Edge of the River Crossing: Epilogue

by Gables

Disclaimer/ Author's Note: Ok, lets see, first thing, this is an AU story. That said, I'm making Jubilee early twenties. Out of Gen X, and either just out of college, or will be soon. It doesn't really make a difference in the story, I'm just sick of her being perpetually13. Normal disclaimers apply, the X-men and the mansion they live in belong to Marvel. I made up Kent, so I can claim him. 10:30 am 2/13/01


Epilogue Three days later


Wolverine entered Professor Xavier's office. "Yeah, Chuck?"

"How is Jubilee?"

"Better. That book he gave her helped."

"Mr. Alford knew what was going to happen that day." Stated the Professor. He steepled his fingers and looked across the room in thought.

"Yep." Wolverine pulled out a cigar as he sat down. He rolled it between his fingers when the professor spoke again.

"He also destroyed most of the technology that he carried with him, His computer had a small device in that that melted the chipboard ten minutes after it was removed from his coat."

"What else was in that coat of his?"

"I hesitate to guess. All gadgets were electronic and they all self destructed in a similar manor when the computer did. We could not find anything that would have caused him to jump universes either. Jubilation has his cigarette case and lighter. She claims that he had a black book in his native language, but we cannot find it. He must have destroyed it before leaving. Many questions will be left unanswered."

Wolverine snorted. "He certainly went to extremes to keep you from learning anything."

From his desk, the professor picked up the stun gun that Kent had used in the battle. "We did recover this gun. We might be able to study it and make more of these temporary paralysis defense guns." He set down the gun again.

Wolverine snorted again. "What else?"

The professor pushed a button and a holographic image of the boy that Kent and Jubilee had saved appeared. Wolverine pointed at it with his cigar. "That Linor's kid?"

The professor shook his head. Wolverine raised his eyebrow in surprise.

"Melody Linor's part in this confrontation was the spark. But she is not connected to this boy. His name is Fredrick Spackman. He is not a mutant, nor does he have mutant parents."

"Then what's so special about him?"

The professor picked up the other object on his desk, the black book that Kent left for Jubilee.

"On the last page he writes 'Fredrick Spackman: Fredrick, German for peace ruler, Spackman, Middle English name for advocate. Watch him grow.'" The Xavier looked up at Logan. "Kent must have recognized him, because I was suddenly aware of his mind, moments after he saw the boy. He partially turned off his mental shield. He opened up his memories involving this boy. In the universes that Kent visited, Fredrick is a superb leader, bringing fair and justice to any conflict, from his interoffice bureaucracy to international politics."

"So what makes you so sure that'll happen here?"

"Fredrick always has a key catalyst memory that sets him on his crusade. I believe that the attack on his school will be that memory. I want you and Jubilee to watch him, and teach him when he asks for it."

Wolverine's eyebrows jerked up in surprise. "Me?"

"The boy does not have a father, and his mother needs help. I'm not asking much Logan, just to be there to teach him when he is ready."

"Ya should ask Cyke, he'd make the better father figure."

"Logan, the boy needs a teacher, not a substitute father."

"What about Jubes?"

Professor Xavier sighed. "If Kent is correct, then in the eye of the universe, she owes him nothing. However, she does not see it like that. She feels responsible to watch over the boy who Kent died to protect."

"That ain't exactly how it happened. She was protectin' the boy first."

"Jubilation does not think of it like that."

Wolverine snorted and reached for the book. He flipped though a few pages glancing over some of the words written there. He looked up at the Professor. "Certainly knew her." The professor stayed silent. "Ya really think that this kid's the future?"

"All children are, Logan."

Wolverine snorted again. "So what do I do now?"

Professor Xavier smiled, "Spend time with Jubilee."

"Does that mean I have your permission...?"

"Yes Logan, but don't stay away for too long. You two have a new responsibility now"

Wolverine stood up and pocketed the cigar again. He grinned at the professor. "See ya around, Chuck."

Wolverine climbed the stairs to his room and packed a small bag. Then he knocked on Jubilee's door. "Get up Jubes, we're going on a road trip." Then he headed down to the garage. Jubilee had her bag packed and was in the garage in ten minutes. Wolverine already had the jeep loaded with some camping gear and some food.

Jubilee threw her bag in the back and swung into the passenger seat. "This is tres cool, Wolvie. Just what I need."

Wolverine handed Jubilee the black book from Kent. "I know, Darlin'."

He started the jeep and the drove off. In his office Professor Xavier smiled when he felt Jubilee's sprits lift. He turned back to look at the hologram of Fredrick Spakeman. From the boy he felt so much anger and fear at the world. Speaking to nobody, Professor X answered Logan's question out loud, "The future is still uncertain, Logan, but Kent showed me that only you, Logan, and Jubilee, can teach him to not give into his fears. Helping him could mean helping us all."


The End

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