All He Needed

by Agent51

Disclaimer I (still) own nothing and am (still) not making any money off these characters. Sucks don・t it.

Wolverine and Jubilee talk.

The first line there is from Wolverine #90

・In all these years has Jubilee ever taken my hand like that? No.・

She sat on her park bench and he walked up to her, stiffly, slightly, ever-so, formally. It was only to be expected of course after everything that had occurred between them, after all the time that was between them.

She was lovely, he noted. Wearing her Linkin Park baby doll tee and baggy pants. She・d cut her hair shorter than he・d seen it in years and spiked it. Put more metal through her ears than he suspected he had in his entire body. Still, she was lovely to him.

Butterflies that glittered and faded on the air fell in a practiced absentmindedness from her fingers and her was so proud of her.

She made him feel old suddenly. The way she used to, right before she made him feel young.

・You gonna sit down or just stand there gawking all day?・

She looked at him and smiled, only briefly but it made him feel so much better about this whole thing.

He sat. He didn・t know what to say to her anymore. All the things he・d thought of on the way over dried up on his tongue.

・How・s things?・ She did it for him.

・Fine I guess. No worse than usual.・ He paused thinking of news for her ・Betsy・s dead. I didn・t know if you knew.・

・Mm. I heard form Paige. She・s pretty good ・bout stuff like that. Won・t stop about me comin・ back to you guys though.・

・Will ya?・ He hadn・t meant to ask her like that. Hadn・t meant to ask her at all, just sniff around and see how she was thinkin・. He squirmed, wishing he could take the words back.

She raised an eyebrow delicately, expressing at once what she thought of that question, and just how much she liked hearing it coming form him.

・Not you too?・ She smiled.

・・Not just yet, ・kay Wolvie? Gimme time to get out of the door before you start to pull me back in・

He wanted to reach out and ruffle her hair. Pat her hand, any of the old things he used to do. Tell her ・Aww kiddo, I know you・ll be doin fine without us, I just miss you s・all.・

Instead, ・Yeah, yer right.・ He felt a blush coming on, and knew that his body would take care of it before it even reached his skin.

・Course I am, and I・m shocked you even thought otherwise・ She lightly punched him in the arm, enough to be friendly and not painful to herself. ・I just want to do some stuff first. Normal stuff・ She laid emphasis on her last statement. ・And I・ll be back before you know it.・

・Good, kid.・ He looked up at her, sheepishly. He knew she hated that. ・The team needs you.・

・The teams doing fine. Strongest it・s been in years.・

・True. But I still think it・s missing something.・ He rubbed his forehead. ・ Don・t stay away too long J. I miss ya.・

He picked up one of her hands in his maw. She looked so small next to him. Always had. He often found himself forgetting just how powerful she was because of it.

She put her other hand on top of his and squeezed tightly.

・I miss you too.・

And that was all he needed to know.