Another muffled sound pulled her back out of her warm cocoon of oblivion. She blinked in sleepy annoyance at the source of that sound.

Wolverine was popping his claws in and out, slowly and deliberately. There was a scowl on his face rivaling the one he wore when he found out that she wasn't a virgin anymore.

Jubilee frowned at him then glanced down at the still sleeping Bobby using her legs as a pillow. "Uh, Bobster? Snowflake? Bobby? HEY DRAKE?!?!"

Bobby sat up like someone had stabbed him with a pin. "Huh?!? What? Are we under attack?"

"Three words," Wolvie growled. "Run. Run, now."

"Logan, calm down," Storm said carefully.

Jubilee and Bobby gulped and traded a look. They ran like rabbits.

Mac *** *** ***

"Ro I'm very calm now get outta my way so I can kill them." Logan says as he rushes towards the door. Storm's winds pushing against Logan.


"Jean help me!" Storm pleads to Jean.

~What is it Storm? Uh oh! far and run fast. ~

The diabolical duo moved through the house quickly. Bobby shifted to ice picking Jubes up and setting her on the ice slide.

"Thanx Bobbo but I'll do it my way." Jubes says before taking to the air.

"Nice trick Jubes." He says looking up at the young women still in her tank top and boxers.

Chaos *** *** ***

They laid deliberate trails all over the mansion grounds and even to outside of the mansion, before Jubilee decided to pick Bobby up and fly him to the roof of the mansion.

Sparrow *** *** ***

Jubilee and Bobby collapsed on the roof, panting hard from their escape from the wraith of Wolverine.

"Think we... got... away?" Bobby gasped out.

"Yeah.... Don't... know what... his malfunction is," Jubilee muttered between gasps for air. "We”¦ weren't doing... anything."

Bobby went very, very quiet as the dream he had been having came to mind in all its vivid detail. The valiant wise-cracking member of the X-Men known as the Iceman was suddenly very glad he was laying face down on the roof, otherwise Jubilee would probably kill him herself.

Mac *** *** ***

"Hey, Frosted Flakes, you o-kay?" Jubilee asked after a while.

"Just resting," mumbled Bobby from his face down position on the roof. He very discreetly cooled himself down and slowly raised up.

As Jubilee watched him get up, she couldn't believe she had never noticed what a cute little b...back of the head he had. She mentally caught herself before she thought something way out of line. She suddenly had the urge to smack herself on the forehead.

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

"Hey, J?" called Bobby.


"Mind if I ask ya a question?"

"Sure. Might as well get all yer questions asked, before Logan comes up here and guts us both."

Bobby nodded, took a deep breath, and asked, "What's with that dragon tattoo on your back?"

Acacia *** *** ***

Jubilee proceeded to stare at Bobby as if he had grown another head.

Sparrow *** *** ***

"How the freak did you find out about that?!?" Jubilee shouted, fit to bring Wolverine down on both their heads.

Bobby blushed bright pink. "You kinda left the door open when you were taking a shower. I just wanted to see if you...."

"I think you saw plenty," Jubilee grumbled.

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"Jubes, I...I didn't mean to spy. I just went upstairs to check on you. The bathroom door was open, I accidentally got a glimpse. I left immediately. Please, don't be mad." Bobby pleaded, earnestly.

Jubilee sighed, man, he's like lookin' at me with those puppy dog eyes.

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

She hated it when he looked at her like that, but it ALWAYS got to her.

"You owe me a slushie Snowflake." Bobby did a mock salute.

"Yes ma'am!"

spark *** *** ***

Jubilee only grunted and flopped back down onto the roof. There was a long moment of silence between them before Bobby worked up enough nerve to break it.

"So, what is the story with the tattoo? Getting one just never seemed your style." Bobby let his voice trail off.

"Not much to say about it," Jubilee muttered.

Bobby snorted softly.

Jubes opened one eye to glare at him. "You don't believe me?"

"A tattoo that detailed takes time, kiddo," Bobby said. "And they all have stories behind them, no matter who their on."

"Ya ain't gonna let this go are you?" she sighed.

"Is Cyke going to rumba with Wolverine?" Bobby asked lightly.

Jubilee rolled on to her side to stare into his eyes. "Ya gotta swear ya won't tell Wolvie as single word ya hear."

"I swear," Bobby vowed solemnly.

Jag *** *** ***

Jubilee took a deep breath, "Well, one night I was out partying with some of the other girls from my dorm, ya know? Then we all ended up in a Tattoo parlor down by the docks with a bunch of frat boys."

Bobby squashed the urge to scowl at the mention of 'frat boys' after all he had been one briefly and knew how they thought.

"Anyway," Jubilee continued oblivious to Bobby's struggled, "the first guy to get needled past out, and I started laughing my butt off. So one of his 'brothers' asks me if I thought I could do better and I pop out with Wolvie's classic, 'I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do ain't pretty.' But nobody can understand why that just makes me laugh harder. Anyhoo, I point at which one I want then sprawl out on the table and tell the guy to make sure he changed the needle cause I didn't want any wuss coodies. Then I did that zone out thing I always do when things start to hurt, when I came back he was done and the Frat Brats had to fork over the cash."

Bobby rolled onto his back laughing. "Now that *is* your style!"

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

Bobby couldn't restrain a smile.

"How much?"

"200 bucks."

"Not bad."

Spark *** *** ***

Jubilee grinned and shrugged. "Hey, I'm good."

"You're beyond just good, Jubes," Bobby chuckled.

"Beyond good, huh?" Jubes giggled as she crawled closer. "So how much more did you see when I was in the shower?"

Bobby gulped.

Jag *** *** ***

Jubes smiled evilly as she crawled toward him. Su8ddenly the image of Jubes taking her braw off came back.

spark *** *** ***

Jubilee pressed her lips to his before he could back away afraid of Wolverine.

"You're a really great guy, Bobby. You know of all the guys I went out with or talked to recently no one has shown that much interest in just me."

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

"Jubes I..." Bobby managed to get out before Jean interrupted.

~Bobby, Jubilee, we've calmed Logan down and explained to him how innocent the situation really was. It's safe to come inside now. ~

~Thanks Jean~ Jubilee thought sarcastically as the telepath left their minds.

"Well, I uh guess we can go in now. If that's what you want?" she guardedly asked him, bracing herself for rejection.

"What I want? Yeah, I think I know what I want." He stands up and reaches out his hand to help Jubilee up. She takes it trying to hide her disappointment. As Bobby pulls her up he pulls her right into a soft and lingering kiss catching her completely off guard. She reacts to the kiss and begins to caress his neck and run her fingers through his hair. His hands wrap around her small waist and he pulls her closer as the passion of the kiss mounts. Both however realize it's not the time to go any further and break the kiss reluctantly.

Jubilee tries to catch her breath "Wow..." was all she could manage to say.

"Wow yourself" he smiles at her and leans his forehead against hers. "Come on why don't we change and I'll buy you breakfast."

Jubilee reaches up and kisses the tip of his nose. "Sounds like a plan."

He's about to slide them off of the roof when something occurs to him. "You know Jubes, I don't think Wolverine is going to like this very much."

"Well, who says we have to tell him?" she gives him her most delicious smile. "Come on, breakfast is waiting."

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

Bobby blinked.

"Good point! Hey! Wait up! Save some Sugar bombs for me!" he shouted as Jubilee ran giggling down the hallway.

Jubilee skid to a halt in front of him when she caught sight of Cyclops' face. And from the looks of things he wasn't any happier than Wolverine. "Ummm. Hiya, Scott. How ya doing?"

"Perhaps the two of you would care to explain why the windows on the west wing are iced shut?" Cyclops asked calmly.

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"Uhm, well, know that's a very good question I think maybe you should check the furnace for some kind of malfunction or something. Oh, geez would you look at me I'm running around in my pajamas I better go get decent before Wolvie flips another lid." with that Jubilee turns and jogs towards her room.

"Oh Jubes hey uh, 20 minutes...out front?" Bobby calls after her.

She turns around and can't help but let a little smile creep out "Make it 25 and I'll be ready." Noticing the look on Scott's face she quickly hides her smile and gives him a mock salute then enters her room.

"Bobby...uh...being asleep on the couch with Jubilee WAS totally innocent wasn't it?" he asks his friend suspiciously.

"Oh, totally." he answers in his most innocent voice. "But hey I gotta' go see Hank about getting this cast off my leg. I've had enough of it. Later." with that he leaves Scott standing in the hallway completely suspicious and unsatisfied with his answer.

"Oh boy, please let me be wrong about this. This is not good." The fearless leader mutters to himself.

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

Hank stared blankly at his best friend for several very long moments. "You want me to what?"

"Get this cast off," Bobby said lightly as he pointed to the offending hunk of plaster and gauze around his leg. "I've got a date, and I'm sick of being used as an object lesson for Danny."

"A date?" Hank muttered. "Does this have anything to do with Jubilee?"

"Depends," Bobby answered slowly. "You going to try and kill me if the answer's yes?"

"Oh, dear," Hank sighed.

Mac *** *** ***

"Really, Hank, what's the big deal, anyways? Jubes and I have been friends for a long time now. We can take care of ourselves." Bobby said, a little disappointed that his best friend seemed to side with the others on this.

"I know, my friend. It is just that some among us are very protective of our resident firecracker. It has nothing to do with you personally and I most certainly know that you would never do anything to purposefully harm her in any way. However, I am concerned for your physical welfare, as well you should be along with me."

kawaii *** *** ***

"Hank," Jubilee said sweetly from the door. "In case you really are that oblivious to a few things, I'm not a little girl anymore. And I'm really getting sick of people treating me like one."

"Jubilation, I'm very *very* much aware that you are no longer a child," Hank said with a sigh as his eyes took in the very short skirt and tight tee shirt she was wearing under her bright yellow leather jacket. It had been a birthday gift from him last year. "It's just that perhaps the others do not see it?"

Bobby blinked. "Hank? Are you... jealous?"

Jag *** *** ***

"JEALOUS!!! Robert, that is one word that I assure you is most certainly NOT in my vocabulary." Hank huffed.

"I don't believe you." Bobby smirked at his friend.

"Come oooooonnnnnn, ice for brains, we gonna eat or what? Hank's not jealous over me! Anyway, he's blue, not green!" Jubilee rolled her eyes as she dragged Bobby out the door by his arm.

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

"Don't wait up!" Jubilee shouted as she dragged the now cast-less Bobby past the kitchen.

Unfortunately it didn't look like their escape was going to be that easy. Cyclops and Bishop were waiting in the garage to ambush them.

"You've got to be kidding me," Bobby complained. "Bishop, get off my car!"

Jubilee eyed the black porche Bishop had planted his rear on. "That's your new car? What happened to the retro beast from beyond?"

"Magneto dropped a skyscraper on it," Bobby explained as he glared at the larger X-man. "Bish, you've got six seconds to get out of my sight before I turn you into the Popsicle from the Future."

Bishop stood up. "I really do not think this is a good idea."

"Bishop's right," Scott added. "The two of you, unleashed on the world, alone, together, can't possibly be good."

"Bish, Cyke," Jubilee said sweetly, "If you don't let us go, we will go over you."

"Yep, just picture two long red smears leading all the way to the front gate." Bobby smiled evilly.

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

Jubilee sighed; all traces of humor gone when she didn't see either one budge from their spots.

"You know what dude? All Bobby and I wanna do is just go out, eat, and have some good ol' fashion fun. What's the harm in that? What we don't want or need is all this angst. Cut us some slack," then all of a sudden all the men saw her face lighten up into a full fledge smile. "And if ya don't, well, Bobbo and I have been long over due for some good pranks."

Bobby looked at Jubilee and then at the two offending people who were standing in front of one of his most prized possessions.

"That's right." he winked at them.

kawaii *** *** ***

Bobby and Jubilee managed to get into the car then after revving the engine a few times he realized he wasn't going to scare them. So he put it in gear accelerated, then stuck his arm out wrapped the two in ice and moved them.

"Good move Bobbo. So how'd ya afford this?"

"I'm an accountant. Managing money is my specialty. I took out special mutant attack insurance coverage, which took care of about half the price and teachers make good money. As long as they don't have to worry about rent, food or clothing."

"I think Frosty just over paid ya when ya guest lecture at the school. She likes you. She just better not try anything."

"Oh, now you're jealous."

"You just imagine jealousy everywhere."

"So what's goin' down at college that ya don't wanna talk about."

Jubilee answered in her normal tone of voice convincing him she was sincere, and he was correct about that. "There's just a buncha twits an' too early classes and annoying professors and I just wanna go a couplea weeks without even thinking about all that."

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

Jubilee decided a topic change was in order. "So where you taking me, Bobster?"

"Well, there's a new movie at the multi-plex, a new arcade with VR games, or," Bobby let his voice trail off as he reminded himself to watch the road and not Jubes' legs.

"Or what?"

"Or we can go dancing at this new nightclub," Bobby finally managed to finish.

"It's mutant friendly, and so long as you're over nineteen they'll let you in. They won't give you alcohol, but they'll let you in."

"Sounds great," Jubilee said with a grin. "Sides, if I wanted booze I'd go to Harry's or make Wolvie take me to Madripoor."

Bobby grinned back. "Good points all! To Ground Zero it is!"

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"Not to be picky or anything but don't night clubs open up at night?"

"This club will take a while to get to Jubes."

"How long is a while?" she asked suspiciously.

"Oh, just about 10 hours or so." he answered cautiously waiting for her response.

"Ten HOURS?" she repeated her eyes slightly bugging out. "Well, not that I particularly mind the road trip but if we drive 10 hours there and stay up dancing til' dawn we are so not going to have the energy to drive back here for another 10 hours. Are we going to stay over?"

'Uh oh' he thought. "Oh, sorry I guess I didn't really think this through far enough. We can go somewhere else, it's not a big deal."

"No, I want to go, uhm, that is if you still want to?"

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

"Yeah, I still want to go. We'll just get a room." Bobby shrugged, trying to seam casual.

"Well, this is going to raise some eyebrows." Jubilee smiled nervously.

Anonymous Poster *** *** ***

"Jubes, you're a grown-up," Bobby said calmly. "I'm even one too when I remember. I think it's time Cyke and the Wolvster figured that out, don't you?"

"Works for me, Icecube," Jubilee answered with a grin. "But you do understand that we're going shopping for.... appropriate attire."

"Hmmmm, good thing I snatched Gambit's credit card," Bobby grinned.

Ephiney *** *** ***

Jubilee sat quietly in the car as Bobby drove on. She had thought of an idea but wasn't sure she should mention it. They could probably get into a whole mess of trouble when they got back to the mansion.

Bobby noticed Jubilee's sudden silence. She looked like she was thinking about something. He started to fear that she had changed her mind about going.

"Hey, Jubes, if you changed your mind and you want to go back to the mansion, I'll turn around. If that's what you want. No prob." He couldn't help sounding disappointed.

"Heck no Bobby. I want to go. It's just that I was thinking that..." but she trailed off before she finished.

"Thinking what?" he encouraged her as he flashed her a huge grin.

That was all the encouragement she needed. "I was thinking how cool it would be if we went on a road trip. I mean, for like a week or so. Just going from state to state. Maybe we could make it out to Cali. or Acapulco in Mexico. Ya know, lying on the beach, having drinks with umbrellas in them, water skiing, parasailing, sun, sun, and more sun. I know that would probably take more than a week but it would be a whole mess of fun, don't ya think?" she looked at him hopefully.

He looked at her and then back at the road. He knew that if they did this they would be in a world of trouble. This wasn't like the time him and Rogue drove out to Seattle. That was totally different. Nobody cared much one way or another, except for Gambit but that was a totally different situation. All the things that would and could happen to them when they returned went through his mind at that instance. Then he looked back at her. What the heck you only live once.

"Jubes, that sounds like a God send. Only thing is we didn't bring anything with us. I have Remy's credit card but still..."

"No need to worry, Drake. I got Emma's platinum, which she gave to me for emergencies. I don't see a better emergency than a lack of cool clothing. So I think a shopping spree will be the only way to rectify this situation." she smiled at him evilly.

He returned the smile.

kawaii *** *** ***

Jubilee grinned at Bobby and reached for the radio. "In celebration of this totally major event, let's get some tunes going!"

Queen's 'And Another One Bites the Dust' eventually filled the air. After a second Bobby and Jubilee added their voices, enthusiastically, if off key.

Ephiney *** *** ***

"Oh my gosh! That was such a blast!" she laughed breathlessly as she and Bobby stumbled through their hotel room door.

"I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. And you, you nasty boy..." she playfully swats him with her small black purse. "I can not believe you threw ice down that guys pants!!" she collapses on one of the beds laughing.

Bobby takes off his jacket and throws it on the other bed as he sits and begins to take his shoes off. "He needed to cool down he was slobbering all over you."

"He was drunk Bobbo, that is why it didn't even occur to him that that much ice came out of your hands." she propped herself up on one arm and stared at Bobby on the other bed.

Bobby stared back at her. She was beautiful, her long black hair falling loosely around her shoulders as her black and white dress hugged her perfect curves.

"Well uh, where do you want to head out to tomorrow?" he asked laying back on his bed and staring up at the ceiling.

She got up and went over to sit next to him on his bed. "I had actually been thinking about this tonight. How about Texas?"

"Texas?" he asked a little surprised.

"Yeah, it'll be a hoot. We can get all dooded up and do some cowboy stuff like go to the rodeo, pick some fights at those famous Texan bars, and then we can head to Cali from there."

"Sounds good to me. Okay Texas it is Ma'am."

"Like there was ever any doubt. You are soooo easy Bobby Drake." she carelessly flips her hair over one shoulder and starts to move back to her own bed.

"Easy huh?!" he quickly grabs her around the waist and throws her back on the bed and begins to tickle her mercilessly.

"Ahh!" she screams between fits of laughter. After what seems like and eternity of torture. "Okay! Okay! I give!"

"See I am anything BUT easy." he smirks at her from his straddled position on top of her.

"NOT." she quickly grabs him by the collar and flips him over to reverse positions and begins tickling him.

"Alright! Alright! Truce!" he screams. She stops and collapses next to him on the bed both laughing. They look at each other and slowly the laughter turns into passion as they fall into a kiss. After a few minutes they break apart.

"Jubilee, I...I'm not sure we should do this now."

"I know and I uh, don't trust myself to just lay next to you in the same bed all night and not do anything so I think I'll go get ready for bed in the bathroom and you can get ready out here and then I'll go to sleep in my own bed right over... there." she points to the other bed and gets up to get her stuff together.

10 minutes later.

Jubilee comes out of the bathroom in her pale yellow tank top and shorts pajamas. Bobby is already underneath the covers of his own bed the lamp between the beds is the only light on. Jubilee smiles at him and walks over between the two beds. She kneels next to him and kisses his cheek.

"Goodnight Bobby."

Bobby smiles back at her as he reaches up and tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"Goodnight Jubilee."

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

"Don't tell me to calm down!!" Wolverine screamed as nearly all of the X-men were gathered in the kitchen by now.

"They have been gone a while guys." Rogue piped in.

"FOUR FLAMIN' DAYS IS HOW LONG THEY'VE BEEN GONE!" Logan was pacing like a caged animal popping his claws in and out.

"They are both adults I don't really see how it is any of our business to pry into their personal lives." Ororo tried to state as calmly as possible so Logan wouldn't get any angrier if that was at all possible.

"Maybe we're all jumping to the wrong conclusion and something happened to them instead." Jean offered up not really believing it.

"Chere' we all know what's happening with dem'."

That was absolutely the wrong comment to make and everyone knew it. Logan's head snapped up and he charged the Cajun. Bishop and Hank grabbed him just in time.

"Are you insinuating something about Jubilee Gumbo?! Cuz' my girl don't go runnin' off with strange men every other week if that's what you're sayin'!!"

"Not at all homme. I was just meanin' maybe de' two of dem' want some time alone, tha'sall."

"Please could everyone excuse Logan and myself," the professor requested.

Everyone filed out of the kitchen leaving the two men alone. Most of them had there doubts that even the Professor could calm Logan down.

"Logan, I know this is hard for you to accept but Jubilee is not a child anymore. She is twenty years old going on twenty-one very soon and she deserves to be treated with the same respect and right to privacy as anyone else who lives in this mansion. I know how you feel about her but..."

"Listen Chuck, you may think you know but you don't ok, look I brought Jubilee hear, I've cared for her since she was 13 years old, and you know as well as I do that 2 x-men being together doesn't last and it's usually because one of 'em winds up dead. I don't want her to have that kind of hurt. I swore a long time ago to protect that girl from all harm and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Even if that harm is Iceman."

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

"Very well, Logan. But how successful are relationships between one X-man and a non-X-man? If that's the basis of your argument then Jubilee may never meet someone you approve of." ----------

Bobby stared at Jubilee while she slept. She was tough as nails, smart, funny, and beautiful. He just hoped he wasn't misinterpreting the signals from her.

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

Of course, Bobby thought, it's kind of hard to misinterpret someone lying naked in your arms. He smiled and gently kissed the top of her head. He knew they had been gone for four days now; they would have to go home soon. So much had happened in that short time. He had learned so much about her. He had learned so much about himself. Just how in the world was he going to break it to Wolverine that he'd fallen in love with Jubilee? More importantly, how was he going to break it to Jubilee?

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

"Well I think Texas was one of my best ideas this place was so much fun." Jubilee said as she packed up her clothes. "But I am kind of excited to get back to California. You just can't beat the weather there."

"Oh, I don't know I kind of like the weather in say, well, Iceland for instance." Bobby smirked at her as he placed his bags by the door.

"Ha, Ha, Ha. Very funny Ice-Boy. C'mere you." she crooked her finger and motioned for him to come closer.

He walked over and wrapped his arms around her as he gave her big playful yet tender kiss.

"You know Jubes sooner or later we have to go home."

"I know. I just want a little more time where it's just us. I mean when I came home I did not expect this to happen but you know that saying and I'm not even sure how it goes but it's about getting something so wonderful that you didn't even know you wanted. Well, that's kind of how I feel. You are so wonderful and have been so wonderful this whole trip and I just”¦ I don't know...don't want to have this end."

"Who says it's going to end? Just because we go home doesn't mean we're over."

"Doesn't it? A lot of the X-men aren't going to like us together."

"Now Jubilation Lee I didn't think you cared a flying fig about what other people thought."

"Flying FIG??"

"Never mind. Look, I don't know what you were planning to do when we got home but as for me I was planning on staying right by your side because are amazing and I'm not ready to give you up either. Besides once everyone sees how great we are together they'll back off, I'm sure of it. So don't worry ok?" he tilted her head up and kissed her on the tip of the nose.

"I hope you're right. Well, let's head out to Cali for a few and then we'll go home. Once we get to the beach I'll show you the new bathing suit I bought." she smiles coyly grabbing her purse.

"What's it look like?" he asks grabbing the bags and walking out the door.

"Oh, what there is of it is yellow."

"Grrrroar! California here we come."

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

Storm shook her head. "Logan, I am very certain that Jubilee and Bobby are just fine. By themselves."

Wolverine growled.

Storm closed her eyes briefly to pray to the Goddess for patience. "Logan. We. Are. Not. Going. After. Them."

"Ya gonna stop me, 'Ro?" he rumbled.

"If I must," Storm said firmly as her eyes narrowed at her long time friend.

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"Ya know Bobster, Frostie's gonna be ticked about this."

"You think so?"

"Sure. You're not the nearest available guy for a date any more."

"Next time she needs someone she will have to look for the Toad. You really think she had a thing for me or something?"


The two drove in silence for a while before Bobby spoke again.

"So do you wanna talk about last night."

"It was great. But is something wrong?"

"It was just a little weird for me. I've never been that... spontaneous before, at least not the first time. It's always been after a date, a handful of dates into the relationship."

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

"Yeah, well, obviously it's not something I do just anytime either." Jubilee smiled shyly.

"Jubes, just what did last night mean to you?" asked Bobby cautiously.

Jubilee looked at him and asked, "You mean, like, what do I think about us?" Bobby nodded.

Jubilee began to feel nervous, "What did it mean to you?"

Bobby could feel his heart pounding. Should he just tell her? In a split second, he had made his decision. He pulled the car to the side of the road, turned to face her, and took her hands in his.

"Jubes, it meant more to me than anything. You mean more to me than anything. We've known each other for a long time, and I think I can be honest with you. Jubilee, to me, last night meant forever. I love you, Jubilation." Bobby closed his eyes tight, bracing for the big let down.

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

Bobby slowly opened his eyes and lowered his head focusing on her hands that he held in his own. He caressed her hands softly, suppressing his breath as he waited for her response. He had never been more afraid of rejection as he was at that moment. Would she deny them this opportunity for fear of what the rest of the X-Men would think--what Wolverine would think? Bobby knew that Jubilee couldn't care less what anyone thought about her--except for Logan. Could he even compete with him? Would he have to?

If it came down to that he would. He'd do whatever he took to win her, to make her see that they were perfect for one another. That this love could work if given a chance. He would make Logan see it as well no matter what hell he would have to walk through. Logan all ready thought of him as a nuisance. Yes, Logan might respect him as a teammate (which took forever to finally gain that from him) but did he like him? Could he ever like him? For his and Jubilee's sake he hoped so.

She still hadn't said a word. His anxiety was getting the better of him and his thoughts were not helping any. He steadied his breathing and picked up his head to stare into her eyes.

The emotions in them shocked him to the core. Could it be that she felt the same...

"Drake," she struggled to speak, "Bobby, I...I think this is a forever kinda thing too. You're one of my best friends. I couldn't ever imagine my life without you. I'm...I'm in love you, Bobby. No matter what happens, I always will be." A single tear made it's way down her cheek.

Bobby couldn't believe what he had just heard. It was music to his ears. After he got over his shock he gently wiped away the tear and leaned forward to kiss her. He had never felt anything as sweet and as passionate as he did when his lips met hers. He poured all he felt for into that kiss secure in the feeling that she did also.

He regretfully pulled away a huge silly grin spreading across his handsome features.

"YIIIIIPPPEEEEE!!!!" he cried out scaring the heck out of Jubilee.

He sat up on top of his seat. "SHE LOVES ME, SHE REALLY LOVES ME!!!!!"

"Bobby!!! Sit down, people are going to think your crazy," she chided playfully punching his arm.

He slid down into the seat pulling her half way across his lap. "Let them think so. I want the whole world to know I'm crazy in love with you," he whispered against her lips once again capturing them with his own.

They parted, her hand slowly rose up to caress his cheek, a small smile on her face.

"Hmmm...that's just the way I like you, baby. But how about we get back on the road and celebrate properly under some good ol' Cali sun? Trust me, once you see my bathing suit it'll be well worth the wait." she said softly as she winked at him.

He saw the sparkle in her eyes and smiled mischievously at her.

"Your wish is my command, Jae." he pecked her cheek as she readjusted herself in her seat. She giggled slightly as he sped off down the road her sunglasses almost flying off her head.

kawaii *** *** ***

Bishop stared as he finally identified the two mutants he had been looking for chasing each other around the beach. "What the bamf?"

"Oh, my god," Cyclops muttered beside him. "Wolverine is going to kill us for letting them go."

"He was already threatening to do so before the Professor felt it wise for us to come look for Iceman and Jubilee," Bishop pointed out.

Cyclops still managed to send the larger man a dirty look despite the ruby quartz glasses that covered his eyes. "True. But now he's going to carve our eyes out for seeing Jubilee in that swimsuit."

"What are you two doing in California?" Jubilee demanded, suddenly standing in front of them, with her hands on her hips and a scowl worthy of Wolverine on her face.

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

"Um" swallowed Cyclops nervously, "Making sure the two of you were...alright?"

Jubilee looked unconvinced, and Bobby (who'd showed up to stand beside her) looked even less so. Bishop, though, wasted no time with what he though of as pleasant trivialities, and bodily hefted Bobby off the ground by the scruff of his neck.

"You are coming home," he said in a voice he felt left no room for comment. Bobby winced. Jubilee glared. Cyclops kept trying for that "fearlessly stern leader" look, but it kept slipping when he thought about the angry clawed mutant waiting at home for them. Bishop took the silence as an opportunity to excuse himself from the group and take Bobby to the jet.

"Hey, Bish, guy, c'mon, put me the Hell down!" Bobby wriggled anxiously. He too was beginning to have not-so-pleasant thoughts about the mighty Wolverine. Jubilee had fire in her eyes.

"Scott," She growled, "Tell Bishop to put Bobby down. Now." Cyclops looked the girl over contemplating the benefits and dangers of trying to carry HER bodily to the plane. The way she clenched and unclenched her fist decided him against it; her powers were a lot stronger than they used to be.

"Look, Jubilee," He began warily, "I understand how you feel, but you've been gone a long time, and while you are adults, you're still part of a family. There are questions back home that need to be answered. After that, there's nothing to stop you from going about whatever business you see fit...well nothing but Wolverine," he mumbled. Jubilee considered this.

"It was inconsiderate of us not to let anyone know if we were coming back," Her brow furrowed in debate. "And I suppose, we'd have to come home sooner or later," Her piercing blue eyes met Scott's, "Alright, Soldier Boy, you've got yourself a deal." Scott brightened; finally things were going his way. They met a cold angry Bishop outside the jet. Scott raised an eyebrow in question.

"I tied him up," Bishop stated daring anyone to comment, "and got a power dampener on him." Jubilee kicked him in the shins, and he groaned, slightly. She then proceeded to flounce into the cockpit, and attempt to remove the collar from her boyfriend's neck. Bobby looked miserable. Scott, with a very sick feeling in is stomach, started the blackbird, and they began the journey home.

Rain Goddess *** *** ***

Jubilee finally growled in frustration and stalked to the front of the jet to demand the key from Bishop.

"No," was his firm and flatly delivered reply.

Jubilee's response was a sharp right hook that rocked his head and crossed his eyes. She then calmly took the key and walked back to Bobby, muttering the entire way about what a jerk Bishop was.

Cyclops sighed and wondered how Jubilee could have inherited Wolverine's temper when there was no actual biological relationship between them.

Mac *** *** ***

Then Scott realized, there was always the possibility- No that was to scary to even think about.

spark *** *** ***

Wolverine was pacing back and forth in the hanger. Cyclops had radioed that they were 15 minutes out and would arrive shortly. Jean was with him trying to calm him so that this wouldn't turn into a full fight that no one could truly win.

"I am going to kill that little frozen punk! She's just a kid," he said through clenched teeth.

"Logan, Jubilee is no 'kid' she's nearly 21 years old. I know how you feel we all feel very protective of her but Bobby would never do anything to hurt her and you know that. What is this really about?"

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

"Red, I'm just tryin' ta' protect her. You and I both know how dangerous this life is. The hurt you feel when you lose someone like that is almost unbearable. I don't want her to go through that."

"Logan, I more than anyone understand what you're saying but you can't pick and choose who Jubilee wants to get close too. If you try you are only going to alienate her and then you will have hurt her so deeply that I'm not sure you could repair the damage. And in the process you will have cost her the relationship that truly means the most to her at this point in her life, and that's her relationship with you."


"Yes, you. Logan you have been her world for the last 7 1/2 years. She loves you and respects you. BUT you and I both know that if you try and order Jubilee to do something she will do the complete opposite. It's just her nature. She gets it from you." Jean smirks slightly. But Logan turns his head away and looks up to see the Blackbird about to land.

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

The blackbird rotated orienting itself in the hanger bay. The exhaust vents blowing scraps of paper across the reinforced adamantium floor.

Cyclops exited first heading down the ramp slowly towards his wife.

"Logan I think you have some thinking to do. I hope you can weather the storm before you." Jean says as she grabs her husband's hand. Logan looks up to see Bishop exit the jet with Bobby and Jubilee beside him.

They all watch as Logan approaches. Logan looks Bobby in the eyes. Bobby's nervousness had affected him. His normal icy exterior was studded with sharp ice spikes.

"You and I need to talk kid." Wolverine says addressing Bobby. Jubilee steps up to say something before Logan turns to her. "Darlin we'll talk later. Don't worry I won't gut him."

Chaos *** *** ***

"Or maim?" She looked stern.

"Or maim."

"Or hurt in any way possible?"

"Or hurt in any way possible." She still looked suspicious, "Let me see your fingers."

spark *** *** ***

He held up both hands. "I won't hurt him. I promise." ----------

Bobby sank down into the couch not even looking at Logan. "So what do you want from me Wolverine. I've never dumped a woman in my life. I'm the one who gets my heart trampled on. Maybe you'd like references that state I'm a nice guy who always treats women with respect?"

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

"Well we X-men have a habit of dying and the last time I checked you weren't a member of the Summers clan. Jubilee doesn't need the pain that comes with always losing a loved one."

"Logan I know this but we could die tomorrow just crossing a parking lot heading to the mall. We can't all me immortal."

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

"Look Drake, I'm startin' to realize that if you and Jubilee want to be together I can't stop you but let's you and I get one thing straight here and now. I'm not about to let ANYBODY mess with Jubes' head or treat her like some play toy X-man or not. So if that is what yer' after then you back off right here right now or the next promise I make is to you, and that promise would be that I'm gonna' slit your icy throat."

Silence fell for a moment as Bobby chose his next words VERY carefully.

"Logan, I am very serious about Jubilee and would never want to hurt her. She means a lot to me." he said uncharacteristically slow and quiet.

"She means EVERYTHING to ME." Logan growled back.

Bobby stepped back and looked curiously at Logan for a moment.

"Logan, you know that nobody could ever take your place with Jubilee and believe me I would never want to. You mean as much to her as she means to you. I would never want to take that from either of you."

Logan unsheathed his claws and took a step towards Bobby. Bobby instinctively iced up ready for a fight. It didn't happen. Logan stepped back, retracted his claws and turned his back on him.

"Don't hurt her" was the last thing he said before leaving the room.

Anonymous poster *** *** ***

Bobby sighed, lowering his head. He loved Jubilee, but maybe it wasn't worth all of this. He gasped under his breath as he realized thought like this where just what might get him killed by Wolverine. Bobby had never been so frightened in his entire life. The trip with Jubes had been a blast, but now that it was over...could they still maintain the carefree relationship they had so recently possessed? Did they even want to? Bobby felt the familiar melancholy drop down, like a weight on his shoulders. He'd been really depressed before he and Jubilee had gotten together, and now that the initial wonder was beginning to wear off he was beginning to realize that the Beatles song was wrong; love wasn't all you needed. He heard Jubilee voice from a room away ask Logan what had just transpired, and Bobby bolted. He didn't want to see Jubilee right now. Sure, he loved her, and he wanted to be with her, but there were to many variables to deal with. He needed time to think, alone.

Scott found him on top of the roof.

"What's up?" He asked gently. Bobby looked down.

"N'much," He mumbled. Cyclops took a seat next to him and looked out upon the grounds.

"Nice day," He commented, hoping to begin some kind of conversation. Bobby just sighed, and launched in.

"If this doesn't happen...I'm f---ed, I'm just like, royally f---ed." Scott placed a hand on his arm.

"An hour ago, nothing could come between you two; you guys were talking about forever, and threatening to beat up Bishop. What changed?" Bobby felt a tear slip down his cheek and inwardly cringed at his weakness.

"It's just so...real now. I mean, everything was so great when it was just me an Jubes...but now...there's all this other stuff. Like having to have the relationship live up to Wolverine's standards. And yours, and everybody elses..." Scott cut in, "Our opinions of your relationship doesn't matter, Bobby, it's what you have-"

"I know, Scott. It's not just that. I told her...forever. And, I meant it”¦but now it's like...everything's happening so fast. I don't want to lose her, but forever is a really scary word, y'know?" Bobby angrily shoved away another tear. Scott sighed, it looked to him like another joyous case of fear of commitment. He wasn't surprised, Bobby rarely followed though with anything he started. Bobby looked pleadingly into the older man's face.

"If Logan finds out that...that, I slept with her, and that...that, I'm having doubts”¦ he'll kill me." Bobby buried his face in his knees and muffled his strangled sob. Scott's eyes were wide. Fast work, Bob, he thought to himself. He wanted to tell Bobby that it would be okay, offer some reassurances, but Bobby was right; Wolverine would kill him.

"You need to talk to Jubilee," He commanded in that no-nonsense leader voice.

"You said you love her, right?" Bobby nodded into his lap. "Well things will work out then," Ironically enough, thinking to himself about the wisdom of the words: Love is all you need.

"Okay," Whispered Bobby, scared but willing to try. He did love her after all.

Unfortunately, to the super hearing ears of a certain clawed mutant listening below, it sounded far too reluctant. Wolverine growled. Screw his promise to Jubilee. Bobby had violated her.

Rain Goddess *** *** ***

Fortunately Jubilee found him first.

"Hey Bobster. Somethin' wrong?"

"I'm scared Jubilee. We're happening to fast. I said I loved you and I meant it. But forever? Forever for us could be tomorrow or forever. I mean we're mutants one of us could turn out to be an X-ternal."

"I doubt that Bobbo. I love you too. But everyone I've ever loved has left me. Wolvie's come back to me but that's it. So I don't take forever to seriously. It's the love part that matters to me. I'm not running out to buy my wedding dress yet. If something happens then I'd rather we split up and still be able to be friends than break up badly. Now c'mon lets go dye Hank's fur green."

Bobby didn't make a move.

"Okay what else is wrong?"

"I don't want to screw this up. It'll just be another episode of Bobby the screw up, permanent kid. And I'd hurt you in the process. I mean the last couple of days were great but now we've got all these expectations from everyone else."

"Right now there are only two people whose opinions matter right now."

"Scott and Logan?"

Jubilee doubled over laughing. When she finally regained her breath she smiled brightly at him. "No, silly. You and me."

Jason Barnett *** *** ***

Jubilee twirled and disappeared down the hallway (in search of that green dye) leaving a mystified, but less frightened Bobby in her wake. He was just about to follow suit when he heard the low growl coming from the shadows to his right. Bobby swallowed nervously.

"So," Came the barely audible snarl, "You touched my little girl." Bobby searched his mind for explanations, reasoning, but nothing came. His mind was a white-hot mask of fear. He heard the familiar bone chilling *Shnikt* of Wolverine's claws.

"Logan," He began with a dry voice, "I..." The claws rested on the tip of his adams apple, and the older man's eyes dared him to try for an explanation. Tiny droplets of blood dripped from where the claws lightly touched. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Logan's fist come round to hit him in the jaw, then everything was black...

He was jarred to consciousness by the fresh pain of his ribs being pummeled by adamantium-enforced knuckles.

Anger broke in Bobby's mind. He was tired of this shit. He loved Jubilee. Why in the Hell should he have to explain himself to this...animal? He felt himself groan and begin to fight back. Fists hit home, with little or no reaction from his assailant, which only drove him further into blinding fury. The air around them turned cold. Then he felt something snap and the temperature dropped more until this little patch of New York was the coldest place on earth. And still the temperature dropped. He became aware that wolverine was no longer fighting him, but he didn't care, he couldn't stop, he couldn't get it cold enough. Colder, he thought to himself, it must be colder. He finally passed out with exhaustion.

The blood had frozen in Wolverine's veins. His heart had been stopped for over three minutes already. When Hank found the two he didn't know if he was already too late. Wolverine was legally dead, and whether or not his healing-factor could handle this was beyond the doctor's comprehension. When he returned to retrieve Bobby, after depositing Wolverine in the Med Lab, he found the young mutant had gone. Hank contacted Cyclops who began to search for his desperate teammate.

The wind streamed tears up out of his face as he pushed the motorcycle he was riding to its limits. Ironic that he would react the same way Wolverine would have, he mused to himself. It was no secret that the older man always ran when things got to heavy emotionally. But, Bobby thought to himself, the difference is, I always run, be it danger or distress. I'm a f---ing coward. He knew Jubilee would be angry. Angry, Hell she would be devastated. Her lover had killed her best friend, her father. He could tell her it was self-defense, and it had been sort-of. But Bobby had known when Wolverine's blood had begun to freeze and he hadn't stopped. He hadn't wanted to stop. He was angry and he had wanted to hurt the man. Wolverine had been trying to teach him a lesson in his own backhanded manner. He wouldn't have killed him, or even hurt him too seriously...but Bobby had killed him. In cold blood. Literally he thought with a pained ironic smile. Jubilee shouldn't forgive him, he realized. Because when things got tough, he'd taken the easy way out, and killed his teammate. The X-men were not going to like this.

Rain Goddess *** *** ***

~Jubilee, please head to the Med Lab as quickly as you can~ the professor spoke to her telepathically.

She stopped in the middle of her search for the green dye as she felt and heard the intensity of the professor's words. She bolted down the hallway to the Med Lab finally registering that something bad must have happened.

//Oh man, Logan!! Please tell me you didn't do anything to hurt Bobby. Please!!// She silently begged to herself.

When she got to the Lab she stopped in the doorway, her mouth agape as she beheld the person lying on the table.

"Wha-what happened?" She finally croaked out.

"It seems that our feral friend here and Bobby had a bit of an encounter." Hank responded as he shook his head sadly.

Jubilee quickly walked up to the table and looked down at Logan's face. She grabbed his hand and held it to her check. " he all right?"

"Yes, he'll be fine. Amazing really. He has quite an impressive healing factor. He would be died otherwise, of course he would be long dead by now without it so losing faith in it was uncalled for."

Jubilee looked up from Logan and turned her attention to Hank and the Professor. "Where's Bobby?"

"It seems that he has left. Obviously upset over his actions. Scott went to look for him." Professor X told her his voice a bit disappointed in what was happening.

"No...I'll...I'll go talk to him." They all looked at Logan as he tried to sit up.

"Wolvie, you're hurt. You're healing factor is still trying to fix you up." Jubilee reprimanded as she tried to force him back onto the table.

"Jubes, it's my fault he left. I should have controlled myself better," he spoke softly cupping her face, "I'll make it up to you, darlin'. I'll make it right."

She nodded her head. He got up and headed for the door as if he hadn't been legally dead 5 minutes prior.

kawaii *** *** ***

Jubilee couldn't believe this. Bobby, her Bobby. What the Hell?

"Wolverine," She whispered with fear in her eyes, "What did you say to him?" He shifted his gaze uncomfortably.

"Uh," She met his glance, "Oh Darlin' I overheard him tellin' Four-eyes that the two of you, well...y'know." And she did.

"Oh Wolvie," She sighed. Men never change. She couldn't believe it. A few days ago her life had been perfect, now Bobby was gone, and Wolverine was going after him. She paused.

"Uh,'re not going to...hurt him, are you? You know 'cause maybe you shouldn't be the one to go, maybe me, or Scott, or Storm, or Jean, or Remy, or Rogue, or really...anybody else?" Wolverine shook his head.

"It'll be alright kiddo," she scowled at the name, "I promise, I'll bring 'im back, whether he wants to come or not."

Rain Goddess *** *** ***

Bobby sped down the highway his mind replaying the events over and over like a skipping record. He didn't care that he was violating the speed limit at all. Fear, shame, and tears clouded his eyes.

His emotions were wide open like a dam had given way under the fury of a tidal wave. Patches of ice coated the roadsides as he passed. The glimmer of light reflected at the edge of his vision. Checking the mirror he notices patches of white enveloping the road behind him. Slamming on the breaks Bobby skids to a halt.

"Now look what you've done now. Isn't it enough you've killed your lover's best friend but now you've gotta plunge the Earth into another Ice Age."

"PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD MUTIE AND TURN AROUND SLOW!" Bobby complies. Behind him stand several men in jeeps armed with machine guns and pulse rifles. The side of the jeep had the letters F-O-H emblazoned in red. Bobby turns his bike lifting the kickstand.


/I'm in no mood for this./

"Get outta my way or eat ice pal!" Bobby says as he ices up the temperature around him dropping. The men raise their guns and begin firing off rounds of bullets and hot plasma. Bobby growls guns the engine and the bottom drops outta the temp gauge. -------------------------

Logan pulls up moments later to find unconscious men; crumbled and shatter metal and columns of ice.

/Looks like the kids not in a good mood./

Chaos *** *** ***

Wolverine grunted as he pulled to a stop in front of a bar that he frequented. But for once he wasn't the one who wanted a drink.

Iceman's other set of wheels was parked out front. As if the Porsche hadn't been enough Accountant-Boy had bought a Harley too.

The older man grunted again as he stalked in. He paused just inside the door and sniffed.

No one said a word. No one would. Come to think of it, everyone except the bartender and the one waitress were scared to death of him. But the quick sniff had told him everything he needed to know about everybody in the room.

Like where Robert Drake was sitting.

"Great, now I'm seeing ghosts," Bobby grumbled as he rolled the beer bottle between his hands.

"Look, Drake," Wolverine growled as the bartender set a whiskey bottle and a shot glass in front of him without a word, "I'm bout ta say somethin' ta ya that never leaves this bar, we clear?"

"As ice," Bobby said bitterly.

Wolverine took a deep breath and a shot of whiskey. "I'm sorry."

Bobby blinked. "YOU'RE WHAT?"

"I ain't sayin' it again, Popsicle," Wolverine grunted. "Now are ya comin' home quietly or do I have ta drag ya?"

Evil Cordy *** *** ***

Bobby blinked several more times trying to wake up from this weird dream. When it was clear that it wasn't a dream. He stood up and walked with Logan to the door.

"So she's not mad at me?"

"Naw, not really. You probably'll have ta go through a hellaf a lot of lecturing from everyone from the mansion. But nothin short of one of yer usual pranks." Bobby let out a sigh.

spark *** *** ***

"Logan, man, I know that you don't think much of me but you know that I'd never hurt her, right?"

Logan bit back his angry retort. He had come to get him to make amends not make matter worse. He sighed loudly.

"I know, kid. I just...," he shook his head, "I just wasn't thinking soundly. And you're wrong. I respect you, you're a teammate, and," he choked a bit as he felt the next words leave his mouth, "and your all right by me in my book."

Bobby's mouth hit the floor. Did he hear what he thought he heard out of this man's mouth? No way...

"You mean that, Logan?"

Wolverine looked at him a tad annoyed that he was having this conversation. "Have you ever heard me say somethin' if I didn't mean it?"

Out of nowhere Bobby threw his arms around the older man. "Thanx man, I never knew ya felt like that. I love ya to tough guy, really I do," Bobby babbled in the most dramatically voice he had.

Wolverine growled. "Kid, if ya don't let go of me right now, I'm gonna..."

Bobby released his hold on him and gave him his goofiest smile.

"Just jokin', ha ha, just jokin'. Here, drink's on me."

Wolverine grumbled something but took the beer Bobby was offering anyways. He could never pass one up.

kawaii *** *** ***

After gulping down the last of his beer, Logan once again headed towards the door to leave. Bobby followed him out after he tossed some money on the counter.

Logan's bike was parked next to Bobby's new one. He took a few moments to look over the bike and had to admit that it was a fine piece of machinery.

Logan gestured his head towards Bobby's bike, arms folded across his chest, "You've got good taste in wheels," he grumbled nonchalantly.

Bobby's mouth hit the ground. That was the second semi-descent thing that Logan had said to him that day, third if you counted the apology. He grinned to himself as his right hand rubbed the back of his head. This day was getting better and better by the minute.

"Yea, you think so? Thanks. Thing is, besides knowing how to ride it, I don't know a darn thing about keeping it tuned up and running right. I was thinking about asking Remy for a few pointers but..." he drifted off as he shrugged.

"Don't bother. Gumbo doesn't know half as much as he brags to. I know bikes; I'll give ya some lessons if ya need 'em. C'mon, we better head back before the rest of 'em form a search party thinkin' that I killed ya or somethin'. And besides, Jubes is waitin' for us." Logan straddled his bike and revved up the engine ready to hit the road.

If it weren't for the loud noise emitting from the motorcycle, one could probably hear Bobby's mouth hitting the ground once more.

kawaii *** *** ***

Jubilee stood outside her arms protectively wrapped around her body, watching the road as the sound of motorcycles drew nearer. Then she saw him. His light hair barely visible beneath the large black helmet. She sighed in relief. Bobby, her Bobby.

The cyclists pulled to a stop in front of the young Oriental girl, each stepping off in unison. Bobby's arms suddenly found their way to her waist and her hands relieved him of the helmet and their mouths met in a desperate kiss.

"I thought you were leaving me forever."

"I thought, maybe you'd want me to aft-mmphhh-" Jubilee silenced him with her mouth.

"I still love you," she whispered as she pulled away.

"You too, babe," he agreed, and they spoke no more, mouths too delighted to be together to dare allow them speech.

Rain Goddess *** *** ***

"Ahem," Logan started as he looked on at the two young lovebirds. He had his arms folded across his chest as he kept chanting to himself that this was what Jubes wanted.

There was no response from either one so he decided to try again. "Ahem." Still nothing. "*AHEM*," he growled which was no easy feat with his all ready raw throat from having tried to get their attention before.

The couple slowly pulled away from one another but never relinquished their hold on each other. Jubilee tore her eyes away from Bobby and looked over at Logan, her features displaying a huge smile. Bobby, however, seemed oblivious to Wolverine's existence at that moment.

She stepped out of Bobby's embrace earning her a sound of protest from his pouting lips. She walked over towards Logan and threw her arms around him giving him the tightest huge she could manage.

"Thank you, Wolvie. You don't know how much this means to me," she spoke sweetly to him.

"Don't mention it. Are...are you happy, darlin'?" Logan's arms held her tightly to him as he stared into her eyes waiting for her answer.

She looked into his eyes as well, hers sparkling more than ever. "Yea, Wolvie, I am," she pecked his cheek and headed back towards Bobby who had watch the whole scene with narrowed eyes.

Jubilee giggled a bit at Bobby's obvious jealousy and than threw herself at him. He chuckled as he caught her.

"JUBILATION LEE!!!" the voice seemed to bellow throughout the estate.

Jubilee's face contorted and then a look of panic finally fell into place.

"On no!" she gasped.

"Whoa!! Why does Blue sound so ticked. What did ya didn't do what I think you did, didja?" His eyes widened at the thought of what she could have possibly done to get Hank McCoy in such frenzy.

He saw the sheepish look she wore and her grin. He knew right away what had happened.

"Let's just say he isn't our neighborhood Cookie Monster any more. He's more Oscar, yea. So you should get use to calling him Greenie." She was met with the gaping look of the two men next to her. "What? You guys were taking too long and I was totally bored. And besides, you can't let a good bottle of green dye go to waste, now can you?"

Logan shook his head trying to fight off the grin that was trying to make it's way out while Bobby just fell over laughing hysterically.

Hank's bellows became even louder as the three looked towards the mansion's front doors.

"C'mon, Jubes. I better get ya outta here before Oscar the grouch takes you into his mercy. Wanna go for a ride?"

"Uh...yea, totally. I'm way too young to die," she said, the look of panic returning to her face as she grabbed the helmet Bobby handed her.

They both straddled Bobby's motorcycle as he turned on the engine.

"Hey, Wolvie, cover for us all right!" Bobby yelled out quickly and then road his bike down the driveway gaining a yelp from Jubilee who tightened her hold on him.

"Don't call me Wolvie, you punk!!" Logan huffed back ticked that Drake would dare to call him that. Until he saw a green furred Beast bolt out the mansion doors angrily. Wolverine had never laughed so hard in his life. J