Beginning: Prologue

by Genki Girl

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"The truth is, laughter always sounds more perfect than weeping. Laughter flows in a violent riff and is effortlessly melodic. Weeping is often fought, choked, half strangled, or surrendered to with humiliation." Anne Rice - Taltos 


*Author recommends you to read 'Once upon a time...' (if you haven't alreayd) before proceeding because the following is a spinoff of the afore mentioned fan fiction.*



She was floating.

Or at least that's what it sure as hell felt like. Her body just didn't seem there. She felt so light and free, as if her body had been bogging her down before and a vast amount of weight had been lifted from her.


She jerked, eyes snapping open. No. She wasn't Jubilee. She wasn't…she had changed her name long ago.


Tears welled up in her eyes. The name brought back memories. Loving and painful memories of a life she had left behind. SHE WASN'T JUBILEE!!!


She hesitated, about to shutdown her own mind but that voice…so pleading and sad…it was so familiar…

"Jubilee…I came to say…good bye…"

In the scope of her own mind, the young woman once known as Jubilation Lee, looked up to find her old mentor standing before her.

She gasped in surprise. Professor Xavier? What…what was he doing here?! How could he have penetrated her shields? How…

"Jubilee…child…no…you're no longer a child anymore. A grown woman who has blossomed into such a beautiful lady…" his voice was hoarse, as if he was about to cry. She looked up at him warily, ignoring the stabs of sad pain and joy at seeing the older man again.

"How…how did you find me?" she asked quietly, a contrast to the cheerful and bubbly spirit to the girl he had once known.

He walked closer to her, noticing the flash of surprise and questioning look behind those clear blue eyes, but it was quickly hidden as if a mask had slipped into place. He raised a hand as if to touch her, but he saw her flinch and knew if he took it to fast she'd withdraw from him. He couldn't have that. Not when this was his last chance…

"I followed the touch of your mind in the dream world…" he hesitated. And she knew at once he was leaving something out…besides, what did he mean anyway by her 'touch in the dream world'?

Xavier saw the way her eyes narrowed and instantly knew that his vague explanation hadn't gone unnoticed.

He gasped inwardly as he felt his 'spirit' waver. His physical body was growing weaker and he didn't have any time for delays. He had to get through to her before it was too late…

"Jubilee. Please, I know that you have questions and I want nothing more than to answer them but I do not have much time left." Sorrow filled her old mentor's eyes and a tendril of dread latched it's whispery grasp around her heart. "I'm dying…and that's part of how I was able to find you. You could shield those who are living, whose soul is intact, but mine now has the freedom to wander and to explore the universe in all her glory. Your mind could not shield me so I was able to break through your first barrier. This is as far as I can-" he was cut off, gasping as his image wavered dangerously before flickering back into place but he seemed to have faded a bit.

She noticed with concern that he was much paler…and…no…he couldn't be dying…right?…he…didn't deserve this…

She never knew the tears had cascaded down her face until he had suddenly stepped close to her, his gentle hands wiping the tears from her face. "We missed you Jubilee…more than you know. I realize that your decision to leave was yours but we are still your family. We still care for you. Come back to us Jubilee…" his voice was so soft and soothing, and she could only shake her head violently.

No! She couldn't…she couldn't go back! Not after all she had been through…no…no…

He made a move to her as if he wanted to hug her, to sooth her fears away to take that desperate and wild look in her eyes away. But she stepped back, nearly scrambling away from his touch and as she stood several feet away from him, her slender form trembled as tears unnoticed by her fell.

Sorrow filled him and washed over him entirely. How had he let her become so lost? He had let one from his flock wander off and now…now who had once been the most cheerful and lively child he had ever known his entire life was bitter and lost, wandering blindly.

"Jubilee…come back to us…please. Come back to us before the other lose another they love. They need you now more than ever. They need your laughter, your brightness to take their thoughts away from me. Away from my departure. I feel your pain…I feel the sorrow that fills you so wholly that you're spilling it…come back to us. We are still your family, we still care for you…"

No! No no no!!! Her head thrashed from side to side violently as she tried to block out his sad words, the hope that had formed when she had heard that they still cared for her…NO!!! He was lying! He had to be…God…he had to be lying to her…no…please…

"I'm sorry to leave you Jubilee…but you still have the others. The rest of the X-Men who all love you Jubilee." He crouched before her, his hand reaching out to caress her cheek tenderly the way a father would. "Come back to us…"

No…no…she whispered the word brokenly, sobs racking her body and she felt the world tumbling and giving way beneath her. She looked up through bleary eyes as his figure seemed to grow farther and farther away, the sadness that etched itself in his face, the gentle and serene loving look he gave her…

She tore her gaze away from him and screamed in anger and pain. She screamed and screamed and screamed as she continued to plummet down the black darkness that swallowed her up. Suffocating her, smothering her and she continued to scream…



Her eyes snapped open and the scream died in her throat, strangled by the sobs and tears she shed, her heart hammering against her ribcage violently.

She looked up to see the extremely concerned face of her bodyguard Jared. She cried silently and was instantly enveloped by the man's strong arms, stroking her hair soothingly and rocking her back and forth.

For the moment she was a child once more, clinging to her father wildly as the memories of something dark and dreadful remained fresh and clear in her mind. For the moment all she knew was the strength and warmth that surrounded her from Jared. For the moment she wouldn't think of anything…for the moment…