Of Infinity and Chaos: Parts 4-5

by Parodys

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Italics indicates private thoughts

*telepathic speech*

[foriegn language]

Interlude (about four days after Jubilee's arrival)

Just once, Sean thought desperately, I would like to come back from a business trip and not have a crisis waiting for me. Earlier that day Sean had arrived to find chaos at the Academy with Jubilee's return. Enthused as he was to see her, he had spent the better part of the rest of the day arguing with Emma. Well, discussing in extremely loud voices, and with Banshee's ability sometimes that could be very loud.

"Sean, she asked us!"

"I understand that she doesn't want them to know, but don't you think that they have a right?"

"Any rights X-men had were lost when they declared her dead. Is it any wonder that she doesn't want them to know? You know what will happen if she goes back to them."

"Are ye more worried about her well bein' or losing the lass again? Ya need to think about what's in her best interest."

"I will not stand by and watch them poke and prod her and doubt her validity for months while they try to prove she is who she says she is. We already did the tests, DNA and mental, and she is Jubilation Lee."

"I dinnae say that I doubted her. I just question whether we shouldn't tell the X-men like she wanted."

"Sean, after all she has been through don't you think we owe her that much? I am sure that within a few weeks she'll want to reveal herself to them. She contacted Logan first off and I am sure that he will talk her into it."

"What about the team? What do they think about it?"

"You and I both know that Gen X will protect her at all costs. Let's say we do tell the X-men of her presence, don't you think that they will hide her away? I've talked to the kids Sean. They feel that the X-men have no claim on her and I agree. I'm afraid if we push this, we'll lose her for good."

Sean sat down on the leather chair, slumping down into it as he gave up. "Fine, we'll do it your way for awhile." Staring sulkily out the window he stared out at the perfect day. "By the way, has she planned on joining any of the classes or training sessions?"

Emma nodded. " She has rejoined the training sessions, in fact she is in one now. As for classes, I think she is trying to get settled in before attempting anything." Motioning for Sean to follow her, she led the way to the underground complex where a new Danger Room had been installed the year before. Up in the control room, both teachers were able to look down onto the exercise, a jungle setting.

The rules were simple, take everyone out and be the only one left. So far, only Paige had been taken out due to a swift and painful hit before she had time to shed into something more protective. Emma searched the growth for Jubilee and finally was able to spot her due to her uniform glinting between the green of the leaves. She watched as Jubilee did a flip in the air and hit Monet with a intense blast of energy. M staggered back as it struck her and then punched the asian girl, sending the fight back into the undergrowth, beyond Emma's vision.

Half an hour later, Jono was declared a winner and the five headed off in different directions. Jubilee walked off, wanting to be alone and decided to go for a run in the woods. Although she was tired, she needed to think. She changed and starting off slow, she built up her pace to where she was almost sprinting down the track.

One of the main things she hated was lying, and that was what she felt like. Pounding her feet on the dirt, each beat the word "Liar" in to her brain. In the training session she had held back, afraid to let her powers mutate into the strength she knew it was able to. Hell, I didn't even transform because I was too afraid too. Four years of harsh reality had ingrained in her the need to keep herself from getting hurt. Opening herself up to where she would be vulnerable was too hard for her right now, even to the people she thought of as family. People were still treating her weird, the last thing she needed was another barrier between them. Sighing, she picked up the pace trying to push herself beyond the point of endurance. Later, I'll tell them later. Right now I'll just try really hard to fit in. I'm just glad to be back.


Part 4

They were hunting her. She could hear them breathing, heavy and wet as they tracked her. Running endlessly through these cold, dark tunnels, feeling the cold air burning her lungs as she sucked in each mouthful. Turns upon turns until she was hopelessly lost but she knew they were going to find her. She was weak, defenseless, and trapped. Her finally being at home? A fantasy, brought on by too many days of starvation and wishful thinking. For once in my life I'd like a power that's useful. I'd give anything for claws or to fly right now. Sweat poured from her body, trickling ice-cold down her back. She paused for a second, listening for the footsteps, trying to pinpoint the exact direction they were coming from.

In an instant she was awake, in her bed at the Academy with the soft morning light filtering in through the curtins. But in the moment she knew it was just a dream, she also knew that someone was in the room, trying to be extremely quiet. Taking a minute to pinpoint the intruder's exact location, she slowly wrapped her fingers around a deadly looking knife she had gotten the first few days she was back. Pivoting on her hands, she whirled around and delivered a two legged kick to the person in the gut. Within seconds she had them pinned to the floor and was straddling their back, the knife digging lightly into their spine.

"^Hack^ Um....Jubes if ya don't mind." Paige had come in to wake Jubilee, when she found herself on face down on the floor with her face being smashed against the carpet. "Ow.." she wriggled her body a little trying to get into a semi-more comfortable position, without succeeding.

"Sure thing Paige. Sorry bout that." Jubilee stood up, releasing Paige. Walking over to the bed she sat down, her oversized Garfield nightgown making her look much younger than her seventeen years.

"Still not a morning person?" Raising an eyebrow Paige got up wondering how many bruises she would have to show for this adventure later on that day.

"Why? Ya losing yout edge Hayseed?"

Flipping her hair over her shoulder, Paige sniffed."Hardly, I just came in to wake you up for the shopping trip today. We're burning daylight here!"

Looking over her shoulder at the barely dawned sun Jubilee replied, "Yeah, all twenty minutes of it."

"Sales wait for no one. Now come on and get dressed." Pushing Jubilee towards her closet, she waited impatiently as Jubilee rummaged through her wardrobe. The closet was filled with some of her old clothes (the ones she couldn't bear to part with like her old yellow trenchcoat) and borrowed shirts and pants from Angelo's and Jono's closet. The boy's clothes had been the only things to fit her since she got back, with the female members of the house being too curved, tall or robust to have anything to fit Jubilee.

One of the main reasons for the shopping expedition was that the boys, patient for two weeks, had finally put their foot down and demanded that Jubilee get some clothes of her own, because as of 8pm the night before, they only had two clean shirts and one wearable pants between them. Slipping on a pair of baggy shorts and a purple top, Jubilee grinned at Paige who was tapping her foot.

"Ready, Mom."

"Whatever, you'll thank me later for this.Come on!" Paige herded Jubilee towards the door. Laughing Jubilee skidded to a stop as a Paige halted in the hallway.

"What now?"

"We need to stop by Miss Frost's office to get some money for all of this."

"No worries. Check it out." Pulling a glittering silver card from her pocket, Jubilee waved it at Paige. "Platinum card a la Frosty. She said not to worry and to have fun."

"Oh wow. No limit." Paige's eyes gleamed as she looked at the card. "Yummy."

"Now we're ready to shop. Lets go grab M, the jeep and head on out of here." And laughing the girls headed downstairs to find M and begin a day of fun in the greatest place on Earth, the shopping mall.


Giggling rather hysterically, the three girls collapsed in a heap of bags and sore feet at one of the many cafes in the mall. Surrounding them on the floor and piled on the table were boxes and bags of every size and shape imaginable. M, who had been designated to carry the heavier stuff because of her super strength and all, sipped at her diet soda while she contemplated the rest of what they had to do.

Practically inhaling her burger, Jubilee looked critically at the hastily drawn up shopping list. Anyone looking over her shoulder would have seen a neatly writtne up list (courtesy of Paige) that pretty much entailed anything Jubilee would ever need either now or ten years in the future. In the space of five hours almost every outfit imaginable was tried on, discarded, and then reassemble to something the three approved of. The older girls had pleaded, cojoled and bullied Jubilee into a formal wear dress shop. They had decided on four different dresses; a short black silk, a dark blue satin that looked as if she had been poured in it, a long elegant jade ballgown, and a tight red dress that made Jubilee turn a beet red when she walked outside the dressing room.

Crossing off items on the list, Jubilee had managed to get almost everything that she needed. "Well, looks like we've only got shoes, accesories and ...what the? Jewelery? Paige you added this didn't you?"

Looking only slightly guilty Paige returned the girl's glare."Every woman needs some jewelery. We're not going to get you diamond tiaras and emerald necklaces...just some stuff to wear if you're going out. Or whatever..." she smiled slightly at M who managed to hide a grin by taking a large sip of her mineral water.

Jubilee's eyes narrowed as she saw the exchange between the two girls. "What's up? Somethings going on and I want you to spill, now!"

"Absolutely nothing, Jubilee. We were simply thinking ahead for when you go out on a date or some such occasion."

Not sure whether to press the subject or accept the rather lame excuse, Jubilee finally decided to forget about it and dove into the rest of her food. For the next few minutes they ate in contended silence, listening to the latest songs play over the mall soundsytem. Dipping one fry into a puddle of ketchup Jubilee raised an eyebrow inquiringly at Paige who was nervously stirring her drink.

"Something on your mind, Paige?"

"Well yeah, you don't have to tell me anything but I wanted to know what it was like for you. I mean you were gone for over four years and I know that it was hard but ya never talk about it. I just want to know what happened to ya."

Sighing, Jubilee toyed with her straw. "That's because Frosty doesn't know all that much to begin with. Basically it was like being stuck in your worst nightmare except you don't wake up in the morning. We fought to survive and if we stopped even for a second we'd be dead. You don't want to know what it was like."

"I am so sorry, Jubes. I... I never knew."

"S'okay. It's all over now and that's all that matters." Jubilee's once happy grin faded into a dark silence as each girl struggled to find something to say.

Silently cursing Paige for her bluntness, M mentally debated whether or not to use her powers to give Jubilee a little push to help her get over the pain. Sighing, M finally decided on the less subtle approach of knocking over the half full pitcher of diet soda. "Oops. Sorry." In the rush of trying to avoid the wave of coke, the moment passed, although it left both Paige and Jubilee dripping and more than a little peeved at M.

Several soggy napkins later, the call "Shoes Ho!" was given and the girls preceeded to spend the next six or seven hours dealing with the earth shattering conflicts of buying footware and earrings.



-The Academy 's roof above the dorm, midnight-

A cool breeze drifted over the treetops, silently winding it's way across the building and past the girl laying up on the roof. Jubilee lay gazing up at the intense blackness that made up the heavens. The starts glittered and danced, each one a distant point where millions of beings lived. All those aliens in the mines, so many of them so far away from their home that they were unable to make it to their planets in their lifetimes. All of them had seen her as a savior and she had tried to live up to their high expectations of her. Jubilee almost laughed. Imagine, Jubilee, the totally irresponsible one, taking the time to make sure that the beings she had inadvertantly saved, were safe. She had made arrangements with a few of the beings to keep her informed of the slaver's compliance with the contract she had them sign. I hope they've found peace.

A soft scrabbling brought her thoughts back to the present. "Jubes," Ange called up from the window below."Can I come up?"

"Sure." Leaning over she grabbed his groping hand and helped him over the ledge. "Lemme guess, Paige told you what happened this morning."

Settling himself down next to her, Ange laughed."Yeah, right now she's rubbing Ben Gay all over her sore places. I think Jono's helping."

" I always figured those two would either end up together or kill each other."

Rolling his eyes, Ange agreed." You wouldn't have believed the amount of angst that was piling up around last year. Pratically knee deep."

"So why ya here Ange?" Punching him lightly in the shoulder, Jubilee turned on her side to look at him.

Shrugging, "M told me that Paige was asking questions about happened. She firgured you might be upset. I thought you might want some company and someone to talk to."

Wincing, Jubilee met his sincere gaze."Right now it's still too fresh, ya know? I would like the company."

"I know that it's like for your past to hurt. I grew up in the barrio, remember? I know what it's like living from day to day, sacrificing everything to stay alive and you're still left wondering if it was worth it. If it hurts right now don't worry about it, meanwhile I'll watch your back."

Squeezing his hand, Jubilee sighed in relief. "Thanks Ange." Turning to look back up at the stars she still kept her hand in his, relishing the warmth it provided in the small touch of human contact. She was about to fall asleep when Angelo's voice woke her.


"Mm..yeah Ange?"

"The prom is coming up next week. I was wondering if you'd go with me. I mean, i know that you havn't really rejoined classes or anything but I think we, I mean Gen X should go together...and I want you to come."

Suddenly wide awake, Jubilee sat up and looked at the boy sitting next to her who was nervously chewing on his lip, who was hoping that he hadn't horribly insulted her. . "Really?"

"Yeah, I've been trying to find the right time to ask you but somebody was always around."

Turning slightly pink in the moonlight, she lay back down savoring the sweet smell of apple blossoms trailing the light breeze. "Yes."

The velvety blackness of the stars grew larger and larger until it surrounded her in the comforting balnket of sleep. Slipping further and further under, Jubilee smiled softly in her sleep, the dreams that plagued her dissolving under the warmth of a hand still entwined in hers.




-Xavier's Mansion-

Wolverine waited.

The night eveloped him, embarcing him like a tender parent, sheilding him from any prying eyes which might be up at this late hour. Only someone with every sharp eyes, or a curious Cajun coming back late would be able to pick him out.

Wolverine waited, his eyes trained up to the night sky looking for the telltale blue streak in the sky that heralded Jubilee's arrival. Intent on the stars, he failed to notice Gambit sitting about a hundred yards upwind, masked by shadows, who had been intrigued and now patiently leaned against the trunk.

Seconds later, the sky flashed breifly as if a falling star had plummeted down to earth. After a few minutes, Jubilee arrived, walking unerringly towards where Wolverine lurked in the darkness. Her eyes flickered momentarily where Gambit was but said nothing, her face pensive.

Grinning Wolverine stepped out."How do you do that?"

"Ya don't expect me to give away all my secrets do ya?" Frowing, she tried to put the sensation into words. "I can...feel energy." At Wolverines's blank look she elaborated. "Everything gives off different energy signatures. Once I know who or what it belongs too it's easy to find them again."

Sitting on the lush grass, Logan patted the ground beside him, frowning as he gazed at Jubilee. She looked tired and had dark circles under her eyes. "Hey, Punkin. How's everything going?"

"It's hard." Jubilee sat beside him, resting her head on his shoulder. The small gesture of human contact made her feel safe and comfortable. After 4 years without humans, touching another unnerved her, something she was trying to work on.

"Not quite what you expected?"

"Kind of. I mean, I never expected things to be the same, but so many things have changed. Ev's dead..." choking on her last words, she bit her lip trying to control her tears. "Penny was whisked away somewhere by Gateway, Jono's turned into this team leader, Paige is all sophisticated and M, well M is still M. Ange is probably the only one that's treatin me normal."

"Give em time. It's kind of like meeting whole, new people. Ya just need to get to know them again and they need to figure out what you're all about now." Wolverine's eyes widened at he listened to himself talk. Wow, that was almost insightful!

"Who knew four years could be a lifetime?" Leaning back, she stretched out on the rich grass, gently picking up a cricket and letting it crawl on her hand.

Breathing in deeply, Jubilee smiled at the smell of cigars, whiskey and something that was wholey Logan. "Ya know, when we had finished for the day, I used to sit and try and remember what you smelled like."

"Jubilee..." His voice anguished, Logan's eyes pleaded with her not to continue.

Sighing, she reached up and smoothed the lines from his face. "We've all got demons Wolvie, I'm just sorry I have to be one of yours."

Jubilee sat up abruptly, deliberately changing the subject. "So are ya planning to come to the team's grad this week? Frosty and Sean are making everybody wear suits and stuff so it should be hilarious. I even bought a suit for the occasion. It's bright purple and I got these killer violet tinted glasses that go with it. If ya gotta do it, then do it with style."

Chuckling, Logan pulled out a cigar from his pocket, bit off the end and lit it. Taking a long draw, he slowly exhaled the light blue smoke, the rings floating in the air for a second before dissapearing.

"All of the X-men are planning to attend, they're all pretty excited about Generation X finally graduating. I just wish it was your day too. But what are you gonna do to keep them from seeing you?"

"Frosty and I worked something out, she agreed to mask my presence so that I'll look just like anyone else in the crowd. Most of the telepaths in the crowd are going to be busy watching the ceremony and won't be worrying about stuff like that."

"Sounds like a plan. But they gotta know somtime Darlin. Fer yer sake at least. You've got all these new powers and ya should know what they're all about. Hank could help with that."

"You can't tell anyone! You have to keep this a secret! Please, you understand." she grabbed his shirt tearing, the material, desperate for him to understand.

Holding her hand in his, he nodded. "I know, Jubes. It was one of the first lessons I ever taught ya; never show them or tell them everything until you're sure. Trust is the last thing you'll be getting a lecutre from me about."

"Thanks Wolvie."relaxing, she leaned her head on his shoulder, her hand holding his. In a world where comfort was found less and less, two friends watched the swirling cosmos, both silent, relishing the companionship both needed so badly.

A few hours later Jubilee had left and Wolverine had retired to the cabin to sleep. Gambit had gone to bed, unsure of what to do. He had just stripped, when he felt a cool breeze. Turning he saw Jubilee, hands on her hips, grinning at the nude man.

"So you gonna keep my secret Cajun?"

"You!" Grabbing a towel he wrapped the cloth around him, cards already charged in his hand. "Listen, I don't know who the hell you are and what you're doing do Wolverine but Jubilee is dead."

Changing form, she stood in front of him, her hands held up high. Gambit's eye's narrowed looking the girl up and down.

"If I was an imposter don't you think Wolvie would've sliced and diced me?"

Gambit circled the girl warily. "Ever since Jubilee die, Wolverine's not been de same. You see a weakness and go for it. What do you want?"

"Listen Remy, I appreciate this an all but I don't have time. I'm leaving. Here." Plucking a hair from her head, she handed the strand to the man. "Run a DNA scan on that and while you're at it run a check on the thrid planet of the Centauri system. It may interest you."

Jubilee walked to the window and stepped out, changing form as she did so. Hovering outside the window, she smiled at Remy who was clutching the hair possesively.

"By the way Cajun, here's some little known facts about you. You love kids but would never admit it, you helped me buy my first bra because I was too embarressed for anyone else to help me and a Mr. Bubbles used to, and I'm willing to bet still resides in your bottom drawer behind some t-shirts." Remy stood speechless. "Find what you need to find but please don't tell the others. Please, Remy."

"Take care." she gave the man a quick smile and then in a blink had flown off, leaving the frenchman to wonder if it had been a dream or real.

"Petite?" Grinning to himself, he forgoed bed to go downstairs and check something out on the computer. Sleep could wait, tonite he had to check some things out.



Part 5

-Graduation day-

A gentle breeze wafted through the trees, rustling the leaves bringing the hint of warmth that promised summer. The day had dawned bright and clear, a intense blue cloudless sky that took your breath away.

Jubilee sat in the front row of the murmmering crowd, a large number of them X-men who had come in to see this momentous occassion. Up on the stage stood the graduating class of 2005 with Paige, Jono, Angelo and M sitting in their midst. Next to the class sat the teachers along with Xavier, who was the guest of honor, Emma and Sean who was currently adressing the audience.

"...We have the opportunity to start a new era in America's history. An era of hope, one that lies in the hands of these young men and women behind me..."

Plucking absentmindly at her suit, Jubilee looked at her friends onstage. Paige was beaming, her speech as valedictorian had gone off perfectly. As for the rest of the gang it was another matter. Jono's eye's were glazed over and would be drooling, Jubilee suspected, if he had the means. Ange caught her eye and winked, rolling his eyes at Sean. Giggling, Jubilee glanced at M, who was sitting expressionless. By the smallest of margins Paige had come top of the class and no doubt M was still annoyed over it.

*Are you alright, Jubilee?* Emma asked, concerned. Jubilee flicked her gaze up to where Emma was sitting on the stage.

*It's a bit painful actually.*

*That's understandable.*

*Figures that my quota hasn't ended yet. Are you sure that no-one can see me? Ange seemed to be able to.*

Emma shook her head slightly, as if fluffing her hair. *Very sure. The only reason the team can see is that they are aware of your presence. No one else is so they don't see you, all they can see is a beautiful girl in an atrocious purple suit.*

*Well I picked it out with you in mind, Frosty.*

*Why am I not surprised? I believe that Wolverine is here somewhere, it would be safe if you wanted to say hello.*

*Thank you, Emma.*

*Sean and I would like to talk to you later, sometime.*

*Sure thing.* Jubilee turned her attention back to Sean who was still droning on, apparently relishing an audience that didn't have a bell to save them. *Is there any way you can shut him up? Half the audience is trying to sneak out.*

Emma smile softly at the man standing at the podium, a strange emotion crossing her face. *Yes, but let him have his fun. It's not often he has an opportunity like this.*

Sean, satisfied that he had bestowed his knowledge on the masses, had declared that the class of 2005 had graduated. Cheering, the group threw up their hats, black swirls against the horizon of blue. The teenagers rushed down from the stage to waiting family and friends. Paige was swept into the arms of her family, Monet was surrounded by her father and sisters congratulating her, and Jono's parents had decided to show up and looked immensly proud of their son. Looking around for Angelo, Jubilee finally found him sitting alone behind the stage.

Kneeling beside him, she put her hand on his shoulder and he looked up, pain evident on his face as he saw the happy families. Pulling him up she held him tight for a moment. Answering his unspoken question she whispered in his ear, " We are family, Ange. Blood is no stronger than ours."

"Nothing is stronger than blood, chicita."

"Well, then here," Reaching under her skirt she pulled out a deadly looking knife. With the tip, she slowly sliced her wrist, causing the blood to ooze out of the wound. Jubilee handed the knife to him. "Blood we will be."

Angelo, his face expressionless, took the knife and slit his wrist. Joining together, solidly grasping each by the other's arm, the blood mixed together, joining them in an act as old as time. "Blood we are."

They stood silent, gazing at each other for a moment, locked away from everything else. Something beyond both of their comprehension had happened, but for the moment knowing that neither would ever be alone was enough.

Moments later, the two walked out from behind the stage, the cuts bandaged from a hankerchief that Angelo had discovered in his pocket. Jubilee scanned the crowd, squealing when she picked him out of the crowd. He was standing with Jean and Storm, sipping some champagne and looking bored.

"There's Wolvie! I want to go say hi. Want ta come?"

"Sure Jubes, anything ya want." Angelo followed the girl who was literally bouncing her way through the crowd to the small man. Jubilee had such complexities, his heart longed to discover every part of her. She could be serious, dark, mature, loving, playful, and had immense strength. And no matter what it took, he would make sure that she had someone to be there and protect her.

Wolverine's head jerked up as he smelt Jubilee's scent in the area. He had spent the entire ceremony trying to pinpoint her location but hadn't been able to without arousing suspicion from the others. Turning, he saw Jubilee running towards them a huge grin on her face. About twenty yards away she slowed her pace to a calm, sedately walk with Angelo by her side. Approaching the group she nodded at the others, who saw nothing more than an average girl walking up to Logan.

"Hello Logan."

"Hey punkin. What the... I smell your blood. Who the hell hurt you?" Nose flaring he growled at the man next to her.

She held out her wrist. "Bond of blood." still growling, Wolverine spared a glance at Angelo next to her who stood unflinching.

"Think he's worth it?"

"I'm saying this only once; he is honorable and we are now blood. Don't question it again." Her expression was steely as she glared down the man in front of her. "I understand that you care, but trust me, please." Her lips pouted a little, as Angelo watched the man of adamantium bones crumble in the wake of a trembling lip.

"Fine, darlin. So, uh the prom's tonight huh? Sounds like it'll be fun."

"Yep, Ange's taking me! Oh! There's Gambit, I better go say hi. Play nice."

Wolverine waited until Jubilee had walked out of earshot bfore turning back to Ange who had been slowly backing away, looking for escape options. "I'm only sayin this once, bub. Hurt her and I kill you. Betray her and I kill you. Piss her off and I kill you." Jean who had been talking to the others, started walking towards them, worried. The sheer hatred eminating from the two was intense, considering that they were supposed to be on the same side. Noticing Jean, Wolverine backed off. "Oh and I want pictures too, kay?"

Angelo leaned in close to Wolverine's ear. "Listen up ese, I will never hurt her or betray her, and unlike some, I will be there for her. Don't test me." Jean narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the two males. Standing upright, he continued in a normal tone. "And of course you'll get pictures."

"What's going on here?"

"Absolutely nothing, Jean. See ya later." Leaving the two, Angelo headed off towards the dorms. Stud muffin or not, a guy needed time to get ready for the prom.

"What was that all about?"

"Hopefully nothing Jeannie. Listen, I gotta go. Got an appointment to get too." Jogging off, Logan left a rather confused Jean, who eventually shrugged and chalked up their behavior to being male.

Up in the office, Emma and Sean sat waiting with Jubilee for Wolverine to arrive. The sky had begun to turn grey, boding rain for later in the day. Just as the first few drops hit the window pane, Logan sauntered in.

"Glad you could make it." Pausing a moment, Emma took a second to glare at the man. "As you know we are here to discuss Jubilee's future. Sean and I have been thinking about it for some time now and we've come up with a few ideas."

"Yeah, what are they?"

"The first is that both Sean and I are willing to spend this summer tutoring you. That way at the end of the summer, you could take the tests to graduate from high school and be of equal footing with your teammates."

Jubilee shrugged, dubious as she planted her feet up on the mahogany table in front of her. "I don't think I could catch up on four years of school in just three months. Plan B?"

"The second is to alert the X-men to your presence and with them we could set up a training, study program for you over the summer."

Shaking her head, Jubilee disagreed. "I don't want to spend my summer at school. How about this; this summer I get used to being back. Then, this fall I can rejoin the team and school and over the next year I study really really hard and at the end of it, take my grad tests."

"Actually that was the third idea." Emma smiled at the girl in front of her. Glancing at Sean, she conversed silently with him for a moment.

"Lass, we both would be willing to do it. Logan, what do you think?"

"I think that if she wants to do it, then she should. We are the last people who should be dictating the rules to her. I think that this way she'll be less alienated from her peers and have time to get readjusted to being back here. I better go, Xavier's going pretty soon. I'm glad she'll be taken care of. Bye darlin." Hugging her briefly, he walked outside to where the X-men were assembled to leave.

"Well, that was taken care of quickly. What are you planning to do over the summer?" Emma leaned over her desk to peer at the girl.

Jubilee grinned at both of her teachers who were lounging in their respective chairs. "I was thinking that I'd hitchhike over the US for awhile. I mean it's not like I can't protect myself right?" Emma's face slowly turned purple as she processed what the girl said. Before she could say anything, Jubilee jumped from her chair and ran out the door. "Well, I gotta go and get ready, so do you, so don't sit and cuddle too long." Snickering wickedly, she walked down the hall before Emma, blushing a beet red, could get her hands on her.