A Little Bit of Love: Part Two

by Bustix

Summary: Jubilee runs away, but runs into more problems than she barganed for.

Disclaimer: All the characters you know aren't mine, they're Marvel's.. duh

Even though she was practically in the middle of nowhere, Jubes was able to hail a car without much difficulty. The young man that had picked her up, kept asking what was wrong. She had ignored him, and they reached town quickly.

'Let me out here." She told the man hoarsely. He did and she hoisted her bag up onto her shoulder. It had started to rain. Big fat drops landed on her clothes and face. She sighed and slammed the door shut. The guy, leaning over, rolled down the window and shouted," Hey Kid, you gonna be okay?" after her. Jubes turned back and said," No." and walked to the bus station. She was by herself in the station as she waited. She didn't mind, she'd rather be ignored by them than other people she could mention. She shivered, the rain was starting to get to her.

The bus was a little late, but she didn't notice as she got on. She held her bag very close to her body as she sat down in the seat at the way back. There was no outward expression on her face, but she was scared and she couldn't deny it to herself.


The gathering was in full swing. The X-men had been a bit wary of Emma aka the White Queen, but they were trying their best to forget about her past, and focus on the fact that she was trying to find a place, here at GenX.

Angelo wasn't aware that something was off. In fact, he was too busy trying to bum a smoke off of Logan, who was almost wearing down. When he was finally rewarded, he went outside, and tried to figure out what was bugging him. Something amiss. It seemed quieter... Angelo flicked the butt of the cigarette, and put it out. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the cool evening air, and paused. Jubilee. That's what was wrong.

' I'd better go find the chica.' he thought, heading back into the mansion. He slunk past everyone, and ran up the stairs, figuring Jubilee was probably in her room. He burst in, and found the room was empty. Frowning, he headed back out into the hallway. He searched for the little fire cracker for almost a half hour, his worry increasing with each passing minute. Finally, he went to tell Emma. He pounded down the stairs and pulled Emma aside.

" Seniorita Emma." he said," Jubicita is gone." Emma stared at him, her icy gaze making him shift nervously. Her stare was making him feel as if it were his fault the chica was missing.

" You're telling me, Mr. Espiona, that Jubilation, has just disappeared?"

She kept staring at Angelo. He shifted again as he nodded. Emma paled, even though she was horribly white already.

" Come on." she said, and they searched again, in vain. Emma did not say a word to the X-men until she was sure Jubilee was gone. Then she told them.

" Um... excuse me." she said as she entered the dining room. There was immediate silence, and Emma thought,' They are NOT going to like this.'


Jubilee ran through the rain. She was cold, tired and sick. A glance at her watch told her it was almost six in the morning. At first, after she had gotten off the bus, she'd only paced back and forth at the terminal, not quite sure what she was going to do. But then, she'd begun to run. She wasn't really sure why either. The streets of New York were dark and forbidding to the young Chinese girl. Her sneakers pounded against the pavement in time to the pounding of her heart. Finally, though, she had to stop. Her chest felt like it was on fire, and her breathing was erratic.

" God." she moaned softly. She sat down next to the wall of a building, and clutched her knees. She pulled her bag closer to herself and kept one eye open. She knew she would not get much sleep that night.


Logan was pacing back and forth at the school. Emma sat in a chair, examining her nails. After a few minutes, she looked up at the beast and snapped," You are going to wear a hole through my carpet. Could you please sit down?" Logan stared at her and growled a little. Kitty, who had been trying to calm him, rested her hand on his arm.

"She's right Logan. Sit." she commanded. He obeyed, but he looked ready to jump up at any moment. Kitty sighed and also sat. It was late... or early, whatever you wanted to call 6 in the morning. Everybody was tired, worried and confused. They had gone outside to search for Jubilee, but the rain had made it impossible to find her by tracks or Logan's sense of smell. They had decided that it would be best to look for her come dawn, but no one had the heart to get some sleep.

Emma looked up, and saw the grief that clouded Wolverine's eyes. A frown creased his face, and she could see little worry lines mar his face. When she looked at Kitty, she saw worry... but was that a hint of guilt in there? Emma sat back smugly. So the little Prissy-Kitty felt guilty. Aww, poor soul.

Kitty looked up at that moment, and the two women's eyes met. Emma gave her a cold, hard stare. Kitty fidgeted in her chair, turning her head away in shame. She knew it was partly her fault.

Emma knew she was just as much to blame for Jubilee's state, as it was. She'd gotten a few images from Jubilee, nothing outstanding, but enough that one should have been a little concerned. She should have known. She could have seen it... she could have given Jubilee a reason to stay. Emma knew she had no right to gloat over Kitty, but sometimes, she just couldn't help it.