Beginning: Chapter Five

by Genki Girl


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"The truth is, laughter always sounds more perfect than weeping. Laughter flows in a violent riff and is effortlessly melodic. Weeping is often fought, choked, half strangled, or surrendered to with humiliation." Anne Rice - Taltos


Logan awoke to the darkness of his room, blinds having been shut tight to keep the light from streaming in and he blinked wearily a few times before pushing himself out of bed. He looked down to find the small, white card in his hand and stared at it silently before shoving it into his back pocket, trudging to his drawer and pulling on a clean, plain white shirt and grabbing his leather jacket off the chair he had flung it on earlier.

Minutes later the sound of a loud engine roaring was heard and the quickly fading sounds of a carefully cared for Harley driving away.




Nyssa jerked herself awake, the last fading sounds of a familiar loud Harley ringing in her ears from the dream she the night before. Well, more like visions of her past, memories resurfacing to haunt rather than an actual dream. She dragged a hand across her face ruefully and grumped her way out of bed and into the kitchen.

"G'morning Nyssa," said a mildly cheerful Jared as he pressed the cup of coffee into her hand. As was their usual morning ritual, she grunted in reply, a sound that would've reminded anyone who had known her in the past how similar it resembled a certain wild Canadian.

The morning ticked by slowly, an unaccustomed nervousness settling down in her stomach like a lead weight. For the umpteenth time that day, she glanced at her silent cellular phone, both dreading if it suddenly rang, and a certain anxiety for it to ring. She squashed the hopes for it to ring down and dragged her attention from the phone once more to the bright screen where a women was babbling cheerfully, her words not clearly registering in her mind.




Logan wiped the blood off his fist in disgust. The blood wasn't his, it belonged to the loud coot who had figured beatin' up the little short guy would be a way of showing his pals just how "good" he was at fightin'. "Idiot," he muttered darkly, taking a large swig from his shot glass.

The bartender just grinned nonchalantly and served him another, neither were overly concerned about the the broken table or the bloody mass of a man which had served as the thing to break it. "Another round?" the bartender asked. Logan grunted and he poured him another one, and Logan grumbled wearily in his head as a group of angry and armed with various thug-like weapons approached him angrily. Why couldn't a man just get a moment's worth of peace?




Nyssa poked at her salad absently. She'd been poking her lunch of an extremely tasty, and light Italian dish that Jared had somehow managed to create out of bits and scraps in the fridge for nearly an hour now, and it wasn't that the food was bad (heaven forbid her saying that to JARED) it was just that she didn't have the appetite for it.

Sighing, she finally pushed her dish away, and thankfully all Jared did was raise a brow at the amount of food left over and went back to eating his own meal. Eying him warily, she knew there'd be a price to pay for not eating a full meal later. Knowing Jared, the price wouldn't be one she liked, but had to do anyway.




Logan ducked as a wild fist whizzed right over his head and decked the taller, and heavier man; he was out like a light. An empty beer bottle was smashed against this head and he shook himself, pieces of glass flying everywhere. He grabbed a swinging baseball bat and swung the bat and owner around so that the idiot who had hit him over the head and the bat-swinging guy collided. Head knocked and bodies fell.

From somewhere behind him, he heard the cheerful whistling of the bartender and grinned. It was a good thing the owner wasn't a mighty upholder of bar brawlin', then again, this was the reason why he had come here in the first place.

He felt blood trickle down his forearm and a cold fury settled in. Intense, fierce and blazing dark eyes trailed on a now quivering skinny man who looked ready to go right there in his pants. The grin Logan gave him was a cross between a snarl and one of the most nastiest smiles he had ever seen. The man never had a chance to call for his "mommy" before Logan set on him.




Nyssa thrust her lower lip out, and crossed her arms, her stance literally screaming, "Stubborn as a pig and proud of it."

Jared sighed in exasperation. "I will not take no as an answer Nyssa. You owe me for not eating lunch, and you know it," he repeated firmly, although not as gently as his previous 20 something statements.

Nyssa scowled at him. "I don't wanna." Jared could only imagine how she must have been before he had met her. If she was this stubborn as an adult, she must have been practically immovable as a child. "Nyssa, don't be childish. I just want you to go out and have fun for God's sake!"

Jared winced as the intense black eyes trailed on him. 'Uh oh,' he thought to himself. 'I know what THAT means when her eyes change colors to black. Prepare for 2 hours of stubbornness before she finally relents.'

"I am NOT about to throw myself into the idiotic fancies such as "clubbing" as those stupid fools do." He resisted the urge to groan and contented himself with rubbing his temples ruefully. Can someone say "long night"? 'Why yes, I can,' he thought dryly.




Logan had long since left the bar, now reeking of alcohol, sweat and blood. His heightened senses made the overall stench even more displeasing. Still, he wasn't about to had back any time soon. Next destination? Another bar, another few hours of brawlin'.




Jared tried. He really did to convince her that she needed to act her own age and have a "little fun" now and then.

Nyssa's anger slowly drained from her and she felt bone-deep weariness settle in instead. "You just don't understand Jared, I forgot how to have a 'little fun' a long time ago."

Jared shifted on the balls of his feet. He'd rather have her angry and spitting rather than so quiet and melancholy. She was always like this, so serious and solemn, but every now and then he'd catch a glimpse of an impish grin or a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Rarely though.

He hugged her around the shoulders and patted her head to which she glared at him indignantly. "I only wish you'd loosen up now and then. Never seen a gal so without fun before. And you still owe," he said as an afterthought, lest she think he had let her get away with not eating easily.

Nyssa grinned to and leaned against him. He was taller, and not as stocky as Wo-Logan, but still, he had that same comfy, familiar thing to him that she liked. No wonder their relationship was more like indulgent big brother and stubborn little sister than employer and employee.




The sun was starting to come out again by the time Logan had reached the mansion, trudged up to his room, hit the showers and growled his way to bed. Hours of drinking shot after shot and beating the shit out of nearly every damn idiot in the bars he'd gone to, he felt...crappy. He didn't feel any better than the night before, and that same damn weight of pain was deep inside of him.

He turned on his side and once more his hand sought out the nearly blank white card. The edges were already crinkled slightly from all it had been put through, but the blank ink printed on the slowly turning yellow whiteness of the card was still clear and dark as ever.

'Nyssa...' The name was...a name he couldn't say didn't suit her, but...there was just something about that name that seemed almost foreboding. As if it was an insight to her, to her new life...

He let his eyes close and his arm fall back to the mattress. 'Jubilee...Nyssa...'




The first day of waiting was over and done with, and still he hadn't called her. He had to...hadn't he? He would. She was unable to explain to herself why she knew this...she just did.

Somehow she knew he'd call. The question was...when?