Future Will Tell

by Mica 

Disclaimer: Character's are Marvel's, not suing please! Thanks go to Ascian for beta-reading this for me and making it good. Feedback is more than welcome! [email protected]

Dear Diary,

I've done some really crazy things today, and now... there's a man in my life!

Ack, that sentence doesn't sound right. Jubilee, Jubilee ... how many times do you have to tell yourself??? Start. At. The. Beginning.

So, like, I found this all wounded guy. He was crucified... ok, not crucified, but 'Xfied'. Not a nice view at all, and I've seen some nasty things these last weeks... ok, this entire time has been weird and confusing. But I've already written about that, haven't I, Diary?

Anyway, I never thought this kind of punishment still existed-- only nut jobs could do that to a person. Well, 'nuts' definitely fits these men. They were, like, half-machines, you know? And they were torturing this guy. Bad, really *bad* - but, this guy (Note to self: ask his name) was not begging for mercy or anything. I know *I* would be giving them hell... no, I'd be pretty *dead* if I was in that situation. I wonder if this guy is a mutant... like me. There's no other explanation for him not crying in pain, unless he's some sort of trained soldier... I hope he isn't, I don't like soldiers.

So, well, I'm watching these techno-men --'cause I was hidden-- hurt this guy and, like, I wanted to stop it but couldn't. I mean, I'm just a girl and these were big, bad men ... and there were a lot of them! Not a fair fight.

I waited hoping the guy wouldn't die, until these men left the place (btw this is NOT the way I imagined Australia! There are no kangaroos or koalas here, just half-dead men hanging around. I want a refund from that strange portal-man. Ok, bad humor --I'm shutting up now.) no doubt thinking the guy... uh wait he's stirring...

Back. Everything is ok. Well, as ok as a tortured man can be. He's having a nightmare or something, God, with this he'll have enough nightmare material for a lifetime! I feel sorry for the guy, I wanna help him but I'm afraid that if I continue touching him I'll only make it hurt worse. But, uh.. where was I? Let me check.

Ok, so these men left, leaving the guy for dead. That's when I made my move and approached him. And God did he look bad! I couldn't hear his breathing, his head was hanging and his eyes were closed. For a moment I thought it was too late. I remember looking around for help... Useless, since there wasn't anyone. I'm , like, trying to decide what to do when surprise of surprises this guy talks to me! I mean, wow! He's alive after all! I can't recall what he said--I was too shocked and his voice was low and gruffy.

Guessing --I'm so smart-- that he was asking for help, I untied him and carried him here as best as I