Why Did She Help?

by Jason Barnett

Disclaimer: Wolverine, Jubilee, Nick Fury and Carol Danvers are property of Marvel Comics. This story takes place after X-men 253 when they Wolverine and Jubilee escape from the Reavers base and is written for a challenge on the Wolverine and Jubilee Homepage to write a story set during that time period. I・m a bit unsure about how to write the phantom Nick Fury and Carol Danvers since they often seemed to know things that they shouldn・t if they were just bits of his memory. I am not making any money from this story. Feedback appreciated.

Jubilee sat in the back of a pickup truck driving through the outback staring at the sleeping Wolverine. They had walked for several days, resting whenever Wolverine・s injuries had forced them to, before it had driven by and picked them up. The two of them had concocted a story about being attacked by animals and driving them off with a gun that was lost since then. He was taking to them to the nearest town.

・I should probably make this guy stay and see a doctor. But stopping might be a bad idea if those freaks who were after him are following us. Following US not him. God, I don・t know why I helped this guy. We・re on the run from a bunch of cyborgs and this guy can・t even take care of himself. I・m going to get killed for a total stranger who・s tried to kill me once. Why was I this stupid? I should have just left him.・

That thought brought images of the torture he had endured. ・It would have been even worse if I had left him.・ He・d managed to pull himself loose but couldn・t crawl more than a few feet in the driving rain with his injuries. ・When it stopped they would have tortured him even worse because he was able to get loose. I would have been responsible for him dying because I didn・t do anything.・

・Plus he・s an X-man and I guess I kind of owe them. I・d still be stuck in So-cal dealing with the mall rent-a - cops and jokers like the M-squad if not for them. That was nothing compared to this but for the first little bit I definitely enjoyed hanging out down here more than all that back home. I・ve been stealing their food and supplies the entire time. To bad that guy who opened the portal that let me come here isn・t around, he could give us some transportation out of here. But him and everyone but this guy have just vanished. Makes me wonder what kind of people the X-men are. They just abandoned a friend of theirs. I guess maybe we have something in common. My family abandoned me when they died. His friends abandoned him when they vanished.・

Jubilee quickly abandoned that train of thought. Thinking about her parents always hurt. ・Stop trying to rationalize this Jubilee,・ she scolded herself. ・This was the dumbest thing you・ve ever done, but you・re a sucker for someone who needs help.・ Jubilee decided to stop thinking about this and tried to get some sleep.


A few hours after Jubilee fell asleep Logan finally woke up. As usual he was met with the faces of Nick Fury and Carol Danvers who he had been seeing ever since he had been tortured by the Reavers.

・Sleeping Beauty finally awakens,・ Nick joked as he did.

・You need your eye checked if you consider that beauty, Nick,・ Carol responded.

・I don・t need the two of ya yakkin・ from the second I wake up.・ He saw Jubilee curled up in the opposite side of the pickup・s bed. ・So the kid・s still there. Every time I fall asleep I keep expectin・ her ta be another hallucination or ta have gotten some sense and split.・

・If she had a brain she would. Knowing you causes people nothing but trouble,・ Carol scolded him but her tone wasn・t hostile she was simply stating a fact everyone acknowledged.

・That・s fer sure. But if she didn・t ditch ya when ya when tried ta kill her for helpin・ ya then she・s probably going ta stick by ya fer the long haul.・

・I just wish I knew why she helped me. I・m nothin・ to that kid.・

・Who can say why anyone does anything, Logan. Maybe she・s just a good kid You must have smelt her around the base the few times you were there recently. Why didn・t you tell the team?・

・I just didn・t think it was worth mentioning. She wasn・t hostile, I could tell that from her scent. If the kid had a reason fer wantin・ ta stay hid then it wasn・t my business ta tell ・em. I just hope helping me doesn・t get her killed. To many people get hurt just by knowin・ me. She saved my life, I・d hate ta repay her that way.・

・She・s your responsibility once you get back on your feet. Just nursing you back to health is enough to make her a target for most of your enemies.・

・You・re right. I・m not going to be the death of this kid like so many other people. Whatever her reasons are for helpin・ me I・m goin・ be there for her like she・s bein・ fer me.・

The end