The Tone of Life

by Comicqueen

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel. I am unfortunately not making any money out of this.

Note: This is a sequel to Birthday Wish.

Chapter 1

The sun was shining, birds were singing and there was a feeling of peace all around the Massachusetts Academy.

In a small, brightly painted office the academy's headmistress was just finishing marking the last of the history tests. It was a amusing task as some of the answers were hilarious.

Like Michele Summers answer about who painted the Sixteenth Chapel's roof. His answer was: "It was this really old dude with a lot of time, paint and no social life." Jubilation Lee read the answer again with a grin and thought about what the usually tightly strong Scott Summers would do if he heard his son, his pride and joy, use the word dude in a sentence.

She decided to give Michele one mark out of two, cause the boy was partly right.

Jubilee gave a startled jump as the phone next to her gave a loud screech. Reluctantly she pick it up.

"Hello, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Headmistress speaking."

"Jubilation it's Ororo" No hello. No how are you. Just three words vrased in Storm's old leader tone. Something was really wrong. Since the X-Men broke up Storm was actually having some fun now and then. Her trade mark leader tone had all most completely disappeared, but here it was again, loud and clear over the phone.

"What can I do for you Ororo?" Jubilee asked in her own trade mark cheerful tone.

"I.... we need you to come home, there's been an accident." The leader tone. Again.

"Ororo what's wrong?" The cheerfulness was suddenly gone.

"Don't ask questions Jubilation just come home."

Jubilee still wanted to reply when the phone went dead on the other side.

"Well Lee looks like your going to be going home tomorrow, but first you have a date to go on."

And with that last few thoughts she went back to the grading of the history papers.