Jubilee: Vampire Slayer

Summery: Straight off the story board for all you Buffy lovers, Jubilee is
called as the new Vampire Slayer!

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Written By:
Brooke Dennison
Jason Barnett

~~~Sunnydale, CA.~~~
There were to many...Buffy Summers was quickly becoming overwhelmed as the
vampire army swarmed her...she just couldn・t do anything and never noticed
the vampire behind her that quickly snapped her neck....

~~~Westchester, NY~~~
Jubilee woke with a jerk. She felt like she just put her tongue in an
electrical socket...even after she swore she・d never do it after that 4
time...Looking around her room, she didn・t notice anything out of place and
slowly laid back down to sleep.

~~~Sunnydale, CA.~~~
Rupert Giles, former Watcher and protector of the slayer knelt by Buffy and
slowly picked up the dead girl. Only one thought was in his head......to find
the new slayer and protect her in the way he couldn・t do for his Buffy.

Jubilee moaned as she pushed herself out of bed. Sweat slid down her
forehead. That was the fifth time this week she had experienced that dream.
Why wouldn・t it go away?
Groaning as if in pain she pulled on a tight fitting pair of leopard print
pants, a black tank, and the black leather jacket Wolvy had gotten her for
her 15
th. The outfit she had worn the day before.
Jubilee looked at Paige to make sure she was sleeping heavily, then she
slipped out onto the roof. On a sudden impulse she ran, and jumped onto the
next roof. It was only a couple feet away.
Still she was amazed when instead of stopping a couple feet over the ledge
she flew at least 6 ft. over it. She looked around her strangely. Then she
shrugged and walked over the tree outside the Monet・s window.
Monet was still away on some mission with Everett, and the X-Men. Jubilee was
still peeved she hadn・t been invited along. After all, hadn・t she been with
the X-Men? Jubilee grimaced at how conceded that sounded. She had only
started telling those stories to annoy the others, she didn・t need to annoy
Anyway she had her own mission, and it was much more important than the
X-Men・s. Atleast she thought she did, she just couldn・t seem to figure out
what it was her heart was pushing her to.
Hitting the ground Jubilee took off in a sprint to the woods. Her hideout,
and her comfort. She had claimed them as her own almost as soon as she had
come to Gen X.
Suddenly a gut wrenching pain shot through her stomach. She didn・t cry out,
but bit her lip. She wasn・t alone anymore. Something evil was around her, and
she knew she was supposed to destroy it. Destiny called her...
Brooke Dennison

The Gen X crew were awaken when a very angry, Wolverine shouted out Jubilee・s
name. Sean and Emma were surprised to see the X-Men and were even more
surprised to discover Jubilee was missing. Both groups searched the grounds
but couldn・t find anything, nor could the telepaths.
"I knew we should have taken her along・. She was probably pissed that we
didn・t think she was good enough and went out on her own." declared Wolverine.
" Jubilee is not ready to be a X-Men, Logan. We can・t reward her just because
she used to be a member. Monet and Everett deserved to come along." Stated
Scott with nods from Xavier, Sean, and Emma.
" She saved my life when she was 13. She earned her spot." defended Wolverine.
At that moment, Jubilee walked in holding her side. Helping her was a middle
age man with brown hair and glasses. In his hand he carried a book and a
cross. Jubilee had a wooden stake in her hand and dust on her jack.
" These must be your guardians you were telling me about." stated the man.
" Yeah, that・s them. The one giving you the death stare is Wolverine. The
baldy is Xavier. The one dress like a Victoria・s secret model is my teach,
Miss Frost. The teddy bear Irish man is my other teacher, Mr. Cassidy." said
a war ridden Jubilee.
" Who are you, bub." demanded Wolverine as he unsheathed his claws.
The man seemed unfazed by the claws replied, " I・m Rupurt Giles. I・m
Jubilee・s Watcher."

~~~About Half an Hour Before~~~
Jubilee looked around, her eyesight was suddenly more acute. Everything
seemed brighter and more enhanced, especially the stars in the sky.
Suddenly something shifted behind Jubilee. Swiftly turning she jumped and
kicked a man across the abdomen with amazing precision. He flew back, as she
landed on the ground in a grasshopper position.
She stared at the man in shock. She had tried to do that move in the Danger
Room lots of times, but she had never been able to do it.
The man snarled, and suddenly his face became shriveled and ugly. Fangs slid
down his mouth.
"What the!", Jubilee explained.
Vampire, a small voice in the back of her mind whispered.
The creature flew towards her. Jubilee moved out of the way instinctively.
Her eyes narrowed in anger. The ache in her stomach was still there, but now
it wasn・t the pain. Just a small constant feeling. A warning signal.
"Catch, child!", a voice suddenly shouted.
Jubilee looked up to see a man wearing a very old looking cloths, and holding
a wooden stake in one hand. A cross was in his other.
Then the stake was flying through the air, and into her hands. The creature
flew at her again, and Jubilee knew what to do.
The hellbeast punched her abdomen, and Jubilee grabbed it by the arm.
Ignoring the pain in her midsection. Down he went, kneeling before her.
"Your kind she always kneel before the good of the light", she snarled in a
voice almost not her own. The stake slid from the back of her hand into a
stabbing grip naturally, and then right into the heart of the vampire.
Jubilee realized with shock that this is what the creature was. A vampire.
Suddenly it simply blew into dust. Nothing was left.
"Well, that was interesting", Jubilee remarked before turning to her
mysterious helper. "Thank you".
The man studied her.
"Excellent job, much better than Buffy・s first kill. You have obviously had
some training in some sort of defense, and much more natural talent", he
Jubilee shot him a weird look that said HUH all over.
The man chuckled. "Just as American, though," he remarked still chuckling.
Jubilee was becoming cross.
"I am Rupert Giles, and you my dear are the next vampire slayer. In every
generation a girl is born...," suddenly he needn・t be saying the words,
because Jubilee was hearing them in her mind. Rebounding off every corner.
You are the slayer, you are the protector. Born into this world to save
humanity from the unknown darkness around them. You are the only true one,
you are the only who can fight them. Pick up the stake, take up the
crusade... You are the Slayer reborn
Jubilee suddenly was snapped out of her thoughts. Rupert was staring at her
as if waiting for a response.
Jubilee made her way to some rocks, and sat down. She indicated him to do the
same thing.
"What do I have to do," she said her eyes meeting his.
Rupert cleared his throat and began to explain about the world of vampires,
demons, and apocalypses...and how she was to stop them.
"Her watcher?", Paige Guthrie remarked.
Jubilee grimaced slightly, then the pain was going away suddenly. It was
there anymore. She looked at Giles in suprise as she stood.
He nodded, and she realized that as the slayer her body had changed when
Buffy had died. If she was stronger and with inhumanly senses her body would
heal quicker too.
Then she looked at the X-Men to tell them only what they needed to know. This
was her crusade...
Brooke Dennison

"No way," replied Logan after Jubilee explain her new position
"I agree, lass. I dinna think this is a good idea," replied Sean.
" I can appreciate your concern, but I can assure you she has know choice.
The vampires will find her." explained Giles.
" Mr. Giles, you must understand our concern. I can sense your loss over
Buffy and I know you do not wish harm on Jubilee, but we cannot let Jubilee
go out on a dangerous mission on her own. She is not ready." stated Xavier.
" Just because you don・t think I・m ready, Chuck, doesn・t mean the cosmic
agree with you." Replied Jubilee harshly.
" Jubilee, That was..." started Scott.
" Look, " interrupted Jubilee, "This is my mission, not the X-Men. I admit
that I could use some training in killing vampires, but that doesn・t mean
that I sit around doing nothing. I have to stop them. If I don・t who will? "
Giles smiled, " I have never met any young girl with the determination of
Jubilee. I feel that she will make an excellent slayer."
" Finally," mumbled Jubilee, " someone who believes in me."

"Besides that" Giles said, taking off his glasses and rubbing his temples.
"You・ll find Jubilee・s powers are now gone...I・m not sure if their simply
adjusting to her new ・abilities・ or if one is over ridding the other.."
He trails off thinking things over his his head and then snaps back to
reality. "Yes, well there・s another problem we have to worry about...the
Watchers Counsel...they will find Jubilee and they wont give her a choice.
These are powerful people who・s reach extends far beyond what you can
"Ex-squeeze me...but I・m right here. And it・s my choice. You can・t force me
to stay" Jubilee said, hating the fact that they were acting like she wasn・t
even there.
Giles looked at the others, "I understand how difficult this must be for you,
I honestly do but just by loving her you wont protect her. She・ll have to be
able to protect herself and at the moment, none of you are qualified to see
she receives the training she needs. The vampires and demons and spells and
curses will come faster and faster until she・s dead and all of you with her
unless she knows how to stop them herself. I wouldn・t do anything but what・s
best for her."

Jubilee looked at the group. Then looked down at the floor thinking. When she
raised her eyes Emma knew the argument was over. Whenever her young pupil got
that look in her eyes then there was no was she was not going to do
" I love you guys all very much. And as much as I would love to stay I can・t.
This isn・t where I belong. Giles is right I no longer have my powers. Not to
mention what I have to do the X-Men have no stomach for. So at this moment
and this time, I resign from both Generation X and X-Men. " she said taking
the X communicator off and putting it on the table.
She then turned to Giles and said, " You said I got to go back to California,
Sunnydale right? Well, let me grab a bag of stuff and we・ll be off. " Jubilee
said going up the stairs.
In her room she looked around. She grabbed Logan・s cowboy hat and a couple of
pictures of her past life. She knew after today things would never be the
same. _ Time to get on the road. _ Jubilee thought heading down stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs Logan, Jean, Xavier, Scott, Emma, Sean, and
Generation X waited for her. She hugged Jean, Scott, and Xavier whispering
her good-byes and thankyou・s. Kissing Sean on the cheek and hugging Emma she
told them both how much she loved them and how much she would miss them. She
looked at Generation X.
Stepping in front of Everett and Monet she said, " I know I haven・t been the
greatest supporter of your relationship but I want you both just to be happy.
" she hugged them and then placed their hands in each others.
She looked at Paige, " Looks like yur gonna have yur own room hayseed. Don・t
forget me. " she whispered hugging her. " How do ah ferget mah sister? "
Paige said.
~ Jono, I・m gonna miss ya. Please take care of yerself. ~
"Hey Taco, be good to yurself. " she whispered to Angelo kissing his cheek
"You too Jubica, do get dead on me. " he whispered.
The turned to Logan handing his cowboy hat back, " I guess ya want this back
huh? " she asked. " Why darlen? I gave it to ya. You may think yur leaven our
lives but ya ain・t leaving mine. I・ll go back ta check on ya. I luv ya
Jubilation Lee. " he whispered hugging her and kissing her forehead. " I love
you too Logan Patch. " she whispered tears coming down her cheecks.

The plane ride to Sunnydale was uneventful. Giles spoke little, his mind
occupide with trying to figure out how he failed Buffy...and how not to do it
again when his thoughts were interupted.
"So what was she like?" Jubilee asked hesitantly.
"...brave. smart. strong willed and high spirited..... unselfish ..most of
the time at least" Giles said with a small smile.
"You cared about her a lot" Jubilee said, making it a statement, not a
"Yes. Yes I did."
Jubilee left him to his thoughts.


"I・m takin・ a leave a absence from the X-men," Logan declared.
"You are going after Jubilee?" Storm half-asked half-stated.
"Yep. Jubie・s nuts if she thinks she・s got the stomach fer this kinda thing."
"I・m sure you・ll do everything in your power to protect her, but you must let
her come into her own, Wolverine," Jean told him
"She did that when she saved me from the Reavers, did it again with Bastion."
"I・m sure it will be good for her to have a familiar face around, especially
when her powers reemerge."
"What makes ya so sure they will, Chuck?"
"The Scarlet Witch and Magik, both have or had supernatural abilities in
addition to mutant powers. They will probably come back when she has no other
choice to use them."
"Want me to get you some stakes for your trip, Logan?"
"Funny Cyke, yer actually gettin・ a sense a humor. These claws・ll do just
fine. I can behead the bloodsuckers or rip their hearts clean out."

~~~On the plane~~~
"Giles do ya think I・ll have time ta look up some old friends? I・m originally
from So-Cal."
Jason Barnett

"So how did she die?" Jubilee asked, turning to Giles. Giles swallowed a lump
in his throat.
"Vampires," he half-whispered, "It was supposed to be a routine stroll, when
one of them attacked her. She could have taken them by herself, but there
were too many..."
Jubilee sighed. This was going to be a lot harder than she expected, but with
a newbie Slayer like her dealing with a PACK of vampires.
"Will someone help me train besides you?" She asked hopefully, the thought of
new friends brightening her day. This also seemed to cheer up Giles.
"Why, yes, in fact, before she died, Buffy had a group of friends who
assisted her in her...nightly deeds. They all are about your age, if not a
little older, and while they have no special powers, they certainly are a
pleasant bunch, and I・ve grown fond of them all. I・ll also put you in contact
with an old friend of Buffy・s, a vampire named Angel."
Jubilee started." A vampire? Isn・t that-"
"-against every moral a Slayer has, I know, I・ve heard it all before, but
Angel is different. When a vampire is created, it・s human soul is replaced
with that of a demon. In Angel・s case, his soul was returned to him by a
gypsy, and he・s one of our greatest allies."
"Wonderful." Jubilee said, frowning.

Jubilee leaned back in her seat. They were passing by a lot of beautiful
scenery. "We・re going to be at the airport in about an hour," Giles informed
her. Jubilee nodded. While she knew she was going to miss the X-Men to
extreme amounts, she was immensely pleased of this time on her own. When she
had been first orphaned living on her own wasn・t exactly a snap, but she had
become very good at surviving. The X-Men treating her like she had no
experience wasn・t exactly heartwarming. And this time she had help...

~~Sunnydale, CA~~
Giles and Jubilee walked into his house to be met by Willow and Xander.
"Did I forget to lock up?" Giles asked as he saw them sitting on the couch
watching Scooby-Doo.
"No. You just hide the spare key in a very obvious place." Xander said not
even looking up.
"You really should be more careful. I, mean, really under the plant outside."
Willow said turning her head. When she saw Jubilee, She got up and tapped
Xander on the shoulder and said, "Hi, I・m Willow. And you are?" She held out
her hand to Jubilee.
Jubilee took her hand and shook it. "I・m Jubilee."
And Xander came strolling up and stepped in front of Willow and stuck his
hand out and said," And I・m Xander. You very willing love slave." He lifted
one eyebrow and kissed the back of her hand.
Jubilee looked at him and started laughing as did Willow and Giles even
chuckled a little. Xander stood up and just looked confused.

Giles rolled his eyes, "Forgive our impatient friend," he said to Jubilee,
"he tends to be a bit..."
"Horny?" Willow supplied helpfully. Xander gave her a hurt look.
"Me, h----? Whatever gave you that idea-WOW!" his eyes bugged out as Jubilee
removed her coat," Now I・m h----!" Willow slugged him playfully in the arm.
"You do have a girlfriend," she reminded him, and the doors suddenly slammed
shut upstairs, which followed a whiny voice, "Xanderrrrr!"
"Speaking of which," Willow grumbled, as a bouncing Anya jumped into Xander・s
arms, "Jubilee, this is Anya.
Anya, this is Jubilee, she・s the new Slayer." Anya looked Jubilee up and down.
"I feel the utmost sympathy for you," she said briskly. Jubilee frowned.
"Because being the Slayer sucks, but anyway, welcome to Sunnydale! Hope we
can be good friends!" Giles then cleared his throat and placed a hand on
Jubilee・s shoulder.
"Well, now that you・ve met the core of the gang, and Tara will be joining us
later, it is now time to begin your training. I・ve taken the liberty to call
Angel, and he should be arriving very soon-"
"Is this her?"
The gang whirled around to see a dark figure hanging on the wall, hidden in
the shadows. "Why are people keep popping up like this?", Jubilee thought,
irritated. This better not happen too often. Giles looked pleased, and
strolled over to the figure.
"Ah, Angel! So glad of you to come! And answering your question, this is
indeed the new Slayer. Jubilation Lee, meet Angel." Angel stepped into the
light, and Jubilee swallowed, a strange instinct popping up in her. Angel
smiled, wryly.
"She can feel the instinct to slay me, that・s good. I can assure you, Miss
Lee, I won・t harm you in any way. I・m one of the good guys."
Wow, Jubilee suddenly thought, looking him over, this man is gorgeous!
Feeling another impulse run throughout her, she quickly suppressed it. Logan,
she told herself, then felt something balk. Why did this vampire suddenly
stir up feelings for the man she had left at home...?

Angel noted the sudden flicker in the new Slayer・s eyes with interest, but it
had passed too quickly before he could determine what he had seen and instead
he gazed into cool, clear blue eyes that met his own gaze openly and without
Senses enhanced far beyond a human・s, his eyes could clearly make out her
distinct Asian features.
She was so small and petite that she seemed delicate, as fragile as a blossom
balancing on the edges of blooming fully and when he compared her to Buffy・s
own tough strength, he wondered on how the girl would measure up.
Yet, there was that same confidence, that same air of absolute sureness
around her that it reminded him badly of Buffy, causing a pang of pain to
pierce his aloof and cool armor. Most of all though that made him think that
she was worthy of being a Slayer were her eyes.
So clear and pure, too wide and blue that they reminded him of a child・s
eyes. But the person he saw that looked back at him made him suck in his
breath because her eyes mirrored the very image of his own eyes. They were
filled with a maturity beyond her years, wise and aged with things he could
only imagine to have created such a hard and aged look in them.
Then there was a fearless in them as well that made her appear that just one
false movement and he・d be facing off with something wild and uncontrollable,
something his instincts told warned him to be weary and careful with this one.
Jubilee・s unease grew as the vampire continued to appraise her silently. She
was having a hard time keeping up the cool and distant look that she wore,
but she felt that if she let that down for even an instant, he・d somehow be
able to look at her. Through her. As if she was an open book and the thought
was less than pleasant.
So instead, she let the vampire to his own thoughts and kept silent while
trying to ignore the itch of the strange feelings she was beginning to

"Jubilee is actually a mutant," Giles explained to the Scooby Gang or
Slayerettes depending on witch nickname you wanted to use. "She・s had a great
deal of training in the fighting arts. She has the special abilities of the
slayer. However their appearance has either removed her powers or forced them
into a remission state. That mean・s her first few patrols I want everyone
there. Willow I・d even like you to see if you might be able to find that
rocket launcher Buffy used once."

"You might want to let her know about all the weirdness," Xander suggested.
"The Hellmouth, the alternate universe, stuff like that."

Jubilee snorted. "Please I was a X-man, I・ve seen alternate universes up the

Jubilee glanced over Willow・s shoulder. "What・re ya doin・?"

"I・m talking with some people who can help with a few spells. I can cast a
few spells and right now I think my skills may be needed now more than

"Because ya・ve got a new slayer." Jubilee noticed something as Willow was in
the cha troom. "I know that screen name, heck I came up with it. Ms. Priss.
Tell her that Jubilee says Hi Monet, when did you become a magic user?"

Jason Barnett

After a few hours of getting to know the ・Scooby gang,・ Giles suggested that
they should go and patrol as that was the best time of night to go vampire
hunting. So, loading up with stakes and holy water, Giles, Xander, Angel,
Willow and their newest ・Scooby・ member left the library and walked the
darkened streets of Sunnydale, also known to demons and monsters, the


Jubilee looked around one of the various Sunnydale cemeteries with interest.
She looked over at Giles and asked him archly, "You have many cemeteries in
this town? Sheesh this must be what, number 8."

"Well, we, ah, do have a high death rate here."

Jubilee just raised her eyebrows at Giles in ・you don・t say・ kind of manner.

Suddenly Jubilee stilled in alertness her every sense screaming at her. Her
eyes shifted as she sensed the danger around her and a feral look came into
her eyes. A smile twitched her mouth and her body began to hum in excitement.

Angel felt the change in her immediately. Every sense of his screamed danger
as he felt the presence of the slayer. He watched the look of alertness slip
over her face, her muscles tighten and the dangerous smile that stretched
across her face. He almost gasped as he realized that she was enjoying

Before his very eyes he watched as she took several steps back and
disappeared into the night. He extended his vampire senses to feel what she
felt. He paused when he realized he felt a group of vampires behind them and
to the side. There was only 4 of them but a new slayer shouldn・t take on 4
vampires single handily.

Angel gestured at Giles and once he・d grabbed his attention he whispered to
him quietly. "She・s got good senses. There are 4 vampires behind us and she
just literally disappeared into the shadows. I think she・s gone to confront
them. We・d better help her out. As she・s just been called they・re going to
think she・s an easy target."

Giles nodded his head in agreement and once he・d got Willow and Xander・s
attention they followed Angel. They stopped and watched in astonishment the
scene in front of them. There stood Jubilee with the 4 vampires in front of

"Look guys it・s very simple. Your the bad guys, I・m the good guy and I・m
gonna have ta hurt ya now."

"I don・t think so slayer" one vampire snarled at her.

She shrugged her shoulder in a ・don・t say I didn・t warn you・ manner. Before
they could even begin an offensive Jubilee rolled towards them. Raising
herself partially on her hands she pivoted her whole body and kicked her feet
out taking 3 of them off her feet. She flipped backwards and grabbed the
wrist of the vampire that was still standing. She twisted until it snapped
and slammed her stake home.

She immediately ducked out of the way of the fist that came towards her. She
leapt and twisted her body fluidly and her foot connected soundly with the
jaw of the vampire behind her.

In quick motions she struck one of the other vampires in the jaw and the
stomach. One punch, harder than the others broke the vampire・s chest and
Jubilee ripped out his heart. He stood looking at the hole in his chest in
astonishment. He gazed up at Jubilee and watched as she viciously dug her
nails into his heart. He watched in fascination as the blood streamed down
her arm. She threw the heart at a tree and didn・t even stop to watch as it
was pierced by a tree branch.

The other two remaining vampires decided to rush her in a manner reminiscent
of a football scrum. But Jubilee saw them coming and balancing on the balls
of her feet flipped over them.

Xander watched in fascination as two stakes appeared in Jubilee・s hands and
she drove them through their backs. Two small popping noises were heard as
they turned to dust.

Jubilee literally bounced over to where Giles and the gang were standing.
"Well, teach, how・d I do?"

Silence was her answer as the Scooby gang just stared at her in amazement.

"Man that was amazing! I・ve never...just like Jackie Chan...that was..."
Xander just mumbled in amazement. *Man I・m in lust. That body, those moves.
She・s hot. *

Willow felt slightly frightened. This Jubilee was good. What would she need
her for.
Oh Buffy Willow sighed wistfully. Who else would understand her,
who else would she be able to eat ice cream with when she was depressed.

Giles was very impressed. "Good technique. She・s quick on her feet it・s
obvious she・s undergone some kind of training before. But then again, being a
mutant doesn・t lend itself to a secure lifestyle. Fluid follow through."

Angel watched her sadly. She reminded him of his Buffy in her manner. She was
cocky and being the slayer wasn・t going to bring her down・she was still
going to enjoy her life.

As if Jubilee could feel his eyes on her she smiled at him. Angel watched as
her happiness crept into her eyes as if they were lit from within. He was
surprised when Jubilee slipped an arm through his and grabbed Giles・ with the
other. "Okay. We・ve done our sacred duty stuff, saved the world. Where can we
get ice cream? I feel like......"


"...Double chocolate chip nut fudge with extra cookie crumbs on top!" Jubilee
said as she dragged them off out of the cemetery, leaving Willow and Xander
to follow.

"..That was Buffy・s favorite....." willow said in a hushed whisper.

"Would that consist of whipped cream that has the possibility of needing
licked off....?" Xander said before quickly following.


Monet stood before the assembled X-Men and GenX. "I・ve found a message board
that is frequented by one of the old slayers friends. We・ve talked and I
wanted to let you all know that Jubilee says she is fine, she has plenty of
help, wishes us well and assures me she will be visiting again."

"Dis you tell her Logan is coming?"

"No, Mrs. Summers, I thought she might like to be surprised."

Jason Barnett

THE END (for now!)