Mouse Trap

by Jennifer C. Laine

Disclaimer: I am in no way making money off of this story. All characters except for the few I have made, are owned and copyrighted by Marvel Comics. Fell feel to use any and all characters I  have made, or reference to my work ( I consider that a compliment).

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Summery: A mysterious new mutant, Mouse, is found outside that x-men mansion. After being nursed back to health, the x-men struggle to discover her secrets and past that she is unwilling to share, while at the same time protecting her from an unseen threat. This is the first book of a ・The Watchers


She walked alone in the dark and seemingly endless forest; nothing could stop her from getting to her destination. She was the only one left. Thoughts of regret and sorrow filled her mind. Why had she left them? Why had she left them to die? It was all her fault; they would never come back now, not after what she had done.

She was tired, so very tired. When had been the last time she had slept? She couldn・t remember.  So much had happened in the past few days, so much death and so many mistakes made. She wasn・t just tired from lack of sleep but from her body changing so rapidly. It had all happened so fast. She had had to leave with the others. If only she could take it all back. Why did she leave them, why? But now was not the time to think about it. She had to get to her destination. A world of new beginnings and hope awaited her, if she could only make it there. She wanted nothing else but to rest. No time, she thought bitterly, I have to get there before they find my trail.

Finally her body gave up on her. There was no more she could do. She wanted to cry or scream, do something, anything to vent her frustration at this situation she had been put into. She sunk to the ground in like an exhausted child. Her last thoughts before she passing out were on the man who had suddenly appeared at her side out of nowhere.

The mysterious figure almost seemed to be part of the dark shadows of the night. Seconds later he picked up the now unconscious form and with a quite BAMF, disappeared into the night.

Book of Mouse

Männe sind Schweine! Trauen ihnen nicht, mein Kind! Sie wollen・・・・・・・・・・・ The evil looking devil that had saved the girl from her exhausted state was now happily walking around the med lab singing a tune from his favourite German band. The tall blue figure had been know for years to all as Nightcrawler, and to his friends as Kurt.

・ Hey, Fuzzy Elf, could you quicken you pace with those blankets? And stop singing that derogatory song!

Of course there were those who still insisted on calling him by his nickname, the dreaded ・Fuzzy Elf・. Kurt had been glad to help Hank; in fact Hank couldn・t get rid of him since Kurt had brought the unconscious stranger to his attention. Truth be told, Kurt couldn・t get the girl out of his mind. He knew there was something strange about her. She was after all very injured, and no one seemed to be around to have caused these injuries. And what was she doing on the mansion grounds? Was she looking for someone or was she just lost and disorientated. 

・ Patience is a virtue, mein Freund, besides since you won・t let me teleport in you ・sanitary・ lab, I have to accommodate you by walking around. And I like that song.・

Hank smiled at his ・Freund・ and replied, ・ My heart bleeds for you Elf, but I need to get the visitor settled in before Xavier gets back.  Her condition is stable thanks to my great doctorial skills, she needs only rest now.・

Kurt was glad to hear this. He had been surprised at the news that there was a stranger on the mansion grounds. His teleporting abilities had allowed him to be the first to arrive and investigate. Kurt had been even more surprised to find the girl unconscious upon his arrival. He had immediately brought her to Dr. Hank McCoy; otherwise know as, The Beast.

Her sudden appearance on the grounds was the least startling discovery they had made about her that night. She had mystery written all over her. She had been wearing a long black trench coat, black pants, and dark blue top that showed her middle section and had on black army boots. She was a not a tall person but a very small woman, at most 5・1 or 5・2. Her small physic had tattoos covering it in certain places. Kurt could count two so far, one of a long green dragon surrounding her belly button, and once the girl・s trench coat had been removed, they soon found a golden eye of Ra on her shoulder, though Kurt suspected there could be more in other more private places.

One thing was for certain, she was a definitely a mutant. Her small hands had deadly looking claws attached to them where nails should be. And her small eyes where pitch black. He couldn・t believe how odd they looked. No pupils at all, just pitch black. The claws, eyes and petite figure made her look a lot like a mouse to Kurt. In fact this is what he had dubbed her, Mouse or ・Mäuschen・ (・Little Mouse・ in German). She had shoulder length sandy bland hair, which looked very un-kept at the moment. And then there was the pendant she wore. It was attached to a long silver chain. The pendant itself had inscriptions on both sides. On the front it had a picture of a dragon, much like the one on her belly, but this one didn・t have the same eyes. It・s eye was the same as the eye of Ra on her shoulder. On the flipside a singly word was engraved, Weisheit. At first Hank had thought this was a last name or a clan name. But Kurt knew what it really was, he recognized the German word immediately, it meant wisdom. She was definitely a mystery worth figuring out.  

・Well, I do believe our fearless leader has returned with Jean and Scott. Do be a good Elf and finish accommodating our young guest, while I go and greet them.・

・ Mit Vernuegen (With Pleasure), mein Freund, I would be glad to・

At that Beast left the room. Kurt then turned to the sleeping body,・I guess it is just you and me, Mäuschen. I will try to be quite and let you get some sleep・.

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Beast strolled down the long corridor on his way to meet up with Professor Xavier. He was very glad to get out of the med lab now that it had Kurt in it. He had nothing against Kurt, but he was used to dealing with the medical situations alone. And besides, Kurt was simply too cheery at this time of mourning for his own good. It was already 8 in the morning. They had spent the whole night helping the girl recuperate. He was physically exhausted, but not nearly as exhausted as the girl had been when Kurt had brought her into the lab. Hank could only wonder at the cause of her injuries. Kurt also seemed to be thinking a lot about the issue at hand.  He was there the entire night willing to help him tend to her wounds. Kurt was almost too helpful, as in he wouldn・t leave. Even after the work had been done, Kurt had stuck around just in case he could help in some way. Hank could understand Kurt・s interest in the girl. She was quite a mystery. He couldn・t help but wonder what her mutant abilities included, or was what you see what you get.

・Ah, salutations Professor, welcome back.・ The Professor had just come in through the door with Jean and Scott trailing behind him. ・And salutations Jean and Scott as well, don・t think that I had forgotten you.・

・Don・t worry Beast we didn・t, and it・s nice to see you again too.・ Said a smiling Jean.

・Yes, thank you Beast, it・s good to be back. I trust nothing happened while I was away. The house still seems to be standing, and everyone is good and accounted for.・ The Professor said giving Beast a sarcastic smile.

・ How true Professor, but we seem to have acquired a guest late last night. Nightcrawler found her outside unconscious while investigating an intruder. She is still sleeping, and seems to be doing well. Nightcrawler is with her right now.・

・Well then, can we go down to the med lab and check on our visitor?・ Asked the Professor.

・Certainly Professor, I must warn you though, that we have found interesting tattoos on her body, not to mention some sort of German medallion around her neck. Perhaps you will be able to shed some light on the subject.・

・Well I shall certainly try, Beast, that much I can do. I will try to get some general information about her from her mind. Like how she is feeling or if she is in further need of help.・

* * * * * * * * * *

Nightcrawler walked around the med lab in hope of finding some interesting equipment that he could misplace to further irritate Beast. So far he wasn・t having any luck. Not only had Beast basically hid all the good stuff from him, but also his thoughts kept drifting back to the sleeping mouse near him. He would love to find out what she was really like. She fascinated him so much asleep, she must be wonderful awake. Then again she could be the exact opposite. He found himself standing beside her sleeping form. He gazed upon her now closed eyes, thinking back to the seemingly endless depth they had held while being examined. He was curious to know if she was even real; she seemed so fragile, like she could break at any minute. Without even thinking about it, Kurt removed the gloves that always covered his hands, and for a brief second softly stoked the girl・s cheek. This caused a small reaction in her; she muttered something that was undecipherable. He quickly took his hand away to check her pulse. As he did this, her hand moved and caught his in soft grip. Her eyes flew open and just stared at the person before her.

She had never actually met a mutant like him before in her life, though she had seen very many form a distance, she was not scared at all or at least she didn・t show any sigh of being so. He finally was able to make some conversation, ・Well Mäuschen, you finally woke up.・ After a short pause, noticing she was still staring at him, he quickly added, ・ Aren・t you scared of me?・

At first she didn・t know what to say to this. She had just woken up, after thinking she was going to die, to find herself presumably at her destination (there were mutants), staring at one such mutant that looked like one of the devil・s advocates. But he had saved her and that meant a lot to her. Though she didn・t particularly feel like she should be saved.

He was almost surprised to hear the sound of her voice when she answered. ・No・I am not. If you had wanted to hurt me, you would have already done so, instead here you are nursing me back to health. And as far as your looks are concerned, I am not that much better off, I still stand out in a crowd. Besides, looks can sometimes be deceiving.・

Kurt couldn・t believe she had spoken so much at one time. It would have to take some getting used to, to hearing her voice. That was for sure. ・ You are right Mäuschen, looks can be very deceiving.・

She was about to ask him why he was calling her Mäuschen, when her eyes suddenly got very big and she yelled, ・No, don・t do that. I can・t control it yet!・

Nightcrawler didn・t know what to say or do. She turned to him and screaming said, ・ You have go to help them, see if they are alright. Quickly go to your doctor.・

* * * * * * * * * *

Kurt didn・t know if she meant Beast or the Professor, but he immediately teleported himself to where he thought they might be. He found Beast leaning over a fallen Professor. He had fallen right out of his wheelchair.

・He attempted to enter the strangers mind, then he just yelled out in pain and fell.・ Beast explained.

 ・I am alright Beast. Thank you for your concern. I never even got near her mind. Her mind is so well protected that just being near it is enough to hurt me. But I have learned my lesson. Just imagine how powerful she could be. I really must meet her now.・ Understanding dawned on both Beast・s and Kurt・s face.

Nightcrawler・s face suddenly lit up, ・Oh we can do that now, she just woke up. She might take to you more kindly if you speak with her face to face, mein Freund.・

・Good, then that・s what we shall do.・

Beast and Xavier continued walking down the hallway towards the med lab, as Kurt teleported back to the worried Mouse to calm her down and assure her that everything was all right.

* * * * * * * * *

She couldn・t believe the predicament she had already gotten herself into. She hoped the man was all right. The last thing she needed right now another death on her conscious. She didn・t mean to leave them, and she didn・t mean to hurt the man. But he did try to enter her mind thinking she was still asleep. In a way it was good that she was awake. She couldn・t control her mind much, not since she put up those barriers to keep certain people out. She just couldn・t control her mind with the barriers up and she forgot how to put them down. But awake, she at least lessoned the blow he got. She feared what might have happened, had she still been asleep. She had in the past actually killed people trying to enter her mind, but then at the time, that was the idea. She couldn・t really forgive herself for leaving them behind, but then again it was a matter of survival. Even if she was in charge, they knew the risk. And so did the man. He had gone into people・s heads before. He knew there might be a chance of getting hurt. Maybe not like that but still・ she would not feel responsible. Not again.  Now that she thought about it, how dare he try to enter her mind. He deserved what he got.

The blue man finally came back to the lab, he just appeared out of thin air. She had been a bit surprised when he suddenly disappeared, yet grateful he had gone to help.

・Hey Mäuschen, don・t worry, he is fine. You have some punch to your mind.・

・Don・t blame me for him intruding my mind. I never asked him to do that.・ Kurt looked slightly shocked for a second, wondering how he had offended her.

・ I am sorry, Mäuschen, I didn・t mean to insult you. You are right; Professor Xavier had no right to be in your mind. He was just trying to help. He is on his way here right now, with Dr. McCoy, to talk to you. He is very impressed with you abilities as a mutant.・

She looked up suddenly at that. ・But that wasn・t my mutant powers・・ She then trailed off and corrected herself, ・I mean yes, I would love to talk to him about it, I am sorry, this is just all so new.・

He wasn・t sure if she was telling the whole truth, but that was her choice. She was after all only just a guest, and the mansion had residents who they knew almost nothing about. Besides, she was after all just recovering from a near death experience. He should be happy she was still sane, not to weak and able to make some sense out of this situation.

・No I am sorry, I keep forgetting you are still so weak. I don・t know if I could have handled this half as well as you have Mäuschen.・ He gave her a reassuring smile and resisted the urge to touch her cheek again to comfort her.

She looked amused and finally asked what she wanted to before, ・Why do you call me Little Mouse?・

He looked very surprised and answered, ・You speak German!!! Ha, well isn・t that nice. I call you Mouse because I think you are a Mouse.・

・Thanks, I think.・

・No, I don・t mean it as a bad thing. Your claws and your eyes, and your small frame and height, it all reminds me of a mouse. I think mice are cute.・

・Ah, now I understand. Well you know I like that name, Mouse. I need a new name, Mouse it is. But you are aloud to call me Mäuschen, just ・cause you think I am cute.・

・Oh no!!! I never said you are cute, I said mice are cute, you are like their evil twin sister.・ They both smiled at this. She knew he was just trying to bait her into a teasing fight. Well, he would soon have to learn that she never lost one of those, but maybe another time. Things were still too serious; she still needed to talk with the Professor about why she came here in the first place.

He was a bit disappointed that she wasn・t going to reveal her real name, but thought it better just to let her have it her way, it was after all her name, not his. Speaking of which, he still hadn・t told her his name. ・By the way Mäuschen, my name is Kurt, Kurt Wagner. You can call me Kurt or Nightcrawler, that is my code name.・

From the doorway they heard a new voice, ・Don・t listen to him, call him Fuzzy Elf, he just loves that, don・t you Elf?・

・Great, just great, mein Freund. Thanks a lot Beast, now I have to put up with Mouse, calling me Elf too.・

Mouse smiled at this, ・Oh you don・t like the name・then I will be sure to use it now.・

・Oh, her I like Professor. Anyone willing to tease the Elf over there, can・t be that bad of a human.・

Nightcrawler just sighed softly once he realized he had lost. ・See what I have to put with!・ he said with his devilish smile, ・How I survive? I just don・t know, mein Freund.・

                A bald man then appeared in a wheelchair from behind Beast. ・Hello, my name is Professor Charles Xavier.・ Mouse almost mentioned the fact that she already knew his name, that she already knew everything about him and his X-Men, but thought better of that course of action and quickly held her thong. ・I would like to apologize to you, for trying to enter your mind, you were unconscious, I just wanted to help, please except my apology.・

・It・s ok really, and I am sorry I hurt you. Afraid it is just a natural reaction.・

                ・I know, and I can・t believe that you have such a highly developed mutant ability.・

                ・Actually I need you to be clear about this, I am extremely bad at using my mind powers. In fact I would like nothing better then to use them as the barrier that I already use them as.・ This wasn・t true at all, she did know how to use her powers perfectly, but she was trying to hide, and to use them would mean she would have to put her barriers down, and even if she could remember how to do that, she wouldn・t, it was just to unsafe. ・I do have other mutant abilities which I would be glad to learn to develop. That is the reason in which I came. I admit it wasn・t easy getting here, mutants can・t really just take the bus, but I did get here and would love to become an X-Man.・

                Nightcrawler seemed particularly happy at this prospect. The Professor had to think of a second. He was a bit taken aback at how healthy she sounded after her ordeal. She didn・t have a healing factor; perhaps it is just her will to live, to move on. He also knew that she wasn・t telling the truth at all of how she got here, but he had in the past accepted shadier characters than her, and they turned out all right.

                ・We will, of course, let you join us and train here. It is a tremendous shame you don・t wish to learn to use your powers, but that is your choice not mine. Perhaps one day, you will chose to use them. New X-Men are always wanted. Please accept my invitation. Is there perhaps anything that we should know about your past, anything at all?・

                ・No, my past is my past. I am here to move on. That is why I came, for a new beginning, a new start at life. The past is the past, that is all.・

                ・Good then it is decided. Tonight you can stay here; we will find you a new room later. Within the week, if you are feeling better, you can begin training too. For now I will leave you to rest and sleep.・

                ・Thank you Professor, I will. I will see you later at supper.・

Xavier couldn・t help but be impressed by the strong character Mouse was. Her name was a bit odd. He doubted it was her real name. He wondered where she had gotten it.  Oh well, like she said, the past is the past. Time to move on.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next few days went by quickly for the residents of the X-Men mansion. A few left for New York City for a bit of a breather, like Gambit and Rogue, but the others remained for throughout the duration of the first week of Mouse・s stay.  She was mostly quiet the whole time, when she wasn・t teasing the new friends she had made.  She would never talk about her past, no matter how much some people wanted to know. At one point Nightcrawler had cornered her and asked her what her real name was or anything she could tell him about her. She had just looked at him a bit sad, and had replied, ・Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.・ They had both just left it at that.

The first day after her arrival she had finally gotten to meet the legendary Wolverine. In fact he was the one to look for her. He had woken up that morning and proclaimed, ・I smell a Cunuck!・ in a very raspy morning voice.

From there he had gone searching for this alleged Cunuck. He found her in the med lab, thinking to herself. He tried to come up from behind and surprise her, but she had already known he was there.

・Hello, don・t think I can・t smell you from a mile away.・ She turned and smiled at him.

                ・You knew I was coming? How?・

                ・One of my mutant powers is heightened smell and hearing.・

                ・Really, guess we have more in common than I first thought. Don・t suppose you have a healing factor along with those powers of your?・

                ・Healing factor? Now that would be an interesting power. Sorry can・t say I do. As far as I know I have the hearing and smelling thing, then well my lovely eyes and hands, and I think I might have some sort of natural agility. But I have not really tested that out much.・

                ・Hmm, not bad. So where are you from in Canada? I could smell your familiar scent all the way from my room.・

                ・Actually I move around a lot. Didn・t really stay in one place up there. My parents job and all.・ She quickly tried to change the subject. Wolverine didn・t・ mind, if there was one thing he understood, it was keeping the past well hidden.

                ・I thought it was time to move on, New York is so nice this time of season.・ Her sarcasm was a little too obvious in her voice. Wolverine could understand that too. Her voice suddenly showed a glimpse of something that wasn・t a lie. ・I miss Canada a lot. I really liked living up there and seeing the sights. And what I wouldn・t do for some poutine (for those Americans out there, Poutine is a very popular dish in Canada consisting of Fries, hot poutine gravy and cheese).・

Wolverine had to laugh at this. Though the meal wasn・t as popular out where he was from, he still had tried it and loved the taste. For the third time that day, Wolverine could understand her. ・I・m Wolverine, but you can call me・Wolverine.・

・Hi my name is Mouse, I will be starting to train here in a few days.・

・ Hmm, have you ever trained before?・

・No, not really.・

・Oh, well then you are in for a shock with that danger room. Ha, lets see if you make it out alive. Catch you later if you behave, you gotta uphold that nice reputation I have worked so hard to make for Canadians here. If not, *snickt* then I will have to show you just how I got that reputation.・ Mouse didn・t・ have a clue as to if he was joking or not, or by what he meant by behaving, those claws were certainly enough to have her worried, she would just have to play it by ear.

・Bye, nice to meet you I think.・ At that he just left the room.

* * * * * * * * * *

The others were very having a great time showing Mouse around the mansion. It had been awhile since there had been a newcomer, especially one with so much mystery attached to her. Everyone wanted to figure her out. She was having a great time, she felt almost free from her past, almost but not quite. After a week had gone by, Kurt offered to begin her training. He took her to the danger room and there set a up a basic gymnastic program. She had told him about her possible agility and he thought this was a good place to start.  He took her to the room and showed her how to maneuver some very basic acrobatic skills. She mastered them on the first try. Good, she definitely had agility, he thought, this is going to be fun. Throughout the day he showed her everything he knew and some. He also showed her exercises to keep learning more tricks. She didn・t・ seem to tire even once, it almost seemed like she was flying free from something. She kept on pushing herself to do more. After awhile it had just become fun. Her claws were extremely sharp and strong. She was able to use them to dig in the walls to climb and cling to things. She would be jumping all over the place, while Kurt tried to catch her by teleporting or tricking her in anyway possible. He was having the time of his life. At first it had been easy to catch her, but she caught on pretty quick, within no time it was a real challenge for him, even with his teleporting abilities.

He could see her right now, she was taking a breather, and trying to trick him into thinking it would be easy to catch her if he wanted to. He was about to do something when he noticed a huge metallic ball suddenly appear and fall towards Mouse, she barely had enough time to notice it coming. As quickly as he could, he teleported to her, all she saw was a thing falling towards her, then Kurt and then another room. It happened so fast she was not even sure what had really happened. But it all had really shaken her up. He sat there holding the now almost statue like figure. Kurt didn・t・ know what had happened at all, someone must have reprogrammed the danger room. He was going to kill them when he found out who had done it.

・Are you alright?・ he asked the now silent girl. Just a moment before she had been so full of life.

She answered very monotone like, ・I am fine. I・I have to go now.・

・It・s all right, it was probably only a malfunction.・

・I know・but I am tired now. I・think I should go to sleep now.・

 At first he didn・t let her go. ・Are you sure? You know you can talk to me about anything Mäuschen. I understand.・ He didn・t understand. Sure, she had almost been crushed by a two-ton bowling ball, but why this reaction. There had to be more.

・It・s ok, really, we just worked out two long, my body needs to rest is all.・ She then got up and turned to leave. He didn・t・ stop her, but he was worried. He watched her leave and then went to the Danger Room Control board. Someone had messed with the settings of the Danger Room, but who and why?  And the video camera hadn・t picked up anyone coming or leaving this room. The controls didn・t just change themselves. Maybe someone was trying to hurt Mouse; she could be in serious danger. But who would want to hurt her? The only person who might know the answer to that was Mouse herself, and she wasn・t exactly about to volunteer information. Though it looked like she really did believe it had just been a malfunction. Then why was she so upset? He decided to go and tell the Professor, the more who knew the better. With one last look at the room he teleported himself to where the Professor would be that time of day, and with a loud BAMF was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was now suppertime and Kurt was really starting to get worried. He hadn・t heard from Mouse since she left to go to her room. Everyone was assembled to eat, except for her. He decided to go to her room and try to get her to come down and eat. He teleported himself to her bedroom door and knocked softly. NO answer. He knocked again a bit louder this time, again, no answer. He did this 3 more times before giving up. Kurt then slowly opened her door. Everything in her room had been just as she had left it before, but there was no one in the room ・Scheisse!!!・ he proclaimed rather loudly.

He quickly teleported back to the assembled crowd, that was now waiting to eat. ・She is gone. Mouse she left, she just left and now she is gone.・ Everyone looked up at the frantic Nightcrawler.

Wolverine calmly turned to him. ・It・s alright elf, I saw her leaving from her window hours ago. She just took some time to cool off. She will be back soon. If you are that worried, don・t go after her, I will take care of it. I think I can understand a bit of what she is going through.・

Nightcrawler was about to protest by saying, and I don・t, but changed his mind when he saw the look on Wolverine・s face. ・Ok, fine then, mein Freund, but hurry. I think there is someone trying to hurt her.・ And with that Wolverine was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

style='font-size:10.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt'>Wolverine found the young runaway near the lake. It looked like she had been sitting there for hours trying to decide what to do. He knew that she was aware of his presence, so he walked up from behind her and sat down. ・Wanna talk about it?・

・No!・ she said and then went silent.

・Listen Kid, I don・t know what your past is, and I don・t really care either. I am not even asking you to tell me. But you came to us, and there are a few people back at the mansion that are going crazy wondering where you are. I don・t think this problem of yours right now really has to do with your past anyways.・

・Well then you are wrong, it has everything to do with my past.・

・What happened? Elf told us about the malfunction, do you think someone is trying to kill you?・

・No, I dunno. I haven・t even thought about that possibility.・

・Then what is it?・ Wolverine continued, know she was about ready to spill the beans. He had been around way to many people like her, to know otherwise.

・I almost got killed. And though this wasn・t the first time, and it wasn・t even that bad, but it still was scary. I suddenly realized just who I was starting my new life with. You are the X-Men. I could say a lot about what I know about you all, but the most important would be that you risk your lives daily for others. I have so many problems with that, I don・t even know where to begin.・


・Well first of all, the accident showed me that I have no way of defending myself. If Kurt hadn・t saved me・where would I be right now? And if I can・t fight what use am I as an X-Man. I would be killed on our first mission. I don・t think I can live with that, no pun intended. And even if I could fight・would I? I don・t know if I could actually use my claws to slash threw some poor man・s chest. I am sick and tired of hurting people. I just want no responsibility, no one to defend, and no one to watch after. I know I am being selfish, but the truth is, the people you might want me to defend might just end up getting more hurt, with me by them.・

Wolverine paused before answering the most truthful thing she had said all week. There was more to it than she was saying, but at least she was talking about it. Not that long ago he had said that he didn・t want any responsibility; he didn・t want anyone to look after and now look at him. He could definitely understand that.

・Hmm, well you have no easy decision ahead of you. We could always use another X-Man, especially another Cunuck. We cunuckleheads have to stick together, eh! I can・t say it is going to be easy, sure you have lots of people depending on you, but they are just going to be worse off if you don・t help ・em. And as far as fighting is concerned, you don・t have to be the aggressive one. I could teach so many martial art techniques that are in defense only.  Trust me, by the time I am done with you, no one will ever want to mess with you, and by the looks of it you could use some protection. I am not making any promises, I am just telling you like it is. So what do ya say? You still wanna be an X-Man?・

Mouse looked obviously relieved. She smiled at him and said, ・Sure, it・s worth a shot!・

・Besides Mouse, I might be nice and show some of that famous Canadian hospitality I am famous for, and make you some good ol・ Canadian Poutine later on.・

・Poutine!!! You could have just saved yourself the trouble of that long speech and just offered me the poutine in the first place. I would have come back with you without a second thought.・

・Typical Canadian, always thinking of food.・

They both got up and headed back to eat some supper. The mystery of Mouse was far from being resolved. They still knew nothing about her, but they now knew just what she wanted, and that they could provide. If nothing else she would be an X-Man.

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* * * * * * * * * *

・Hey Sugah, could you hurry up? We have to get going, the Professor is expecting us soon.・ The tall red head said addressing her handsome companion.

・Relax Chere, If Gambit thought we gonna  be late, den he would be hurrying.・

・I bet you would. Come on we are almost there.・

The couple rounded the corner just in time to see a girl in a long black trench coat fighting off an evil looking gang.

・Der just be no vacation for de both of us, heh?・

・Come on Cajun we gotta help her.・

 ・Don・t worry chere, I get her, no damsel in distress not be saved by Gambit.・ And with that they   were off. 

To be continued.  In the Book of Talisman.