Wonderful Journey

We were strangers starting out on a journey
never dreaming what we'd have to go through
now here we are and I'm suddenly standing
at the beginning with you

no one told me. I was going to find you
unexpected what you did to my heart
when i lost hope you were there to remind me
this is the start

and life is a road and i want to keep going
love is a river i want to keep flowing
life is a road now and forever wonderful journey
i'll be there when the world stops turning
i'll be there when the storm is threw
in the end i want to be standing at the begining with you

we were strangers on a crazy adventure
never dreaming how our dreams would come true
now here we are and I'm suddenly standing
at the begining with you

and life is a road and i want to keep going
love is a river i want to keep flowing
life is a road now and forever wonderful journey
i'll be there when the world stops turning
i'll be there when the storm is threw
in the end i want to be standing at the beginning with you

knew there was somebody some where
that could love in the dark
now i know that my dream will live on
I've been waiting so long
nothen gonna tear us apart

and life is a road and i want to keep going
love is a river i want to keep flowing
life is a road now and forever wonderful journey
i'll be there when the world stops turning
i'll be there when the storm is threw
in the end i want to be standing at the beginning with you

life is a road i want to keep going
love is a river i want to keep going on
starting out on a journey

life is a road i want to keep going
love is a river i want to keep flowing
in the end i want to be standing at the beginning
with you

She could hear the words in her heart. They were the words of her life. She looked up into the soft blue eyes of the man she was marrying. The man that had stolen her heart. He had started out like a father figured. Then grown to become like a brother. Then a friend she could trust with her deep secrets. Then a partner she could trust with her life. It wasn't till she thought that he was going to die did she realized that this was the man that she was in love with. The one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

He looked down at his child-like bride as he had so many times teased her. The truth was she was no longer a child but a full grown woman of 21 with the slim body, hazel eyes with tints of blue, green, brown, and silver in them, and the long China silk black hair. How had he gotten so lucky? This was a woman who had never once let the beast inside him scare her. She had stood up to him in his full rage and and cried with him in all his pain. The two memories that stuck out the most were when he had lost his sanity with the death of Katherine " Kitty " Pryde. The beast that had been dormant for so long final raged out of control. Scott had later confided in him that he was prepared to kill Logan if it ment saving other people's lives. But before Scott was able to pull the trigger his bride had gotten in the way. She chased away the beast with three soft words and a hug.

The other memory was of when Jubilee had been offered the leadership of X-men's team blue but had turned it down saying it meant responsibilities and having to be tied down. It wasn't her " thing. " She couldn't have left anytime it struck her fancy that was unacceptable. She had proven her point by leaving that night with out telling any one including himself and not telling any one where she was going. It had ended up that she had went to South Cal to see a friend who had just had a baby and had named it after his bride, Jubilation Lee Johnson or Jubilee.

A smile crossed across his face as he thought of the lecture he had over-heard Scott " Cyclops " Summers had given her. The leader of the X-men had told her she was irresponsible, undependable, and a flake. She had shrugged her shoulders and said, " Your point being? "

He had been so frustrated he had screamed, "You're no better then Wolverine! "

" Then I've achieved my goal. But I think I surpassed him cause that vein in your neck doesn't stick out that much with him. "

" What are you thinking about? " she whispered to him as waited for the song to finish.

" The time when you left and didn't tell anyone. Darlen' I never saw ol' Scott so mad. " he whispered.

"He was pretty pissed wasn't he? " she giggled. Then a telepathic voice rang in their heads.

~ What are you two laughing about? ~

Jubilee looked over at Jean Grey. Smiled and sent ~ We were talking about how mad your husband was when I disappeared with out telling anyone. ~ Jubilee's body was not the only thing that had grown, so had her powers. She was now one of the five most powerful mutants in the world. And only one of the three mutants that had a healing factor. She had discovered it when she had been shot and the wound had healed withen a couple of minutes.

" Dearly beloved, we are here to join Logan and Jubilation int he holy state of matramony. Should there be anyone here that doesn't see these two fit to marry, speak now or forever hold your peace. " the minister said.

"I speak runt! " a voice said coming from the trees.


Several people - humans, mostly, Jubilee thought absently in the eternity that stretched after hearing that voice - gasped as Sabretooth lunged from the trees toward them. As if in slow motion, she lifted her hands to counterattack, but was shoved out of the way by Wolverine as his claws came out with a wet "snikt" that sprayed blood across her lavendar wedding dress. As soon as she hit the ground, the world exploded into a fury of color; the red of Scott's optic blasts, the indigo of Psyloch's psychic knives, the bright explosions of Remy's lethal kinetically charged cards. She tried to add her own pyrotechnics to the melee, but found them not to be working. Eyes bore into her from behind, and she found her old ex-friend Leech grinning wickedly at her, a mutant she had never seen before beside him. Leech turned to the huge man, commanding, "Lobo, take Jubilee. Creed will find way out." Mechanically, the other obeyed, hefting a struggling Jubilee over his massive shoulder as she kicked and punched at him, but to no avail but to tire herself out. In one last, desperate chance, she opened her mouth to scream for her fiance, but something from the creature that carried her reached out to touch her mind, and she found she couldn't. Idly, as she slipped into unconsciousness from the clumsy control 'Lobo' was taking in her head, she wondered how long it would be before they realized she was gone.

Dana Night

Logan watched in horror as a strange new mutant grabbed Jubilee and threw her over his shoulder. " Jubilee!!" he screamed. The new " X " team known as Generation X looked at where their Ex-team member had fallen.

" Jubes! " Ev yelled running towards her.

" No, no Ev. Creed got plans for Jubie. Make his bride. " Leech said.

" Over my dead body. " Everett " Sync " Thomas growled. He had always hoped that he and Jubilee would marry but it wasn't going to happen now that she had realized that she loved Logan. It hurt him but he was generally happy for them.

" That was how I was seeing it shrimp. " Creed said backhanding him into a brick wall and then leaving with Leech, Lobo, and a now unconscious Jubilee. " Thanks runt. I bet you broke her in nicely. She'll give me a good ride and then I'll make her my bride. " Creed laughed.

" But she's still a virgin. " Logan whispered with tears cascading down his face as he struggled to get to Creed.

Jubilee Angel

Jubilee awoke to find herself strapped in a chair and no longer in her wedding dress. She was now wearing a blue jumpsuit and sitting before a group of people behind a long conference table. She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted.

"Don't worry about the clothes. We had female members of our staff change them. It was awfully cliché to have you here in your wedding dress."

"Who are ya?! Why did ya ruin my wedding?! Where am I?!"

"Do you want those answered in any particular order?" one woman at the table asked. Jubilee glared at her.

"You were brought here because of your abilities and as bait for your fiancee. We are just a few members of a group of people forming a superhuman strikeforce."

"So ya wanna take over the world, huh. And yer gonna use mutants ta lead yer attacks."

"Actually just the opposite," the man speaking informed her. He must have been the head guy. No one else had answered her queastions except for the one lame joke. "We want to save the world. You see we have found a problem with most superhuman teams. They refuse to kill their adversaries, allowing to come back with better plans and kill more people. We want an assault force that will eliminate the super-villains. However we don't know what it takes to train superheroes."

A second man picked up the thought. "But we do have the ability to control them. Once we control them we will send them against threats to the world such as Apocalypse, Dr. Doom and others. We've done our homework. We know all about the enemies you have faced."

The attempted comedienne took over there. "We also know all about you. Your powers place you within the top five most powerful with energy based attacks. "You're up there with the Summers', Jonothan Starsmore, and Bishop. That's not counting those who use other powers to do such things such as Ororo Munroe's weather controlling which allows her to summon lightning. You're a latent telepath which manifests itself in very powerful shields. You're very agile and have a healing factor. We're not sure how that came about."

"I got hurt real bad and Logan gave me a blood transfusion. It works sometimes other times it didn't. It worked so well for me that it stuck making it permanent."

"Thank you for that information. It's very interesting. Mutants are simply easier to get in most cases than other superheroes. Our methods of control really involve no modifications to the core personality of the individual. Sabretooth and Leech are still basically themselves. Lobo signed on willingly. You'll be given the same opportunity as will Wolverine. We concocted a little story that will ensure nothing the X-men say or do will prevent him from coming to rescue. They do have a history of doing that when he is to personally involved."

"What about the other X-men?"

"We want some of them, but not all of them. Their attitudes don't fit our goals. However with the teamwork between you and Wolverine in your battles, as well as the fact he and Sabretooth used to work together and are similar personalities has lead us to the conclusion thet you three would be a very effective team."

Jason Barnett

" Me, Wolvie, and Creed on the same team? What are you smoking and why aren't you sharing? That's like oil and vinger. " she said laughing.

" Oil and water to be truthful. " one man said.

" Whatever. " she mumbled, " Look it's not going to happen. Wolvie and I can't stand Creed. I'd rather kill him then stand next to him. So over my dead body am I going to work with that lunatic! " Jubilee yelled. "

We hope it won't come to that Miss Lee. " the lead man said. Suddenly a crash from out side came. " That would probally be you're future husband now. " the chancalor said.


"Wha? Wolvie's here already?"

"Actually we weren't serious about that. You see our story to lure him here was that Creed had developed a romantic interest in you."

"That's sick!"

"Well it's not like it's true, Miss Lee."

Sabretooth stormed into the room and basically ignored Jubilee speaking to the people at the conference table.

"Look, I don't care what the kid knows 'bout the X-men, ya can't put him in charge. He's to young an' he don't know what he's doin'."

"Is there a particular reason why you feel this way?"

"He sent Lobo back here with our transport. Do ya know how hard it was ta get back here without it?"

Leech came in looking sheepish. "Leech just wanted to make sure Jubilee didn't get hurt during the battle."

"We understand and we wouldn't want her to be. Don't worry Leech, you did fine."

Leech smiled and ran over to Jubilee and hugged her. "Leech missed you Jubilee. Leech is very glad you'll be on the team."

He departed quickly leaving Jubilee in open mouth shock. Sabretooth seemed to finally notice her. "Hey kid. I'm lookin' forward ta workin' with ya. Ya gave me a few good shots when I went up 'gainst Logan." He left as well

This left her even more shocked.

"Leech seemed like himself but who the hell was that?"

"Victor Creed. It seems that Department H wanted Wolverine to have no allies to turn to so they tampered with the minds of his best friend, Creed and his lover Silver Fox more than the others. We discovered that getting rid of the memory implants made him far easier to control."

"So Sabretooth is a decent guy? I find that hard ta believe."

"Well he is no where near as bad he was. He's about as bad as Wolverine's worst. The basic difference is he isn't psychotic except during battles. Leech works well with him as does Lobo and another member of our team. And she had as much of a problem with as you did. We'd introduce you to her but she's busy with maintenence on our computers."

'Someone I know who's good with computers and hated Sabretooth," Jubilee thought to herself. The only person who fit that discription was Kitty. But she was dead.

Jason Barnett

One woman smirk, obviously enjoying watching her reactions as the puzzle unfolded before her. "Not so, Jubilee," she responded, having read the young woman's thoughts. "Katherine Pryde is alive and well. Just as we've created a cover story for you, we did for her. A very good one, in fact. No one came looking, now did they?"

"In fact," chimed in another man, "she's the main reason we're all here together. Without her, this operation never would have been possible."

"Are you tormenting her?" a voice boomed from the shadows on the far wall. Jubilee started. The voice she recognized. The tone she did not. Kitty had always been rather quiet and docile, not really loud and assuming. And yet, there she was, stepping through the wall as if it were the shadows that still enshrouded her. "Jubilee..." The smile was kind and gentle, as it had almost always been, the hazel eyes shining with honesty. "Please. I beg you to join our team. The professor was a little... misguided. People like Dr. Doom and Sinister will never convert. They will always continue on their evil ways, always try and thwart the X-Men's best plans. If we want a peaceful future, we must wage war now."

Hatred boiled up inside Jubilee's heart, and she could almost feel the bile rising up with it as she viewed this pathetic excuse for the woman Wolvie loved so dearly. "Traitor," she spat. "He mourned for you. He went half out of his mind because of you. We all thought you were dead. They almost KILLED him because of you, and all the time you were here, scheming AGAINST us!" She was screaming by the time the last words left her mouth, and Kitty looked sincerely stricken.

"Jubilation..." Sorrow crossed Kitty's delicate features as she sighed. "I didn't want to do this, but... As you have probably heard already, we can easily take control of mutants' minds. Now you know as well as I that Logan would never take well to mind control. In fact, he'd probably end up killing himself. We knew that if we had YOU on our side, he'd come automatically, he loves you so deeply. But if you refuse us, we'll take you and him by force, though you'll be much less effective. The mind control seems to take some of that... spunk and originality away. Either way you're on our side. But come willingly, and you'll have your love alive and by your side. The choice is yours."

Dana Night

"Jubilee, Logan would fit in better here then anywhere else. You know he hasn't been as happy there as he once was after Professor Xavier stopped him from killing Magneto. He lost some respect for him that day. I only think killing should be a last resort but when Magneto told us he would just keep coming back we should have killed him right then. He was vulnerable. Look I've plead my case, I'll let you think it over. Of course they have a few more things they'd like to say." Kitty walked out the room through the far wall. "Don't you dare do anything to hurt her!" she called back.

Jubilee's thoughts were increasingly violent towards Kitty. The mindreader spoke up in her defense. "She wanted to go to him. But she was convinced that she wasn't good enough to bring him back to his humanity. I believe Kitty said something about you were the one to always save him and mentioned something about Viper and you doing all the work."

"Stop readin' my mind!"

"Their just surface thoughts, I can't go deeper than that."

"I can't believe that b***h was workin' against us."

The head man sighed. "We aren't against you and neither is Kitty. Without here we never would have perfected the mechanical mind control process. We believe you need different ways of of going about your goals. Besides how do you think the press will react when people who have tried to take over the world like Dr. Doom are defeated by mutants. That will do wonders for their image."

"Yeah right. They press'll just focus on us attacking first and causing the property damage." Something clicked in Jubilee's mind. "Mechanical? Ya got other ways of controling people?"

Another woman answered. "Yes we do. Don't look so surprised Miss Lee. We're totally upfront about our operation. Lobo is a low-level empath and telepath. He can tweak people's emotions slightly and communicate telepathically. Any other telepathic ability is very clumsy, his main usefulness is he's a munitions expert."

"Did ya do somethin' ta Pryde?!" Jubilee demanded.

"He changed how she felt about killing people slightly. Very slightly. She was actually quite willing to do that. In the year-and-a-half she's been here she's practically taken over many of our operations with just that minor adjustment."


Everett Thomas apprached Logan in the back of the Blackbird. They were attempting to follow the transport that had taken Jubilee.

Jason Barnett

"Stop hoverin', kid," the Canadian growled. "I ain't gonna tell ya again."

Everett muttered his apology and sat back down, his spine rigid with the anxiousness he felt. Finally, Logan heaved a sigh and looked up from the plasma gun he was working on. It had been his idea that, since Jubilee could absorb her own plasma bursts, maybe they could tune a weapon or two to her 'frequency' so that, should the need arise, they could fire it without harming her. He had been assigned the mechanical work, since he could tell by the scent of the gun whether or not it would work; no one else had any precise reading from which to go off. Wistfully, he thought of Kitty, as he had several times over the past year and a half since her tragic death. 'Girl,' he thought, almost sending it as a prayer, 'if you were here..' He let the thought go, banishing all the 'what if's' as he had vowed to do so long ago. Aloud he told the young man who sat uneasily by him, "I know how ya feel, kid. I know how much ya love 'er. But r'member somethin'. She's my bride, an' I ain't about ta let Creed-" at the name, the muscles in his arms tensed, and Ev could tell he was trying not to release his claws, "get his grimy mitts on her."

Somehow, though, that didn't quite reassure Ev. He nodded thanks to Logan and went to check with Scott, who was piloting the Blackbird. Without even looking up, Cyke told him, "We're getting a reading from Cerebro. Heavy mutant activity here." He pointed to a blip on the screen that, to Ev, could have meant twenty yards away, or deep in the forests of South Korea. "We'll find her, Everett."

Still uneasy about the whole situation, Everett returned once again to his seat, his mind wandering off to Jubilee.

* * * * *

"Lobo." Kitty surveyed the man as he hunched in his seat before her 'desk', which was actually a piece of thick plywood lain across two crates and piled high with electronic equipment. She smiled as the hulking giant looked up, his beady eyes hidden by thick, craggy brows. "Did you plant the device?"

"Lobo plant device," he assured her, his voice strangled by vocal chords much too large for the language he spoke.

Kitty sat back. "Good. Then the X-Men should come upon our decoy any minute now. And then, if I know Logan, he'll seperate from the group and go straight to Creed's old place in Canada, where we'll be waiting for him. I aim to have that girl converted by then. If not..." she sighed, the sigh of Atlas as he balanced the weight of the world on his shoulders. "If not, all is lost."

Dana Night

In Jubilee's prison she sat on the stone bed that lay in a corner. _ Oh this is so not good! Pryde's become one of the bad guys. Wolvie's heading towards a trap and I'm the bait as usual. Oh Logan I'm sorry. But you were right. You knew someone was gonna ruin our nice wedding. Jean's probably pissy because they ruined her beautiful wedding cake! _

Jubilee let out a giggle. She then noticed Leech standing in front of her.

" Jubie? " he asked.

" Yeah Leech? " she asked.

" Who were you gonna marry? I saw you in wedding dress but no see Ev. " Leech said.

" Because I wasn't marrying Everett. I know everyone expected me to marry Ev but I just couldn't. My heart didn't love him. " she smiled.

" Den who were you marrying? " Leech asked again.

" Logan, I was going to marry Logan. I am going to marry Logan. If I don't die first. " Jubilee muttered the end part.

" Jubilee no die here. You like. You see. " Leech said giving Jubilee a hug.

" No Leech. I won't like it. They kidnapped me, ruined my wedding, hurt Logan so deeply by Kitty's death, tied me to a chair, and the worst one yet, they made me miss the new season of the Real World! " Jubilee screamed.


"Why all lost?" Lobo asked puzzled.

Kitty sighed. 'Mental note. Hire English teacher for Lobo. His broken English is getting old.' "Because the X-men will burst in here, destroy almost everything and destroy even more stuff on the way out. There's no chance we'll be able to recover from that."

She finished the work on the mind alteration chip for Jubilee and headed to the science division.


"You like here. Leech like at Massachusetts Academy eventually, not at first."

"You didn't like it there. Why not?"

"White Queen kicked Leech."



"Hey, Frank," Kitty greeted the scientist.

"Hello, Kitty. Since you work alone most of the time I assume you are finished with the new chip."

"Yeah, It's for Jubilee. I decided that the best way to change her mind is to heighten her aggression towards certain individuals. She already hates Magneto. This will get her to the point where there is no chance she'll turn down the chance to kill him."

"Well, you're the one who knows her."

He took the chip and placed it into a dish with a liquid silver substance. In a few moments it appeared to dissolve. The substance was actually microscopic robots, nanotechnology. Once they were injected into Jubilee the chip would reform. Kitty took a hypodermic needle and sucked it into it.


Roberto Dacosta was one of the people who had joined willingly. He had retired from X-force because their methods weren't enough to deal with supervillains. He knew, he had been one. Shortly after that this group had approached him. He didn't really agree with the mind control but seeing it in action he had decided that it wasn't that severe, plus once the goals were met they'd be released. He hoped they may not do that with Sabretooth. This version seemed almost human. Right now he was surprised to see a seething Kitty Pryde storming down the halls.

"'Berto, I was just in Jubilee's rooms and she isn't there. Have you seen her?"

"I think I saw her being led that way." He pointed down one corridor.

"WHAT!! That's the prison cells!" Kitty promptly headed to the conference room where the heads of the project gathered.


The guard gulped nervously as he entered. The boss and one of their top operatives were glaring at him harshly.

"Where did you put Miss Lee when you took her?"

"I took her to the cells, sir" He'd worked for other organizations he was as good as dead.

"We do not treat potential operative like this. You should have taken her to secure quarters."

"I'm sorry."

"Consider yourself busted down to janitor. You're dismissed." The guard sighed in relief and left.

Kitty looked over at her boss. Are the X-men on their way?"

"Yes, and we have confirmed that the ones we want are with them. Bishop, Gambit, Marrow, Psylocke and Angel."

"I'd like to state again that Angel is a bad idea. He despises Apocalypse but he doesn't have the fighting ability he once had."



Jubilee looked around what was basically an apartment. Some guard had grabbed her from the cell and placed her in here. It was definitely a step up.

Kitty stuck her head in. "Sorry about the mix up. We didn't mean to put you in there."

"What do ya want, Pryde?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were all right."

"Here ta zap me with yer mind control stuff."

"We only have a few controlled operatives. Sabretooth, Leech, Threnody, Magma. For Leech and Threnody we just got rid of their fear of a few individuals. Sabretooth for Leech and Mr. Sinister for for Threnody. For Magma we put Amara Aquilla back in charge instead of Allison Crestmore. I'm sure we'll have to do it to more people eventually. Starting with you." Kitty jabbed the needle into Jubilee's arm.

Jubilee prepared to attack Kitty but stopped when Kitty warned she was phased. If she destroyed this place they might decide she belonged in the cells.

"You might lose consciousness briefly. You'll still basically be yourself. It'll be removed once the jobs done. That won't take to long probably."


Logan and Hank McCoy checked out the gun. "Readings indicate it is identical to the pyrotechnics Jubilation releases," Hank stated.

They had just test fired on Bishop. "It certainly feels like her powers."

Jason Barnett

" That doesn't mean it is her. " Hank said.

" It's her. I can sense when she's near. She's here. " Everett said. He heard Logan sniff the air as they exited the landed Blackbird.

His eyes grew large and he whispered, " It can't be. There's no possible way. "

" What is it Logan? " Angel asked.

" I smell Kitty. " he answered.

" Da chere is here? " Gambit asked. " I tot she was dead. "

" She is! Or she was. " Logan said.

" I think it's time we get some answers. Now! " Elizabeth said.


In the apartment Jubilee woke up with a splitting headache. " Oh man! What was in that? JD?(1) " Jubilee groaned. She then saw Kitty sitting in the chair next to the coach. " Brat! I'm gonna kill you where you stand. " she sneered.

" No you're not. You don't hate me Jubilee. Therefore you can't kill me. " Kitty said.

" Want a bet I don't hate you. " a fire erupted around Jubilee. She was no longer in the uniform they had put on her. " You should have done your homework Kitty-cat. I'm no longer the pathetic, weak, powerless Jubilee. I am Phoenix. I tooe on the Phoenix powers when they were killing Jean. The Phoenix needed a new host. Rouge was about to do it when I offered myself. A telepath with the potential to be so much more. That's how I got my healing factor. The Phoenix gave it to me. You see Kitty your pathetic attempt to try to control me has failed cause you can not control chaos! All you have done is anger me! I am the dark Phoenix! " Jubilee said letting go of an explosion that blew out the walls and the two floors above and below her.




With a scream of pain the Phoenix separated itself from Jubilee, who fell unconscious.

Kitty stared at her body. "I didn't think the chip could form that fast."


Logan and the various X-men stared as it approached them.

"Oh, no. Why would it separate from her?" Ev asked.

It responded in a telepathic voice. ~If I had remained a terrible tragedy would occur.

Jason Barnett

" Tragedy? SO Jubes is in trouble! This is your fault. " Everett turned on his heals to meet face to face with Logan. " You had to take her with you on those stupid adventures! You couldn't just take her back to South Cal! You had to take her! Why couldn't you just leave her be! " Everett screamed.

" She saved me if you can remember! She was the one who walked through the portal! She was the one who made her own decisions. And she CHOSE to come with me. I offered to take her back to California but she said that there was nothen there for her except some bad memories, a rap sheet three miles long, and a life on the streets. I don't expect you to understand Jubilee. Hell, I don't understand her most the time but I know she loves me and I know that she means more then you, the X-men, and this whole planet to me. " Logan finished quietly. While this argument had started the other X-men had thought it proper to step aside and let the two man discuss their differences.

" I do know what you feel like. Cause she means everything to me too. Her light is the light I follow when I can't find a reason to keep fighting or keep living. I do know what you mean. Cause I love her too. " Everett whispered.

" If ya'll are done arguing then maybe we can save the gal of your dreams and let her decide. " a southeren accent said.

" Chere! What you be doing here? " Gambit asked as his southeren belle landed gently.

" Ol' Storm and me couldn't just let you guys have all the fun now could we? " Rouge asked.

" Logan, how are you? You seemed distracted. " Storm landed next to Logan touching his shoulder gently.

"Kitty's here. " he whispered.

" What? Katherine? Here? Logan, we both know she died. " Storm said.

" Do we 'Ro? We never went looking for a body. We never really saw any evidence of her death. We just except it. But what if we were wrong? " Logan said looking down a cliff.

" What's that? " Storm asked looking at the over the horizon at a compound.

"That's where we need to go. That's where Jubilee is. " he whispered.


The Phoenix returned to where Jubilee was being held, the X-men following close behind it. It burst through the main wall and headed for her room.

Wolverine was the first through the hole, Everett was next. The others were behind them preparing for battle as the alarm blared.

Armed guards poured out along with the group's mutant operatives. Some they didn't recognize, others were very familiar. Sabretooth, Leech, Threnody, Magma, Sunspot, Mystique, Mimic, Pete Wisdom, Archer, Fixx(or Pixx. The XUE member from X-factor with powers that involve fairylike things.)


Kitty cursed and ran from Jubilee's room. "They can't be here already!"

The Phoenix approached unnoticed and caressed Jubilee's mind with a light telepathic touch. Her thoughts were wild, angry but not the insane, chaotic ravings they had been.

'It worked. She came back to herself without me there to effect her thoughts.'

Jason Barnett

The Phoenix flowed back into Jubilee, filling a void within her.

"Glad ta see yer back. Let's go kick some butt."


When Jubilee arrived where the X-men were she found a tense stand off.

Remembering what Kitty had said about which mutants were controlled plus the fact she knew Kitty was two she allowed the mental powers of the Phoenix obviously seen by the Phoenix effect flow out. It hit Kitty, Leech, and Threnody first then proceeded towards Sabretooth and Magma.

Kitty felt the slight mental alteration in her mind dissolve leaving her momentarily disoriented. Then she saw what was about to happen with the last two.

"Jubilee, no!"

It was to late as the mental controls dissolved.

Leech was just starting to get his head together when Kitty barked out an order. "Leech, drain everybody in this room! Guards put all your firepower on those two!"

Jason Barnett

Kitty hated to see the look on Storm and Logan's faces as she barked out orders but it was to late. All she could feel was a powerful engry blast hit her and then seeing Jubilee standing over her. " I'm sorry Kitty. You just don't know what you're doing anymore and I love you to much to let you hurt yourself or anyone else cause the Katherine Pryde I know would never hurt anyone she loved especailly not Logan. " Jubilee said.


Everyone's powers vanished as Leech drained them.

"Jubilee, no. You destroyed the control over Sabretooth. When he regains himself he'll be furious. So will Magma."

Jason Barnett

" Then we'll deal with that when it happens. Right now my main concern is you. How are you do you feel any different? " Jubilee asked gently bending down to sit next to Kitty.


"I feel fine. I've got somethings I want to talk about with the people who organized this operation and I need to apologize for letting everyone think I was dead. But have you gone nuts. Sabretooth isn't someone you deal with when he attacks someone."

"Leech has drained everyone's powers. He can't heal now."

"Good, keep those weapons trained on him and Magma." She turned to the X-men. "I've got some explaining to do. Follow me to my office."

They followed her down the corridor and she turned to Jubilee. "When you and Logan finish the ceremony can I attend?"

Jason Barnett

" Hmmm. Let me think about that.... okay. You better come! Who else is gonna be my maid of honor! " Jubilee said.

" But I thought... " Kitty started. She was shocked, could Jubilee really forgive that quickly? After all she had but her threw.

" Of course I can forgive you. Kitty, you did a dumb thing. Oh wow, I'm shocked you're human! You're talking to the master of dumb things here. You're talking to a person who decided to try and take of the Maurders by herself. Who decided to jump of a building to see if she could fly. Who did the most dumbest thing of all! Went on a date with Remy! " Jubilee said a laughing glem in her eyes.

" Hey! I take offense to dat pettie. I treated you good. " Remy said.

" He took me to... oh wait never mind. I'll tell you that another time when Logan's not around. " Jubilee said.

" Are you happy? " Kitty asked. Jubilee knew what she was talking about.

" Of course I'm happy.He makes me happy. He completes me." Jubilee said looking lovingly at Logan.

"Then I'm happy for you. " Kitty said hugging Jubilee tightly.


Mushy I know but it seemed that J and Kitty needed to have a heart to heart about Jubes and Logan and I know. " You complete me " is a saying from Jerry Megurie. Or how ever you spell his last name. Look at it this. It seems like the story is almost done.


When they arrived in Kitty's office they found her employers waiting for them.

"I'm glad you're here," Kitty began. "I have some things to tell you. First off. I'm not quitting. But I am destroying all the chipping technology personally."

"Kitty, what are you saying?" Ororo asked.

"I'm sorry for letting you think I was dead, Storm, but there have been a lot of good things accomplished here. I've been denying a part of myself. I've tried to deny it because of Ogun, but I'm willing to kill and there have been several times we should have but haven't. There are several X-men that we've wanted to recruit. Jubilee and Logan included."

The head man spoke up. "We'd still like them to join if they're willing. The chip implantation was the absolute last resort."

"There would be no strings attached," Kitty assured them.

Logan looked at Jubilee for a moment. "We might consider it."

"But as much as we both love adventure, we were planning to take some time off. We want to be able to spend some time together without worrying about getting killed."

Jason Barnett

" Dat'll be de day. " Remy muttered.

Jubilee sighed. She knew Remy was right. She then looked at her future husband and said, "I'll go with whatever you say. I trust your judgment. " she then closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest.


Short I know but I'm gonna let someone else pick his choice.


"We got time ta decide and I hate bein' rushed on this kinda stuff. We're definately at least gonna get a peaceful honeymoon."

Everyone stared at him.

"Ok, the worst it'll get will be a couple bar brawls here an' there ta blow off steam. Kitty can tell us more 'bout what ya offer later. But we gotta go now."

Jason Barnett

Just as he said those words a large explosion was heard from behind the group throwing them forward. Logan was the first to recover looking around he saw Sabretooth looming over Jubilee still body. Logan could see the blood that was on her. " No! " he breathed.

" Looks like the grim reaper got to her before me. " Creed said with an evil grin. Then a soft moan came from Kitty as she stirred. " Maybe I can get this one. I got a score to settle with her anyways. " Creed said.

" You'll got ta kill me first bub. " Logan said popping his bone claws.

" Then I'll kill ya first runt. " Creed said.

" You and what army? " Wolverine then launched himself at Creed. Taking his anger out. If Jubilee was really gone then there was no reason for him to keep on living.

Wjile Logan and Creed fought Kitty rushed to Jubilee's side. She saw the open wound that was impaled with metal. " You've got to take it out of me Pryde. I can't. " Jubilee muttered.

" Jubes... I don't know if I can. If I do then I'm not sure even your healing factor can take care of it. " Kitty said.

" And if ya don't I'm a gonna fer sure. My factor can't work with it in me. " Jubilee said.

" Get out of the way Pryde. " she heard as Everett pushed Kitty aside. " This is gonna hurt J. You ready? " he said.

"As I'll ever be. " Jubilee said then coughed blood coming from her mouth.

"Her lung is punctured. " Kitty said trying to stop Ev from taking the metal out but was not quick enough. In a swift move Everett pulled the metal out and Jubilee screamed in pain then in a gasp took a breath and...


"Dearly beloved..."

Logan heard the Minister speaking in front of them monotonously. Smiling, he squeezed his soon-to-be bride's hands and looked into her eyes as she smiled back from behind her white veil.

The sun shone over head and her hair glistened and sparkled with the few jeweled pins holding it near the headpeice of the veil.

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness or in health, for richer or poorer for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness or in health, for richer or poorer for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Then, by the power entrusted to me by the State of New York, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Logan stepped forward and gently pulled back the small veil, slipping it over the diamond headpiece and pins to the longer veil hanging down her back.

She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Logan's neck, smiling as he leaned down ever so slightly for a kiss. Logan chuckled and wrapped his hands around Jubilee's waist, pushing his lips against hers as they prepared for the rest of their lives together...

Nova Zion

Just as they were about to kiss a loud explsion happened. Jubilee looked at Logan as Magneto came threw and said, " I am Magneto master of all. Bow down before me X-men. "

" That does it! Next time we're eloping! " Jubilee said as the X-men and Generation X started to fight the master of magnatism.


"Mind if I call in some back-up?" Kitty asked. "First he disrupts funerals, now weddings. He obviously has no respect for anything. We need to finish him of for good."

"Be my guest. I'm still a little sore and I don't want to ruin my wedding dress."

Jason Barnett

The End