A Little Bit of Love: Part One

by Bustix

Disclaimer: Ok, any characters that you know, aren't mine most likely, so they belong to Marvel Notes: I've never written a X-men fic, but I thought I'd give it a try, so if anything's not right with it, just e-mail me I WANT FEEDBACK TOO!

The girl was still. Even in the room she was in, she was able to shut out all the laughter and noise of the teenagers around her. Jubilation Lee, or Jubilee, sat rigidly in a chair, muscles tensed, eyes closed. Paige, her roommate, had earlier attempted to include Jubilee in their activities, but the girl had not answered. She had been like this since Operation Zero Tolerance and nobody could change her now.

It was a late night, and the X-men had been invited for dinner that night. Emma Frost had been preparing for a while. The teens had done their part and had been sent to the common room so they could stay out of trouble. Of course, Angelo had found a way to by pass the purpose, and would get into trouble before long, without a doubt. Jubes slipped her headphones on to help her tune everything out. As the tune of Limp Bizkit was blasted through the phones, she felt a strange urge to sigh in pleasure.

She would have been just as content to stay up in her room, but Emma had not allowed it, saying she needed to interact and see the X-men again. Jubes would have rather blown up the school, a notion she had entertained herself with for the last few weeks. She suddenly dug her nails into the arm rests of the chair she was sitting in.

'It's not like anyone cares,' she thought,' they'd rather see me pick up all my shit and leave this god forsaken school, than see me anymore.' Nobody would care if she did leave. Jubes squeezed her eyes shut more tightly. She had changed, from her attitude to her clothing. Her usual happy visage replaced by anger and sorrow. Her light colouring had became sallow. Her clothes changing from light pinks and yellows to black and grays. She wore sunglasses every single second of the day, and only took them off to sleep. That way, if she started to cry, no body would be able to tell.

Jubes felt a breeze across her face, but she still didn't open her eyes. She did not move, either. She knew without having to look at her watch that the X-men would be here soon. They had taken the blackbird, and they would all be coming. ALL of them. Wolverine and Kitty included. This time Jubes did emit a tiny sad sigh which was lost in the noise. The tape ended, but Jubilee didn't bother turning it over, she just sat there in her little universe. Minutes passed, and soon the guests arrived. All the teens, except Jubilee left the room. Then, with a groan, she got to her feet and headed out to join the others.

The room was a whirlwind of activity. Jubilee felt detached from it all. She saw Wolverine come in, and for a second, she was happy to see him, but then he turned back to the doorway, and smiled as Kitty walked into the room. Jubilee's heart broke, and any hope she had left shattered as he hugged Kitty. Jubes didn't make a sound, she didn't protest, she just quietly left the room, and headed upstairs, Frost be damned.

Her room was quiet, and she thanked God for that. Her thoughts were all in turmoil, but one voice in her head was clear. She had to do this, right now. She stood, and began to pack her things, her movements mechanical. The pain was intense for her, it clouded her mind, and she couldn't take it. She finished in no time, and she threw on an extra sweater, just in case she needed it. She didn't bother bringing any of the pictures on her dresser, all of them of GenX and the X-men.

Jubes opened a window, the night was cool, and she shivered a little. She climbed up onto the window pane, and then leapt out onto the roof. The roof was along way from the ground, but she jumped anyway, and was disappointed to see she hadn't gotten hurt in the process. She began to run as soon as she hit the ground. The grass was wet, and it soaked her shoes and socks instantly. She ran to the edge of the grass before turning back. She could see the people through the well lit windows, and she knew she no longer belonged there.