Training Session

by Jason Barnett

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Marvel Comics. I'm not making any money off of this. Feedback is appreciated.

Adrienne Frost appraoched Logan as he headed for Generation X's Danger Room.

"Hold on, for a minute would you?"

"What do ya want, Frost?"

"Look, I need to talk with you. Since this school is now open to human students, we've had to come up with teaching assignments for the X-men who have come up here to explain their presence. Is there anything you could teach?"

"Ya offer courses in Japanese, or Chinese?"


"That's about all the legitimate stuff I can teach."

"Hmm, that presents a difficult problem. We'll need to explain why you're here if anyone asks"

"It'd be solved if ya'd get rid of the human students. With the psychos that have come after these kids all their lives are in danger."

"The school was in financial danger we needed to bring in new people, new money."

"Whatever, ya just better hope no one gets killed here. If ya really need ta explain who I am just tell 'em I'm Jubes' foster father payin' a visit. Now get outta here I got a trainin' session ta supervise."

Adreinne turned to leave before he called her back.

"Wait a minute. I got somethin' I got ta say to ya, I was gonna talk ta Emma 'bout it first but I don't wanna have ta track ya down. I heard 'bout ya sendin' these kids ta Madripoor with Paladin, and I heard how ya threatened Jubes 'bout gettin' inta yer business. Yer lucky no one got hurt bad there, but if ya send Jubes or any of these kids ta a dangerous place like that or threaten any of 'em again yer gonna answer ta me. I know all 'bout what happened 'fore ya sent 'em there and it stinks of settin' up fer the mission. I don't trust ya at all so I will be keepin' tabs down here and all the mercs like Paladin in the world won't be able ta protect ya if Jubilee or any of 'em get hurt."

He reached out and grabbed her hand. "Yer power's that ya know stuff 'bout people when ya touch 'em, right?"

She nodded and he pressed her hand to part of his uniform. Adrienne's mind was flooded with images of him decimating opponents in battle, of him being beaten down only to get back up and deliver a beating ten times worse, going up against enemies that made the Rising Sons that had defeated Paladin and given Generation X so much difficulty look as threating as kindergartners, and beating them.

"Just ta show ya that I ain't bluffin'." He released her and entered the Danger Room. Adrienne departed quickly and began to wonder if her plans to manipulate Generation X were wise.


Jubilee, wearing her old trenchcoat for a change, was practically bursting with excitement at having her best friend and mentor teaching this training session. She'd already decided that she wasn't going to lose in this one even if she had to go up against all of Generation X by herself. When Wolverine entered the Danger Room she hugged him tightly. "Hey Wolvie, how ya doin'."

"Pretty good darlin'. How ya been?"

"Decent. It's weird havin' ta hide my powers. Never done it before even back in SoCal. Just 'bout everybody back home knew I was a mutant."

"Gotta make sacrifices sometimes, darlin'. Is everybody here?"

"Yeah, so what're we doin', Wolvie?"

"I'm 'bout ta tell everyone and I hate ta repeat myself."

The two of them walked over to where the other students as well as Sean Cassidy and Emma Frost were standing.

"Yer gonna be facin' each other one on one in this session. But ya goota track yer opponents down first." Logan used the remote control in his hand to switch on the Danger Room. The simulation that was activated turned the Danger Room into an identical copy of the old Danger Grotto. "Head in there for a while then start goin' after each other. Nobody follows the same path."

Moments after the teens left Artie and Leech approached them. "Can Leech and Artie play too?"

"I don't think that would be wise," Emma said.

"Go for it, just be careful," Wolverine told them.

The two ran off after the others.


The six teens headed into the forest a short distance then began heading towards each other. Paige headed for Jono, she had some unresolved issues with him but hadn't been able to get him to talk with her. Maybe he would be willing to after she pounded some sense into him. Monet didn't realize it but she was a hunted woman. Jubilee, Angelo, and Everett were all after her. For Jubilee, it was a matter of revenge for their previous battle in the Danger Room. For Angelo it was a matter of proving himself. He had one of the weaker powers on the team, if he could take out their powerhouse he'd certainly prove something to himself if not everyone else. For Everett it was simply common sense to take out the strongeast member of the team first.

Angelo was the first to find Monet. She didn't seem to realize he was there in fact she wasn't paying much attention to anything.

Monet, in fact, was thinking about how much of a waste this was. There was no doubt in her mind that she could defeat everyone by herself and she wasn't really interested in this. A second later her face was totally covered and it was impossible to breath. she struggled to pry whatever was covering her off but more replaced what she did pry off. She attempted to hit her attacker but he wasn't close enough. A few moments before she would black out her thoughts cleared and she attempted to use her telepathy.

Angelo gritted his teeth and focused on his shielding lessons attempting to keep her out. He succeeded for a few minutes then a sharp spike of pain shot through his brain. He released Monet but retained conciousness. He shook of the pain preparing to have to deal with her but apparently that had been a last ditch attack. She had blacked out.

Angelo attempted to ignore his now pounding head and headed to find his next opponent.

Moments later Artie and Leech found Monet. "Leech thinks she out of the game."


The reason why Angelo was the first to reach Monet was because Jubilee and Ev had encountered each other. Ev had been ready to simply ignore Jubes and continue to head after Monet. Jubilee seemed to think the rules meant to engage the first person they saw. She greeted him with a kick to the stomach. He synched to her and fired pafs at her attempting to blind her. He succeeded but Jubilee dropped down and attempted to sweep his legs. He jumped over her outstretched foot. Jubilee blinked her eyes until she could see again and fired at Everett knocking him backwards. Getting fed up with this Jubilee decided to finish the fight. "Sorry 'bout this, Ev." Jubilee brought her knee up into his groin. As he doubled over in pain she brought her knee up into his face knocking him out.


Paige found Jono and immediately husked into a solid steel form. She swung wildly at him at first, so he was able to dodge. She continued doing so and he barely dodged.

~Yer seem a litle upset, gel. Is there something yer wanna talk about?~ There was no way he could risk hurting Paige, he had been hoping to be able to avoid her.

"If you want to talk there are better times and places. The Danger Room's for fighting." A well placed blow to the temple knocked him cold. She husked back to normal and headed to find another opponent.


Jubilee had found Monet unconscious and cursed her luck. She had wanted to take out the stuck-up girl. She had only gotten a few feet from where she lay when tendrils of skin attempted to grab her. Jubilee raced behind a tree out of sight and Angelo extended his skin after her. Angelo felt it hit something then it began to twist without his consent. It hurt. "What the hell're you doing chica?"

"Tying you up," was his answer. Jubilee had tied his skin in a complicated knot around the tree. She approached him and he attempted to stretch the skin on his feet at her. That ended when she stepped on it firmly. "Are ya out?"

"No way, Jubicita."

She drove her fist into his gut