The Wolverine and Jubilee Storyboard

Looking forward she stared forlornly out the car window. Beside her sat Everett Thomas, her fiancee`. They were on their way from his parent's house in Maryland after having told about their engagement and were now headed to the mansion in New York to inform the X-Men. Strangely though, Jubilee wasn't looking forward to it much. She knew what they'd say. The females would "ooh" and "ahh" and the men would just give each other "I knew it would least he's one of our own" looks. Their marriage was expected. Having dated since their days in Gen X, Jubilee was now 23 and had been putting off Ev's repeated pleas to marry him. The problem was....she wasn't sure she loved him that way. He was great. Open and caring and loving..but there was just no passion.

They drove up to the mansion and Jean, Scott, Rogue, Remy, Storm and the Professor came out to meet them. She hadn't been home for months...and it felt good. She embraced Jean as Scott slapped Ev on the back after he spilled the news, not giving her a chance to say anything. The entire time Jean was watching her strangely and gently reached out to touch her mind and almost gasp with what she felt.

~He's in the back~ she said in Jube's mind. Jubilee looked at her greatfully knowing she was referring to Wolvie and headed to the back. As she drew closer she felt her heart speed up. It had been so long since she saw her bestfriend and had had more than one sleepless night wondering if he was all right. Standing in the doorway leading to the back yard, she watched him meditating. He truly was beautiful...strong yet in so many ways vulnerable. Licking her lips she cleared her throat to formally inform him of her presence.

Logan A.K.A. Wolverine had known she was at the mansion, smelled her before the car even pulled up. He knew her sent better than his own. He could sense her watching and he felt his body just naturally responding and was glad that his back was to her. She had turned into one hell of a gorgeous woman and he couldn't help but notice. How could any man not? He knew why she was here. He had been dreading it forever..dreading having to give her up. Lately his dreams had turned from the beautiful red head who haunted him for years...he had spent so long thinking he had lost his true love he didn't realize when it hit him time and time again in the form of a small bundle of energy named Jubilation. Now, things were to late, far, far to late. Everett was a boy deserving of, he corrected, no one was worthy of her but Ev was as close as he was likely to find. A large twig cracking jerked him back to reality and he looked up to see her profile against the brilliant sun making her look angelic.

" Hey darlen. " he smiled up at her as smiled down at him.

" Hey Logan. " he said sitting down next to him. She didn't hear then sharp breath he took in as she had said his name. She laid down on the grass and put her head in his lap.

" I need to talk to you. I know you probably already know or at least can guess, Ev asked me to marry him and I agreed. " Jubilee said.

" But... " Logan said looking down at her.

" But nothen. " she shrugged

"Angel, I know there's some then ya ain't tellen me. " he said absently stroked her hair.

" It's just... I guess I expected more... I don't know. Passion. I mean like you and Jean or Jean and Cyke or just something. I mean I know he would do anything for me. Not like it matters, all marriage turns into is being good friends that have sex. And don't call me that. " Jubilee said.

" What angel? Darlen I've called you that for three years now and fer three years ya been tellen my not to. Give it up. " he said with a laugh. " But as for the passion you should talk to Everett about it. Ya just might be surprised what ya get out of it. "


"I can't." Jubilee said nearly choking on the sob she was trying not to release Logan heard the sob but decided to

ignore it

"Can't what darlin', what can't you do?" "

I can't marry him Wolvie, I'm in love with someone else."

Logan knew instinctively who she was in love with, but again he ignored his heart "you'll break his heart Jubes, & he doesn't deserve that" Jubilee sighed deeply, closed her eyes & promptly fell asleep still laying on Wolverine's lap & that's where Jean found them 10 minutes later


Jean looked at the two. Though many had expected Jubilee to marry Everett, she had always thought she would marry Logan. She knew their love with unlike any other in the world. She envied it in many ways. There's was one of the greatest passion and the most delicate trust. The only thing more beautiful then it was that they relished it. Logan looked down at the woman that had been his for so long. His angel. He thought of how he had given her that name. They had been in Madripoor when he had been captured by Viper. Jubilee had busted threw of sky window. Viper had yelled " You! " and Jubilee being her normal smart ass self said, " What were you expecting an angel? " that's how he had giving her he name.

" I love you, Angel. " he said kissing his finger tips and then her lips.


"If you feel that way then how can you let her marry Everett."

"I want what's best for her Jeannie, you know that." Logan sighed, he was enjoying the moment, why'd Jean have to come along and spoil it. "You think her marrying someone she doesn't love is for the best?"

"It's none of our business Jean." Logan carefully picked Jubilee's head up from his lap and placed it on the ground so he wouldn't awaken her. "We're her friends, of course it's our business. Besides Logan, I know you two have strong feelings for each other." Jean hadn't meant to butt in, she just couldn't stay out of it any longer, Logan was being his usual stubborn self and she hated to see her friends suffering. "She has Everett and he has always treated her well, I don't want to get in the way." Logan replied as he and Jean moved away from the sleeping Jubilee.

" That's funny, you never seemed to mind getting in Scott's way, before we got married." Jean said with a soft smile. "In fact you still enjoy getting under Scott's skin, and you know it."

"That's different Red. Scott's got the personality of a wet dishrag, I'll never understand what you see in him." Logan said with a slight grin, he would never get tired of giving Scott a hard time.

"Logan, I have had to watch you and Jubilee suffer through so much pain in the last few years. You both deserve so much better. You deserve someone who will love you and be there for you always. You deserve to be together, it is what you both want. Everett is a nice boy, but he and Jubilee weren't meant to be. He will get over her one day. You know that, you are using him as an excuse to keep Jubilee away. Why? What are you afraid of?"

Polk Dot

"What am I afraid of?!! I'll tell you what, I am afraid of Jeannie, I am afraid by loving her I will lose everything. If I allowed myself to love her as she deserves; she becomes a target for every jerk that has a bean up their butt for me. I am afraid that I would come home one day, and find her shredded all over the house...Why because I was stupid enough to love her." Logan growled out through gritted teeth. Logan turned away from Jean as he finally admitted to his worst fears, fears that ate at him every time he saw Jubilee. Jean, I raised her as my daughter. She thinks of me as her father. How can I change that? I become a dirty old man. I can't put that kind of pressure on her. Hell, she's just a kid. What would she want with a dirty old man?"

"Maybe that's for me to decide Logan." Jubilee's voice was low and steady. "You raised me to be a fighter, and to rise to any challenge, so why couldn't you?" Jubilee walked to where she could see Logan's face in the setting sun. "I have loved you for more then half of my life, and it has never been the father daughter kind of love either. But I knew that you felt that way, so I made sure that I never let you know how I really felt about you. All I have ever wanted, was for you to see me as a woman,... but you never did. As for dealing with beans and jerks; well Bub, I hate to remind you but I was trained by the best. Besides, does any man that walks around proud of himself for being the best at what he does, have any real fear of not being able to keep up with a sassy young thing?" Jubilee asked, tongue in cheek.


Logan could not find word's, she Loved him all of this time? "Darlin, it would never work, I'm..." He lowered his head. "Every one I have ever loved have died, and every time it's been my fault, i could not live whit my self if something happened to you."

"Logan please listen to me..." Logan cut her off. "Why do you think that i left you when i lost my adamantium? Girl why do you think I have stayed away from you all that time after that? Why do you think that i was so quick to ship you back to the School after I saw that you could handle what happened during OZT?" Logan almost screamed. "I could not protect you! i never could, I was weak i had lost every thing except you, and as a wounded animal i knew that every one would try to take me out, and if you was whit me they would take advantage of that, i had to act as if I didn't care about you, i even started to hang around kitty for a time to get people to forget you so you would be safe."

"Please don't do this..." Jubilee tried to fight back the tears. "I didn't know that was why, for i time i thought you realy didn't... care..."

"I did every single moment I could be by your side smell you, see that you where safe was all that i wanted, only to run of leaving you looking after me for hours." Logan turned his back to her.

"After all that, you can still love me? I treated you like..." Jubilee ran out the room crying.

"Logan, was that necessary?" Jean yelled at him.

He shrugged. "She needed the truth, besides maybe she could get in to her head that she can't love me." Logan was trying to convince himself, but he loved her more then life itself, but it was not his life he was afraid of, but Jubilee's.


Jubilee got as far as the back door when she came to her senses. All of the sudden, the pieces fit. She had a new insight on Logan, but before she could act on it, she really needed to talk to Everett. Logan was right about one thing, Everett was one of the good guys. He didn't deserve this. It didn't take her long to find Everett. He was in the den with the rest of the X-males, watching a little Sunday afternoon football.

"Hey Ev can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Yeah, yeah sure Babe. Just give me a sec ok?"

Jubilee noticed that Ev never took his eyes off of the T.V. screen.

She glanced around the room and noticed Remy watching her with a strange expression on his face.

"Now Everett." Jubilee growled at him.

At the tone of her voice Everret's head jerked around. "Ok sure."

He followed her into the dining room. Jubilee shut the doors behind them as they entered. "Look Everett, I really don't know how to say this..." Jubilee hedged for a moment and then took a deep breath. "Ev, I think that you are a great guy. One of my closest friends, and I care about you, but... I, I can't marry you...I am in love with someone else."

Everett didn't say anything for the longest time. He stood so perfectly still that she wasn't sure that he heard everything that she said. "So... , have you told Logan?" He asked. That's when Jubilee thought she was going to have to pick her jaw up off of the floor.


" I'm in love Jubilee... not blind. I've always knew that you loved Logan. Just somewhere down the line I thought that you could love me more then you love Logan. " Everett said looking down at his feet.

" You know if I could tell my heart what to do I would tell it to love you. But I can't. And it doesn't know that I'm not suppose to be in love with Logan. " she said looking at him.

" Well, you better get changed. " Everett said.

" What do ya mean? " Jubilee asked.

" I mean you can't go down to Harry's in that. Logan mumbled something about going down for a beer earlier. Go on Jubilee. Go get the man you love. " Everett said.

" You'll be okay? " she knew this had to hurt him.

" Yeah. I'll be okay J. Go on. "

Jubilee stood outside the door gathering her self-courage. Looking down at her black Justin Roper boots, her tight Rockies, and the pink spaghetti strapped tank top she wore she knew that there was no way Logan was going to tell her no. She wasn't going to let him. Walking in she strolled straight to the Jukebox and place 50 cents in it. Choosing her favorite Garth Brooks song she then turned toward the corner booth that Logan sat in. As the song came on she stood next to him. " Honor me? " she whispered.

" Huh? " Logan asked looking up at her.

" I wanna dance with you. " she said holding out her hand. Taking it she led him to the center of the bar that was reserved for dancing. Putting her arms around his neck she drew him close. " Darlen... " he started.

" It's over between me and Ev. " she whispered.

" Still... " Logan tried again to talk till she put a finger on his lips. " Just breathe. " she whispered laying her head on his shoulder. Closing his eyes he gave into her. This was what was right this is how things were suppose to be. It would always and forever be him and Jubilee. He held her tightly in his arms as he listened to the Garth Brooks song.

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love.

When evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven・t made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I・ve known it from the moment that we met
There・s no doubt in my mind where you belong

I・d go hungry; I・d go black and blue
I・d go crawling down the avenue
There ain・t nothing・ that I wouldn・t do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on a rolling area
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain・t see nothin・ like me yet

There ain・t nothin・ that I wouldn・t do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
Make you happy make your dreams come true
To make you fell my love