Two Hearts Entwined

By Nova Zion

Summary: The sequel to Lonely Hearts, a storyboard tale at the Wolverine and Jubilee Page. Remy and Jubilee are married and trying to have a child, with no luck thus far.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel, except for Adeline, Arabelle, Georgie, Harlique and Luc. They're mine, please ask to use them. Also, these characters are being used without permission from Marvel, but no money is being made off of them.

Remy LeBeau sucked the harsh, acrid yellow smoke down into his lungs before exhaling it back into the night air. Through the window his demon eyes had been staring at for ten minutes, he saw a shooting star fly by, cutting the inky black sky in half as it disappeared. A full white disk of moon hung just over the hotel room and Remy sighed, turned, and butted out his cigarette in the ashtray on the table.

Walking back to the bed, he sat down in the edge and began to remove his boots and belt. He could hear Jubilee in the small shower, the door cracked open a few inches to allow steam out. A faint sweet sounding hum filled the room and Remy pulled his black turtleneck over his head, depositing it on the floor in a heap. Heading to the two duffel bags of clothes they'd left by the door only the night before, he unzipped his and began to add clothes that needed to be washed, pulling out the clean ones for wearing the next day. A loud shriek came from the bathroom and Remy was on his feet in a flash, racing to the steamy and wet room.

"What be de matter?" he cried out in exasperation, stopping quickly on the slippery floor as Jubilee giggled light-heartedly and stayed standing in the bathtub, not caring that she wasn't wearing anything and was frightened of a small bug. She pointed at the floor, where a tiny black spider was crawling and Remy stepped on it easily, holding out a hand to help her out of the tub.

"Sorry! Just a spider..." she smiled, towel drying her hair. Remy kissed her cheek and his hands dropped to her waist. Jubilee swatted him with the hairbrush before turning around and returning the kiss on his cheek lightly. Wrapping a new fluffy sky blue towel around her slim figure instead of a hotel towel, she pressed past Remy, taking the brush with her. Ebony black locks fell to her chin softly, though styled in spikes by the dripping water.

Sitting on the bed, Jubilee turned the TV on, flipping through channels to find something to watch. Remy took his usual place behind her, letting Jubilee leaned back against him as he brushed her hair gently. She sighed, one hand holding her stomach. Remy pulled a clump of hair from her eyes and brushed it out, the tangles working out nicely as he tugged, watching her reactions. He dropped a kiss on the top of her head and went back to working out knots as silent tears slipped down her cheeks.

"I wish..." she began, sighing again. Remy stopped brushing and instead wrapped his arms around her in a warm hug, kissing her wet, salty cheek. Jubilee turned and sat up on her knees, hands in her lap. Remy sat still on his own knees, in the same position, hands in his own lap. Opening his arms wide after a moment, she fell into them gratefully and rested her head on his shoulder as she cried her heart out. "I wish..."

* * * *

Remy cracked open one eyelid slowly, his sensitive red on black eyes focusing on his small wife as she slept. Her head rested on his bare chest, one arm hugging his waist comfortably, the other under her own body. Her hair was messy, having dried overnight while they slept. Lifting one hand, Remy began to stroke along her back softly, not wanting to wake her, but just feel her beside him. He brushed a strand of his own chestnut brown hair away with his other hand, moving the covers ever so slightly. Jubilee's skin shone in the early light, almost appearing to glow from within as she curled against her husband.

They'd settled down a bit after marriage. At 34, Jubilee wanted to have kids and live in a house instead of traveling on the back of his Harley forever. They'd moved to Canada to be nearer to Logan and his family, Jubilee reveling in playing with Logan's first grandchild, Sabre's baby girl Adeline. Late winter was spent in New Orleans with Remy's family, summer visits were paid to the different teams and friends all over the world. Remy was wealthy; he'd been a good thief during his teens and early twenties. Jubilee had a trust fund from Logan, and they built a dream home only an hour from her mentor's home in the bush, though closer to a mall than his house.

Life was good for them until they'd tried to have a child of their own. Tests and checkups showed nothing wrong with the pair other than the fact they just didn't seem to take when they tried for a baby. We've tried for so long to have a baby, Remy thought. But the closest we got was a miscarriage after seven months. It isn't fair.

Jubilee had been heartbroken by the news; she'd been in a depressed state for weeks afterwards. But they still tried, even after countless disappointments. After the miscarriage, the only thing that came of trying was a mistake in a reading the doctor's had given them. His wife's hand tightened around his stomach as she stretched, rolling over onto her back as she woke, her head on his shoulder.

"G'morning." she muttered as she squinted in the sunlight in the room. Remy crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back as Jubilee smiled at him and prepared to sit up, calling upon her best checkout attendant's voice. "Checkout time is 12 o'clock noon. Please have all keys at the front desk at that time, or call the front desk and let us know how long you will need."

"Good imitation chere. Papa an' Henri be expectin' us in a day an' a bit. An' in less den two nights, we be stayin' in a better bed, in a better home, eatin' better food, wearing better clothes...what else could we do better in Nawlins?" Remy sat up and stretched, feeling assorted vertebrae pop back into place. Jubilee kissed his lips softly as she made her way to their bags on the floor. Pulling out a pair of black silk underwear, insulated black spandex (part of what was once a costume) pants and an extremely baggy and heavy ocean blue sweater, she began to pull them on, undressed as she already was. Remy watched her carefully as he searched the bedspread for the pack of cigarettes that had been in his pocket only the night before when they fell asleep, smiling at his wife in the mirror and loving it when she smiled back at him.

"I'm ready..." she said after a moment, buckling the black leather belt around her tiny waist. At 35, she still continued to dress like a teenager. The problem for Remy was that she could pull off the look.

"Go start de car, I be out in un moment wit' somet'in to munch on 'til we get a good Cajun breakfast." Remy buttoned up the jeans he'd pulled on, pulling the zipper up before inhaling on a new cigarette he'd lit. He began to roll a deep green sweater up and then yanked it over his head, brushing his hair back. Jubilee slammed the door behind her, heard it lock, and then shivered in the chill morning as she walked quickly down the stairs to the shiny black convertible parked below. She threw her bag in the back, sighing at the fact that they'd have to drive back to Canada in the spring instead of flying like they usually did. She didn't mind spending all the extra time with her husband, it was just boring when one of them fell asleep and the other drove for hours without speaking or doing anything. Turning the heater in the car to full, she pointed the blasts of air at herself and watched for Remy to come out of the room.

Her husband spun out of the room, shades hiding his demonic eyes as he tightened his hold on his black duster. Jubilee smiled and watched him hop down the stairs gaily, happy to be seeing his family again after their prolonged absence. It was a cold early spring, the winter having decided to tighten it's icy grip and stay a few more weeks. Because of the miscarriage and her own state of mental health, they'd waited another five weeks longer than they usually would for a visit to Remy's father and brother. They'd just passed New York and were on their way south; soon they wouldn't need the warm winter clothes that had to be used in a Canadian winter. Jubilee picked up her cell phone, knowing the batteries would soon die out - mental note to replace them, she thought - and dialed Logan, who constantly worried over her as if she was once again his 'daughter.'

Remy pulled open the car door and climbed in, so Jubilee hung up, stuffing the phone back in her bag. She leaned back in the leather passenger's seat and clasped her husband's hand lovingly, watching the hotel grow smaller as they squealed out of the parking lot. Remy liked thing's fast and easy; his cars and bikes were tuned for it.

"Dere's twinkies in my pocket. Not de best o' de best, but sugar none de less." he switched lanes, cursing under his breath at a slow driver stopping him from slamming the pedal to the metal.

"No big hurry babe." she muttered, rolling her head along the seat to look at him. She felt a squeeze on her hand before he dropped it to switch into overdrive on the freeway.

"I like it fast, you know dat." he flashed a cocky grin at Jubilee, stretching his legs out. "An' I wan' to get down t' Nawlins an' see mon péré et mon frere before Henri leaves wit' Arabella an' de pups."

Jubilee sighed and nodded sadly. Henri had married only five years before and already had three kids. Sure, his wife was half his age, but she was pregnant with their fourth. Jubilee looked forward to seeing her nieces and nephew, but she wanted to know the feeling of raising children firsthand, with her husband in a warm environment, like Henri and Arabella had given their kids.

Luc LeBeau was the oldest at five, Henri's son, his pride and joy. Harlique came next, only three now and sweet like honey. Georgine was third at one and a half, small and frail like her grandmother had been before her death Henri told her. Jean-Luc was happy for another grandchild, Remy was eager for another nephew, Henri for a son, Arabella for a daughter and Jubilee for anything she could help raise with love in a family that wanted it. Unaware that tears had started in her eyes, she looked out the window, not noticing Remy watching her become upset. He pulled the car off the nearest exit and parked on the shoulder, watching his wife sadly.

"I di'n't mean it like dat chere."

"I know. I'm okay. I just think that driving isn't a good idea right now." Jubilee sobbed into her hands as Remy rubbed her back.

"We'll have a baby chere..."

"Maybe not. I just want someone to raise who could look like us and be like us and love us..."

"Adeline loves you a do Harley an' Georgie."

"They've got mothers." she whispered, holding her stomach. "And I would have been one now if I'd been more careful not to lose our daughter."

"It wasn't your fault. De doctor said you just weren't healthy enough to carry de baby. Next time, we know what to do an' how to keep de baby..."

"I know." Jubilee wiped her eyes with the Kleenex Remy offered her, blowing her nose loudly. "Pull into a rest stop. I don't feel very good, I upset myself."

Remy started the car and pulled back onto the road, heading for the sign a few yards away that advertised a rest stop. Sliding out of the car, Jubilee walked into the bathroom as Remy waited silently, watching the cars whiz by on the freeway. She was quite a while and Remy began to worry, unbuckling his seatbelt and climbing out of the car. She came back a moment after, climbing back into the car to warm up.

"Let's go!" she said cheerily, leaning back again. "A day to go."

Remy climbed back in beside her and buckled his seatbelt, smiling uneasily at her. Mood swings came and went with depression and she wasn't totally better yet, he knew from experience. Settling into the familiar course of driving, he headed south again, swerving and dodging cars while he blew his horn at inconsiderate people. Jubilee slept for almost the whole day, curled against the seat with her back to him. He occasionally stopped to go to the bathroom or stir her, offering coffee and food during regular meal stops. As they neared New Orleans, Remy and Jubilee changed into cooler clothes and rested with the air conditioning on. He'd promised they'd take a plane back to Canada, sending one of the Guild members with his car later on. Unlike his bikes, others were allowed to drive the cars.

As the sky became inky black with dots and bursts of stars, Remy and Jubilee parked in a part of the country-side Remy knew was safe, sleeping in the back of the convertible with the top down. They were crammed into the small space, Remy sprawled on the seat, Jubilee on top of him. It was muggy and hot, the temperature unbearable and the slept without clothes, only a light sheet wrapped around them.

Content after a while and smiling, Jubilee watched the shooting stars, wishing on each one as Logan had taught her. It was always the same wish; let me have a baby for Remy and me. Sighing, she turned her head and kissed Remy's open mouth as he moved beneath her, closing her eyes. His stubble scratched her cheek as she slept, but she ignored it, now accustomed to the feel of it. Sleep took her fast and she placed a hand protectively around her stomach, feeling Remy's hand warm against her hip and his arm around her rib cage, holding her as she drifted off.

* * * *

They'd made it to New Orleans in record time. Henri was waiting outside the Guild's mansion gates to let them in. Harlique was next to him, bouncing up and down with excitement as best she could. When the convertible drove up, he waved, smiling at the man and woman in the front seat.

"Allo mon frere!" Remy motioned for Henri to get in the backseat as he reached over the side and picked Harley up off of the ground, swinging her over the door, into his lap. Henri dropped a kiss on the top of Jubilee's head as they pulled through the gates.

"Aun'ie J!" Harley scrambled off of Remy's lap after a few kisses from her uncle and instead sat down on Jubilee's, hugging her with love. "Papa, it' Aun'ie J!"

"I see bebe. Harley, don' bounce when de car be movin'." Henri jumped over the back of the car as it stopped, landing smoothly on the asphalt driveway. Hugging his brother, he patted his back at the same time, smiling and shaking his head to whispered comments and questions from Remy. "How was de trip down 'ere?"

"Good." Jubilee said, picking Harley up from where she stood on the car seats and passed her to Remy. "Hard, but good."

Heading up to the mansion doors, where Jean-Luc stood with Arabella, Remy chatted with Harley and Jubilee walked with her brother-in-law quietly, letting him slip an arm around her waist for help when she stumbled. "I'm just tired. I was sick on the way here..."

"I know abou' de bebe, Jubilee." Henri stopped, facing her. "Arabella an' I are sorry, an' if i' helps, you an' Remy can stay 'ere as long as need be. Dere be lots of room 'round de place an' we can help y' out wit' anyt'in'."

"Thanks for the offer. I think we could probably use a longer vacation than usual. I'll talk with Remy about it..." Jubilee turned and moved to catch up with Remy and Harley as the little girl grabbed his hand, laughing to pull him along, Henri lagging behind a slight bit.

"Allo." Jean-Luc came down the stairs and kissed Jubilee's cheek in true Cajun custom, patting the shoulders of his daughter-in-law. "I hope de trip down was good. Georgie and Luc can' wait t' see you."

Jubilee smiled, slipping her hand into Remy's as they moved inside. Snuggling closer to him, she kissed his cheek and then pulled away. "I just have to use the bathroom. I must have eaten something bad. I don't feel well at all."

Remy nodded and continued to walk with his father, brother and sister-in-law, their nephew and one of their nieces tagging along as they made their way to the living room. Jubilee quickly departed and rushed up the stairs to the bathroom, stomach turning. Remy stopped after a moment in the living room and then excused himself, following his wife upstairs.

"Jubilee?" he knocked on the bathroom door quietly, recalling that Georgie was asleep in her crib a few rooms down. He turned the doorknob and found it unlocked, moving inside swiftly before shutting the door behind him. Jubilee was quiet, leaning over the toilet as she rested from throwing up. Remy sat behind her on the edge of the bathtub, pulling her hair back from her face softly. Sitting back on her knees, she leaned against his own knee and looked up wearily. "What be de matter chere?"

"Either we ate something bad together and you aren't affected, or I'm pregnant and this is morning sickness." Jubilee rubbed at her temples and smiled a bit as Remy chewed his lip thoughtfully, letting his fingers rub her jaw for a moment.

"How do you know it isn't bad food?" Remy's face was getting happier by the minute, but he kept a guard up, not wanting Jubilee to be happy and then have her dreams dashed in an instant.

"'Cause I've been sick for the past five days, every morning since the day we left for New Orleans. We better go out and get a test to make sure." she smiled and sat up on her knees, wrapping her arms around Remy's waist as they hugged. Jubilee felt her stomach carefully and then smiled again. This time she would have the baby they wanted. She'd only miscarried before because she caught the flu; the virus simply caused too much stress in her small body to carry an infant to full term.

"Right away, before breakfast. Henri an' mon papa cooked everyt'in' for us, but I'm gonna tell dem t' eat and we have t' go do somet'in'." Remy stood and then helped his wife to stand up. "I'm so happy chere. Dis time we do t'ings right an' we have un petite bebe of our own." Jubilee hugged Remy again, nodding against his shoulder as she cried, wiping the tears away at the same time.

Remy took her hand and led her down the hallway, to the staircase. Henri was coming up to check on them, see why it was taking so long. "Breakfast is ready you two..."

"Henri, wait a few minutes. We got t' go an' get somet'in' in town and den we come back, twenty minutes at de most." Remy lead Jubilee to the front door and opened it, stepping back out into the hot sun.

"We'll keep it hot..." his brother began, waving at them as they climbed into the convertible.

"No, go ahead an' eat. We join you in a bit." Remy squealed out of the parking lot and Jubilee waved behind them, turning in her seat to talk with her husband.

* * * *

Waiting was what made her nervous. Very nervous; her chin kept wobbling, her fingers were constantly flexing and she hunched over, just waiting. Twenty minutes for the test to be done. Twenty minutes until she found out if her wishes had come true. Twenty minutes to see if she would have her own child; her and Remy of course. Jubilee checked the timer and then fell back on the pillows as she read ten minutes to go. Remy pulled her back into a sitting position, sitting behind her. His fingers worked over her shoulders, rubbing and kneading the flesh to relax her. She sighed and drummed her fingers on the bed.

They'd gotten three tests and were doing them all at once, in case one should come out wrong or different. All of them had five minutes to go. Jubilee leaned forward, resting her head against her knees as though in pain. Remy skidded over and sat beside her, hugging her warmly as the timer ticked out the last few minutes, then seconds and finally went off with a shrill buzzing noise. Reaching across her back, Remy clicked the yellow button on top of the egg timer, sitting still a moment.

"Chere, maybe we got our hopes up. If it turns out you aren' pregnan', I won't hold it against you or me or anyt'in' in any way an' we just keep tryin'." Remy whispered into her ear. His hand followed her spine, rubbing it as she cried and nodded her head. "But let's at least check de tests first."

They both stood and Remy's arm went around her waist as she stumbled a bit. Wiping away tears, they went into the bathroom that adjoined their bedroom and each picked up a white stick, Jubilee taking two. Relief and happiness washed over her face; Remy let out a howl of joy and they dropped the sticks into the garbage before kissing each other and jumping up and down.

"We are going to have un bebe!" Remy exclaimed, smiling down at his wife. In his mind, she'd never looked more beautiful than she did at the moment, not even when they were married. "You t'ink it be a girl?"

"Maybe a boy." she mumbled, hugging him again. "I'm happy happy."

"Me too. But now we got to tell it to everyone, tell everyone how we feel..." Remy kissed the crown of her head and smiled gleefully. "Un bebe!"