A Little Bit of Love: Part Three

by Bustix

Summary: Jubilee leaves GenX and the only person who can bring her back... is Jean

Disclaimer: All characters you remember aren't mine... wish they were... but they aren't... Tesia is mine, but if anybody needs ta use her for something, just ask, and it will be done!

Notes: I gotta Make these parts LOOOOOONGER, eh? Ok, I resolve that from now on, it'll be longer. Keep it commin' with the feedback. I totally need suggestions as to what everyone likes.

It was morning before Jubilee could belive it. The sky was tinged a light pink. She stretched out her legs and yawned again. She stood, but had to brace herslef on the side of the building as a wave of fatige hit her. Her head pounded, and her throat was sore. But the thing that plauged her the most was her hunger. Slowly she made her way down the street. She mulled over how she would get some grub. She walked into an alley, chewing her lip, deep in thought. She did not notice the girl hiding in between two dumpsters.

Tesia watched the other girl through narrowed eyes. She'd never seen her here before. Slowly, and crept out of her hiding spot and she fell into step behind the Chinese girl. Slowly she slid her knife out from the cuff of her shirt. She waited a few minutes, and then lept onto her. She clutched a chunk of the other girl's hair and yanked her head back roughly, exposing her neck. Then she rested the blade on her throat.

" Who are you?" she hissed. Jubilee swallowed her fear and glared at her attacker.

" That's none of your business." she retorted. Tesia looked at the Chinese girl and almost laughed. She had to admire her guts, and so, Tesia let Jubilee go. Jubes moved away from Tesia as quickly as she could, but didn't run away.

For the first time, the two girls got a good look at each other. Tesia had shoulder length black hair that had blue streaks through it. She had green eyes, and freckles dotted her cheekbones. her face had a gaunt look to it, and her eyes were sunken and dark. She stared at Jubilee with interest.

" What's your name?" Jubes asked. 'What the hell?' Tesia thought as she told her.

" Tesia. It means loved by god." Tesia replied with a smirk. Jubilee grinned and said," I'm Jubilation Lee, but call me Jubilee, kay?" Tesia nodded. And just like that, they were friends.

" Where do you come from?" Tesia asked. They sat on the ground and she was staring at the new arrival with great curiosity. Jubilee looked away, silent. Then she looked at Tesia, and said," I was from Southern California. My parents were murdered and I went to another place. I was with them until they dicided to ship me off to another school... and I stayed there until I was kiddnapped and..." Jubilee trailed off.

" And?" Tesia prompted.

" I was raped." Jubilee finished quietly," And nobody cared. So... I took off." Tesia looked at Jubilee suspiciously.

" You preg?" she asked. Jubilee recoiled at the girl's directness," No way!" she cried. Tesia didn't change her expression as she asked," You positive?"

Jubilee glared at her and said," Totally. I had a test thing." Tesia sat back, satasified and motioned for her to continue.

" A-anyway... I was tired of being ignored by my... well, he wasn't really my father... but, he acted like it, right, so, when his "friend" Kitty came... well... I was like I wasn't wanted." Jubilee said. Tesia nodded like she understood. Then she asked," You a mutant?" Jubilee froze. She knew Tesia could be part of the FoH, so she was reluctant, but she didn't want to lie to the other girl, she looked up with a steely gaze and said," I am." Tesia nodded, and Jubilee saw the pleased look on her face.

" Same here. What can ya do?" she asked, leaning forward in interest. Jubilee held out her hands. Tesia could see the scars on her palms.

" I'm pyrotechnetic." And to demonstrate, she paffed a few fireworks into the air. Tesia grinned as they lit up the dark alley, casting shadows everywhere. Jubilee let her hands drop into her lap.

" What about you?" she asked. Tesia shrugged and replied," I can, like, run really fast. Light- speed, almost." You can't even see me when I run really fast." Her voice had a proud note to it.

Suddenly, Tesia stood and said," Let's get some grub. I think you can help me Jube-jube." Jubilee also stood. She was so happy to get some food that she didn't even notice the nickname Teisa had given her.

Jubilee learned quickly just what "gettin' some grub" entailed. Teisa walked down the street as if she owned it. She told Jubilee to follow her closely, which she was more than glad to do. Tesia would start to babble about anything she could think of, and while she talked, she skillfully lifted the wallets of passing people out of thier pockets. Jubilee had the presence of mind to keep up the conversation, but she was in awe of the older girl.