Beginning: Chapter Three

by Genki Girl

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"The truth is, laughter always sounds more perfect than weeping. Laughter flows in a violent riff and is effortlessly melodic. Weeping is often fought, choked, half strangled, or surrendered to with humiliation." Anne Rice - Taltos



"Long time no see Wolvie," she said softly.

Logan stared. He stared long and hard at the tall, elegant looking young woman. Her dark sunglasses shielding her eyes from him, and instead he saw his own shocked reflection in them. Her face was pale, not a sickly pale, just a pale that gave the impression of never having been touched by the sun, a perfect unblemished whiteness that was a contrast to the entirely black colored ensemble she wore, to the glossy blood red colors of her full lips.

His nostrils flared and his senses were strained to their limits.

'Jubilee...' The name whispered in his mind, making his heart clench painfully in both hope and doubt. He slapped himself mentally and snarled. "I dunno if you are who you say you are darlin' but you sure as hell don't SMELL or look like Jubilee."

He was right to, and not only that, but he just couldn't smell anything from her. The tall lithe man who stood protectively beside her gave off a distinct scent, but Jub--the girl, didn't have one whatsoever. And everything about her was different from Jubilee. But then why did his instincts scream at him that this was Jubilee? Jubilee...his surrogate small and full of life.

His eyes clouded over with sadness momentarily. "Time changes people Logan. Things have happened to me, time has flown by, and I've changed. Changed so much you wouldn't believe it..."

Her voice was soft, gentle, but it lacked something...

It hit him then how cool and distant she sounded. Speaking perfectly but without life. Without warmth. Without any feeling that reminded him of the small girl who had hugged and kissed him until he felt like an overgrown and overly indulgent teddy bear. He looked at her hard, trying to find any flickers in the eyes behind the glasses.




How could she convince him when he was half right? He could always claim she was a clone, or a different person entirely. How would she try to get him to trust her? She felt the beginnings of a headache coming on and rubbed her temples ruefully. She didn't have to explain. Didn't have to convince him or anyone else to who she was, or used to be. She turned slightly, preparing to walk back to the limousine. Something made her stop though and she turned to face the disgruntled man. She took out a card from somewhere within her duster and flicked it at him. It didn't reach him, instead fluttering to the ground before resting on the freshly cut blades.

"That's my cellular phone number. If you really want to know if I'm truly who I am...or used to be, call me and I'll give you the room number of the place I'm staying at. If not, then so be it." She continued to walk on when she stopped again abruptly. "And before I have 3 days to decide."

And with that, she walked away, Jared trailing after her faithfully, blocking Logan's view of her.


Logan stared at the small white card blankly. She was gone...and all she had left behind was a card. And he had 3 days to decide whether or not he'd take her up on her offer. It could be a trick. And it could be that she wasn't Jubilee. And this could be the only chance he'd have at solving what had driven her to run away...

He walked towards the card and knelt near it, claws slipping back into their places, he picked it gingerly. Holding it delicately between his rough fingers, he stared at the simple writing in black ink.

Nyssa Lee

(304) 396-1296

Would her call her? Would he tell the others about what happened today? Logan closed his eyes and slipped the card into a back pocket. He stood up slowly and decided that he needed to clear his head before he started thinking about anything.

And there was only one thing, and place, he knew of that could help clear his mind. Bar brawling at Harry's.