Jubilee's Greatest Christmas Gift

by XMenNova

I don't own these wonderful characters. I just use them. Marvel don't know it, but I do. Hopefully they won't wanna get all mad and try to sue me. So how about this, you guys read it as often as you want, and hopefully we can enjoy it. Thanks!

The snow was gently falling in the Westchester area. The Christmas tree was decorated and had tons of presents underneath it. Like always Jubilee was sneaking around trying to see how many presents she had. She giggled when she saw a big one from Wolverine. Hmm... helmet... no! Got one. Parakeet? Nope, it would be dead. Clothes? Nope. He didn't like shopping for her clothes. She ran every single item she wanted through her head. Then she thought about it some more. Stuffed animals??? She shook her head no and just stared at it. Then she looked up through the window. The snow was at least three feet deep. The thoughts sent her back to Gen X. The winters with Monet, Paige, Jono, Ang, Sean, and Emma were so great. Not to mention, she would always pummel Angelo. But now she didn't have a clue where he was. Jono was with the X-Men. Sean was stabbed in the throat, Emma was with the X-Men, Paige and Monet were all with the X-Corps. Everyone seemed to be somewhere, except her. Sure, she was at the mansion only because Logan invited her, but she wanted everyone to be there.

Nightcrawler teleported behind her with two cups of cocoa in each hand and bag of marshmallows were held by his tail. She was silent. He felt as if he would interrupt her train of thought if he spoke. So for a while nothing was said. Jubilee staring out the window. Kurt behind her with cocoa and 'mallows.

"Frouline?" Kurt asked. Jubilee jumped as his voice. She turned and saw his sweet furry face with the cups of cocoa. She smiled and quickly ran over and hugged him. She loved Nightcrawler. He was like the best older friend she has ever had. Well, not including Wolverine. He was in a league of his own. "Ackt!" He winced as he almost spilled the drinks. "Do you v'ant to have some hot co--"

"OH I MISS THEM!" she blurted out through sobs. "I miss them. It's not the same without them. I mean Angelo and Monet... YEAH even Monet!" Her sobs shook Kurt's body. He gently set the cups down and hugged her back trying to comfort her.


That night, Jean and Scott made their rounds at the mansion. Just making sure the place was locked everyone was a sleep and to make sure no alien aircraft had landed and tried to take over the world. They hadn't had to do this in a while. But it wouldn't be unheard of if the place go attacked by something. Jean noticed Beast was in the med. lab. She walked over to the doors before the suddenly closed in front of her.

"Can't come in!" Beast exclaimed. "There are things in here not a person can see. Presents, ya know!"

"Fine Henry, just turn the lights out when you get done," Jean informed, "Good night and Merry Christmas."

"You too Jeannie."

Jean walked with Scott. He was always so stern at night. Way more then during the day. Soon they were finished and they, too, headed to bed. Jubilee laid in bed and heard them go into their room and close the door. She smiled, and quietly crept out of bed. She HAD to be the first to get a present, or at least just "peak" at one of her presents. She had just barely cracked the door when she saw Emma Frost propped up against the wall. Before she could close the door, she spoke. Not to her but to some one else.

"Hey, quiet! Jubilee's room is right here." She said in a stern but quiet voice. Jubilee thought they were bringing her huge present out. But then she saw figures coming out of Emma's room. The dim moon shown in the window and cast light onto the figures. They were masked people. She couldn't see who they were, but they were creeping in different rooms and coming out with things in their hands. She was going to protest, but Emma was about to spot her. Emma turned right around and practically faced Jubilee's door. She shut it gently and slipped back into bed.

"Frost is bad again!" Jubilee exclaimed silently to herself. "She has minions and they are stealing from us. I should tell someone. ANYONE! But it's Emma."

Suddenly, she felt very sleepy. She couldn't control it and she suddenly became so tired. She knew some kind of psychic was making her sleep. They could do that. The last thing she saw was her pillow.


Jubilee shot up from her bed. She looked around the room. She tried to remember what happened last night. She remembered Frost hiring minions, getting knocked out, and having a very weird dream involving Iceman and a scoop of Bubble Gum ice-cream. She laughed but then she was snatched back into reality. Frost might have sabotaged Christmas. She got up with stern look on her face.

"More importantly, she could have taken my presents!" She scowled.

She bolted downstairs and headed for the living room. Everyone was there. The most X-Men she has ever seen in one place. Storm and the X-treme X-Men were there as well were the X-Men stationed in Paris. Even Polaris and Havoc were there. But before she could say anything, Bobby threw her a present.

"Open this one," he cheered, " it's from me. You gotta love it!"


"Don't worry darlin', you can open the first present, no one minds," Wolverine chuckled as he drank some egg nog.


"Yes, Jubilation, you can open your next present," Emma said with an iciness to it, "it's from me." Emma got up and handed her a card in an envelop. When Emma approached her, she had an evil glare on her face. "I know what you saw! Tell anyone and I'll kill you!" Emma said mentally.

Jubilee complied and opened the envelope. The cover was blank, and she opened it. It read: "Surprise!" Jubilee looked up at Emma and the rest of the X-Men. They were all staring beyond Jubilee. She turned around only to be pummeled by her former Gen X friends. For a few moments Jubilee did not know what to do, but she laughed and cried all at once. The time seemed to stop as Jubilee was once reunited with her friends again. She knew that no matter what present she got this would be her favorite.