The Delphina Saga
Part One: The Creation

by Gkem

Authors notes:Since the dieas for just about every male in the X-men to be father was taken, I took Logan. I own Delphina, she is mine. I own the idea of Logan having a daughter. Except Marvel owns Logan, Remy, Scott, Professor Xavier, Rogue, Ororo, Bobby, Hank, and anyone else in the story that I mention, but didn't put here. Anyways, I've been meaning to write this some time. So knock yourselves out, meet Delphina. And see the only woman who never broke a sweat when sitting in the same room with Sabretooth.

I remember vividly seeing him. My father in China Towne, New York. I had been selling home-made rice bowls, and fooling the tourists into thinking I was Chinese, instead of Japanese, the golden hue of my flesh made it easier. But I could not hide my paternal scent, no matter how hard I tried. He turned to face me. He had found me, and I couldn't escape this time. He walked over to me, and leaned in. "Delphina, why do you run from me?" He demanded.

"Because you'll take me to him," I spat. My mother, before her death, had me to always evade my father, for he would take me his father, Sabretooth, who would surely kill me, but now it was time to find out the truth, whether I liked it or not. "Take you to who?" He asked. "Sabretooth," I whispered, my voice barely audible.

He had to restrain himself from laughing. "I want him dead as much as you do, Delphina. I can help you out, if you'd just trust me. Give you a place to stay, and a fwe warm meals," he said. "So basically what is your saying that I should trust you, and do whatever everyone tells me. Well, lemme tell you something. I made a promise to myself that I would never go down without a fight, and I intend to keep that promise,
Logan," I said harshly. "I'm saying nothing of the sort, what I'm saying is that you'd be safer with me than you would out here unprotected. You're more likely to be caught by Sabretooth out here than you are with me," he explained. I nodded, and finally, agreed to go with him.

As we were heading to his car, he asked in inevitable. "What does Sabretooth want with ya', darlin'?" He asked. "It's not me he wants, its my mother. Before her death, she worked on a project called Wovlerine. Right before her death, she gave all the information on everything. And she died, leaving me this," I said, lifting up my penent as we climbed into his Jeep. "I wrote down everything, typed it up, and have guarded it with my life ever since." We drove in silence for a while, and I could tell he was chewing over this information. "Do you know anything about what happened? With everything?" He asked. I nodded solomnly. "I'll let you read over the files when we get where ever we're going." I then lapsed into silence, chewing over my mother, my past. It had never been easy for me, after the deaths of everyone I loved, because of the possibility they might know something. My life had, ever since, been the pure essence of angst.

We came to a stop light as we came to Westchestor New York. And then Logan really looked at me. "Yer thin," he commented. "I haven't eaten properly in six years," I replied shortly. I could tell he was taken aback. "We can get Hank ta' take care o that," he replied. "So what are yer interests?" "Divination, magic, alchemy, herbology, potions, Black and White magic, all that stuff. And I do voices," I said, blushing heavily. "Voices? What do you mean?" He asked. "Oooh, zis ees a thereipy seesion, no intearuptions," I said in this rediculous Indian accent, I got a laugh out of my father. We pulled up a driveway on Greymalkin Avenue.

I was taken inside, and up to my room. "You can set up in here, I'll come and get ya' fer dinner darlin'." he said, and left. I did set up, tending to everything. I placed chemistry sets on tables, and herbs on book shelves along with volumes of the areas of my expertice. Powders went in a large medicine box, they held magic bases. I put my morders and pestals in a desk drawer. I went into my bathroom, and put infusion candles in there around the bathtub. I hung up images, and tended to what went in my mirror. Everything worked out well, and I changed into a pair of jeans, and white house coat that covered my upper body, I clasped it shut at the waist, the breast, and the neck, as there came a knock on my bedroom door. I put on my sandels, and went to the door, following him down to dinner.

I sat between my father and a young woman with brown hair, with a white streak down the center. "Delphina, this Professor Charles Xavier, Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Ororo Munroe, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake, Jubilee Lee. Everyone, this is my daughter, Delphina." Logan explained. "Aaah, so you finally find her, non?" Asked Remy. "Yeah, I did, Cajun," he growled. I decided to stay out of it. We had fried noodles, fried rice, chicken breast, and zuchini, my favorite. "So, p'tite, were did Logan here find you?" Remy asked. "China Towne, I was selling rice bowls at the time, and things went down hill from there." I said as I took a bite of fried noodles. I ate quickly, eager to bath, as I hadn't done so in quite some time. "Delphina, I would like to check you over before you do anything else tonight, just to make sure your okay," Hank said. I nodded.

After dinner, we went down into the basement, and I took a seat on the med-table. He checked me over, mumbling about mal-nutrition, and lack of love, but nothing that time couldn't cure. "Well, my dear Delphina, you have nothing time wouldn't cure, so you are safe for now, go and do what you desire, but I suggest that you shower before hand," he said. "Don't worry, I fully intend on bathing for a good long hour." I said as I got up to leave to my rooms. "Oh, wait, what's this?" He asked. "Come here Delphina." I turned and walked back across the room. "Your lungs, their. . . Your breathe pattern is remarkable, not like your father's, nor your mother's as far as I'm concerned." He said to me. "Yes, I know about that," I explained in a matter of fact voice. "you see, I work with herbs, creating potions, and mixtures for healing, and breathing all of the roots and herbs, and liquids tends to have an effect on the healers body." With that I left, leaving him to figure it out.

I sprinted up to my bedroom, and quickly went in and stripped down to my bare flesh. I turned on the hot water as I went to light the candles that I had been waiting so long to use. I put some rosemary bubblebath in the water, and lavender oil for medicinal purposes. I sank in the heat, softly the Koto played on my CD player in the background. I lay there for auite some time before I began washing my tender flesh. When I had finished washing my hair, and got out, and went to dress my newly refreshed body.

I went to my stocks, and thought for a moment. There came knock on my door a moment later, and I called for an enterance to them. Jubilee entered, and watched me for a moment. "What's all this stuff?" She asked, walking up next to me. "Huh? Oh, just herbs, I'm a healer, you see. I deal with potions, herbs. No drugs though, do nothing but destroy your body," I explained as took down a salve, and opened the container. "Mmmm, running low on Bee's Embrace," I muttered solomnly under my breath. I snapped out of it and Jubilee and I spoke for some time, she left me to go and attempt to get some land from someone for my herbs. I would have to plant when the spring came if I expected to get through the winter on the few herbs I would have by then. I silently walked downstairs, and seated myself on the couch next to my father. "Hullo darlin', anything ya' need?" He asked. "Yes, springs coming, and by winter I'll be low on herbs, Rosemary, Lavender, etc. I'll need about a 20 feet in a square for my herbs, something secluded, where no one would think to find, cut off from civilisation," I requested, knowing it was a long shot. "Yes, I'll see what I can do." My father said. "When will you need it?" "This spring, on the first warm day, I have everything I'll need except the land, which is vital for planting." I explained in my 'voice of logic' tone.

That night, I slid out from under the sheets, and went to my balcony doors that overlooked the backyard. The silver light shone down onto hte serene earth. I breathed deeply, and looked solomnly up at it. And then it hit me, light at first, then harder, a vision: A human, pale skin, shrunken eyes, and a hunters cloak. A blade carressing the ground, and blood. I snapped from it with a shattering scream, and fell back against a wall. A moment later, my door opened, and Ororo, Logan, Remy, and Scott came in. I stood there, breathing deeply. "What's wrong Delphina?" Asked Ororo. "N-nothing that concerns you," I gasped, and then for my bathroom, looking door behind me.

I looked at myself har din the mirror. 'No, this can't be happening again. It's been nine years. It couldn't be Messenger again. But then again, how did I ever know that it was Messenger? I just knew, but still. . . Those visions. Okay, so what if it was Messenger, and he, or she, needs my help. Or I do need their help? I don't know. But why have I been chosen. I mean, I could've been a happy kid. But now. . . This? I'm not fit for the Hunt. Demons aren't my thing. But then again, the Dark Arts have always facinated me. Okay, seriously, what if it was Messenger. I have a feeling that whoever it was, they either are, or was in England. I don't know where they could be now.' I thought. As I thought, I stared hard at myself. I fianlly turned away, and unlocked my door. Remy stood in the corner, and Logan leaned against the wall near my bed. I walked silently past them, and slid under the sheets. Only Remy remained in the morning. "P'tite, what went on in here las' night?" He asked, his sweet southern voice reminded me blissfully of when I spent my birthday, I was born on Fat Tuesday, in New Orleans, Mardi Gras. It was incredible and I loved it, and he was a deffinent blissful asset to my life.

"Nothing, Remy. I just-. Nothing," I said, and then went to get my clothes and take a shower. I walked into the bathroom, and stripped off my clothes, and turned up the hot water to a max, and slid under the hot water. It felt blissful against my bare skin. I changed my clothes into the soft worn suede leather pants, lamb's skin. And a matching top, suede leather, no sleaves. With a leather strips coming down and falling over my breasts. I zipped it up, but let the clasp hang open, my push-up bra doing its job. I blow dried my hair, and pulled it up in a pony tail high on my head, and put a pair of matching boots on, with three inch heels, how I adore them.

I walked out of my room, leaving Remy to stare at me. I waltzed into the kitchen, and prepared my breakfast. Bobby came in a moment later, whistling loudly. I laughed light-heartedly, and my father came in a moment later. "You start school in one hour, get yer things together," said Father. "No, I start work in one hour. Not school. I have the legal ability to uphold a job. I work as a swim instructor down at the community center." I said. "You wanna see the papers?" I got the papers, then my breakfast and ate while my father read over them, pacing back and forth behind me while I upheld a heated debate about GI Joe. You gotta love the show.

"Fine, go to work," he said gruffly as he gave me back the papers. I thank him, and went ot pack my pool bag. I had to decide between two bathing suits, and I decided on the black bikini, it did the job. I put everything into my pool bag and I left with Rogue ten minutes later. She drove my to the pool, and dropped me off, promising to be back at five. When I got off work.

I walked into the building, and was confronted by the severe scent of clorene. Joy. I was suprised that my own black hair had yet to turn green. I walked over to the desk, and showed the security guard my pass, and moved on to the female staff changing room. I stripped out of the leather, and put it safely, wrapped in a towel, in my dry bag in a dry locker, and dressed into the not-very-concealing bikini. I pulled my hair up in a tight bun. I wrapped a bandana tightly over my hair, making sure that it couldn't come undone. And padded out to the pool.

There was still an hour before opening time, and some of my pals were hanging around talking. I dropped my stuff next to them, and went to see what classes I had today. Walking back, and put my towel out, and sat down on it, doing some streches before I hit the water. "Jared, you have BFH today," I commented with a mischeivious glint in my eyes. The BFH stood for the brats from hell. They were this group of five years olds from a really upscale neighborhood who thought they own the world. I loved watching my teamates suffer with them, and vice versa.

After I streched, I got up, and walked over to the pools edge, I took a step back, and dove head long into the pool, I swam rapid laps, never really stopping until nine wen my first class came in. I was brething heavily and hanging off the side of the pool. I watch as the BFH came in. One of them stopped by me as I tried to catch my breathe. "So, you moved into our neighborhood? You live over at that house with all those weirdos," he said. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in. I treading water and threatened him heavily. "I moved inta' that house because my father, Logan, you know, the hunter with the adamantium claws, lives there. And if you don't apologise and stop acting like you own everyone and everything, so help me, I will drown you right here," I growled. He nodded, and apologised with extreme sincerity before I let him go.

My own little angels came and jumped into the pool and I taught them a certain stroke, and let them knock them selves out over the rest of the period. They left, and so on and so forth throughout the day, before half an hour before five in which I took advantage, and pulled my battered and beaten body from the pool. I went and showered in the center's facilities before dressing and going out. Rogue soon came and we left for the mansion. When we got there, I blow dried my hair, and brushed it out, and let it hang at my shoulders.

For dinner we had fried chicken and French fries. What miraculous food. I ate as much as I coudl without throwing up, and then I left for my room, more pressing matters needed to be tended too. I got up there, and quickly stripped down and changed into a black robe that only covered what needed to be covered, and I set to the grueling task of crushing Forest Bone, a special type of wood harder than ebony, but held special principals that enabled the user to bring down the swellings of the flesh, if any. All forms.

I lit a small fire, and placed the Forest Bone, now crushed to a fine powder, over the flame, and then I added some rosemary, and set it to simmer. Everything was perfect. I meditated for a while, and then went to check on my potion. It was perfect, I bottled the rare potion for further use, and then went to bed. Knowing that I could sleep in without worry about work the following morning. Yawning, I climbed into the warm bed, and snuggled down, concealing my entire body beneath the blankets. I soon fell into a dreamless and deep sleep.

When I awoke the following morning, it was early, so I went change into my swim suit, and padded down to the pool. Without hestation, I dove headlong into the water, not caring what happened, but lived in the moment. I don't know exactly what happened after that, but all I remember is swimming one second, and getting knocked out the next. . .

I awoke, gasping for air, and looking around a cold dark room. The only comforts were the blanket wrapped around me, and the glass of water at my feet. I badly needed a change of clothes and a shower. I heard the door open. My sharp sense of smell kicking in. He growled as he watched me. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?!?!?" I demanded, obviously startling him. "I want the information on the Project: Wolverine." He growled, his tone serious. "First of all, I'm not saying anything until I can get a shower and a change of clothes, then we'll talk. Oh, and you'll get no where with me if you keep me down here," I explained in a calm, logic tone of voice. I used to be called the Voice of Reason; something I always got a kick out of.

"Fine," he said, and grabbed my arm, and pulled me to a bathroom. I stripped of my bathing suit, and quickly washed myself down, my hair included. U washed my bathing suit in the sink, and dried it off as best I could before using it for underwear. He returned with the clothes, and I pulled on a large shirt. I walked out, and he dragged me to another room. With me screaming about how I could walk, but he silenced me with a growl which, to be frank, scared the hell outta me.

"Now, talk, girl," he growled.

"Name's Delphina, call me that, not 'girl'," I requested. "And you should be more polite," I was always like this when I was scared or nervous. I amused myself momentarily with the thought of Beauty and the Beast, but pushed the idea away and got down to business. "Okay, I'm doing this from memory, so work with me baby," I said and started. "Okay, my mother work on Project Wolverine. The Wolverine kill her, after getting her pregant one way or another, I think it was an implant into my mother to create me. In her last dying words she told me what had happened. She also told me never to tell you. But since this is life or death, I will. Wolverine, or Logan, has an uncharted healing ability, as we all know." I paused before continuing. "He was put into this program by you. But he had his memory erased, because of you. What the connection is, I do not know. Anyway, it destroyed Logan. It broke him in, yet made him stronger. He doesn't know anything about his past, or even himself before hand, and it scares him, so this is how he acts." I said. "Can I get a glass of water?" He nodded, and went to get it. He had just returned. "So what is the connection between you two?" I asked. "I'm his father," he replied, sitting down again. A moment later, the door slammed open, and my father, Scott and Remy came in. I got up and threw myself in front of Sabretooth.

"NO!" My father looked at me, a moment after the familiar SKINT of his claws shot out and made the initial move towards him.

"Why not?!" He demanded.

"It's pointless, I mean he'll always come back to fight you, wait 'til I'm not around at least," I requested, my mutant abilities starting to do their job. I have this light things that move along my arms, and when I will them to do what I wish, they will blow what ever is in their path up, into oblivion.

My father stared at me in amazement, and grabbed me up, and ran off. Sabretooth relized a moment too late that I wasn't exactly giving him the information that he wanted, so I now had an enemy. We got back to the mansion, I went to put on some real under wear, and a pair of jeans, I still wore the shirt, which bothered everyone to no end, but I really didn't care.

* * *

I paced outside of the Professor's door with Jubilee. The two of us not really looking at eachother. Finally the door opened, and the Professor and my father came out. We both stopped pacing in unison. "Delphina, your going to the Academy in Massachussets. You'll leave at lunch tomorrow, so go and pack your things," he said kindly, and I went off to face a new life.


Note: I'll write this in a series as much as I can. Seeya'! ;)